Blemished Love Episode 43 – Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Episode 38 - Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Episode 43 – Loudest Thoughts

‘I’ve been looking for you everywhere.’ Tom announced when he finally found his wife.

‘I was hungry and went looking for food but this hospital food sucks Tom.’

‘That’s because it’s meant for patients and you are just pregnant with my adorable J and J.’ Tom said grabbing a seat opposite his wife.

‘Tom, for the last time, my boys won’t be named after your moms.’

‘Sorry Love.’ He muttered.

‘Thank you for your understanding.’ She said focusing on the snack before her.

Tom kept watching her and smiled. ‘Weird place to have a meal.’

‘I was hot in the canteen and needed to be somewhere quiet and serene.’

‘And you choose a hospital’s emergency room.’

‘Yeah, today is Sunday and this place isn’t busy as it used to.’

‘I noticed because of the renovation going on there.’ Tom pointed at the renovation going on at the other side of the building.

‘Do you want some of this?’ Grissel raised up her snack bowl.

Tom smiled and stared. ‘Don’t I love you?’

‘I know you do and please stop giving me weird glances.’

‘I adore you Grissel.’

‘Love what did you do?’ Grissel asked immediately because she knew Tom always become mushy when he has done something wrong.

‘Emmmm, I might have told Dane to stay away from us.’

‘Okay, if you think that was fair I have no problems with it.’ Grissel said reaching out for the water bottle which Tom handed over to her.

‘And you are not mad?’

‘No, besides you said letting you make decisions puts you in control of our marriage as a man.’

‘I remember making that rule but that was because you left then came back and I was confused.’

‘Confused about trusting me right?’ Grissel asked carefully.

‘Yes but I think I want my old marriage back.’ He murmured with his hands flying in the air as if he just gave up.

‘Okay.’ Grissel said as if she was angry.

‘Just Okay?’ Tom questioned.

‘Ahuh!’ She smiled at him. ‘I knew it was just a matter of time before you give up.’

‘Grissel, you let me win on purpose?’ He asked.

‘Of course but I do really appreciate you keeping this marriage alive. It was fun agreeing to every good and bad decision which got me all the pampering in the world.’

Tom gave her a soft poke on her cheeks.

‘By the way thank you for talking to Dane.’

‘I want something in return for that favor.’ She smiled cheekily.

‘If I can afford it.’

‘Trust me again Love.’ She announced reaching out for his hands.

‘I do trust you but scared sometimes. Right now I’m sure since Henry and Dane is out of our lives, it would be easier leaving you all alone.’

‘You asked me to forgive him but earlier it seemed like you were a different man.’

‘So you were eavesdropping.’

‘Not really, I was coming to get you when I heard you putting him on probation.’

‘But it’s not a mask to have him in our lives.’ Tom replied.

‘I know that but I’m concerned about what that outburst was really about. Tom I feel it’s not entirely about him.’

He sighed heavily and relaxed back on his chair.

‘My sister ends up with him. Same way my mom ended up with Morris and then Julia with Joe.’

‘And why is that an issue for you.’

‘They have all left me Grissel and somehow these men are trouble except for Joe, I guess.’

Grissel probably figured it out and laughed.

‘Oh wow!’ She exclaimed. ‘I have family too but my entire life is tied to yours. Don’t you think anyone misses me?’

He sighed and stood up half way kissing her on the cheeks. ‘Alright, I’m sorry. I can go back there and take my words back.’

‘No, just let them be and promise me you would stop interfering in their relationship.’

‘Let’s deal with promises later. Where’s Shirley?’

‘On an aspiring doctor’s tour with Michelle.’

‘She’s really serious with being a doctor right?’ Tom enquired.

‘I think what happened to her dad just shaped her future towards another direction.’

‘And you don’t like that?’

‘That’s okay, I think she’s going in for all two.’ Grissel said happily.

They were still talking when they saw Bryan dragging Melisa’s bag towards them. Tom recognized the bag because it was their mom’s and he remembered fighting with Melisa over it when they were kids.

Looking at it now he felt she was the best person to take care of the bag. He would have ruined it back in school.

