Blemished Love Episode 41 – 42 Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Episode 38 - Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Episode 41 – Loudest Thoughts

The Police just left Bryan’s house after doing their follow up. Though Grissel managed to stop Tom from pointing out Bryan as a suspect, the police had already taken interest in him and his friends.

Judge Sculley came to his rescue and because he believed his son wasn’t capable of murder.

‘Who was that at the door earlier?’ Melisa who was in her room when the doorbell rang asked.

‘So you are talking to me now. I thought we were just roommates.’ Bryan teased.

‘It’s been a week and until you are ready to talk we are just roommates.’ Melisa told him.

‘Lisa, I’ve told you time without number I had nothing to do with what happened.’

‘My brother thinks your hands are not clean.’

‘Tom is delusional.’ Bryan said pacing around.

‘Would you stop making noise with your flip flops?’ Melisa snarled at him for no reason.

She was getting irritated with his recent silence. Bryan hasn’t said a word since Julia drove Melisa to his place as she promised.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Melisa has been trying for a whole week to get him to say what he knew about the sh00t-out but he keeps distracting her.

‘Sorry, but I have to go out now. Would you be okay in here?’ He asked like a good boy.

‘If you step out of that door, we are done.’ Melisa told him standing up to block his view.

‘Lisa, we’ve been at this all week and I have been trying to hold back.’

‘Hold back? I just want to know what happened.’ She yelled.

‘What do you even care? I mean Henry had always molested you and Dane hurt you so what is it to you if they get killed.’

‘They were my friends and you had no right to sh00t them.’ She roared.

‘You are delusional like your brother.’

‘Me? Delusional?’

‘Yes, and you don’t even see my silence is actually keeping you out of jail.’

The room went silent and dark to Melisa. She didn’t understand what he meant by that.

‘What is that supposed to mean?’

‘Now I got your attention.’ Bryan stared at her for a long while. He knew she was innocent but he thought of using his doubts to blackmail her emotionally.

‘You think I could do this to a man I love.’ She said with regrets because she bite her lips.

‘Love!’ He painfully exclaimed.’

‘Let’s not go there. But what do you mean by your silence is keeping me out of jail.’

‘You can deny it all you want but Cephas probably have evidence against you.’

‘And who is Cephas?’

He turned to look at her innocent face and realized she doesn’t know the name of the guys that used to sleep with her in her unconscious state. Bryan quickly shrugged off the blackmail thoughts.

He knew how Morris could be violent when it comes to his daughter so he swallowed hard to be able to continue talking with her.

‘One of Henry’s friend’s think you have something to do with his death.’

‘Like seriously?’

‘Yes, the same way you and your brother think I was involved.’

‘So you had nothing to do with all these?’ Melisa asked slowly as she was fed up of his attitude.

‘You asked me who was at the door earlier.’

‘Yes, and you shut me off.’

‘That was the police clearing me of your brother’s suspicions and don’t worry Cephas was bluffing.’

‘Of course he was and besides I was with you here all day.’ Melisa was definitely out of questions.

‘I told the police all that in front of my dad.’ Bryan stressed.

Bryan walked to sit beside her while she rested her head on his shoulders.

‘I pray D wakes up soon.’ She murmured while Bryan frowned.

Her phone rang at that moment and her heart skipped. She watched Michelle’s number flashing her phone for the second time and she answered while Bryan still had a frown on his face.

‘What happened?’ Melisa asked immediately she answered.

‘Relax, he’s awake but hasn’t said a word yet.’

Melisa sighed standing up so she could move away from Bryan who was angrily looking on. He knew it was about Dane.

‘But he’s breathing and he’s blood works are fine right?’ Melisa queried.

‘He just woke up a couple of minutes ago. We are waiting for you to start all the blood works.’

‘Michelle, you don’t need me there. You have my consent to do anything at this point.’

‘I know but I thought you would want to be the one to tell him about the amputation.’

‘No, I can’t. You are his doctor and that’s your responsibility.’ Melisa muttered.

‘Alright, I will stalk for a while until we are sure everything is okay.’

‘Thank you Michelle. I owe you one but do me a favor and call Stella. She’s Dane’s family.’

‘I would do that.’ Michelle said faintly.

Melisa hanged up quickly and turned around just to bump into Bryan.

‘Jeez, you scared me.’

‘He’s alive right?’ Bryan asked with anger lacing his voice.

‘Yes, but I’m staying here with you.’ She feigned a smile.

