Blemished Love Final Episode 44 – Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Final Episode 44 - Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Final Episode 44 – Loudest Thoughts

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Stella looked around and when no one was watching she went out of the house and knocked on the car she suspected Dane was sleeping inside.

Dane raised up his head and proceeded in opening the door.

‘Hey, is the party over?’ He asked raising himself off the seat so she could sit with him.

‘No, it just started.’

‘I guess till Daddy calls.’ He laughed.

‘You know I’m still angry with you right?’

‘I know and I can’t keep apologizing when you are not ready to let me in.’

‘Okay but I need help.’

‘With what?’

‘A loan for my law school.’

‘You are going back to school?’ Dane asked.

‘Yes, it was your fault I left in the first place.’ She angrily said.

‘Really, you need help. The best you could do was to spare me the anger.

‘I’m sorry, I just messed up my trust fund.’

‘And you don’t want Dad to find out?’

‘No, I will be sending him to his early grave but mom knows.’

‘How much do you need?’ Dane asked after listening to her.

She looked at him weirdly. ‘You’ve paid for law school before Dane.’

He grabbed his cheque book from his bag beside him and wrote her a cheque.

‘Would this be enough?’ He asked.

‘Thank you Dane.’

‘I would put the Connecticut house in your name then you sell it off and so you could settle the trust fund.’

‘I knew you never liked that house after what happened.’

‘Let me know if it won’t be enough to cover up your reckless attitudes in the past.’ Dane didn’t want to remember what happened so he ignored that part.

She glared. ‘Would your wife be okay with all these?’

‘I would clear that with her later.’

‘Well, I would sort you out.’

‘There’s no need for that. Can’t I help my sister anymore?’

‘I love you Dane.’ She reached out for a hug.

‘How did you even know I was in here?’

‘Lisa kept looking through the window since I arrived.’

‘That lady would give me up for Tom to beat up.’

‘She loves you Dane.’

‘I know but her brother doesn’t trust me yet.’

‘I’m sure Tom would be fine once you treat Lisa okay.’

They were talking when a knock came on the glass. It was Tom, he must have figured it out too.

‘Lisa said I could stay here. It wasn’t my idea.’ Dane quickly said when Stella opened the door.

Tom just laughed. ‘It’s okay. I forgot to mention I changed my mind about our agreement.’

‘You did?’ Dane asked getting hold of his wheel chair from the back.

‘Let me help with that.’ Stella offered.

‘Yes, my sister is glowing so you are off the hook but once you put tears in her eyes w…..’

‘I get it. Can we go already?’ Dane asked hastily.

‘She kept looking through the window and that’s how I knew you were here.’

‘I guess she miss me already.’ Dane laughed.

Stella fixed the wheel and he got in while Tom pushed him in to the house. Everyone seemed relaxed when he got in. He went round greeting everyone and paused at where Melisa stood facing Grissel

Dani rushed on to his dad while Melisa just smiled happily.

‘So as I was saying before the intrusion, I overheard Austin discussing with Tom this evening Grissel needed an office space.’

‘You can’t keep your mouth shut right?’ Stella hit Austin on the head since he was closer.

Tom ignored them but he seemed worried because he was staring at Grissel weirdly.

‘And I got just a perfect place five blocks from here. I just got a call right now it’s available.’ She smiled cheekily. ‘I would make sure my brother gets you the office space.’

‘Tom?’ Julia called out when his thoughts seemed far away from the discussion on board.

‘Grissel?’ He yelled out jumping to hold her when he wasn’t even close.

It occurred to everyone that was what he was staring at.

‘Help me get her up.’ Tom said referring to Austin.

‘She’s still breathing Tom.’ Melisa said after she rushed there to check her pulse.

Julia and Gina was restless until she woke up a few minutes after.

‘Mom, I can feel the baby coming.’ She whispered to her mom.

Melisa looked up at Tom and then to Gina. ‘We don’t have time for the hospital.’

‘Is she okay, Tom asked frightened and flared up when no one was saying anything. ’Say something Lisa.’

Melisa who was busy checking her under her skirt to confirm her theory of the baby coming out was uncertain.

The guys in the room gave them space and gathered a distance away.

‘Help me carry her u…..’ She didn’t even finish before Tom carried her away.

All the ladies in the house followed while Dane held Dani back because she was crying.