‘What are you doing here?’ Tom stood up facing him when he came over.

‘I came to drop your sister’s bag. I went by the house but Julia wasn’t around.’

‘She’s probably in her office.’ Grissel chipped in to prevent the two men fighting.

‘Can you hand this to her for me?’ He handed Grissel an envelope.

‘Give that to her yourself. No one is going to do your dirty work for you.’

‘Tom stop intimidating him.’ Grissel told him with a glare.

‘I can’t believe you are defending this coward.’

‘He’s not a coward Love. He is just a soft man in love with a wrong woman.’

Bryan finally raised his head up.

‘Soft man?’ Tom questioned.

‘Yes and he reminds me of you.’ Grissel teased.

‘Me?’ Tom pointed out himself and glanced at the shy Bryan.

‘Ahuh!’ Grissel murmured.

‘Don’t compare him to me.’

‘My point is, he would do anything to have your sister the same way you would do anything for me.’

Tom looked at Bryan who was just staring at Grissel and then his eyes caught Melisa pulling Dane through the emergency unit. They were chatting and laughing.

‘Hey Lisa, your boyfriend is here.’ He called out to her from afar and then everyone’s attention was drawn to them.

Bryan turned around seeing him with Dane and he pushed his tears back. He grabbed the envelope from Grissel and quickly tucked it inside his pocket.

‘This isn’t a movie. You all should get back to your work stations.’ Melisa angrily told the nosy nurses who had started making jest of the situation.

They all retracted their steps back. The nurses always respected Melisa’s works and decisions since she joined them five months ago.

‘You should man up and face her now.’ Tom announced giving him a push forward. He staggered a little and then came facing Melisa.

‘I’m sorry for coming here like this.’ Bryan told her immediately their eyes met.

‘Can we talk over there?’ She pointed to the area the nurses vacated earlier. She forgot she left Dane in the middle of the room.

‘Okay, I’m sorry.’ He repeated following him with the bag.

Her eyes met him wheeling himself away sadly.

‘Wait here.’ Melisa rushed after him.

‘Is it done?’ Dane asked when he spotted her.

‘Not yet, but you were sad seeing me with him so I wanted to be sure you were okay.’ She bent down to his level so they wouldn’t draw much attention to themselves.

‘I’m okay and I think that pretty nurse right there could help me out with the process you talked about.’ Dane teased pointing at the nurse behind the counter.

‘Careful D. I might just give you another slap right here.’

He quickly gave her a kiss on the lips which Melisa wasn’t expecting so she pulled back.

Her first instincts was to check if Bryan was okay. She realized he saw what just happened.

‘That right there should make the rest of the break up easy for you.’ Dane laughed and wheeled himself away. Melisa’s lips went apart to say something but she couldn’t.

And before she knew it Bryan was standing behind her.

‘It’s okay Lisa. I get the message clear.’

‘I’m sorry Bryan, I was going to talk to you as soon as I get home.’

‘Now you don’t need to. I’m going away.’

‘Going away?’

‘Yes, I’ve been thinking about it since the sh00t out and I knew once you found out the part I played our relationship would be over.’

‘Yeah I heard about what happened. Why did you do that?’

He scratched his head. ‘I was scared once he makes it alive, I would lose you.’

‘But you could have trusted I wanted our relationship to work.’ Melisa said feeling her brother’s gaze all over her.

‘No you don’t want me Lisa. It’s him you want.’ He gestured at Dane who was talking to the nurse he mentioned earlier.

Melisa frowned at how he was happily laughing with her. ‘I’ll deal with that later.’ She told herself quietly.

‘I didn’t hear you.’ Bryan thought she was talking to him.

‘I said I’m sorry.’ She lied about what she muttered earlier.

‘I’m fine and very glad you guys found your way back to each other. Trust me, I knew someday I would have to compete with him.’

‘Now you don’t have to because you came here to break up with me.’

‘Isn’t that what you wanted?’ Bryan asked.

‘Yeah, but not like this. You dragged my luggage to my work place just to break up with me Bryan, that’s humiliation.’

‘I’m going away this evening to my mom’s.’

‘Wow, that’s a great step for you.’