‘I’m not stupid Lisa. If you want to go, just leave already.’ He angrily said and walked out while Melisa looked on with her mouth still opened.

When she finally regained her composure, Paige was the first person she called to pick her up because her car was still with Julia. When she drove her there after she collapsed at the hospital, Julia drove back home in Melisa’s car.


‘Shirley, put on your shoe.’ Tom hurriedly said when he came downstairs.

‘Are we going to the beach like you promised?’

‘No, your dad is awake and I’m taking you there.’

‘Really?’ She smiled and jumped around happily.

‘Yes, but where’s your mom.’ He asked in the midst of all that joy. Tom looked through the window and both their cars were parked in the compound.

‘Emmmm, she…’

‘She went out?’ Tom angrily asked cutting her off.

‘Yes, I tried to stop her like you asked me to but she’s my mom and always have her way.’

He ignored her and then reached out for his phone dialing Grissel’s number but realized it rang from Shirley’s pocket.

‘Gosh, I now understood why you didn’t wake me up when she was going out.’

‘I’m sorry. I needed airtime and she made me swear not to tell you.’

‘That’s oaky. I’m sure she went with your Grand mom.’

‘No, she’s asleep in her room.’

Tom started to sweat at once. He checked the security post and the man was still at his position.

‘Why would she leave without telling me?’

‘Uncle Tom, I think she went out with Aunty Stella.’

‘Stella?’ He glanced at her for a while after repeating the name. Tom checked his wallet from his back pocket and his credit card was gone.

He hissed and knew at that moment his money was going to buy unnecessary stuff. Tom dialed Stella’s number and Grissel picked up.

‘I just went to get groceries and I’m safe.’ She said immediately to prevent him from yelling with a loud Hello. Stella handed the phone over to her when she realized it was Tom.

Tom heaved a sigh of relief. ‘Why wasn’t I informed you were going out?’ He still had to ask just to let her know he’s still in control.

‘I would come in soon. We just parked outside.’ She didn’t want to lead him on to another fight.

Tom noticed she was avoiding his rage so he hanged up. Shirley followed him quickly when he was leaving the room.

When they got to the gate, Grissel was relaxed in the front seat definitely exhausted. He packed the shopping bags back to the house and constantly checking the number of bags it was.

Grissel and Stella kept laughing because aside he being angry earlier he was definitely angrier now about Grissel purchasing the whole shop with his money.

Tom wasn’t a happy person when he finally came out.

‘Here’s your card.’ Grissel handed him the card and reaching to be assisted out of the car.

He gave her a cold stare for a while.

‘Your brother is awake, can we get a ride to the hospital.’

He finally spoke to Stella not realizing Shirley was already in the car and must have given them that information already.

Grissel got down from the car and stole a kiss before they drove off. They knew she would want to stay out of it like Melisa.


When they got to the hospital, Stella’s mom was already there. Judge Reed had called her to check on him since he was far away from Seattle.

‘Hey Mom. Why is everyone staring at him that way?’ Stella asked while Dani rushed inside.

‘He was asleep when I came.’

‘Okay but has he been told yet?’

‘No, the doctor wanted to get some test done first because his body isn’t responding to touches.’

‘I hope everything works out fine.’ Stella said patting her mother on the shoulder.

Tom left mother and daughter at the door so he could check on Dane.

‘Dad, your princess is here.’ Shirley rubbed his forehead.

She had no idea, he could barely speak. Dane opened his eyes slowly and smiled weakly.

‘Shirley, your dad can’t speak now. Can you come out for a while?’

‘No, it’s alright.’ He said taking the breathing aid off his nose.’

‘Uncle Tom, he can talk.’ Dani joyfully announced shaking the bed.

‘Easy, Shirley.’ He cautioned so he could stop shaking the bed.

‘I’m sorry but I’m just happy.’

‘I will leave you two alone.’ Tom told him.

‘No, wait here. I don’t know why everyone is avoiding me.’

Tom wasn’t surprised because Stella and her mom were still at the door staring at him.

‘I’m sure they are happy you made it.’ He said while Dani was busy poking his nose and laughing.

‘Daddy, can I become a doctor and a lawyer at the same time?’

He nodded and smiled weakly. ‘Yes, but I thought you wanted to be like your mom.’

‘Emmm I want that too but I need to build you a new leg and I can only do that if I’m a doctor like Lisa.’

For some reason the room was quiet all of a sudden and Tom examined the look on his face. He realized Dane hasn’t been told yet about his leg.

