Blemished Love Episode 36 – 37 Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Episode 1 - Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Episode 36 – Loudest Thoughts

Stella stayed back in the room when everyone was leaving. She claimed to have a few things to sort out. Grissel didn’t understand why she was going through the bin as if she lost something.

Julia and Melisa in their beautiful attires suddenly laughed and Paige joined. The guests looked back and saw them coming in. They sat opposite each other at the back. Julia spotted Bryan’s eyes focused on Melisa when she was walking in. She shook her head and then her eyes met with that of Joe who she had a fight with last night. He was at her house bugging her about marriage which she has declined so many times. Joe was the reason she left the house to the event ground with Gina that late in the night.

Shirley came out singing the here comes the bride interlude and Tom knew Grissel was on her way. He had been there before but this time it was different. His heart was not burdened and he was in a hurry to have her in his arms.

He rushed to the middle of the room to meet her half way when everyone laughed at his impatience attitude.

Dani who paused in front of him whispered. ‘Uncle Tom?’

He looked at her and then Grissel. Those closer to where Dani stood prompted her to move forward so Tom could meet Grissel.

She ignored them and raised up her left arm to be walked down the aisle too. Tom shook her head and glanced at his beautiful bride smiling at her with just a half veil covering the left part of her face.

Grissel nodded her head and he went ahead to walk Dani to the front. Dani was not up to his height so the walking was slow as compared to how Tom wanted it so he swept Dani off her feet in a hurry and rushed her to one of the front seats.

The guests laughed once again at his impatient attitude.

‘That was nice Uncle Tom. You can bring my mom now.’ She said smiling.

‘Thank you,’ he said and rushed off as they were walking closer.

Tom watched Gina with a smile of gratitude when they came closer and gave her a warm hug. He took Grissel’s hands in his and walked away after saying thank you to everyone.

His bride was absolutely beautiful with her light make up and the white blouse he admired. Tom took off his blue suit and put it on her while walking her to meet the priest. No one understood why he did that but they gave him a hand of applause.

Melisa sitting at the back, couldn’t hide her tears while Julia kept smiling.

After the preaching and the necessary rites, Tom was the first to say the church vows as he wasn’t prepared for the wedding. He was smiling throughout his vows. His friends cheered him on as they hadn’t seen him smile in a long while.

‘I have something to say instead of the vows.’ Grissel announced when it got to her turn.

‘Go ahead Grissel.’ The priest replied while Tom glanced at everyone around him.

‘Tom, I love you and you don’t know this yet but the truth is I fell in love with you during that drive. My heart was literally in my stomach so I ignored all your glances.’ She smiled holding his hands. ‘I knew you were the one for me when I suddenly felt the need to leave my past behind for you.’

‘Thank you.’ He replied with excitement written in his eyes.

Grissel swallowed so hard and then a beautiful smile appeared across her face.

‘To think anyone would fall for a mother with an eight year old daughter was always my worry because I was at a bad place with my past which made me feel unworthy and I had it at the back of my mind, nobody would love me if they found out I had a kid or even went to jail for being the reason a child lost his life.’

‘I have no regrets.’ Tom chipped in.

‘But you came along when I never thought I would find somebody who would choose to love me but also choose to adore and accommodate my princess.’ She glanced at Dani who smiled.

‘That’s me.’ Dani shouted from where she sat with her Dad’s camera which she always had in her small bag when travelling.

‘Welcome to the family, Shirley and we can start with the princess tea party.’ Tom whispered and waved Dani. She laughed drawing everyone’s attention for a while.

‘I also know we are going to have a lot of problems raising my daughter but ….’

‘Our daughter, Grissel.’ Tom quickly corrected.

She smiled. ‘Thank you love, I just pray you would be patience with us. We both could be a pain in the neck but I know you are the only man who can look beyond our weakness.’

‘’I would do my best not to smack none of you.” He joked and everyone laughed.

‘We love you Tom.’ She pushed her tears back.

‘You two are my priority now Grissel.’

‘I promise not to nag when you finish all my salt.’ She laughed. ‘And I pray when you are out there every day, you always remember I’m a part of you and you need to get back home in one piece.’

‘I promise to make you an important instrument than my work.’ He felt the need to reply.

‘It was stupid and selfish of me to have left you but I’m back to stay now.’ She said with her emotions radiating from her eyes. ‘And I’m also sorry for all the hurt I caused you these past months but I know you are a better man today because of my troubles.’