‘Yeah, I just hope I could put everything behind me.’

‘You should because I would keep in touch.’

‘Are you sure your precious Dane would want that?’

‘Bryan, its okay to be friends from afar.’

‘Okay, I have to be on my way now.’

‘Thank you so much.’ Melisa said drawing him in a hug. He hesitated for a while before accepting her warm arms.

‘Let me go now Lisa.’ He muttered when the hug was taking so long.

‘Sure. I also heard what you did for me with the police.’ It was just as if Melisa was stalling to prevent something big to happen.

‘They have been detained and been investigated. They weren’t directly involved but they knew about the duel and said nothing.’

‘I pray they get few years.’ Melisa muttered squeezing his hands which she held from earlier.

‘Tell your guy there not to mess up, because if he does I’m coming for him.’ Bryan pointed to Dane’s direction. She didn’t want to look back at him at that moment.

‘Alright, Bryan.’ Melisa found it amusing and laughed.

‘See you around.’ He said quickly leaving the bag in front of her and rushed out before she could stall him again.

Tom and Grissel walked over to be sure she was okay. Melisa wiped her face dry and came facing Dane and the nurse from earlier.

Melisa saw his Dad and Julia running towards them.

‘Dad what’s going on with you two?’

‘Lisa.’ Dane drew her attention to what was in his hands.

‘You play with toys now?’ She asked him.

‘It’s for you.’ Dane replied but she ignored him turning to his family behind her.

‘Dad, you haven’t answered me yet.’ She turned to them and Paige came along with Gina.

‘Hey, girlfriend.’ Paige greeted her and she smiled.

‘You all are acting weird.’

‘Just have a little patience Lisa.’ Gina requested.

‘Paige do we have a date I’m not aware of?’

Paige nodded.

Dane burst into a hilarious laughter.

‘Tom, may I?’ Dane gestured to Tom who obviously understood him.

‘Okay, I get it. This is about Bryan right.’ She said sadly. ‘You guys I’m okay.’

‘Are we late?’ Every one turned to the direction the voice came from.

Stella was slowly walking her dad towards them while her mom was in the company of Dane’s parent.

Then it dawned on her what was happening.

‘Okay, let me see what you have in that candy box.’ She forcefully took the box from him and opened it.

To her surprise it was a piece of her surgical cap wrapped up in the form of a ring.

She hit him playfully with the box.

‘I’m sorry, I couldn’t get a better ring immediately.’

She ignored him and tied the fabric on her left second finger.

‘Not on that finger, just come closer.’ Dane asked of her.

She looked back at everyone around him and saw Joe coming with an elderly man.

‘The priest is on time.’ Dane said and laughed.

‘Don’t tell me this is my dream wedding you managed to ruin.’ Melisa asked sternly.

‘I know it’s simple but this is what I can afford.’ He teased.

‘D, this isn’t fair.’

‘I know but I’m broke.’ He said untying the fabric on the other finger and then wrapping it on the deserved finger.

‘Daddy, I can borrow you some money.’

Dane totally forgot he had a daughter.

‘Princess, thank you but I think Lisa is okay with this arrangement.’ He laughed.

She stared at her finger and then back to the man in front of her.

‘On one condition.’ She blurted out laughing.

‘I would get that prosthetics anytime you want me to.’ Dane figured it out.

‘Good boy.’ She scratched her jaw playfully. ‘Dad, say something.’

‘If you are happy, I’m happy.’ Morris announced to everyone.

‘Awesome. What about you Aunty?’

‘I trust your judgment and besides you two crazy children deserve each other.’ She said laughing.

‘Yeah, you two are meant for each other.’ Tom gestured at her.

‘It means you are in support right?’ Melisa wanted to be sure.

‘Of course but I would still be watching from afar.’ Tom stressed.

‘Great, can you bless us now though I haven’t taken my bath yet?’ Melisa turned to the priest that came with Joe.

Those around her laughed and she realized her nosy nurses and other doctors were around.

The priest gave them his blessings and the rest of that afternoon was a happy day for them except Tom who was moody.

Melisa found out the pretty nurse Dane was with helped in gathering everyone around and getting a piece of fabric from her surgical cap.