‘Princess, it’s the drugs. I’m sure I would start walking soon.’ Dane explained because Michelle had earlier on came to check him out and he complained of not feeling his legs.

‘No, Dad. Mom said you had your leg cut off.’ She said quickly before Tom could stop him.

‘Cut off?’ He asked surprised and tried to lift himself up forgetting his whole body can’t move yet.

‘Hey, just relax. Let me get Michelle.’ He was rushing out to find the doctor when he called him back.

‘What happened to my leg? Can you lift the duvet off my body?’ Dane said sadly.

Just then the police came in with Stella and her mom following them.

‘Uncle Tom, why are they holding handcuffs?’

‘Princess, it’s okay. Dad just need to answer some questions.’ Dane said staring at them.

‘Okay, I would sit outside.’ She rushed off leaving the policemen speechless.

‘What’s the problem officer’s?’ Tom faced them when Dane was suddenly mute.

‘We are here to question Mr. Reed.’

‘But weren’t you told he just woke up.’ Mrs. Medts chipped in.

‘We know all that but it’s been a week and the bullets retrieved from his legs and that of the deceased was a match.’

‘So, he’s now a suspect?’ Tom asked angrily.

‘Of course he is? We just want to know what happened since there was no witness.’

‘You retrieve a bullet from his legs and that makes him a murder. Come on, get something better.’ Tom muttered.

‘I don’t think you understand the gravity of this situation Mr……..’

Tom cut them off. ‘It’s Tom. And I understand you rookies perfectly. All we ask is a day more for him to regain his strength.’

‘Hold on, who is the deceased?’ Dane finally asked after looking on the whole time.

‘Mr. Henry?’ The other quiet rookie answered.

‘Yes, I remember he shot me thrice in the leg during the fight and I grabbed his gun when it went off but hi…..’

‘There you go, he shot him in self-defense. Now you can go.’

Tom knew once Dane admits he shot him without adding it was self-defense he would be in trouble and besides the rookies were naïve and he knew that from the past week they were in and out of the hospital.

The two police men glanced at Tom. ‘But he needs to prove that.’

‘I think I can help with that.’ Bryan said behind them with Shirley on his shoulders.

Tom’s face changed at that moment and he hurriedly grabbed Shirley off his shoulders.

‘Mr. Sculley, I thought you had no idea what happened.’ The shorter rookie asked.

‘Yes, I didn’t until my friends confessed a while ago.’

‘Your friends?’

‘Cephas and Jake. I have it all on recording.’ He answered the police officers.

‘Good, we would need the recording and you have to come with us to the station.’

‘That’s fine with me.’ Bryan announced with an angry face on.

He wasn’t going to bring the recording to the police but he knew his friends would point their fingers to Melisa if he doesn’t.

‘Alright, Mr. Reed. Don’t leave town and Mr. Tom I hope you can keep an eye on him.’

‘He’s going nowhere.’ He replied them and while they walked out.

Tom saw Dane pushing his tears back countless times after the police had left while Dani jumped up and down with a lot of questions.

‘Dad, are you angry with Lisa?’

‘No, why did you ask?’

‘Because she’s not here and you haven’t asked about her yet.’

‘Princess, can we grab some ice-cream?’ Stella interrupted so she could stop asking too much questions.

‘But I want to spend time with Dad.’ She frowned.

‘Dad needs some rest.’ Mrs. Medts chipped in.

‘Okay,’ she said and landing a peck on his dads forehead.

Tom waited for them to leave and he grabbed the next chair beside him.

‘Now we are alone. You can let it all out.’

Dane didn’t wait for him to finish before he started shedding tears. Tom watched him cry and when he was done he wiped his face with the duvet.

‘Sorry, I embarrassed myself.’

‘That’s okay, at least you picked the best person to witness your tears.’

‘Yeah you are right.’ Dane replied slowly.

‘Can we talk about what happened?’

‘You mean the sh00t out?’

‘Was it really self-defense?’ Tom had to clear his doubts even though he defended him earlier.

‘I don’t know Tom. I really wanted that guy dead.’

Tom shifted his chair closer to his bed. ‘What do you mean by that?’

‘After I dropped Dani that morning at school, I was on my way back when I had a call from him asking me to meet him.’

‘You should have refused.’

‘I did until he told me he was right behind Lisa’s car with a gun.’ Dane tried to feel his leg unconsciously.

‘Maybe he was bluffing.’ Tom mentioned.

‘I couldn’t take that chance.’ He said shyly.

‘Why did he choose you when Lisa wasn’t yours anymore?’

