BEAUTY CALLS Episode 14 – 18 by RUTHIE LEE



I pulled away from the sudden kiss I just had with Endy and stood properly cause I was actually standing on my toe, I removed my hand around his neck and faced the floor
“why?. ” Endy suddenly asked , placing his forefinger under my chin to bring my head up and look at him
What does he mean by why!
I just kissed him and he’s asking me why and yeah why did I just kiss him ..
“i-i don’t know..” I said looking at his forest green eyes..
He smiled and also got me smiling too even though I didn’t know why I would smile..
“you don’t know?” he asked but I didn’t give him a reply cause I don’t know what to say but I think the only answer is that “I love him too”… I am sure about it but something’s still bothering me and I don’t know what it is.. …
Endy sighed and pulled me in a warm and tight hug, “you don’t know, but I do.. Selene you might not know but we’re actually the same person, I don’t know if you know this but I do feel something special when our palms get into contact, strange right?.. And having the same dream with you, isn’t that enough to tell you we’re meant to be.. I love you Selene.. So much” Endy breathed on my neck and tightened his hands around me..
A tear dropped from my eyes cause that five words opened a sweet heavenly portal in my heart ““I love you so much Selene””
I’ve heard words like this before but this one just made me emotional cause I believed it was true and it just wasn’t because of my beauty, he truly meant it, I could feel it..
“I love you too” I said under my breath but I doubt he heard any of it.. We disengaged from the hug and he smiled but suddenly wore a worried look when he saw tears in my eyes..
“what’s wrong” he asked,
“nothing.. Just feeling happy? I guess” I said and he cleaned them for me..
“happy! doesn’t mean you should cry” he said and I huffed..
“haven’t you heard of tears of joy” I said cleaning my tears properly
“yeah well.. Whatever” he said and smiled at me..
“so what do we do now?” I asked, cause I’m lost.. I mean we kissed, he confessed I’ve realised I love him, nothing’s lost but something’s missing..
“what do you mean?” he asked and held my hand clutching our palms together and entangling our fingers..
I embraced the amazing feeling cause it feels like I was absorbing a sweet irresistible energy..
“what I mean is.. I just accept the fact that i’m in love with you and we just kissed and well you love me too we’re meant for each other and… You know, where’s this leading us. Did it change anything?” I asked and he smiled ..
“of course it did we’re in a relationship now” he said and raised our clutched hand to my face while I smiled..
“tch.. So what! I’m like your girlfriend now?” I said with a smile staring at him .
“nope girlfriend’s a little to, teenage-ish and common” he said and I laughed
“so if you don’t call me your girlfriend, what am I, am I your fiancee, or your wife?” I said sarcastically and he laughed and so did that and the tension between us was calm and strong..
For years I thought I wasn’t going to meet “the one” for me, even though I didn’t even meet the one for me, I couldn’t date Anyone and I still don’t know why, but Endy’s different he’s special and he’s the one for me and I just know it, finally I can breathe and live like any human and I kiss him without him choking to death..
I hugged him all of a sudden and he smiled
“what’s this for” he asked
“thank you” I breathed out, for making me feel alive and well making me have hope that I’ll not die having that raging feeling that I didn’t date anyone in my past..
“what’s the thank you for?” he asked as he wrapped his hands around me back..
“just a simple thank you, nothing else” I said drowning my self in his manly cologne..
“okay then.. You’re welcome” he said.
I was in the living room sitting quietly on the couch alone, while Endy was… Yeah I didn’t know where he was but I still can’t believe we’re dating I mean it’s too good to be true..
The TV was on and even though I was watching a comedy show I wasn’t paying attention cause I was already engrossed in my beautiful thoughts..
“hey juilet” I heard Wendy’s voice in my ear and flinched.
“what?..” I asked and turned to her..
“oh nothing just enjoying this warm afternoon” she yelled and lied down on the couch putting her head on my thigh..
“oh. Okay?” I said and turned to the TV..
“so where’s your boyfriend?” Wendy asked and I almost choked on nothing..
“b-boyfriend?, what are you talking about?” I asked, you could tell I’m shaking, I’m such a bad actor.
“oh Selene, you’re always trying to play pretence and innocence, but your pretty eyes always tells me you’re lying” Wendy said and sat up properly..
Why am I even scared!
“Look I saw the whole show you and Endy had in the kitchen and trust me I didn’t miss a thing” she said and I sighed..
“so..?” I said with a slow shrug..
“but is it true, you and endy had the same dream?” she asked and I nod..
“wow, that is the strangest thing I’ve heard in my entire life, but anyway I’m so happy for you guys.. Ah finally I can sleep well tonight, I’ve been so busy watching you two and trying to make you two fall in love and all, but what can I say my hard work really paid off” she said and I almost rolled my eyes, her hardwork? Endy and I fell in love because we’re meant to be not because of your hardwork; I wanted to say but I just let it slide cause Wendy isn’t someone you’ll like to argue with since she’s a talkative she’ll never give up..
“oh well if you’ll excuse me I’ll go continue what I was doing” Wendy suddenly said with a squeaky voice, she stood up moved her purple and black hair back before heading back to her room..
I heard her talking to someone on the stairs and I know who she was talking to already ’cause she sounded rude, it was Mrs Ginger

Mrs Ginger walked to the living room couch and saw me and I quickly stood up and gave her a polite greeting while she smiled and sat down and so did, she stared at the television for a while before she looked back at me..
“so Selene.. She said and I fully turned to her “yes” I replied and she smiled .. Okay this is the first time she called me Selene..
“where’s Endymion?” she asked
“i-i don’t kno– I think he’s in the garden” I replied and she nods
“is something going on between the two of you?” she asked and I suddenly became quiet staring at the floor..
Should I tell her? Or not?
I remained quiet for a while, until Mrs. Ginger spoke up
“anyway, you know I just woke up from my afternoon siesta.. I had a dream, a conception dream” she said and my mouth fell open as I suddenly stared at her..
“a conception dream!” I repeated and she nods.. And we both became quiet again