Dane found it funny that she was actually jealous and kept leading her on.

Melisa actually gave her a one week to scrub in on her surgeries as punishment for going to her office without permission.

After their funny wedding nothing mattered to him than being with his wife of few minutes ago but Melisa insisted she had to go home and get some sleep before her night shift.

‘We just got married Lisa, shouldn’t we be on the road by now.’

‘In your dreams D.’

‘Are you annoyed about the way we got married?’

‘No, it’s perfect. We could have a bigger one once you get your prosthetics.’

‘Then what is it.’

‘That nurse from earlier.’ She faced him sternly.

‘Wait, are you jealous right now?’ He asked teasingly when he was the one leading her on earlier.

‘Shouldn’t I?’ She asked bossily folding his shirts back in to his bag.

‘Mom?’ Dane ignored her calling out to his parents knowing they were standing at the door hoping to come in since he came back to his room.

They both came rushing in.

‘Do you need help?’ Mrs. Reed asked.

‘Can you tell the new Mrs. Reed, who Peach is?’

Melisa didn’t know he was going to do that. She tried telling him to stop but he was adamant.

‘My cousin’s daughter. Why?’ Her mom muttered.

‘Nothing, my honeymoon just started with a bang.’ He said and Melisa gave him a smack.

His parents didn’t understand what was going on but they hoped to get their own issues with their son sorted out soon.

‘I guess I will see you later.’ Melisa kissed him and rushed out before he could hold her back.

So he was stuck with his parents and he had no choice than to talk over their issues.

‘Where are you off to in a hurry?’ Grissel asked Melisa who was storming out of the hospital.

‘I’m going home.’

‘Which of the homes?’ Tom chipped in.

‘Julia’s place.’ She said straightening her dress.

‘I thought you are married now.’ Tom asked sarcastically.

‘So I shouldn’t breathe anymore?’ Melisa was sounding angry.

‘You would get used to it.’ Grissel teased.

‘Lisa can I go to Daddy’s place with you?’ Dani who probably didn’t hear them earlier announced.

‘I’m not going to your Dad’s place.’

‘I will go anywhere with you.’ Shirley stressed.

‘Let’s get going then.’ Melisa said looking at Grissel for approval.

She saw Paige coming towards her and rushed off to meet her.

‘If you need help packing, just call me.’ Tom laughed.


It has been three months and Dane has since been cleared of every charge from the police. Henry’s friends confessed and got three years each for knowing about the duel but didn’t report. Henry was cremated and his brothers from Texas came for his ashes.

Everything was going on well with the entire family as they await Grissel’s bundle of joys so they could celebrate in a grand way.


‘It was nice having an alone sleep over time with you.’ Grissel mentioned to Stella when he drove her back home.

They were parked outside the gate having their final gist.

‘Let’s do this again, once you put to bed.’

‘I’m not sure that would be possible.’

‘Why not? Tom let you go out with me alone all by himself right?’ Stella asked.

‘Yes, it came as a surprise when he parked my bag for me last night.’

‘Then he can do it again. All you need to do is ask.’

‘I would try.’ Grissel rubbed her belly gently. ‘I can’t wait to start eating right.’

Stella laughed. ‘You are in your last month right?’

‘Ahuh, I have two weeks more to give birth and Tom has been giving me all the special treatments.’

‘You deserve it girlfriend.’

‘I know I do but he has made me lazy with this pregnancy and I’m not so sure I can give birth on my own.’

‘You can and besides, you’ve been taking the morning walks like Lisa told you to do two months ago.’

Grissel smiled. ‘I only managed a month. Tom was scared.’

‘Wow, but I’m sure you are healthy enough for the push.’ She teased.

‘Your time would come soon.’ Grissel smacked her.

‘Is this where you start telling Austin to spend more nights in his bed?’

‘I knew you wouldn’t take my advice.’

‘I couldn’t help it Grissel besides he was so charming and I just had t….’

‘Don’t say it.’ She cautioned. Your sex life isn’t my problem anymore, I’m just glad you two are happy.’

‘I’m sorry.’ Stella giggled.