Tom mouthed apology accepted quietly.

‘But now that I’m out of a job I pray you stop being stingy with your wallet.’ He smiled while the guests laughed. ‘Our love had been tested and we came out strong so my prayer today is we remain strong in Jesus name.

‘Amen.’ Dani quickly responded smiling at her mom.

Grissel glanced at her one more time and broke down in tears.

‘Mommy.’ She rushed to her on the altar touching her belly. ‘Is the baby crying?’

Grissel’s face was registered with displeasure but she managed a smile and nodded.

‘Lisa, the baby is not moving.’ She searched among the guests for Melisa when her mom didn’t give her an answer earlier.

Melisa stood up from where she sat and got a signal from Grissel to relax.

Julia and Gina as if on cue looked at Melisa’s direction. She nodded to confirm Grissel would be fine as they were already aware of her pregnancy status.

They mumbled a prayer with excitement on their faces.

‘Your brother is just fine Shirley and you just let out our little secret.’ She smooched her daughter’s cheeks.

‘I’m sorry mom. Let me have a seat now.’

Grissel shook her head grinning as she walked back to her seat.

Everyone was just looking on with excitement on their faces. When Tom had decided that morning to let things go and marry Grissel again, Julia, Gina and Morris had to speak to the priest about the pregnancy.

Tom was lost but Grissel was ruining her make up so he reached out for a handkerchief in his suit pocket.

‘Are yo…..’

‘Yes but I’m not sure of the weeks.’

He drew closer and gave her a warm hug while whispering into her ears. ‘I’m going to ask a stupid question?’

Grissel nodded already figuring out what he wanted to know. ‘Tom?’ She called and paused. ‘He is yours from our last night together which by now you know I insisted on a lot of things on purpose.’

Grissel gave out a sheepish smile still engulfed in his arms. They both kept whispering so the guests wouldn’t hear what they were discussing. The pianist noticed they needed privacy so he started to play a soft musical interlude.

‘Would you have come back if it wasn’t for the baby?’ He suddenly asked smiling which Grissel didn’t notice because she was facing the other end of the room still clasped.

‘I don’t know Tom. I guess I just want to be with you once again.’ She replied nervously. ‘Did I piss you off?’

Grissel asked when he was silent.

‘I’m not angry but just wondering why you didn’t tell me earlier so we could be quick with the wedding.’

‘It was to be a surprise but Shirley has been too excited since she found out and at every cough she assumes the baby wasn’t fine.’

‘Great, a sister’s intuition.’ Tom replied and slowly pulled her out of his arms when he felt her temperature was unusual.

‘Can we continue Mr. Addison?’ The priest asked drawing their attention while the music suddenly came to an end.

He smiled at her but with a worried grimace. ‘No, we want to leave now.’ Tom responded happily and quickly.

‘I understand, just switch the rings quickly so I give you both my blessings.’

They rushed the ring moment and smiling every second during the blessing time.

Stella on the other hand, quietly wiped her eyes and smiled as Grissel glanced at her beaming.

‘Are you okay?’ Austin asked behind her.

Stella looked back at him and nodded. ‘Tears of Joy.’

‘Good. I’m officially a Christian and looking for a cool soft drink joint.’ He whispered quietly into her ears.

‘Okay, good luck.’ Stella muttered and focused on the new couples leaving the altar.

‘Tomorrow is a Sunday too and we both are free after church.’ Austin said again when Stella didn’t give her the attention he was craving for all this while when the service started.

‘Yeah, I guess so.’ She was hoping not to miss the couples passing by as she prepared a gift for them.

‘You can tag along if you want.’ He finally said relaxing back on his seat.

Stella instantly looked back and stared at him then it dawned on her what Austin was after. ‘Are you asking me out? Because if you are, then you really suck.’

‘Now you know why I missed that chance with Grissel.’ He winked.

She laughed quietly watching him fumble with his hands. ‘Alright, seven pm. I know a cool place.’

‘Thank you Stella.’ He responded with a grin while Stella stood up to hug Grissel who was going round greeting their guests.

The hug was longer than expected. ‘I’m happy for you Grissel.’

‘I know you are and thank you.’

“I’m awesome.” She teased and disengaged from the hug while handing her an envelope.

‘What is inside?’

‘Dear Past.’

‘Ahaaa, you found it.’ Grissel smiled and was going to open it when she told her she hasn’t changed anything.

‘Yeah, and oh, Austin just asked me out.’ She announced glancing at Austin who was just staring at them.