“well grandma the truth is, Endy and I are dating” I said and she smiled..
“well I’m not surprised” she said
“you’re not?” I asked to be sure.. This family’s kind of..
“why would I be when everyone’s already saw something between you too” she said and I shrugged
Was it that obvious.. Or was Endy to obvious..
“oh” I breathed out and she smiled..
“you both have so much in common and also you’re both soulmate com– well look at the time isn’t it time to make dinner” Mrs Ginger said Changing the subject..
“uhm no.. Just a few minutes more” I said and she nods and stood up..
“please can you please bring dinner to my room when you’re done cooking cause I don’t think my old butt can handle those dining chairs anymore” she said and I nod with a smile..
“sure” I said and she went back upstairs..
I didn’t see Endy until after I made dinner, I made a simple homemade pasta and went to give Mrs Ginger hers like she ordered and I went back downstairs to join Wendy and Endy in the dining room .
The three of us ate dinner quietly and it was nothing like when the triplets were around it was awkwardly quiet.. But wasn’t that awkward since Endy just kept throwing me his charming smile whenever our eyes met, and I’ll do the honour of catching the smile and giving him back, we did that for a while and I could swear I thought it was only Endy and I in the dining room, until when Wendy stood up and coughed drawing both our attention..
“I’ll be.. Upstairs in my room, you guys are making me. I’ll just be in my room” she said and took her food to her room

“guess it’s just you and me” Endy said and I smiled and drank my glass water..
“so.. Does she know?” he asked referring to Wendy, about us dating
“yeah, she was there during the whole scene” I said and he nods slowly.
“your grandma knows too” I said and he looked at me and smiled, “well I’m not surprised cause grandma sure knows everything!” he said and we both laughed.
After dinner I cleared the table and did the dishes, and while doing all of this I didn’t just do it once and for all, I was being distracted by Endy’s sweet words and charming smile, okay scratch the first one, Endy isn’t good with sweet words.
He said my skin is as smooth as the body of a pineapple, I mean pineapple!!!?? Gosh.
But the two of us just laughed anyways when he found out what he said was a complete non-sense
It was time for me to go home and Endy was the one who gave me a ride home, arguing with me that if he doesn’t give me a ride he’ll die.. But I just laughed it off and let him drive me home. And it was getting dark anyway
Endy’s car pulled up in our driveway, I opened the door myself before Endy could he groaned when he saw that I was already out..
“stop trying too hard, you’re acting like I’ll break up with you if you don’t do anything responsible” I said as both stood in front of his car..
“so I should act irresponsible?” he asked..
“no.. That’s not what I mean, stop trying to hard to please me, I’ll love you any ways” I said and he looked down at me and gave me a light peck on my lips..
“thanks” he said and we hugged and, and I comfortably placed my head on his chest, his hug felt so warm from the cold breeze and as I closed my eyes, I could smell nothing but him and my eyes began to throb, I didn’t know I was falling asleep until he gently shook me and laughed out loud when he found out I was half asleep..
“oh my god, Selene are you sleeping?” he asked in a laughing tone..
“I’m not” I grumbled upending my eyes slowly,
“you definitely were” he said and I rolled my sleepy eyes..
“yeah, whatever” I said and start to walk inside. But he held my arm and said “I’ll walk you to bed so you don’t trip and fall”
I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder as we walk inside my house, and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.. Even though we just started dating it feels like we’ve been dating forever and all this feeling, the love, kisses, feels so familiar and at the same time new to me.. …
“where’s yoนr room” he asked as we got inside my living room
“up” I said and pointed lazily while he laughed and carried me up, bridal style, while I giggled and circled my hands around his neck as he gently carried me through the stairs and to my room..
He dropped me on my single-person bed and I couldn’t help but think which one was more comfortable, Endy’s arm, or my bed?.
“thanks” I mumbled as my eyes were going half closed
“not yet” he said, bent down, and started removing my shoes.. I sat down properly and sighed..
“it’s okay Endy, I can take off my own shoes” I said while he just smiled..
“yeah, right how can I believe you when you fell right asleep when I gave you a simple hug” he said and I rolled my eyes but in a girlish playful “oh-stop” way..
He sat on the edge of the bed and I scoot closer to him not feeling like letting him go, just be honest with your feelings and go with the flow I was honest with me feelings and now look at me, drowning in my love’s planet..
“Selene.. He called
“hmm.. I answered my head rested on his shoulder, my eyes closed..
“you have to sleep and I have to go” he said,
“don’t.. go” I mumbled and he huffed ..
“I have to even though I don’t want to go” he said calmly..
“then don’t!” I half yelled and pulled him towards me, but pulling him too much caused him to fall on me and now I’m lying on the bed facing him, and well he’s on top of me and even though his weight is killing me, I didn’t mind cause, he’s here smiling at me and he’s the one I love..