‘Let’s talk about law school. Are you sure?’

‘Oh yes. I’m very sure I want to go back.’

‘Great, I already talked to Jessy to pay attention to you.’

‘Thank you but about the firm can you handle it then I pay up once I get my fees sorted out.’ She said sadly.

‘Don’t tell me you are broke Ella?’

‘I’m not but it’s a lot of money to withdraw from the company’s account.’

‘What happened to the trust fund? I thought your parents made that decision for your law school.’

‘Girl, I’ve spent half of that money while in Mexico. I don’t want to squander the rest.’

‘That’s messed up and I guess Daddy had no idea.’ Grissel muttered.

‘He would drop dead if I tell him.’ Stella mentioned.

‘What would you do now?’ Grissel enquired.

‘Dane.’ She mentioned.

‘You want him to help you?’

‘Of course, it was his fault I left school and went to Mexico in the first place.’

‘Seriously, if you want him to help you don’t have to blame him.’

‘I know but I think it would be a fresh start for us.’

‘Great idea but don’t worry I would handle the payout for the office space.’

‘I would pay back once our firm start getting clients.’ Stella replied her.

‘But I have to talk to Tom first about our decision to start a firm together.’

‘I’m sure he would agree. Austin is all in for it.’

‘You already told your boyfriend?’ Grissel was surprised.


‘We discussed this just last night and he already knows.’ Grissel said.

‘He called when you slept off and we run out of what to discuss.’

‘And the first thing that came in to your head is out joint venture.’ Grissel scolded.

‘I’m sorry, he likes the idea.’

‘Wait is that not Dane’s car parked out there.’

Stella looked out of the window and realized she was right.

‘What is he doing here and I thought Tom banned him from coming to your house.’ Stella asked.

‘It’s probably Melisa who had come to visit her brother.’ Grissel replied.

‘Yeah, you are right. Let’s go in so you could say Hi.’

‘Happy Birthday Grissel.’

‘Today is my birthday?’

‘You forgot?’ Her friend asked.

Grissel nodded. ‘Yes, why won’t I forget when I have two lives growing inside me and two kids at home who over pamper me.’

‘Why did you think I brought the entire ice-cream shop to the beach just for you today?’

‘I forgot we use to do that and I thought you were just trying to catch up.’

‘No, anyway have this.’ She handed her the file.

Grissel looked up at her face and opened it.

‘You are handing your position to Tom?’

‘Ahuh, and my dad suggested it since I told him about going back to school.’

‘He did huh!’ Grissel doesn’t sound happy.

‘Grissel, what is it?’

‘You do realize, this would take Tom out of town almost every time.’

‘I know so it’s his decision to make. Just be happy for him.’

‘I am happy for him. I want my husband to succeed but is it also selfish of me to ask him to be home all the time.’

‘No, it’s okay you want that but you haven’t even read the contract in there.’

Grissel took another look and sighed. ‘He can work from home if he decides to.’

‘Yes and he’s free to change job’s when he wants to as well.’

‘Ella, I love you. Thank you so much.’

‘I guess you should tell him the good news yourself.’

Grissel couldn’t wait to get back inside the house. With her belly doing the running for her she got in hurriedly and opened the door.

Stella who already knew about the birthday party waited for a while before going in. She knew Grissel would get mad at her.

‘I should have known that was why you sent me away.’ Grissel who entered and met her entire family waiting up for her stood at the door yelling out to Tom.

He came rushing to her at the door. ‘I knew you would forget with this load you are carrying in on your body.

She looked at him for a while and giggled. ‘Did you get ice-cream?’

‘Julia made some healthy ones.’

‘Good, would you carry me to the table where everyone is seated right now?’

‘Is this my punishment?’

‘Mom, happy birthday. I got a crown for you.’ Shirley who had kept her crown from her last birthday gave it out to her rushed and rushed off to Stella who was smiling at everyone.

‘There we go.’ He carried her to the table where he had made her favorite soup.

Jessy was the first to give her the present they brought and the rest of the family followed.

‘Clive, I’m glad you are here.’ She said when their eyes met at the table.

‘Thank you.’ He wasn’t so sure what that meant for him.