Grissel was reaching out for a hug when Tom came by.

‘Sorry guys, we have to leave now.’ He smiled signaling his other two friends.

‘Clive?’ Grissel mentioned.

‘Yes, I heard about the wine bottle and I was delighted.’ Tom muttered with a foolish grin.

‘You are weird right now.’ She said smiling.

‘The reception is all yours.’ He smacked his Dad’s chest grinning.

Morris looked at him and then to Melisa who nodded.

‘Thank you and see you when you get back.’ He said loudly so Tom could hear him from afar.

‘Tom, wait for me.’ Joe called from a far distance.

Everyone around was wondering why he was running towards them.

‘Can I ask for your Aunty’s hand in marriage?’ He said breathlessly.

Melisa and Tom glanced at Julia who had a frown on. They knew what she needs now isn’t marriage.

Tom looked back at Joe who was still trying to catch his breath. The room was silent as everyone was waiting for an answer.

‘No, you can’t.’ He said loudly.

‘What? Joe said on top of his voice.

‘Aunty doesn’t want marriage.’ Melisa quickly interrupted.

‘But I love her and wa….’

‘Yes, she loves you too but just look at the expression on her face right now.’ Tom chipped in.

Joe and everyone around glanced at Julia who quickly took her eyes off them.

‘Don’t worry, I’m sure she wants you to move in.’ Morris said and patted him on the back. They had become so close during Grissel’s case.

‘It’s settled then.’ Tom said and saw Grissel walking to a sit as if she was tired so he suddenly carried her off the floor while everyone looked on.

There was an applause from the middle of the crowd and it was Amy. Tom didn’t know she was invited as well. He smiled at her and Grissel gave her a long stare.

‘Don’t be jealous right now.’ He whispered in her ears teasing.

‘I’m just so tired and need some rest.’ She announced and saw Stella already by their car.

Melisa spotted Bryan leaving the premises and sent Dani to tell him to wait behind.


‘Hey,’ Melisa called out to him after everyone had left.

Stella and Dani drove the new couples to the airport. Melisa was tasked with cleaning up the premises.

Bryan alongside with Paige stayed behind and helped with Melisa’s equipment’s while she took care of their personal stuffs in the rooms.

‘Are the room’s sorted out?’ He asked walking towards her.

Melisa stared at him until he got closer. She leaned on the balcony and he stood behind her.

‘I’m sorry about the wedding embarrassment Bryan. I was just angry you connived with Henry.’

‘I deserve what happened this morning Lisa and sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner.’

‘Bryan, I may never love you as you do.’ She paused for a while and muttered.

‘I know that but why did you ask me to wait behind.’

‘I thought you left with your Dad when I messed everything up.’ Melisa informed him.

‘I was going to leave after your Dad managed to calm my father but then you came out in your dress and I couldn’t take my eyes off.’

‘So you stayed at a ceremony that you thought was yours even when you were embarrassed.’

‘Seeing you was worth it.’

‘Are you always this mushy or it’s because you plan on convincing me.’ A grin appeared on her cheeks.

‘Both but I know that’s not possible right now and I respect your decision.’

Melisa whose focus was on the figure lurking around in the dark downstairs felt a tap.

‘I’m starting work next week. I would be busy all the time as I opted for night duty.’ She said without looking back at him.

‘Finally, I could get free health care around here.’ He slurred.

Melisa laughed and watched him for a few seconds in silence.

He beamed and contemplated on reaching out for her hands.

‘You didn’t get me earlier.’ She signaled him to come closer to the balcony.

‘I know you are going to be a busy doctor.’

‘Yes, but I w..ant us to st…art som…’ She stuttered. ‘If it works out we embrace it.’

‘If it doesn’t?’ He asked stupidly.

‘We let go.’ She replied with a confused stare.

‘Yeah, that was a stupid question. But I’m in.’ He replied with a happy face and reached out for her hands.

‘Let’s not rush it Bryan.’ She announced and glanced at his hands comfortably smooching hers.

‘Oh sorry.’ He saw her eyes still on their hands and got the message. ‘But tell me the reason behind your change of mind.’

‘I liked you from the start but you made a mistake which I’m not over yet.’ She sternly said with her hands in the air. ‘But I saw the look on your face when I was ranting.’

‘What did my look say?’

‘You were embarrassed but at the same time, I saw desire and maybe love, then you waiting behind after everything made me realize you weren’t there because I asked you to marry me to please our parents but you came for me. And I appreciate that.’