‘I still love your sister and she loves me. Henry knew Bryan could easily be controlled but with me he had to put up a fight.’

‘So if I get you correctly, you were willing to die for my sister and leave your daughter fatherless.’

‘Dani would always have Grissel but Lisa has only me.’

‘But you do know I don’t want you for my sister right?’ Tom selfishly asked.

‘I do know that especially when you are comfortable with Bryan in her life.’

‘After what you just told me, I don’t think I want him around my sister.’

Dane laughed and winced in pain.

‘I’m glad I made you laugh but you still haven’t told me how you ended up in Lisa’s area.’

‘I had no idea Lisa and Bryan were moving in together, Henry teased me about that when I got there.’

‘Let me guess, you don’t like to be teased so you started to fight him.’ Tom chipped in.

‘You are right, he was already with a gun when I got there but his laughter got me pissed off.’

‘You could have called for help.’

‘I called your sister and she hanged up. Even after I was shot, she was the first person I could think of since Henry mentioned her place was near.’

‘I’m sorry, she was probably still angry with you.’

‘She answered the call and told Bryan to tell me it was a wrong number.’

‘Wait a minute, Bryan answered your call or my sister.’

‘Yes, I heard his voice before i went unconscious but I’m sure I heard Lisa’s voice too.’

‘That bas***d, I knew he was hiding something.’ Tom literally jumped up.

‘Don’t blame him, he was probably acting on your sisters orders.’

‘No, Lisa would never do that to you.’

‘You may never know Tom. Pain changes people.’

‘I’m just glad you are okay.’

‘You call this okay,’ he pointed his left hand to his right leg.’ He had no idea how his hands suddenly got strength.

‘Your hands can move now.’

‘I think so but my leg is gone.’ He murmured sadly.

‘It was an impossible situation, Lisa did her best.’

‘Lisa? What does she have to do with all these?’ Dane asked naively.

‘The Medical Power of Attorney.’ He mentioned to him quickly.

‘Oh yeah, I brought that to the hospital the night I left your place.’

‘Why would you do that when you had no idea Henry was going to call you?’

‘Fighting Henry after he nearly knocked off Grissel was my plan but he beat me to it first with his call.’

‘You knew he was the one, you could have said something when I asked.’

‘One of us needs to be alive for the ladies in our lives.’ Dane said slowly lifting the duvet off his leg while Tom kept pushing his hands away.

‘So you were going to ki*ll him how?’ Tom whispered quietly.

‘I don’t know Tom, all I wanted was him to leave the ladies alone.’

‘Make sure the police doesn’t get a hint of this.’

‘Thank you for earlier and even though I meant to ki*ll him, his friends were also guilty.’

‘The gun went off in the middle of your fight right?’ Tom figured it out.

‘Yes, it felt good but then his friends appeared from nowhere that was when he shot me thrice in the leg.’

‘So he didn’t die immediately.’

‘No, I saw them dragging him to his car.’

‘That explains why he died at his apartment.’

‘Well I’m glad he’s gone.’ Dane replied just when Michelle came in to check on him.

Tom went out to put a call through to Melisa.

‘Drag your lazy self to the hospital right now.’ He said immediately Melisa’s Hello came through the phone.

‘Tom, I’m drunk.’

‘Are you serious right now?’

‘Goodbye.’ She hanged up before Tom could say another word.

He was still beating himself up when Dani arrived with her aunty and Grand mom. Michelle had informed them Dane wanted to leave the next day. They went back in to persuade him to at least wait for him to be discharged first. Dani threw tantrums until he decided to wait behind.

Mrs. Medts knew he was masking his pain at the same time hating himself. They suggest Psychotherapy which he kicked against.


Dani and Tom got home late at night and Grissel was seated at the gate with the security guard waiting for them. She was surprised to see Tom smiling when he was dropped off by Stella.

Dani hugged her mom and rushed passed her inside the house. The security guard followed immediately when it seemed his work there was done.

‘What’s so funny?’ Grissel questioned him.

‘You look so funny sitting at the gate with my kids probably enjoying the scenery from that big belly of yours.’

‘What kept you two that long?’ She was just asking straight questions.

‘I’m sure you want to know what went on at the hospital.’

‘I told you I don’t need to know every detail about Reed. Just pass them on to Ella.’

‘Okay, that reminds me. Stella never said a word to him in there.’

‘Forget Ella, she’s still angry with him.’

‘But you have forgiven him right?’ Tom wanted to be sure.

‘I think so. Can we go in now?’ Grissel gently asked.