‘Dad, I’m scared.’

‘You trust Lisa right?’

‘Yes, but mommy looks unwell.’

‘She will be fine.’


‘Get her in to the tab.’ Gina told him.

Tom gently placed her down and rushed out coming back with a medicine bag.

‘You will find all the items you need in there.’ He muttered breathing heavily.

Gina shook her head and watched the impatient man on him. ‘Relax, she will be fine.’

He paced around and saw Melisa staring at him. ‘What?’ He snarled.

‘Nothing, just wondering how you got all these supplies.’

‘Michelle helped me out.’

‘Michelle?’ Melisa mentioned surprised and he paused in his steps.

‘Yes, I needed to prepare for emergencies like this.’ He said pacing around.

‘Okay, I think she’s dilated enough.’ Gina said after checking her in the water.

Melisa is a general surgeon and not an Obstetrician but she does know a lot about delivering fresh babies and Gina must have retired but Tom trust the both of them. They grabbed gloves and started attending to her.

‘What’s the delay Lisa?’

‘Tom, I need ice- cream.’ Grissel smiled through her pain. It occurred to her mom she had some strength left and ready for the task.

Before they knew it Tom was back with the ice cream. He went closer and fed her while Gina got a few things sorted out. Grissel consumed the ice-cream within a twinkle of an eye.

Everyone in the room eventually got gloves just in case they needed to help.

‘You know what to do right?’ Gina asked Grissel who was trying so hard not to sleep off.

Her mom quickly undressed her in the water.’

‘Yes, I nee..d t.o push.’ She said holding back her pain.

‘Good, once you feel my hands, just do the needful.’

‘Okay mom but is he….’

‘I’m right here sweetheart.’ Melisa didn’t wait her to finish the question.

‘Please tell your brother to stop staring at my private part.’ She suddenly said. Grissel knew she had to make a joke so she could relax.

‘I’m not watching Love.’ Tom whispered in to her ears while holding her hands firmly in the water.

Grissel probably didn’t notice he was around her.

Jessy also held on to her other hand.


‘I told you I would be with you till it’s over.’ Jessy reminded her of their conversation a week earlier.

‘Who’s watching my daughter?’ She pushed herself up.

‘Dane is and she can’t wait to meet her brothers.’ Jessy responded.

‘Grissel I’m set.’ Gina who was done with fixing her gloves said to prevent her from worrying about unnecessary things.

‘Mom, let’s start already.’ She winced in pain.

Julia was on standby with all the equipment’s Melisa had in her car, though she had no idea what each they were meant for.

Stella was constantly looking away and holding on to Paige tightly.

‘Jessy, I don’t think I can do t….’ She groan in pain once more.

‘You have done this before so you can.’ Her sister was holding her hands firmly.

‘Tom bring your a$$ down here.’ Grissel yelled even in her situation forgetting Tom was holding her other hand.

He was going to talk when Melisa spoke.

‘Shhhh, just relax. I can see the legs already.’ Melisa calmed her down.

‘Really.’ Tom finally said without blinking. He was so brave watching the whole delivery process.

‘Tom if I don’t make it you have to stop fighting with everyone.’ His voice made her realize he was still around with her.

‘What?’ He yelled probably because Grissel mentioned she wasn’t going to make it.

Julia walked to him tapping him gently. ‘You just need to talk to her at this moment.’

She glared at her aunty for a moment and then switched from holding hands to smooching her hair which seemed to give Grissel a more relaxed body.

‘Why d..on’t you want me to stop fighting?’ Tom asked when it seemed she was patience now.

‘I can’t sav….’ Oucch. ‘ She winced in pain. ‘Who would tolerate you?’ She said just then the first baby finally came out.

Gina was the happiest in the room when the baby cried, her smile was profound and Julia was ready to take him up while Melisa worked on the umbilical cord.

Gina and Melisa switched places so she could check the first baby out. There was no doubt Gina still got her skills as a nurse though in her entire life she delivered babies only five times which were all emergency cases.

‘Is it over?’ Tom asked with a shaky voice.

‘Don’t be dumb. I still have one more to go.’ Grissel said with all her strength and laid back in the water.

‘Alright, but Love I retract my earlier statements.’

Melisa gave her a gentle tap which meant she had to push. Grissel pushed when she felt her hands.