‘That’s a great speech Lisa.’ He blushed. ‘I love you.’

‘Okay but right no….’

‘Lisa, someone is here to see you.’

She turned her back and saw Paige with Dane.

Her eyes went blank for a second. He saw him walking closer while Bryan pulled away to the other side.

‘Hi.’ He said after a minute of watching her closely.

‘Dane. What are you doing here?’

‘I heard you were getting married and I had to quickly rush here.’ He scratched his head.

She sighed and smiled. ‘You heard.’

‘Yes, Dani called with direction and time. I hope I’m not late for the ceremony.’

Melisa laughed so hard and he was so confused.

‘What’s funny? Is he the one you choose over me?’ Dane asked pointing to Bryan.

‘I didn’t choose anyone over you Dane but you should be happy I moved on.’

He was pained and yet masking it very well. ‘Was the wedding message a prank? I know how cheeky Dani can be sometimes.’

‘No it was real and when I said I didn’t choose anyone over you I meant I don’t want you anymore.’

‘What are you talking about when you know I love you?’

‘No you never loved me, if you did you would have stopped inflicting pain on my family when I pleaded with you to stop.’

Paige could feel the love and at the same time pain in Melisa’s voice. She was wondering why Bryan was just standing there doing nothing.

‘Oh okay, I get it now. This is about Grissel moving in.’ He said calmly when everyone around him was quiet.

‘No, it’s about getting screwed over.’ She teased and laughed.

‘Screwed over?’

‘Yes, by Grissel and Dani.’ She signaled Paige who walked over to her bag on the table in a corner and brought her an envelope.

‘Grissel.’ He mentioned as if he just remembered there’s someone by that name. ‘By the way, where’s she? And Dani is nowhere to be found when I got back to the apartment.’

She sighed. ‘Grissel left you this. You should sit down before you read.’

He looked at both Paige and Bryan who was smiling weirdly then he angrily snatched the envelope from Melisa’s hands.

‘Easy Dane. It’s good news.’ She teased once more and moved towards Bryan who was standing with Paige.

He hurriedly opened the envelope and saw his copy of the annulment and custody papers he signed when he went into agreement with Grissel. Dane was ignoring it when his eyes caught the highlighted portion.

Dane was confused reading the paper for the first time since he got it from his father’s lawyer.

He toss it aside and opened the note that was addressed to him. He recognized the handwriting to be Stella’s.

‘Is this a joke? Why should I read a letter from Stella?’ He flared as if his father’s stunt was not enough and now a letter from another family member.

‘Dane, patience. And if you want to know who got married you should read it to the end.’ Melisa joyfully said but hurting badly as well.

He stared at all three of them and straightened the paper in order or read but his eyes came across Grissel’s handwriting at the back of the envelope.

He proceeded to read carefully.

I wrote this last night when everyone was asleep, I thought it was childish so I tossed it in the bin but I guess Stella found it this morning and rewrote it.

Today, my tears are over and I’m glad she gave it to me as a wedding present but I’m giving it out to you as a goodbye present. Your dad managed to give me custody which I’m not sure you even read when you kept it locked up in your safe.

Good luck with Melisa. She probably doesn’t want you anymore but just know our daughter is safe with me.

Dane lifted his head lightly but it was heavy. He spotted a table and chair in a corner and dragged himself there.

He sat down sharply, held his head in his hands and picked up the note left in the envelope. Though a week ago he had no problem if Grissel left him, he was angry now finding out his dad outsmarted him and he probably lost Melisa too.

‘Dear Past,

We had our time and I got a gold at the end. If you ask me, I think I was the luckiest.

I loved you even when you were too controlling, then the worse happened. I was your egg but you toss me into depression like I was just a piece of an egg shell you got after breaking the egg.

Until I met another controlling freak, I wasn’t sure I knew what love was. You showed me how to love but with Tom, I learnt how to love at my own time. I guess your love lesson which you couldn’t finish paid off. I’m with the man of my dreams and I’m so happy than I ever was with you.

Our daughter is very much in support of my decision and the law is on my side. That’s enough for me to move ahead.

You can see Shirley whenever you wish and though she asked for her name to be changed permanently, I respect you Dane, so she get to have two names.

I knew you Dane, you were a better person than what you showed me at my worse time. Sorry the loss of Shane was by the hands of the woman you loved and the same woman made you heartless. I never thought I would hate you this much until I found out you kept the secret about his health from me. But if we both want to be heartless, who would raise our daughter so I forgive you.