Tom led him in while talking about the events of that day even after Grissel had told him she didn’t want to hear it.

Blemished Love Episode 42 – Loudest Thoughts

For a whole week, they kept trooping in and out of the hospital but somehow Melisa kept avoiding them.

‘You really need to get over your pride and walk in there Lisa.’ Michelle startled her behind the door.

‘Don’t scare me that way again?’ She turned to her quickly.

‘I’m sorry, but watching him through the window won’t help.’ Michelle advised.

‘I know that but then how do I face him knowing he was so close to home and I couldn’t save him.’

‘That wasn’t your fault. Bryan made that decision for you so it’s either you find a way to leave with it or you continue living a lie with Bryan.’

Melisa found out that morning from Michelle Dane had called and Bryan hanged up on him when he needed help. She felt guilty of the whole sh00t out.

‘I like Bryan and what he did wasn’t right but leaving him would break him.’

‘We can patch him up when he breaks.’ Michelle said jestingly.

A broad smile appeared on her face. ‘But is he alright?’

‘I think so, he’s been struggling with that scrabble game all day.’

‘That’s because it’s not a game for one person.’

‘I really don’t know much about it but Stella brought it yesterday.’

After a few chitchats Melisa sighed. ‘Wish me luck.’

‘Good luck Mel.’ Michelle said loudly and walked away.

Melisa pushed the door open slowly and entered. Dane raised up his head and stared at her but took his gaze off. She stood at the door for about five minutes and he hadn’t said a word. Melisa decided to go back but then paused facing him.

‘You know the best thing to do is say thank you to someone who had saved your life.’

He looked up and hissed focusing on his game. ‘Saved my life or ruined it.’

‘Screw you D.’ she said and walked out. Just when Dane heaved a sigh of relief she rushed back in and landed a slap on his face.

‘Jeez. What was that?’ He asked rubbing his face painfully.

‘You don’t have the right to make me responsible for choosing whether you die or live.’

‘What’s the big deal when you make that decision with your patients every day?’ He said still rubbing his face.

‘That’s my point, you were not my patient.’ She scowled.

‘What was I then?’ He smiled annoyingly.

‘Stupid question.’ Melisa wasn’t finding his quiet composure funny.

‘Don’t insult me Lisa.’ Dane was obviously enjoying their conversation because he kept smiling.

‘Do you have an idea what that has done to me?’

‘What did it do to you? I can see you are fine.’ He teased and dropped the Scrabble board in front of him on the side table.

‘Knowing I had to make a decision to pull the plug on the love of my life or get his leg cut off was hell for me.’

Melisa didn’t know she just admitted she still loved him. Dane kept staring at her laughing.

‘Are you done?’ He asked when she stopped talking.

‘What’s so funny right now?’ She stared at him smile.

‘You still love me.’ He teased.

‘You are heartless D.’ she picked up the pillow on the chair beside him and in an attempt to throw it at him Dane held on to her hands.

There was a minute of silence as she kept avoiding his gaze. ‘I think you still want me.’

‘Don’t flatter yourself?’ She said and released her hands from his grasp.

‘Tell me the truth. Can we start afresh?’

‘No, I already have a good thing going and I don’t want you complicating it for me.’ She said without blinking.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Quick recovery Dane.’ She said and walked out quickly.

Dane closed his eyes in anger. He wanted to cry but the tears were just not coming out. It was already night and he had no one to talk to yet. Stella insisted on a private room which he detest because previously he had a roommate.

Dane wondered how he would make it through the night while Melisa went about his night duty as if nothing happened earlier.


When he woke up the next day, he waited for Melisa to come over. Hoping she had changed her mind over night but it never happened.

Dane had told Michelle that morning he wasn’t going to undergo any more therapies and wanted to go home. Melisa who hadn’t gone home yet because she wanted to personally monitor some of her overnight patients seemed not to care when she heard he was packing out.

‘Grissel, do this for your daughter.’ Tom said standing an inch from her.

‘Trust me, I want to but what do I say when I walk in there.’

‘Mom, I’m sure you would figure it out.’ Dani chipped in.

‘Princess it doesn’t work that way.’

‘But Daddy would leave me here if you don’t.’ She threw tantrums.

‘I know but we can’t force him.’ Grissel said smooching her back.

‘Everyone is avoiding him because he has only one leg now.’ She cried.

‘Alright, I would go with you guys.’

‘Thank you mom.’ She threw herself gently on her. Shirley is always conscious of her mom’s body anytime she wants to jump on her.