‘Which… Uhmmm…one.’ Grissel asked concentrating both on the pushing and Tom.

‘Seeing you go through this, I don’t want you to have another baby.’

‘Okay, Tom hold me.’ She said finally and the second baby came out with Melisa’s help. Grissel relaxed back in the water with closed eyes.

The baby made shrieked and stopped after Melisa had dealt with the umbilical cord.

Melisa called Gina over to clean up Grissel while she take care of the new one. Julia was excited holding the first baby firmly.

Tom totally forgot about his wife and rushed after her sister who was holding the fresh baby. He was constantly smiling.

Stella rushed to her immediately while Gina kept pouring water on her face.

‘Tom get yourself down here right now.’ Stella yelled scaring everyone.

Tom had to see his boys while Melisa wrapped them up for the hospital.

‘What happened?’ He asked nervously.

‘Relax, she’s fine.’ Gina announced when he came rushing over.

‘Are you sure?’ Stella asked almost in tears.

‘Ella, don’t be stupid.’ Grissel said smiling weakly.

‘Seriously, you still have the mouth to say foul words.’ Her friend asked relaxed when Grissel finally spoke up.

‘I just gave birth so it’s allowed.’ She said still in closed eyes.

‘Love are you okay?’

‘Is that my lazy husband?’ She asked smiling again. Everyone knew she was doing that on purpose now.

‘Yes, your lazy husband is here. Do you need anything?’ He asked caressing her hands in the water she just gave birth in.

‘Don’t get me pregnant again.’ She said opening her eyes now.

‘Okay, I’m sorry.’ Tom said giving her a kiss on the forehead. With all the air condition in the room he was sweating profusely. He walked away to see his kids smiling.

‘Mom, are the boys okay?’ She finally asked drenched in sweat as well.

‘Yes, they are beautiful.’ Gina was excited.

‘Thank you mom for all your love.’

Gina grinned and watched her completely exhausted. ‘Save that love for a hang out when you are finally settled.’

‘That would be great.’ Grissel responded happily to her mom’s request.

‘Love, they look like me.’ Tom suddenly teased.

‘If these kids look like you, then I’m having another baby for myself.’ She said with a little seriousness.

‘I think I may want another baby too.’ Tom replied her.

‘Don’t be silly right now.’ Grissel responded while her mom laughed.

‘Okay, I think three kids are enough Grissel.’ He walked over to her landing a kiss gently on her cheeks.

‘Can I see them now?’ Grissel asked impatiently.

‘Just a minute Grissel.’ Melisa and Julia chorused. They were both doing the cleanup of the babies and wrapping them up.

Julia kept wiping her face repeatedly.

‘Seeing this kids must be difficult for you but thank you so much for giving up having your own kids for us.’

‘Don’t talk nonsense.’ Julia wiped her face. ‘I’m crying because these boys have your mom’s dimples.’

‘Yeah I noticed. Do you think mom is happy right now?’ Melisa asked naively.

‘Definitely, with this dimples I’m sure she is.’ Tom who had never seen his mom before answered from behind them.

‘And you know that how?’ Julia asked with surprise.

‘Dad, told me all that last week over a few drinks.’

‘You went drinking with your dad?’ Julia queried.

‘Yes, we talked about mom a lot and it was fun.’ Tom admitted.

‘Oh really, so did he mention why he left?’ Melisa asked while Julia eagerly looked on.

‘No, he still hasn’t figured out why though they had an argument about having me when it was supposed to be just you.’ He pointed to Melisa.

‘I remember that day and sometimes I think mom rather threw him out because of not wanting another baby.’

‘I think it was just a misunderstanding and they both were too proud to come back together.’ Tom whispered.

‘Then I think you are a better man than him.’ Julia praised him.

‘Not just a better man but a great dad to this amazing boys and a smart daughter.’

‘Is my mom okay in there Lisa?’ Came Daniella’s tiny voice.

Everyone in the room looked back at the door.

‘Saved by the bell.’ Tom laughed out, followed by her aunty and then Melisa.

The rest didn’t understand why they were laughing.

‘Princess, can you stay out for a minute. I would be down soon.’ Grissel said loudly to the surprise of everyone. They were surprise she still has so much strength.

‘Okay, Dad says Hi.’ She said cheekily and they could hear her footsteps rushing out of the doorway.