However, Tom would do his best but I still expect you to be the father Shirley always knew in my absence. Show her you are not cold, heartless and a yelling dad because that’s all she sees in your eyes now.

You resent me as much as I did a week ago for keeping me in the dark but forgive me for the sake of Shirley who now thinks her Dad is the worse father on earth.

Your Nemesis,


Dane sat for a few minutes and looked back at Melisa. He picked up the envelope and walked towards her.

Paige quickly came to stand in front of her while Bryan looked on.

‘I just want to talk to her.’ He asked in a feeble voice.

‘Talk, she can hear you.’ Paige replied.

He shook his head. ‘Did Dani leave with her mom?’

‘No, Stella will bring her by tomorrow and pick her up when Grissel gets back.’ Paige answered while Melisa looked on.

He took a step forward towards Melisa and Paige kept blocking his way.

‘I won’t hit her. I just want us to talk.’

‘But I’ve answered you Dane. You should leave now.’ Paige answered once more while Bryan looked on.

‘Lisa, I still love you.’ He said and got a sigh from Bryan.

‘She doesn’t want you. You had her and you lost her.’ Paige said turning to check on Melisa who was literally boiling with emotions.

‘Alright, All the best.’ He walked away without looking back.

Melisa made an attempt to go after him but Paige hugged her tightly preventing her from moving. Bryan who was looking on like a girl who couldn’t defend what he loved just kept masking his emotions with smiles.

After about ten minutes, they were leaving when Stella’s car light gave them a scare. Melisa was glad Henry didn’t show up to ruin the wedding but she could feel he was there from the beginning.

They walked closer to her car with Bryan tagging along holding Melisa’s bag.

‘Shouldn’t you two be miles away by now?’ Melisa asked no one in particular.

Grissel raised her eyes towards Dani who had refused to sleep because she feels Grissel would leave her behind when she does.

Melisa laughed which surprised Bryan and Paige because she was moody earlier.

‘So what are you guys going to do?’

‘Nothing, and I need you to check Grissel when we get back to the house.’ Tom answered.

‘Lisa, mommy is sick and the baby is not moving. I told you in church.’

Melisa’s heart skipped. She opened the door instantly. ‘The abdominal pains again?’

She nodded.

’You two passed by several hospitals and couldn’t enter any of them.’

‘Can we start going already?’ Stella who felt ignored earlier spoke up.

‘Okay, I will drive behind you guys. I’m sure it’s just the stress from standing for long.’

Stella drove off as Melisa hurried to her car with Paige leaving Bryan and her bag behind.

Blemished Love Episode 37 – Loudest Thoughts

As the days went by Grissel found it difficult staying in the same house which she once left behind but with a little help from her mom she adjusted. Dani got a new school two weeks after the wedding and Dane wasn’t heard from since then.

Grissel was already five months into her pregnancy and Tom was already tired of her childish attitude hence he had to bring his office to the house just to be around when she calls.

Tom was now so found of Shirley and Grissel always felt alone sometimes but then Melisa had explained to her it was just her hormones.


‘Stella, can you get the door?’ Mrs. Medts asked from the kitchen.

‘Alright mom,’ Stella said dragging her feet on the floor. She just came back from a night out with Austin and her mom insisted to get her a hot tea as she seemed a bit drunk.

She walked to the door and turned the knob. ‘Austin?’

‘Yes, I came to see you.’

‘I just met you over two hours ago.’

‘Two hours. That’s true but I missed you so I came over.’

Gosh, how do you even know this place?’

‘We have lots of mutual friends my dear.’

Stella was just holding on to the door watching him smile. She knew it was Grissel.

‘And the security at the door?’

‘Ooh, wine fixed that.’

‘You gave him wine on the Job.’

‘You are crazy right now.’

‘Yeah, I think I’m crazy about you.’

‘Who is at the door Stella?’ She gasped and looked back. Her parents were the main reason she didn’t want Austin to know her place.

Her parents would definitely like him more than she does but she felt they should take their relationship a bit slow. Over these five months, she had only seen him four times and that was okay with her as she didn’t want to push it.

‘No one mom.’ She quickly got out of the house and closed the door before her mom could come out of the kitchen.

‘Let me greet your mom.’

‘That’s not happening. Let’s go already.’

‘Go where?’ He asked looking back at the door.