‘Kindly fetch my scarf for me.’ She told her.

Shirley run off while Tom took her place beside her on the couch.

‘You are doing the right thing Grissel.’

‘This isn’t a big deal. I mean if he wants to jump out there with one leg just allow him to.’

‘Grissel, he’s vulnerable and besides Lisa has rejected him.’

‘So? He deserves that kind of treatment.’

‘He has paid for his crimes so stop being angry with him.’

‘Since when has he become your friend?’

‘Well, I love his daughter so I think he’s family now.’ Tom replied her.

‘Gosh, you sound like my daughter.’

‘I love her mom too.’ He teased.

Dani came back few minutes after and they left to the hospital. Gina had stayed back to get some laundry done before they get back.

Michelle had told Tom it was a bad idea for Dane to leave the hospital in his condition but he insisted it was his life and since Melisa didn’t care if he left or stayed, they called on Grissel to talk to him.

Stella and her mom had gone to the airport to pick up Judge Reed and his wife.


He reached out for his bag on the chair and fell off the bed. He held onto the floor in pains.

Just at that moment Michelle entered to check on him.

‘Get out.’ He yelled.

‘But you are bleeding.’ She said walking closer.

‘And I don’t need your help.’

‘Come on, don’t be a baby. Do you really think this your stunt would get you anywhere with Lisa?’

‘Just leave me alone.’ He snarled and gathered his clothing’s on the floor with him to cover his bleeding amputated leg.

By the look of things Michelle knew he wasn’t in any danger except he may need a few stitches. She walked out and saw Tom, Grissel and Shirley walking closer.

Michelle sighed with relieve when she saw the Addison family. Spending the last five months around Melisa had made her love the whole family.

‘Great, you guys are on time.’

‘Is he in there?’

‘Yeah, he fell off the bed and wouldn’t accept help.’

‘My daddy fell.’ She said rushing towards the door.

‘Come back here.’ Grissel pulled her back.

‘But mom, he’s hurt.’

‘It’s alright, he would be fine.’ Michelle murmured to Dani.

‘Can we see him now?’ Grissel asked.

‘Sure, I would just wait out here.’ Michelle told them.

They knocked and there was no response. Grissel and her daughter stood at the door watching him focus on the Scrabble board in front of him.

‘I said I don’t want to see anyone Michelle.’

‘Not even me?’ Grissel said with sadness in her voice. The sight of Dane on the floor helpless humbled her.

He raised up his face and stared at them. Shirley run up to him.

‘Dad, you are hurt. I brought mom so she can get you help.’ She pointed at her mom who was still at the door.

Tom standing behind her kept pushing her forward.

‘I don’t need help princess.’ He managed to say covering his amputated leg carefully.

‘You sure about that?’ Grissel finally said.

Dane just stared at her for a while.

‘I’m fine Grissel.’ He avoided her gaze while making sure he was properly covered.

‘You know it’s okay to be embarrassed but don’t do that in front of your daughter.’

‘Yes, daddy. We are here to help you grow your leg back.’

He finally smiled. ‘I’m sure you are. Thank you.’ Dane rubbed her hair smoothly.

‘Daniella can you go out with Tom for a while.’ Grissel whispered.

‘Mom, you called me Daniella.’ She smiled cheekily.

‘Yes I did.’ She said walking towards Dane.

Tom dragged her off before she could say another word.

‘You don’t need to be here.’

‘Well, I didn’t want to but I live with two kids who won’t let me sleep until I see you.’

Grissel saw the pain reflecting through his smiles.

‘I can’t look at you right now Grissel.’

‘Okay, I would just sit next to you then.’ She said and he raised his head staring her in the eyes.

Grissel smiled and held on to the chair beside him to sit with him on the floor.

‘Easy.’ He reached out to her hands to help her sit properly.

‘You see, there’s still some kindness in you.’

‘I can’t live with one leg Grissel.’

‘You can. Look I know you hate yourself right now but it’s a process which would blow over soon.’

‘I can’t drive my daughter to school.’

‘Why do we have drivers?’

‘For emergencies.’ He muttered.

‘Okay, you just have to see your daughter’s life as an emergency each school day.

‘I also need to work to fend for her.’

‘Last I checked, Brooks is doing fine with the company and you’ve made a lot of money so I’m sure you have your daughter’s entire life covered.’

‘She wants to get two degrees so I would need to work extra hard and I can’t do that with one leg.’

‘You are not an employee in your own company Reed.’