Endy stood properly and smiled, “I have to go Selene” he said while I just nod.
Truth be told my sleepiness is getting heavier than I thought.
“okay” I said lowly and he kissed my forehead before walking out..
The next morning my alarm woke me up and I jilted up happy cause well it’s a beautiful day and.. Scratch that, it’s not that beautiful the clould is covering the sun and making everywhere gloomy, and a boring or sad weather makes people bored and sad. But I ain’t sad.
Cause I I’m with my perfect match now.. Endy, oh I can’t wait to see him.
I hurriedly took my bath and didn’t bother to brush my hair ’cause it never gets tangled or rough.. I think I’m starting to like it now. I grabbed my purse and hurried out the door,
I closed the outside door slowly and throw the keys in my purse and when I turned I saw Endy, with his car..
“lemme guess if you didn’t do this you’ll die again..?” I asked sarcastically while he just smiled
“just good morning would do, you know” he said, approached me and gave me a warm light peck on my cheeks..
“come-on get in let’s go” he said and opened his car door for me while I walked in grinning from ear to ear, isn’t this life. ..
During the car drive Endy and I just kept talking about movies we’ve watched, I wasn’t a fan of movies but the little one’s my friend made me when we were in middle school counts, and Endy and I talked about it.. I told him about not being a movie fan when he asked me about so many movies I haven’t watch and he just kept quiet since there was nothing more to talk about..
“so about today.. Take a day off” Endy said and I swiftly turned to him..
“why?” I asked
“we should go on our first date today” he said and I gasped happily..
“but.. If we go on a date, who’ll cook, clean the house a–”
“Selene, it’s okay Wendy can cook and clean and also grandma doesn’t mind you taking a day off” Endy interrupted me..
“but who’ll wash the–
“Selene please.. It’s okay, even the idea of you now being the housekeeper of my house give me the creeps. It would be best if you’d quit” he said and I sighed
He doesn’t mean it.

“anyy way.. Where are we going?” I said excitedly.. While Endy looked at me from the corner of hi eyes and smiled nervously ..
“uh.. Uh.. It’s i-it’s a surprise?” he grinned lightly and I nod.
The drive took a while before we got to our destination which was his house..
“I thought you said it was a surprise, so you mean to tell me the surprise is your house and we’re both having our date here” I asked to be sure. This dude is weirder than I thought..
“what? Of course no, we’re not having our date here. I forgot my credit card and I need to get it quickly..” he said and I breathed a sigh of relief
Phew. I almost thought he was weird, but no matter where he takes me as long as he’s there it’s a special place..
Endy and I walked in and he went ahead of me and went to his room while I slowly walked in the living room and saw Lance and a girl about my age seated with him and both of them hammering on a pizza..
They both noticed me and turned and I waved to Lance.. And the girl..
“Selene.. Oh you’re here.” Lance said standing up. The girl beside Lange just stared at me, checking me out, she had dark brown straight hair and a small fringe on her forehead her eyes were pretty and sharp and her lips was pink and full.. She’s pretty..
“good morning” I said to the girl but she just rolled her eyes and looked away,
Okay I’ll remember this later, ‘never act nice towards bitches”
“so Selene, I heard you and Endy has taken a submarine to love ocean 5” he said with a wink but I just stared at him plainly.. Not being surprised of him finding out cause Wendy’s around..
“anyway, Selene meet Alyssa my girlfriend” Lance said
Oh so the bitch’s his girlfriend.. Too bad.
“hi” I waved politely at her but she just gave me a smile, I couldn’t tell if it was real or fake.
“Alyssa this is Selene, our hou— Endy’s girlfriend” Lance said and I raised my eyes at him he should have just introduced me as the house keeper I don’t have a problem with that.
“so she’s the one dating Endy?” Alyssa blurted out and I smiled and nod.. Got a problem with that.
“yeah she is, she’s the town’s golden angel and an Angel to Endy” Lance said and Alyssa rolled her eyes and looked away..

“okay I’ve got it, let’s go” Endy yelled from the stairs and I smiled hearing his voice..
“about time” I said and he laughed and put his hand around my shoulder when he got close to me.. And we both turned towards the door..
“Endy! You’re gonna pretend you didn’t See Me?!” Alyssa suddenly yelled seeing me..
“I saw you Alyssa, don’t yell” Endy said and she primped,
“but why didn’t you say anything, not even a hi or a good morning” she asked and fold her arms.. She has a problem.. Lance didn’t care about all this, he just continued eating the pizza..
“I would have said hi or good morning but I just didn’t want to” Endy replied and her eyes widen
“so you ignored me on purpose” she asked and Endy nod with a small smile and she huffed..
“look just enjoy your pizza with your boyfriend okay!” Endy said and we both walked out,