‘Your car? She said dragging him away when her phone rang from her Pajamas pocket.

She let him go and reached for her phone.

‘You might want to get that.’ He said smiling sheepishly.

Stella hissed and answered the call.

‘Grissel, shouldn’t you be sleeping by now?’

‘Yes, expect my husband took my daughter on a date and then Austin called about your address.’

‘So you couldn’t ask me first before giving out my address.’

‘Is he there yet?’ Grissel ignored her question.

‘Yes, he’s here smiling and annoyingly happy right now.’

‘That’s good right.’

‘No, I don’t want my parents to get attached to him too.’

‘He’s not Henry. Just let him meet them.’

‘It’s a waste of time talking to you.’ Stella told her.

‘Just do the right thing and besides you are not a child anymore.’

‘Thank you for reminding me I’m almost thirty.’ They had a deal back in law school to settle down before thirty.

Grissel laughed so loud. ‘Can I ask?’

‘No and I haven’t slept with him yet if that’s what you are asking.’ Stella replied quickly.

‘Good girl. Let me leave you two to talk.’

Stella sighed. ‘Hey, do you need anything?’

‘I’m craving for ice cream all the time and the boss of the house says no.’

‘Well, he’s right so just hold on there until those two boys are out.’

‘That’s not fair but thanks for letting him work from home.’

‘I did that for you and I think he’s always on time with his paper works.’

‘I love you Ella.’

‘I miss y…..’ She was saying when her mom came out.

‘Who do we have here?’ Mrs. Medts said when she came out.

Austin looked on waiting for an approval from Stella before he could go ahead.

‘Mom, wait for us inside.’

‘Okay dear. Your dad and I would be waiting for you.’ Mrs. Medt smiled and went back in.

Stella swallowed hard knowing the kind of drama awaiting her inside.

Grissel hanged up before she could say anything else.

‘Hey, I’m sorry. We can do this another time if you are not ready.’

Stella frowned at him and walked closer. She gave him a playful knock on his head.

‘You are annoying right now but then we’ve been seeing each other for five months and if you think you are ready to meet my parents then I won’t stop you.’

‘Thank you Stella’

‘Let’s go already.’

‘I think this is the first time I’m seeing you half naked.

‘Jeez,’ she smacked him again.

‘Can I sleep over?’ He asked when he was about to open the door.

Stella looked at him and smiled. ‘I think you should go back home.’

‘Alright I would behave now.’ He pleaded and entered the room after her.

Mr. Medts was seated on his favorite chair with spectacles on while Mrs. Medts came out from the kitchen with a tray.

‘Dad, I told mom not to wake you up.’

‘So I could miss this family drama. No way Princess.’

He laughed and Austin joined in the laughter.

Stella hit him with her elbow to stop laughing.

‘Why isn’t he seated?’ Mrs. Medts hurriedly dropped the juice tray on the table beside her husband and walked to Austin holding him to have a seat.

Stella couldn’t help but laugh. ‘You haven’t seen anything yet.’ She told Austin after she walked closer and noticed the shock on his face.

He smiled back and they got talking throughout the night. Stella insisted he had to leave and her parents didn’t want him to.

They got him the guest house just outside the main building and that saved them the drama.


Henry was nowhere to be found after the wedding and Tom was so worried he might be lurking around his house. Though they had reported to the police after the wedding, Tom was still not comfortable especially when he found out Grissel was going to have two boys in four months. He hadn’t left her side since then.

Grissel wasn’t happy when her husband restricted her from going out of the house or buying anything but Julia made her understood Tom was just protecting his children.

Before they left for their date night she had pleaded to come with them but Tom insisted it wasn’t her turn yet. Grissel sprawled on the couch after talking to Stella waiting for Tom to get back soon.


‘Hey, you seem not sure of this.’ Bryan said to Melisa pointing to her luggage in his shop.

‘It’s nothing.’ She feigned a smile.

‘You know, it’s alright if you don’t want to move in with me yet.’

‘Bryan, I already told you I want this.’ Melisa said standing up from her seat to meet him half way over the counter.

‘Okay, so why the sad face.’ He cupped her face in his hands. Melisa tried to kiss him and he let her go.

‘I guess you have an answer to your earlier question.’

‘Wait, you were sad because I wouldn’t touch you.’ He laughed.

‘This isn’t funny Bryan.’

‘I know but I just want to do the right thing.’

‘Which is the right thing here?’ Melisa asked walking closer to him again.

‘Making you my wife first.’