Tom obviously didn’t hear that because he was busy staring at his kids. Then came a screech from the boys at the same time.

‘Tom are you hurting Shane and Shawn.’

‘No, I didn’t touch them.’ He lied. ‘Wait, you named them without my permission?’

Julia smacked him on the head. ‘And what’s so wrong about that?’

‘I had names already.’ He frowned.

‘Joyce and Julia?’ Melisa teased and the whole room was soon lively because everyone was laughing.

‘But they are nice names?’ He tried to defend himself.

‘Tom, you are so not ready to be a father yet.’ Stella chipped in holding back with her laughter.

‘I am ready.’ He said and everyone glanced at him weirdly. ‘Okay what about Jules and Jon.’ He came up with another hilarious one.

‘That’s not bad.’ Jessy and Paige chorused.

‘Fine. You can call them that but I’m not changing Shane and Shawn.’ Grissel insisted.

‘But that’s not fair.’ He announced. ‘Shane, Shawn.’ Tom mimicked his wife and finally smiled.

‘I think we have spent too much time in here already so let’s head out.’ Melisa reminded them.

For what looks like three hours they were done and came out with Tom insisting to carry the two boys by himself.

Everyone that came for the party wanted to go to the hospital too so they shared their cars among themselves.

Dane offered his SUV so Grissel and Tom could have some privacy while Joe offered to drive Gina and Julia to the hospital. He winked at Julia with a soft kiss before they drove off.

Morris got a ride with Jessy and Adam since he came in the company of Joe and Julia but they had already left.

Mike also offered to drive Melisa and Dane.

Clive was left alone there when Paige came out as she was tasked to lock up the house.

‘You are still here?’ She asked him.

‘Everyone has left, so I guess I would just go home and sleep.’

‘It’s just nine in the evening.’ Paige answered him while waving the security.

‘Maybe I could drive you to the hospital.’

‘I know your kind Clive.’

‘Okay, forget I asked.’ He replied and walked over to his car.

‘Wait, I came with Mel so basically I have to grab a cab.’

‘Just hop in and I know you heard about what I nearly did to Grissel but be assured I’m different now.’

Paige glanced at him for a while and entered his car. He drove off in total silence.

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‘Lisa.’ Dane called up as she seemed to be dozing off on his shoulders.

‘Are we there yet?’ She asked.

‘When are we going to have our own babies?’ Dane ignored her question. He knew it was time for him to make the first move since his wife has been so patience with him.

The sleep in her eyes vanished at that moment. ‘Wait you want kids?’

‘Yes, don’t you?’ He asked softly so Mike and Dani at the front wouldn’t hear them.

Dane mentioned rubbing her thighs gently and then stared confusedly.

‘Now that you are rubbing my thighs, I hope you won’t use your leg as an excuse.’ Melisa was excited because she knows what comes next.

‘It’s not funny Lisa.’ Dane thought she was making fun of his leg since that has been her anthem these past few months.

‘Why do you always have to worry about the leg Dane?’

‘Because it’s the same thing keeping us from having sex.’ He retorted softly.

‘No you are the one keeping us from being together because I don’t have a problem with your leg.’

‘But you always make fun of it.’ Dane complained.

‘It’s not easy seeing you struggle in a wheel all the time but I love everything about you.’

‘Including my one leg?’ He asked smiling now.

‘Yes so can we make time tomorrow evening.’ She asked reaching out for a kiss.

‘My parents are around and it’s our turn to have Dani for the weekend.’

‘You think your daughter would want to come play wheel mate when she has new brothers to play with?’

‘Okay, then my parents could go to the cabin.’ He muttered.

Dane had purchased a house closer to the hospital to make it easier for his wife because of her job. He has also made plans to get a branch of his company in Seattle while Brooks handles the company in Dallas.

‘Thank God. Finally, after several months I’m now going to be laid.’ She yelled out forgetting they were not alone in the car. Dane covered her mouth to remind her.

‘Lisa, what’s going on with you two there?’

‘Everything is fine Princess. Lisa is just happy about your brothers.’ Dane said and Melisa giggled.

‘I’m happy too daddy and can I stay this weekend with mommy.’

‘Yes, you can stay as long as you want.’ Melisa quickly said laughing.

‘Thank you.’ Dani muttered and kept quiet.

Dane and Melisa laughed quietly.