“she should known by now that I don’t like her” Endy said as we walked out
“me too!.. But why the dislike” I asked
“she’s a phony, and a bitch, she wants everyone in the family to like her, Mom and dad’s already in love with her, Wendy doesn’t like her, but the triplets, I don’t really know about them” Endy said and I giggled.
“well she’s got some serious issues” I said
“whatever, as long as Lance’s happy, she’s welcome to stay” Endy said and I smiled..
He first drove us to a small diner saying we need to eat first. As we walked in the diner all eyes were on us but what could we do.. We were just an attractive couple..
“okay, so you said where were going later Is a surprise, can you give me a hint?” I said cutely so he’ll give me a hint but he just smiled nervously..
“a-actually.. T-there is no surprise, I’m clueless Of where we’re supposed to hang out today, I wanted our date to be today but I didn’t know anything about dates, sorry for getting your hopes up on surprises that didn’t exist” he said apologetically and I was touched
“it’s okay, the places we go doesn’t matter no matter how beautiful it is, it’s the moment that matters” I said and his smile beamed
“when did you get all smart” he teased and I rolled my eyes
“when you were being a man” I whined and we both laughed.. “you know I could totally kiss you right now” he said in a flirting tone and I Laughed,
“what are you waiting for” I replied flirty back and he laughed, such a sweet laugh.. Even though I said that I wasn’t the kind of person who shows affections in public and neither do Endy too cause he didn’t make any move to kiss me and I was glad we’re on the same page..
“so can I decided where we’re going now?” I said as we both walked out of his diner and entered his car..
“yeah sure” he said with a smile..
“an amusement park!!.. I’ve never been there before, cause I was kind of homeschooling when I was the twelve grade and the entire school had to go without me, so can we go?” I asked with excitement in my voice..
“sure, and maybe after that we can both climb the statue of liberty” he teased and I gave him a playful but hurtful slap on his bicep,
“ouch!” he said rubbing his arm.
“can you not be a baby and drive” I said and he rolled his eyes and turned on the ignition..
It was 8:30pm Endy and I were in his car, we’ve both had a long day and the date was amazing, and I couldn’t love him less.. I was focused on the cotton candy we bought, it was filled with sugar and sugar’s kind of my thing..
“you’re going to get a tooth ache, if you keep eating that” Endy said and i scoffed
“what am I, like five?” I said sarcastically but he just laughed, just as I finished my cotton candy, the car stopped..
“and we’re home.” Endy said and walked out of the car, he come to passenger seat, door and tried to open the door for me but I beat him to it.
I suddenly wore a bewildered face, cause I thought Endy was taking me home to my house but we’re actually at his house.
“I thought you were taking me home” I said
“oh.. I thought you wouldn’t want to go home yet..” he said and I sighed and shook my head negatively..
“oh don’t worry, I can take you home anytime you want” he said and I smiled,
“now let’s get this inside” he said as he brought out a huge teddy bear we won at a game we played, which I didn’t want to take home with me cause it was creeping me out and well I don’t like dolls. And stuffed toys..
Instead of grabbing the teddy bear, I took the piles of pictures Endy and I took from a couple’s photo booth and a big size box of chocolates..
“I hope Alyssa’s gone” Endy muttered under his breath before we both walked inside and thankfully she was gone, we met no one in the living room, and while taking the teddy bear and other things to Endy’s room we Met Wendy at the stairs who excitedly grabbed the huge bear from Endy telling me she’s keeping this and I’m also telling her about my date with Endy when she gets back that she needs to see someone..
And with the way she was dressed that “someone” was pretty “important”… I promised to tell her about it and she left after dropping the bear in her room and naming it Endlene.. It’s good she took it away, cause one more gaze from that bear, and I am out.
I dropped the chocolate box on Endy’s huge bed and sighed while he took the pictures from me and placed it on his desk..
“I should maybe rest a bit before leaving, I’m exhausted” I said sitting on his bed..
“you’re not a good liar you don’t look exhausted.. At all” he said and I laughed.. He’s right I’m not tired at all I just don’t want to go home yet, the idea of being alone crossed my mind and I cringe..
“alright you got me I ain’t tired but seriously I have to rest” I said and he smiled and sat down beside me but the chocolate box was in our middle separating us ..
We both remained quiet while I just slowly remove my heavy boots and after that I started digging in the chocolates, I just don’t get me and sweets..
“okay.. So what’s your favorite colour?” Endy suddenly asked and I gave him a “really?” look..
“hey I have to know everything about my girlfriend” he said defensively
“I thought you said, you didn’t like the term girlfriend” I said with my mouth full of chocolates and he smiled and said,
“well let’s just stick with that for now..” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“I like the colour white” I replied and he gave a surprise look.
“what?” I asked
“mine too” he said and I smiled
I love that we have so much in common.
“okay your favourite animal” he asked
“snake” I said and his brows suddenly arched
“SNAKES?!!” he repeated and I laughed
“I was just kidding I love feline family” I said..
“seriously cats? Tigers? You’re stranger than I thought” he said amd I chuckled ..
“anyway, I like squirrels.. They’re the most cutest animal I’ve ever seen and also the cutest” Endy said and his words suddenly felt familiar..
“I remember one time, my brothers and I..
“Endy;” I stopped him from talking and he turned to me. I just realise he’s repeating every single thing in the dream.. We both had together
“what?” he asked
“do you realise what you’re saying” I asked but he gave a clueless face
“you’re saying the exact same time you said in the “dream” we both had” I said and he nods and said
“you’re right”
This is a case of “Deja Vu”..seriously..

“okay well, since it’s just us and it seems like nature wants to repeat it’s self let give it a taste of its own medicine, and this time let’s keep it real” Endy said but I didn’t understand what he said
“be specific Endymion” I said and he smiled
“I love it when you call my full name it’s like it’s only you who gets the pronunciation right” he said and I smiled, “awwn thanks” I said and pecked him on his cheek.
“too bad I don’t do cheeks, I do lips” he said and I smiled,
“good for you, I do lips too” I said and we both start to kiss..
Okay what just happened, it’s like we’re acting a scene from our dream, it all weird and strange but in the meantime, I better enjoy the moment since its not a dream but actually reality,
the chocolate box was already on the floor as Endy was on top of me kissing me passionately..
“sure you want to do this?” he asked
“hell yeah” I replied and he smiled through the kiss and started to unbutton my shirt, he removed my top and kissed my neck, and the sensations were out of this world,, before I knew it his clothes were off too, and the kiss hot hotter and ..
I don’t really have to tell you the full details..