He gave up. ‘You have answer’s for every question right?’

Of course, my point is you didn’t choose this to happen. It’s a tragedy but life must still go on.’

‘I don’t have anything to live for.’

‘Really?’ She frowned. ‘Dani, can you come here for a minute.’ Grissel knew her husband wouldn’t be far away from the door.

Dani came rushing in.

‘Mom, is he okay.’

‘Yes, he would be fine. Kindly tell the doctor he’s ready for the stitches.’

‘Okay mom.’ She said and rushed out again.

‘That right there is who you have to live for.’ Grissel said tapping him on the shoulder.

Dane gave out a loud sigh and smiled.

‘I’m really sorry.’ He started to shed tears and Grissel let him do that for a while and handed him one of his shirt’s from the chair.

‘I’ve forgiven you Reed.’

‘Thank you so much.’ He muttered and a knock came on the door.

Michelle sent a nurse to clean him up while Tom and Dani went in search of Melisa. They heard she was still around that morning.


‘Rosa, why is there a crowd in front of the VIP room.’ Melisa asked after she was done with her last round on Dane’s floor.

‘’Oh, that’s Mr. Addison’s room.” The nurse who was on duty with Melisa throughout the night said.

‘I already know the occupant of that room but why is there a crowd.’

‘I understand he fell earl…….’

She didn’t even finish her statement and Melisa was already on her way to the door. She dropped the file she was holding earlier on the floor. Rosa picked it up wondering why she had rushed out that way.

Those around the room withdrew their steps back when they saw her coming.

‘So I heard you are having twins again.’ Dane asked to take his mind off the pains.

‘Yeah, they are boys and my husband insists on naming them after his two moms.’  Grissel laughed.

‘Wow! Girls name for boys. That’s nice.’

‘You two are really one hell of control freaks.’ She hit him on the shoulder while Dane laughed.

The nurse dressing his wound smiled at them. Melisa entered at that moment and wasn’t expecting Grissel to be there so she was surprised and stood at the door for a while.

‘Lisa, I didn’t know you were around.’ Grissel asked as they both were staring at each other.

‘I had a rough night with my patients so I decided to monitor them for a while before I go back home.’

‘Alright, we arrived a while ago.’ Grissel announced.

‘Sylvia, what are you doing?’ Melisa was focused on her since she entered the room.

‘Dr. Michelle said he needed stiches.’

‘Michelle? Stiches in here?’

Sylvia is already eleven months in her internship so Melisa was expecting her to know Dane doesn’t need stitches and besides stiches aren’t done in there.

‘Yes, she asked me to clean him up.’

‘You can go now.’ Melisa ordered.

‘But I’ve been ta……’

Melisa gave her a stare. ‘He doesn’t need stiches.’

‘Huh! Do you want to ki*ll me?’ Dane finally spoke up seeing the seriousness on her face.

‘Yes, I thought about that last night.’ Melisa replied him.

Grissel just looked on unperturbed.

‘Nurse, please continue where you stopped.’ Dane asked politely.

‘I think I have it covered Sylvia.’ Melisa glanced at her sternly.

‘What are you doing? You are even not my doctor.’

‘You think I came here to attend to you?’ Melisa asked rudely.

‘Then let the professionals do the job.’ Dane responded while Grissel watched on smiling.

Melisa gave him an angry look and turned to the nurse. She held her hand gently and walked her out of the room.

‘I think Tom is looking for me.’ Grissel broke the silence in the room when they were both exchanging glances.’

Grissel held on to Dane on the floor and finally made her way up.

‘You look unwell Grissel.’ Melisa shifted her attention to Grissel walking towards her.

‘Your brother isn’t feeding me well I guess.’ She teased.

‘Don’t let him hear that?’ Melisa laughed.

Grissel glanced at them and walked out.


Melisa walked over to his wheel chair and dragged it to where Dane was seated.

‘Get on to the chair.’ She ordered.

A smile appeared on his face and vanished in a split second. He was obviously happy Melisa was talking to him.

‘How do I get in there? Remember you cut off my legs.’ Dane said shifting himself from the floor.

‘You think I made that decision slightly?’ She asked annoyingly.

‘You should have just left me to die.’

‘Great, there’s still time to die.’ She said and turned around checking the medicine cabinet in the room when she heard a bang.

‘Jeez.’ Dane winced in pain.

‘What happened?’ She rushed to him on the floor.

‘You said I should get on the wheel chair right?’

‘I’m sorry. That’s a lot of blood.’ Melisa said when she took off the covering on the amputated leg.