‘Can we eat now because I feel like I’m about to explode.’ Grissel said and they made fun of her.

Obviously nobody took her words seriously. She handed the promotion letter to Tom who was overjoyed to the extent of jumping on Stella who dropped a glass.

Julia came to clean up while Tom asked Austin permission to dance with Stella. Grissel had refused everyone’s dance that evening.

‘Are you okay sweetheart.’ Gina asked.

‘I don’t feel well but at the same time I just want to sit here and admire my husband.’

Gina laughed. ‘You are so much like your dad.’

‘Mom, thank you for being here.’

‘I’m your mom and would be anywhere with you.’

She looked at Gina and smiled. ‘Is it okay if I say I love you?’

‘You’ve already said it my dear and I love you too.’ Gina responded wiping her face when Grissel wasn’t looking.

‘I know you do.’ Grissel muttered putting her head on her shoulders.

‘Your body is hot than usual. Are you sure we don’t need to go to the hospital.’

‘No mom. I have a doctor and a nurse in here just in case.’

‘A retired nurse and a doctor without gloves.’ Her mom teased.

‘You two can still get the job done but to be honest I’m fine.’

‘If you say so.’ Gina said with worry in her voice.

Julia standing far away watching them smiled to herself and sent Dani to give her some ice cream.

Dani rushed to them handing Grissel a scoop of ice cream.

She rushed off before Grissel could say thank you.

Melisa came dragging Grissel over to the end of the room with a bag.

‘You got me something too?’ She grinned. Melisa was the only one who hasn’t given her anything yet.

‘Yes, my husband says Hi.’ She handed her the box.

‘Aww, I’m really sorry Tom didn’t want him around me.’

‘That’s fine. We are used to that already.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, and that decision is the least of my troubles now.’

‘You have problems with him already?’ Grissel questioned trying to open the box.

‘He’s always at the hospital every night all in the name of therapy.’

‘But I thought those sessions are done during the day.’

‘Yes but you know Dane. He has paid for private evening sessions.’

Grissel laughed. ‘Get used to it.’

‘I am but I can’t concentrate at work knowing he always ends up sleeping over in my office.’

‘I think he’s just bored at home. Why don’t you take over morning shifts that way you get off work early?’

‘Michelle said I have to wait for a few more months to get that sorted out.’

‘I’m sorry, just talk to him about it.’

‘That one doesn’t listen. Stubborn like his daughter.’

‘You do know that’s my daughter too right.’

‘Ahuh, let me help you with that.’

Melisa collected the box and opened it just when Tom came to meet them.

‘Who sent that?’

‘My husband.’ Melisa said avoiding his gaze.

‘Okay, let me see.’ He collected the box from Melisa to check what was in.

He read the content of the note and handed it over.

‘Should I keep it?’ Grissel asked scared of the answer.

‘Yes, including the cheque. Just make sure you use it for the intended purpose.’ He gave her a peck and rushed off.

‘Cheque.’ She muttered watching Melisa closely.

‘That’s for Shirley’s research program.’

‘You guys don’t need to do this. I have that covered and my daughter is too young for this research stuff.’

‘Easy, you have an education trust fund for her right.’

‘Of course, which Reed insist on taking care of her tuitions so I think I would just leave the money in there until she’s ready to get married.’

‘Okay, then open an account for her with this money so once she’s ready to start her medical research you let her have it.’

‘That’s perfect but what’s the tablet for?’ Grissel asked instead of reading the note attached.

‘Read the note.’

‘Oh! She exclaimed and grabbed it. ‘Even under my custody Reed keeps spoiling her daughter.’

‘I know he’s stubborn but Shirley asked for it.’

‘So you didn’t get me anything yourself?’ Grissel asked reluctantly.

‘I’m sorry Love. I brought myself.’ Melisa giggled.


Blemished Love Episode Blemished Love Episode Blemished Love Episode Blemished Love Episode Blemished Love Episode Blemished Love Episode Blemished Love Episode Blemished Love Episode Blemished Love Episode Blemished Love Episode Blemished Love Episode Blemished Love Episode Blemished Love Episode


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