It was the next day I woke up cause the sun was directly shining at my face, I opened my eyes and found out Endy and I were in the spoon position.. I sat properly and walked up to the window to close the curtains cause the sun’s rays were shining too much.. I went back to bed and smiled as I stared at Endy slept so cutely.. I remembered last night and how magical it was, the kisses, his touch, everything felt like a good dream but yet it was real, I’m glad it’s real..
I put my clothes back on cause I was in my undergarments… I feel bad already cause I’m planning to leave with him still sleeping.. I kissed his forehead and walked out of his room, it was pretty early and grandma was still asleep.. I can’t believe I called her grandma.. This is all just happening so fast,
Wendy didn’t come home last night and it’s not my business to be all nosy about it. Even though she’s my friend or someone I know, is she even my friend, we’re close but not that close..
I took the bus which I had to wait for like almost an hour to get to the bus stop, finally I reached my destination and got home safely.. I grabbed my house key from my purse and ready to slide the key inside the key hole when the door opened and I bumped into my mother
“Selene?” she said and I gave nervous grin as she opened the door widely for me to walk inside.
“where are you coming from young lady?” she asked as we both stood in the centre of our small living room.
“from the blossom’s” I replied and she sighed.
“you mean to say you’re coming back from work, or did you sleep there overnight” she asked calmly
“I slept there” I replied truthfully and she sighed
“sorry mom I should have called” I said but she just looked at me and sat down.
“you should have called? Baby I called you almost eleven times, I was worried sick when I didn’t see you last night in your room but I just didn’t let my worrisome get over board cause I know wherever you are, you’ve got angels among you guiding you” she said and I smiled
“aww thanks mom” I said and she rolled her eyes.
“don’t thank mom’ me, that still doesn’t give you the right to go places and never tell me!!” she half yelled
“wait! You’re not gonna ground me are you, cause I’m not sixteen anymore!” I half yelled back
“who said anything about grounding you” she yelled.
“oh” I breathed out.
“look honey just because you slept at your workplace overnight, you’d think I’m vexed, but I’m not, I kind of am cause you didn’t call me, but promise me you’ll not do that again?” she asked and I nod
“I promise” I said and she smiled and I went to her and hugged her tightly..
“thanks mom you’re the best” I said and she slowly pushed me away..
“go brush, you teeth you have morning breath” she said and I rolled my eyes, she’s lying, I never have morning breaths and I don’t know why, likewise normal people my mouth breath just stays the same, like I never slept but who cares I just brush my teeth anyways..
I went upstairs and took a warm bath and brushed my teeth, after that I came downstairs and my mom’s already prepared Lasagna, I smiled staring at our breakfast..
“you know it’s been so long since you’ve had a taste of my own food, so I thought I should run a little late just for you to have mom’s homemade” my mom said and I gave her that “thanks-i-love-you-mom” look and she replied with a smile..
We both had breakfast chatting and laughing until we got to a topic of love’ and she started telling me of when and how she and dad met, it wasn’t that kind of a romantic story to me but it was to mom, her eyes lit up in love war and amusement as she talked about she and dad.
“oh dear, I do hope you find your someone too” she said giving me a sad look and giving me a small soothing squeeze on the back of my hand.. My mom knows about my horrific love life (Jonah, and David) I mean she’s my mom she knows everything about me.
But she doesn’t know that I’m dating Endy, and I think I should let her know,
“actually mom.. I am dating someone now” I said and her brows arched up..
“you are?” she said in a high pitch voice..
I nod and told her everything, how endy and I started, I told her about the dream and the weird dream we both had but didn’t tell her the details..
“and yesterday was my our first date and I was too tired to come home so I stayed there” I said and she nods..
“honey this is wonderful I thought you’ll never be able to get married or worse date” she said buy I just gave her a plain look..
She quickly glance at the wall clock and stood up immediately
“holy crap, I’m late” she said tucking her blonde hair behind her ears, “yes you are” I said as I glance at the clock too..
“anyway hon, take care and I’ll like to see this Endy someday” she said with a smile
“he’s the first son of the blossoms family like I said earlier so just use the internet you’ll see him.. You do know how to use the internet right?” I teased and she rolled her eyes and smiled..
“anyway see you when I get back” she said and I nod and smiled,
I stood up and cleared the table we just ate, and while doing the dishes I got a call from Endy. I was smiling from ear to ear when I picked the call..
“hey” I said with a smile
“don’t ‘hey’ me, how could you just leave, I didn’t even get a chance to see your face or hear you say good morning” Endy said from the phone, his voice a little horsey I think he just woke up
“okay well, good morning, you heard my voice. Happy?” I said and he sighed,
“you’re too late and you’re not even here and how do I know it’s you talking” he asked playfully aggressively
“cause you’re not an idiot” I replied
“ouch, Selene,.. Anyway I’m just missing that’s all” he said and his husky voice through the phone made my heart beat start to beat faster than normal..
“yeah, me too” I said with a smile
“but don’t worry I’ll be there soon and you get over your.. Whatever you’re feeling right now” I added and I heard his small chuckle from the phone..
“okay then I’ll see you soon, bye” he said
“bye..” I replied.
“I love you” he said and I smiled as my heart and head melted in his words.. Those three words can never get old no matter how many times I hear them..

“hello? Selene? You still there?” Endy suddenly said through the phone and I suddenly realise my self not knowing what I was lost into..
“yeah..yeah I am” I replied
“you stopped talking when I said I love you, is everything okay or were you melted by those three words I said” he said in almost a teasing tone.
“melted?.. You wish, if you could have seen my face I was rolling my eyes at those dumb things you said” I said with a smile..
“I’ll try to believe that, even though I want to real bad, I still can’t believe that.. Anyway Selene.. I’ll see you soon” he said and I smiled..
“Endy?” I said before he could hang up
“yes?” he replied softly
“I love you” I said and I heard as a soft breath sounded though the phone and I know he smiled
“well that was also dumb thing you just said” he said, trying to get me back.
“oh grow up” I said rolling my eyes even though he can’t See Me, and I could hear his loud Laughs from the phone..
We both hang up and I smiled and continued washing the dishes..
After that I grabbed my purse, locked the house and went to the bus stop.
Finally I reached the blossoms mansion and I walked in quietly,.. I met Wendy in the living room sitting on the couch, looks like she came back this morning,
“hey, good morning” I greeted but she didn’t reply me.
She was watching TV but was lost in thoughts..
“hey! Wendy?” I tapped her and she suddenly flinched..
“oh it’s just you” she breathed out and I know something is bothering her..
“what wrong? Are you okay?” I asked and she nods,
I know I said being nosy about Wendy’s business is not my thing, but hey I care about people too..
“okay” I said and was about to go when she stopped me by holding my hand..
“can I talk to you?” she asked and I nod. .. I sat down beside her on the couch and she took my hands in mine..
“okay.. Normally if something’s bothering me I’ll just tell Endymion cause he’s the only reasonable, understanding and also a great listener and also not judgemental… But I don’t think I can tell him this .. I can but it’s too awkward to say it to him, so I hope you won’t be judge-y” she said and I nod .
“well recently there’s this guy I’ve been dating Oscar,” she said and I smiled and nod..
“don’t smile he’s not a nice guy” Wendy said and I stopped smiling
“at first he was nice and sweet and amazing, he called me everyday to know about my health and how I’m doing cause you know he loves me and I do too, and then the before yesterday I found out something that kind of freaked me out, and yesterday Oscar and I went on our fifth date and then I break the news to him that I’m pregnant, that was what I found out the day before yesterday.. I mean being pregnant isn’t a bad thing I almost freaked out but I was happy, but when I told Oscar he told me he wasn’t ready to be a father, that I should either abort the baby or give birth and give “the baby” up for adoption…” Wendy explained and I gasped..
Okay..first of all.. holy crap! She’s pregnant!!!??..