‘Last I checked marriage wasn’t even on the table for the both of us.’

‘Yes but what if I’ve changed my mind.’

‘That’s not a problem but we can get ahead of that.’ Melisa said stylishly and held his face closer.

He looked up at her lips and pushed her away slowly. His phone vibrated in his pocket and he nervously picked it up while Melisa stared at him.

‘I’m sorry,’ he nervously said after reading the message and putting the phone back in his pocket.

‘It’s been five months and you keep giving one excuse after the other.’

‘We talked about this Lisa.’ He said remorsefully.

‘Yes and I’m tired of waiting.’

‘I don’t want to disobey y…..’ He was about to say and paused with his face down immediately.

‘Disobey who?’

‘Forget it. Let’s send your stuff in.’ He regained his composure.

‘Did my dad or Julia put you up to this?’ She asked raging.

‘No, I didn’t say that.’

‘Then who is making you this nervous.’

‘I said let’s forget it Lisa. He’s not worth it.’

‘Was is Dane?’ She asked and got no response from him. ‘Or Tom.’

Bryan raised up his head at that moment yet again with a frown on his face. Melisa got the message and grabbed his hand luggage which was up close. She rushed out of his shop towards her car parked in front of the next shop while he followed.

‘Lisa, wait for me.’ Bryan said following him.

She dropped her luggage in the booth of her car and drove off.


‘Uncle Tom, so tell me what you like about my mom.’ Dani asked when Tom parked in front of their house and was about to enter the house.

They just came back from one of their usual date nights. Tom has been keeping to his promise to be a dad to Dani while Dane was still nowhere to be found.

‘You are too young to understand Shirley.’

‘Try me Uncle.’ She said cheekily.

‘Alright, maybe her cooking.’

‘Oh really, just that?’ Shirley was disappointed.

‘This is a difficult question Shirley. I don’t know how to answer you now.’

‘That’s fine, you can think about it tonight and let me know tomorrow.’

‘Great. Let’s get going.’ He kept looking inside his mirror for a while and shook his head.

Tom drove in after Dani helped in opening the gate for him. When they walked in Grissel was on the floor with a bowl of watermelon in front of her. She frowned when Tom came empty handed. He had been denying her ice cream for two months and even took away her bank cards so she couldn’t order online.

Grissel just can’t stay off the ice-cream even when she was told at the hospital to cut down her sugar in take.

‘How are you and my babies?’ Tom went closer to her planting a kiss on her already protruding belly.

‘I’ve been fine and this is the last of the fruits.’

‘Got it. I would go grocery shopping tomorrow.’

‘Great, can you add some ice cream?’ She asked with a sad grimace.

‘Mommy, I’m sure you can have a lot of ice cream once my brothers are out.’ Dani who had been watching all that while chipped in.

She gave her a stare and Dani rushed off dragging Tom along with her.

They were barely out of the hall when Melisa barged in furiously. Grissel probably didn’t hear the gate open because she was so focused on the ice cream part of their conversation.

‘Where’s he?’ She asked standing in front of her.

‘I’m not fine Lisa.’ Grissel responded. She knew anytime Melisa came to their end, she always had an ice cream hidden in a storage flask for her.

‘Is he upstairs?’ She asked ignoring her earlier complaint. Usually, Melisa would smile and tell her where to find the ice cream.

‘What’s going on here?’ Tom who heard the noise from upstairs came in a hurry.

‘Did you tell Bryan not to sleep with me?’ She asked facing his brother now.

‘Really? You think I care who you sleep with right now?’ He said sternly.

Melisa paused for a few seconds and sat down on the next couch dropping her car keys beside her.

Grissel smiled and picked it up while Tom was walking over to grab a seat too.

‘I’m sorry, I thought he was referring to you.’

‘Well maybe he meant Dane.’ Tom replied patting her sisters back.

‘Dane? That’s not possible.’ She said with a smile as if she had something else on her mind.

‘I know you went looking for him Lisa.’ He announced.

‘You know that how?’ She asked with a shaky voice.

‘I have my ways.’ He responded with displeasure.

‘And that makes you angry?’ She asked staring at him.

‘You know I don’t want him for you and the mere thought of him abandoning Shirley without any notice makes my heart ache.’

‘He went through a lot and I’m sure he went somewhere to clear his mind.’ Melisa defended.

‘He’s so childish even Shirley is more matured than him.’ Tom teased.