Dane just stared at her while she checked him out. He knew it was just a matter of time before she stopped being angry with him.

‘I need to get rid of the blood before you get an infection.’

Dane watched her go about attending to his leg in a haste.


‘Uhmmm.’ She hummed still focused on the leg.

‘I love you.’ Dane announced while Melisa gently raised up her head just for their nose to meet.

Melisa didn’t care if there was blood on her hands because she didn’t hesitate to give in quickly. It was just as if she was waiting for him to make the attempt.

Just when their lips found their rightful places Dane started to shed tears. Melisa felt the tears on her face and paused slowly.

‘Are you okay? Did I hurt you?’ She stared in to his eyes.

‘I’m just not sure what this kiss means for us Lisa.’

‘Can we talk about this later?’ She said withdrawing her hands wrapped around his neck.

‘What’s stopping us from talking right now?’ Dane asked anxiously.

‘Because I just cheated on my boyfriend with an ex that I’m very much still in love with?’

‘I didn’t mean to put you in that position.’ He said remorsefully.

‘It’s alright, I always knew this would happen someday.’

‘Oh so you were bluffing earlier.’ Dane teased.

‘About?’ Melisa asked resuming the attention she was giving his leg earlier.

‘Yesterday you slapped me and a while ago was another story.’

‘You hurt me and went away without a goodbye then you expect me to save your life when you came back half dead?’

‘I remember you asked me to leave.’ Dane said smooching her hair.

‘I was expecting you to fight for me but you just gave up and left.’

‘I wasn’t a magician to know that was what you wanted.’ He replied sarcastically.

‘But I came looking for you.’ She confessed.

‘You did?’

‘Yes, but you were not at the cabin nor Dallas.’

‘Oh I went to Connecticut.’ Dane smiled at her.

‘Where you lived before with Grissel?’ Melisa finally finished cleaning his leg up and dropped the used cotton inside the bin.

‘Yeah and it has nothing to do with Grissel.’

‘I know that Dane.’

‘Good, can I get another kiss? I miss you.’ He smiled.

‘Same here but we have to do this right.’ Melisa cautioned.

‘Can you just call Bryan now and do the break up?’ Dane figured that was what she meant by doing things right.

‘Come on, he deserves an explanation not just a phone call.’

‘Alright, I can wait.’ He finally gave up and drew her closer once more in a romantic lip searching.

‘Someone might come in.’ Melisa said in between their clenched lips.

‘Who cares besides this is a private room.’ Dane tried to convince her.

He reached out pulling her closer for another kiss. For a few seconds, Melisa felt a shadow on her and quickly left his face for him.

‘Tom.’ She said turning around to face him. Melisa could smell his perfume from a hundred miles away.

Dane just feigned a smile.

‘Do you have something to say?’ Tom asked smiling.

‘Emmm, I was just clea…..’

‘Cleaning him up?’

‘Yes.’ She responded coyly.

‘Look man, I think you should allow your sister to live her life.’

‘And who said I want to stand in her way.’ Tom responded.

‘Good because I’m ready for another fight.’

Dane said then both Melisa and her brother laughed.

‘With one leg?’ Melisa teased.

‘I had no idea you love my leg that much.’ Dane teased back while she continue cleaning his wound.

‘Lisa, you really want him?’ Tom asked after few moments of silence.

She nodded smiling.

‘Come on, don’t ruin the fun. I want to hear you say it.’ Dane laughed.

‘I’m waiting for you.’ Tom stressed.

‘Of course, you were my only obstacle.’

‘Great, but if he dare touch a strand of your hair violently yo….’

‘I can’t be foolish twice in my life so your sister is safe with me.’ Dane cut him off.

‘You are on probation for now.’ Tom added smiling.

‘Thank you Tom.’ Melisa rushed to give him a hug.

‘But you do know my house is off limit now right?’

‘Roger that.’ Dane said after a humorous laughter. He was expecting that and see nothing wrong with it.

Melisa thought that was harsh but she understood his brother needs to see some changes in Dane to let him near the family.

After a few more warnings Melisa personally took him through the rest of the process for his wounds to be properly attended to.


After several hours of talking things through with Dane, Melisa was sure she could handle the whole relationship though she admitted it would be hard dealing with him being in a wheel chair since he has refused help concerning prosthetics.

Dane however didn’t want her leaving his side but she had to go in for some other rounds. Dani was the first to congratulate Melisa on getting back with her dad.

Stella called about his parents who were on their way to the hospital.

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