Wendy’s pregnant am kind of surprised but not so much, okay scratch that I am actually surprised, I didn’t think she was with any one, like dating anyone..
“well actually I don’t know what to say” I replied and she sighed
“you’re right, I should just forget about him and move on” she said,
“wait! I didn’t say that” I quickly said and she sighed..
“oh Selene what should I do?” Wendy said and hugged me tightly, I pat her back and suddenly I felt something wet drop on my neck and Wendy sniffed, oh geez she’s in tears, her boyfriend is a two nothing but,… Ugh I don’t even know what to call him..
Endy walked into the living room, but slowly walked to us seeing Wendy crying on my shoulder.
“w..hat’s wrong..?” he slowly asked and Wendy suddenly sit up straight, she gave me a “should-i-tell-him-look?” and I nod.
Wendy cleaned her over flowing tears and turned to Endy
“it’s Oscar..” she sniffed
“Oscar? What the.. what did he do?” Endy asked with a concerned face.
Wendy sighed and told him everything without living any single details out..
When Wendy told him about her being pregnant I could feel his face suddenly went blue..

“Oscar’s an idiot Wendy, I’ve known him since the day I met him but don’t worry too much he’ll come around just don’t worry about it” Endy said and Wendy smiled and walked up to him and gave him a hug
“if what you wanted was to comfort me with your words I think it worked” Wendy said and sniffed.
“I wasn’t trying to comfort you, I mean I am, but trust me that goofball will come around as long as you’re carrying his child he can’t leave you, you’ve got him wrapped under your finger if he tries to leave you the guilt will eat him up and he’ll end up crawling back to you” Endy said sternly and Wendy smiled..
“thanks” she said and they both Disengage their hug.
“well thanks for making me feel okay, now I can go rest I didn’t have a good sleep last night” she said and went upstairs..
“I mean can you believe that” Endy suddenly said
“believe what?” I asked
“that Wendy’s pregnant” he said and I shrugged
“it took me by surprise too” I said and he smiled
“if I was the one dating that Oscar and I got pregnant for him, I’ll make sure he–
“Oh please guys like Oscar never listens to what people says but they do listen to their mistakes and that’s one thing I like about him” Endy interrupted me and I rolled my eyes,
“and what’s the other thing?” I asked.
“he’s nice and playful” Endy replied..
“NICE? if he’s nice then why did he act like a Douchebag and told Wendy she should give her baby up for adoption or abort It” I asked
“maybe he just freaked out and said that, many guys aren’t strong to take that news”
“oh like you” I asked teasingly but I also meant it.
“oh.. Selene I’m the stronger of ‘them all” he said and walked up to where I stood.. I rolled my eyes holding back my smile..
“you, the strongest? I saw your face turn pale blue when Wendy told you about the baby, so don’t gimme crap, I think girls are more stronger then boys” I said and he smiled, that heart melting smile where he’ll close his eyes along with it..
“so you’re saying you’re stronger than me!” he asked still with a smile
“yep, pretty much” I primped and he got closer to me and swayed me off my feet, carrying me bridal style and spinning me around playfully..
“who’s the strongest now” he asked playfully but I couldn’t reply cause I was busy laughing and trying to get down from his arms.. And I was getting dizzy
“you or me” he asked again and I mange to breathe out “you’re the strongest”.. He smiled and dropped me down gently , I moved my hair back cause it was all over my face and I tried to catch my breath.
“you big baby!, I could have died” I half yelled and he laughed
“sorry, I just had to prove to you that I’m stronger, but you’re stronger too. You said you almost died but you didn’t and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” he said and I rolled my eyes..
“stop rolling those awful eyes at me” he and moved closer to me, removing some strands of hair on my face..
“awful eyes?” I asked with a smirk as we both stared at each other
“yes awful, ’cause awful is the new gorgeous, so those gorgeous eyes I meant to say” Endy said and I smiled
“you have awful eyes too” I said
“thanks babe” he said and smiled, I reached forward to his lips and gave him a light peck.
“I don’t do pecks on lips, I do kissing on lips” he said
I backed away a little and said,
“sorry Endy but I have to go make breakfast grandma might be hungry” I said with a shrug.
And he rolled his eyes..
And he’s complaining about me.
I was already walking straight to the kitchen when he pulled me making me turn swiftly and he kissed me, those kisses where you loose your breath.
After enjoying the kiss a little bit, I lazily pushed him away.
“stop Endy I have to cook” I said and sighed
“whatever but I’m not done yet” he said, I was about to walk away when he held my hand and turned me swiftly again, but this time I used my palm to cover his mouth.
“don’t even think about it” I warned and he kissed my palm while I sighed.
“goddammit endy” I said and walked straight to the kitchen ..