‘God bless you for staying by my side through the difficult times.’ Dane finally muttered.

‘I love you.’ Melisa whispered.


As Stella drove them to the hospital with Austin in the front seat, she looked frightened.

‘What’s on your mind right now?’ Austin asked.

‘I don’t want to have kids.’

‘No problem.’ Austin said and looked through the front mirror staring at Tom and Grissel at the back.

They looked cozy and perfect together. He kept smiling.

Tom noticed they were looking at them so he shut the glass in between them.

‘You are smiling Austin.’

‘Yes, your friends finally got their happy ending.’

‘You will get there too Austin.’ Stella encouraged.

‘On that note, will you marry me?’

Stella came to an abrupt halt.

Tom opened his side of the glass and peeped. ‘What’s happening?’

Both Austin and Stella stared at each other. ‘Nothing I would drive now.’ She stepped on the break and they drove off.

There was total silence in the car for a while.

‘How long have you been carrying that ring on you?’ Stella asked him.

‘Which ring?’ Austin acted naively.

‘I’m not stupid Austin. Just bring it out already.’

‘Busted!’ He grinned.

‘I got this the night I came to your house and you introduced me to your parents.’

‘You were going to propose that night?’ Stella gasped.

‘Ahuh, but your parents were too lovely that I forgot.’

‘Very funny.’ Stella giggled.

‘Okay, I just thought of waiting for a while because you seemed not ready that night.’

‘So when did you realize I was ready.’ Stella teased.

‘I don’t know but I love you that’s all I need right now.’

‘Maybe after sleeping with me, you finally realized I’m for the keep.’

‘I guess I have to keep the ring to myself then.’ He feigned a frown.

‘Come on, I was just joking.’ She whispered quietly. ‘I love sneaking in to your room late at night.’

‘I got you right there.’ He laughed quietly too. ‘So now what?’

He asked her holding the ring waiting for an answer.

‘Austin you are happily annoying all the time and I admire that about you but I hate it when you cover the whole bed leaving just a small space for me.’ She announced still focused on the driving.

‘We will get a bigger bed later.’ Austin said to calm her.

‘Can you put the ring on now?’ She asked politely, releasing her left hand from the steering wheel and placed it gently on his laps with her eyes sternly on the road.

‘This is forever Stella.’ He reminded her softly.

‘And I want eternity together with you too.’ She muttered slowing the car down.

Austin excitedly fixed the ring on her finger and gently landed a kiss on her hand.

‘Thank you Austin and oh we can have kids anytime you are ready.’

‘What changed your mind?’

‘Your smiles earlier and besides I was just scared after seeing Grissel go through a lot of pains.’

‘I would be there to get you through.’

She smiled and reached out carefully for a kiss. While they were at it, Grissel couldn’t help but laugh.

‘You two do know there are babies in here right?’

Stella gasped and focused back on the road driving. She had no idea they were watching.

“Congratulations.” Both Tom and Grissel chorused.

Austin reached out for their glass and closed it forcefully.

Grissel laughed in the background while one of her boys gave out a cry waking up the other twin. They were probably hungry and Grissel was an expert at feeding twins so she gladly did and Tom stared in amazement.

‘I sure did married a good one.’

Grissel stared at him for a long time and then handed him one of the boys.

‘And I choose the best man to be the father of my three kids.’

‘Is this where we end up making up.’ Tom winked.

‘No, you can reserve all that for our vacation.’

‘Which vacation Grissel?’

‘You promised your daughter a three weeks’ vacation.’

‘Yes, but Dane is supposed to have her during this summer.’

‘Oh I totally forgot.’ She grinned. ‘That would be fun with just the two of us on that beach.’

Tom gestured at the boys. ‘Four of us Love.’

Grissel frowned and Tom reached out for a kiss.

‘You are going to be mine forever.’ Grissel giggled.

‘I cross my heart Love.’

Grissel found it funny and laughed. She noticed Tom was all over the kids face with his hands.

‘If you wake them up, you would carry them both at your back.’ She cautioned and starts to doze off after a short while.

‘Jules and Jon.’ Tom whispered softly as he didn’t want his wife to hear him mention the names she so much don’t like.

He run his hands through her hair after she fell asleep minutes after their chat. He kept smiling with the two kids sleeping gently on the both of them while the car sped off under the beautiful bridges of Seattle.

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