‘Talking about Shirley, where is she?’ Melisa asked since it was unusual for her not to see Shirley all over her when she came in.

‘And where’s Grissel?’ Tom also asked nervously looking around. Just at that moment they heard a shout from outside.

They both stood up and looked at the front door.

‘Isn’t that mommy?’ Shirley asked standing beside them. They had no idea when she came to stand beside them.

Tom looked at her and fear gripped him. As if on cue, they all rushed towards the front door. Melisa and Tom were so focused on their conversation earlier that they had no idea Grissel went out of the house.


A car had nearly hit Grissel and she dropped on the floor just next to the gate where Melisa parked her car.

Dane was running helplessly across the road when he saw what happened. He had been sitting in his car across Tom’s house for the past week, contemplating on how to explain his absence.

‘Are you okay? Wait, you are pregnant?’ He asked panting reaching out for her hand.

Grissel on the floor looked up at him and withdrew her hands. ‘How is that your problem and I don’t need your help.’

‘Okay,’ he withdrew his steps and was walking away when the gate opened.

His eyes caught Melisa first and then Dani who rushed to him.

‘Daddy, you are back.’ She was excited when Dane picked her up.

‘Yes and I brought you a lot of toys and ice cream.’

‘Did you say ice cream?’ Grissel whose attention was on Tom’s reaction when he came out seeing her on the floor asked immediately.

‘, van..illa and cho..colate.’ He stuttered.

‘Tom, help me up.’ She smiled and called out to him bringing him and Melisa out of their trance. Tom gave her a stare and she knew it was because of the ice cream.

‘Hey, do you want to come in?’ Tom asked Dane who was trying so hard not to look at Melisa.

Melisa quickly went back in when Tom spoke.

‘I don’t think it’s a good idea.’ Dane replied watching Grissel on the floor closely.

‘Tom won’t you help me up.’

‘What are you doing out here?’ He knew she wasn’t hurt because if she were Dane wouldn’t have been that calm.

‘I thought Lisa brought ice cream so I came to check but couldn’t find it, then I heard a screeching sound behind me.’

‘And you fell on the floor?’ Tom asked her.

‘Yes, I didn’t see the car coming.’ She complained.

‘Did you?’ He turned to Dane who was playing with Dani on his shoulders.

‘Huh!’ He exclaimed. ‘I just arrived.’

‘Come on Dude. I know you’ve been sitting in your car all week hoping to come in.’ Tom announced and Grissel was just hoping to be picked off the floor soon.

Dane sitting in front of their house is something she expected after what happened so it wasn’t news to her.

‘I’m sorry, I just wanted to talk to Dani.’

‘So why didn’t you stop being a girl and walk in.’

‘I wasn’t so sure Grissel would want me to see her.’ He said watching her focus on Tom.

‘You are right she wouldn’t but it’s not her decision anymore.’

‘Yes, Daddy. Uncle said he would let me see you.’

‘That would be fun.’ Dane told her daughter poking her nose.

Grissel was crawling on the floor getting to the gate. Tom suddenly stood in front of her.

‘Wait here, I would carry you.’ He signaled her while she looked up at him and smiled relaxing on the floor with her back against his legs.

‘Daddy, I’ve started school and I can’t wait to tell you about my new friends.’

‘That’s awesome!’ Dane exclaimed.

‘Would you come in now?’ Tom asked again feeling Grissel’s gaze on him which he knew she wanted him to stop him from coming in.

He nodded while Dani jubilated. ‘Let me get the ice cream from the car.’

‘Good, I would wait for you inside.’ Tom said and carried Grissel off the floor inside the house.

He went in meeting Melisa peeping through the window.

‘Do you want to see him?’ He asked after putting Grissel gently on the couch.

‘No, why would I want to do that.’ Melisa coyly answered him.

‘Good, then you should hide because I invited him over.’

‘Why? Tell him to go back.’ Melisa told him.

‘No, I want him to take Dani away for the weekend. He’s been across that street everyday hoping to see her.’

‘Come on Tom. He doesn’t need that right now.’

‘You mean he doesn’t need his daughter?’

‘He does but I meant, coming in here.’

‘That’s not your decision to make and if you two don’t want to be here just go inside.’

Melisa was tired of reaching out to his brother so she signaled Grissel. ‘Why are you not objecting this?’

‘Lisa, Tom knows what is right for Shirley.’ She said trying to stand up while Melisa rushed to help her.

They both walked away in to the kitchen. Tom just looked on smiling.



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