I could hear him Laugh behind me but I just smiled.
I cooked breakfast that morning, and Endy, Mrs Ginger and I ate together whilst Wendy was fast asleep..
After eating I cleaned the table while Endy went out, I had no idea where he went to but I just cleaned the table and did the dishes, Mrs Ginger was seated on the couch watching TV, while I went upstairs to her room to get her medicines.. On my way out I bumped into Wendy who was coming out of her room and rubbing her templates..
“oh sorry” I said apologetically to Wendy..
“oh whatever no need to apologize I needed that anyway” she replied with a smile and I smiled back.
“still, I’m sorry” I said and she shrugged..
“is breakfast ready?” she asked
“it’s past breakfast” I replied and she sighed..
“are you hungry?” I asked and she nods like a five year old girl who wanted candy..
“I can quickly go downstairs and make tea for you” I said,
“don’t worry I have hands I can do it” she said showing me her hands and smiling, I nod and walked ahead of her..
I gave Mrs Ginger her medicine and she thanked me and that freaked me out Cause she said.
“thank you Diana.” I mean who the hell is Diana.. I just replied Her a simple, “you’re welcome” cause maybe she’s just getting old and getting my name make mixed.
I went back to drop her medicine and I had nothing to do again but luckily I got a text from Endy, I smiled reading the text.
*come to the garden* he texted and I smiled and went outside and head straight to the garden..
What Is he upto, I thought as I walked around the maze-like garden looking for Endy..
I got deep down in the garden where I’ve never entered before still looking for Endy, where the hell could he be. I was starting to get scared cause the garden was now unfamiliar and strangely quiet, it was just the sound of trees controlled by the wind that was echoing through the garden..
“oh.. God” I breathed out when I heard a small squeak but I breathed out when I found out it was a baby bird ..
“Endy.. Where the hell are you” I whisperers to myself not being able to yell.
“boo!” Endy said behind me and I froze,
“what the hell!!” I yell when I turned and saw Endy smiling ..
“where were you I was looking everywhere for you but I couldn’t find you, I haven’t got to this part of the garden before and walking alone around here gives me the creep” I said and he laughed,
“good thing you didn’t get eaten by trees and flowers” he teased and I rolled my eyes. He placed his arms around my shoulder and I rested my head on his shoulder, and we started walking, “where are you even taking me?” I asked.. And suddenly before my eyes I saw a picnic mat lying on the grass, two drinks and a picnic basket,
“a picnic? Really?” I said like I didn’t like the idea of a picnic together with Endy,
“if you don’t like it I could just roll off the mat and we can both head inside” he said almost sadly,
“yeah rap it up” I said and he was about picking up the picnic basket when I burst into laughter.
“what?” he asked, his forest green curiously on me..
“I can’t believe you bought that, I was just kidding I love the idea of a picnic” I said and he gave me a fierce-y look..
“your jokes are getting out of hand, you scared the shits out of me and I actually thought you hated picnics with the way you acted, I was like, gosh I messed up” he said and I shrugged
“what can I say I’m a great actress”
“yeah whatever I kind of figured you were lying” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“try telling a five year old, that” I said and sat down gently on the picnic mat and he sat down next to making me rest my body on his.
“so what’s on the menu?” I asked peeking at the picnic basket..
“sandwiches, what else.” Endy replied and I laughed.
“why do people always assume sandwiches are best for picnics” I asked .
“I don’t know it’s like a tradition, I guess” Endy replied and I sighed and took one of the drinks that stood beside the basket and gulped it down my throat heavily..
“easy there, you might choke” Endy said but I ignored him and finished the whole bottle.
“all done” I said with a smile staring at the empty bottle In my hand.
“whoa your throat Is wider than I thought” Endy chuckled
“what is that supposed to mean” I asked and he shrugged and quickly said “nothing.”
I yawned lightly and rested my weight in his body even more, the cool breeze is spiraling around giving my body the sweet sleepy weakness no one could ever resist .. And what can I say I’m a goddess of sleeps..
“sleepy?” Endy asked and I nod
“too bad, and we just got here, you always ruin everything with your sleeps” Endy blurted out..
“shut up Endymion” I seethe with my eyes half closed and he laughed.
His arms suddenly wrapped around me making me trapped in an unbreatheable Endy’s hug. But I didn’t mind, he buried his face in my neck and kissed it.
“don’t fall asleep Selene, let’s talk a bit more” he said but it was kind of too lost, I was already lost with the smell of his cologne and the trees around us, including the cool breeze, I started to doze off and before I knew it I fell asleep.

I woke up to notice I was in my room and at my house and that it was nighttime, I looked at the edge of the bed and found Endy sleeping, he suddenly woke up and turned to me.
“oh finally, you’re awake I was starting to get worried”…


“oh.. For how long did I sleep?” I asked and he smiled
“for eight years” he teased and I sighed
“sorry I just can’t help with the joking part, you’ve been asleep since 10:7am and now it’s 7:00pm I thought you were going to sleep and never wake up I got scared, you slept during our little picnic but I took you inside and laid you on my bed thinking you’ll wake up after a little bit of your siesta, but I was wrong, so later I brought you home and surprisingly you slept through the whole drive and luckily I found your house key in your purse and unlocked the door, some neighbors who saw me bringing you out of the car thought you were dead and that I killed you and was trying to clean the evidence but they didn’t know I was actually the victim no matter how many time I tried waking you up, you just breathe in heavily but show no sign of waking up so I just left you here on you bed and stayed to see you wake up and now look at the time you’re waking up” he said showing me his wrist when he was wearing no watch.
“there’s no watch in your wrist” I said and he sighed
“that’s not what we’re talking about here Selene, are you okay? Are you sure you’re not sick?” he asked with a concerned pretty face and I smiled, gosh I love this boy..
“no I’m not sick” I said gently, I feel great but truth be told this is the longest sleep I’ve gotten so far.. I don’t even know If I should be worried about myself..
“good” he said and sighed, a sigh of relief..
I was suddenly thirsty and Endy turned to me.. “do you want me to get you water, you must be thirsty” he said, like he read my mind, I happily nod and he walked out of my room..
Like thirty minutes later he came back with a glass of water and placed it in my hand..
“what took you so long..” I asked as I gulped down the water.
“this would be the first time for me to be moving around your house, so everything was new to me I didn’t even know where the glass cups were,” he Complained and I smiled…
“anyway thanks.” i said and he smiles back.
“so since you’re okay and you’re awake I guess I better get going” he said in a way that actually means he wants to stay and actually wants me to say it..
“okay well goodbye then.” I said and he stood straight and sighed.
“okay well then good bye” he said but still haven’t made any attempt to move..
“are you sure you want me to leave? Will you be fine alone?” he asked while I just smiled, “Endy? Do you want to stay” I asked. He definitely wants to stay
“so you want me to?” he asked back and I sighed and rolled my eyes.
“stop answering my questions with questions you dork” I cuss and he laughed,
“fine you got me, I do want to stay” he said and sat down beside me.. I knew it.
“But you also wanted me to stay right?” he asked and I wrapped my hands around his neck..
“of course I do” I replied softly and he chuckles
“and besides we didn’t get to finish our picnic, so let’s just continue that anyways and after that we can just moon-bathe.. It’s going to be a crescent moon tonight” he said and I smiled.
“there is no such thing as moon-bathe” I said and he shrugged.
“if people sunbathe why can’t they moonbathe” he replied and was about to kiss me when suddenly my forehead started throbbing, I winced and moved back a bit, it was like fifty handy hammers were hitting on my forehead, I removed my hands from Endy’s neck and place them on my forehead to ease the pain, I guess.
But I was wrong the pain got worse that I had to bury my head in my palms..
“Selene.. What’s wrong?” Endy suddenly asked..
I wanted to reply with a simple “I don’t know but I couldn’t even speak, one was because my palm was covering my face and two was because the pain was getting worse I couldn’t bare it I didn’t know what the hell it was..
“Selene” Endy called but his voice sounded so faraway.. I heard sounds different kind of sounds that freaked me out but I wasn’t focused on that but I was focused to get rid of the pains in my head. The more the sounds became louder the more my head hurts.
“Selene!!” Endy yelled and held my hand removing it from my face and immediately the pain stropped and so did the strange sounds.. I slowly lift my head to look at me..
What the hell was that?!!
I quickly hugged him because “that” was scary and I sniffed behind his shoulders..
“what happened?” he asked as I slowly pulled away from the hug..
“I-i don’t know,” I breathed out.
And he cleaned the tears on my face. And I had no idea I was in tears..
“it.. I-it felt like my head.. My forehead was in pains and I keep hearing differed kinds of sounds. And the more I hear those sounds the more my head hurt, it was scary” I breathed out and hugged him again burying my face in his neck..
“it’s okay.. Everything’s okay.. I’m here” he said and I hugged him tighter, he’s here so I’m okay .
That was the most scary thing I have ever encountered in my life..
We stayed like that for some minutes before he let’s go of me and pat my back a little..
“so that means.. I’m staying over tonight?” he said and I nod.
“definitely” I replied and he smiled, hell no I can’t be alone what if it happens again who’ll be here to comfort me and it kind of looks like it was Endy who made the pain go away, cause immediately he touched me, I felt better ..
“I knew you wanted to stay so that means we’re on the same page” I said and he smiled and nods..
We both remained quiet and I sighed and placed my head on his shoulder placing my arms around his bicep.. His lips reached for my forehead and he kissed It, I smiled and closed my eyes.. I’m with the right person.. He’s the one.
Few minutes later I could hear faintly snores I looked up and found out Endy was asleep.. I smiled which turned into laughs cause he’s supposed to be watching me..
My laugh woke him up but I told him to go back to sleep, which he disagreed and also defended himself that he didn’t sleep a minute ago. He later fell asleep on my bed and I just stared at him, as he slept peacefully..
That night I couldn’t sleep, I was feeling hot and I was sweating pretty bad, I couldn’t even feel a little breeze the ceiling fan was producing..
I opened the door to my small balcony and a gust of wind blew making me breathe in heavily, I stood at my balcony staring at the sky, and then the moon.. Looking at it made me felt at ease and alive, my body slowly went to its Normal temperature and I sighed,
I closed the balcony door and walked back inside sighing, I glance at Endy on the bed and went to sit down beside him..
No matter how hard I tried to sleep I couldn’t, I tried staring at the ceiling fan but still it didn’t work..
So that night I stayed awake while Endy slept peacefully,
The next day immediately my alarm started ringing, I fell asleep.. But I was suddenly woken up by Endy.
Just when I was just about to sleep.
“hey” he said with a smile
“what is it?” I asked lowly my eyes closing little by little
“your clock kept ringing so I wanted to wake you up just in case you didn’t hear it” he replied
Oh goodness, he doesn’t know how rough last night was for me and how I couldn’t sleep.
I sighed heavily cause the sleep that was about to walk into me suddenly walked away..
“it’s okay I heard it” I said sitting properly on the bed.
“okay?.. Wow I slept like a baby.. How was your night?” he asked
“you don’t even want to know” I said and he suddenly wore a confuse face.
“why.. What happened,” he blurted. I was about to reply when I started to cough..
Endy tried to calm the cough by rubbing my back but it didn’t work and it seemed like it was an endless cough.
Finally it stopped after Endy rushed downstairs to get me a glass of water,
I dropped the glass on the bed and sighed, God, I’m I sick?
What Is happening to me?
I haven’t been sick, since the day my mom gave birth to me, not for once have I ever catch a simple cold.. or cough like this… This is all just so freaking strange.
“you okay?” Endy asked worriedly and I nod.
I slowly stood up from the bed but felt heavy, I quickly sit down cause I suddenly lost balance..
What the hell is wrong with me!



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2 months ago

Ahn ahn, what is wrong with Selene

2 months ago

Hhhmmm wat could be wrng with selena

2 months ago

Get Well Soon Dear Selene🙏
Over love story has come to a halt….😭😭

2 months ago

What is wrong Selene

2 months ago

Abi she too is pregnant in 🙄