Endy and I went to the mansion after mom gave us both a goodbye kiss on our cheeks. And I couldn’t stop singing along to all the songs the radio on Endy’s car,
I was singing uptown girl by west life when Endy turned off the radio.
“what the hell” I barked.
“sorry, I just have to say something” he said and cleared his throat.
“okay,” I said tucked my hair behind my ear.
“so your mom said she was fired” Endy asked.
“yeah” I replied, looking at my bulge stomach which wasn’t that revealing.. “so where was she working before?” he asked and I sighed.
“Endy. Did you stop the music for questions about my mom?” I asked and he nods truthfully. “look I care about her and needs to know” he said.
“so you’re saying I don’t care about her?” I said dryly and turned to him “I didn’t say that.. Just tell me maybe I can help” he said and I sighed again.
“look, Endymion, I’ve been saving a lot till now and I don’t think my mom needs another job, I have more than enough to take the both of us, so thanks..” I said and roll my eyes at him.
“okay I have a hunch that back in high school, you’ll be a big meanie head bully,” he said and I gasped and punched him lazily on his shoulder.. “didn’t feel a thing” he smirked.
“back in school I was the nicest girl ever” I said angrily.
“yeah only a fool would believe that,.. If you’re the nicest girl then prove it by telling me nicely where your mom worked?” he said and I can’t believe he’s using my intelligence.
“fine.” I gave in and rolled my eyes while he smiled..
“she worked at a small company where they sell children’s clothes of different kind..” I said
“what’s the name?” he asked
“I don’t know.. Uhm.. Kid-nest.. I don’t remember” I said and sighed.
“it’s kid-first and my dad owns that place.. Well not anymore cause Lance is in charge of it now, but don’t worry I can get your mom rehired again” he said and I just shrugged
It’s like they (the blossoms) own every company in town.
“yes we do own every single company in town and also other countries.” Endy said, after hearing my mind.
“are you trying to brag how rich you are to me?” I asked and he shook his head negatively
“I’m bragging to you about how Rich ‘we’ are” he said and my head snapped up at him.
“we?” I asked with my eyebrows arched.
“no.. Not you though, Diana and I” he said.. He’s trying to piss me off, I scoffed and turned the other way folding my arms across my chest dramatically.
“hey come-on I was just kidding anything that’s mine is yours, I couldn’t literally live a day without you” he said and I smiled, he’s so sweet.
“whatever” I said like I didn’t care or got affected by his words

“so what am I going to say when anyone happens to see this” I asked referring to my stomach..
“sincerely I have no idea too.. But don’t worry Linc and Louis knows” he said and I turned to him
“great, what are they going to say after seeing me this way” I sighed and rested my back on the chair, “don’t worry, you’re pretty good liar you’ll come up with something” he smiled at me.
“if that was a joke it wasn’t funny” I said almost angrily.
“that wasn’t a jo– anyway I know we’ll think about someth– and we’re here” he said a stopped the car I shoved my face outside the car window to see the mansion and sighed, before going inside back and opening the door to walk out. Endy held my hand and we both walked to the door together, the door was locked so Endy had to ring the doorbell and lance opened the door.
“there she favourite person” Lance said and smiled at me.. I looked back to see if Alyssa or any other girl was standing behind me but no one was behind me.
“me?” I asked pointing to myself.
“yes..” he said and placed his around my shoulder but endy removed and he gave him a brief glare before saying.
“anyway a little birdie told me a secret, that you’re pregnant”
“and that little birdie is Linc isn’t it” Endy muttered and lance smiled.
“you know him too well, but why didn’t you tell anyone that is great news” Lance asked confusingly
“I didn’t know too I just found out my self” I lied and Endy gave me a “good-job” look.
“whoa, how many weeks or months have it been?” he asked curiously as his eyes nearly popped out of his face.
“four” I lied.
Whoa Endy’s right I am a “great liar” not that’s it a good thing.. But I don’t but I don’t want to be called weird .. “four?? and you didn’t know up till now” he asked and before I could reply Endy shoved him aside.
“stop with the questions or I’ll stop you, we didn’t come here for you” Endy said and he backed away..
“I’ll stop only just because of Selene she didn’t seem bothered by my question” Lance said and Endy rolled his eyes, “Come-on Selene” Lance said and held my arm carefully and walked me inside slowly.
“if I’ve ever been rude to you just forgive me and make me the godfather your child” he said seriously and I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.. He’s always been the funny one.
“I’m serious” he said.
“if I make you the godfather, Alyssa’s going to murder me and my baby, she doesn’t like me” I said
“yeah I know she doesn’t like you but this isn’t about her this is about me and your baby, I just love kids, if only Wendy baby didn’t leave her, then there would be two or maybe three if yours miraculously happens to be two” he said and I rolled my eyes but grieved a little hearing Wendy’s name. But it was for the best
“have I ever told you, you talk too much” I said to Lance.
“according to my calculations, yes. You just did” he said and I couldn’t help but shake my head negatively..
“Lance leave her alone” Endy said coming out from the kitchen, and lance showed him his middle finger and walked away and I couldn’t help but laugh because Endy wore a bizarre look when Lance did that. “anyone time to call my empress” Lance said bringing out his phone from his pocket and the empress I think it’s Alyssa. And of course it’s Alyssa cause Lance just said “hey Aly” ..
“this is for you” Endy said and gave me a glass of water.
“water? I want food” I said taking the glass from him.
“it’s water mixed with sugar and glucose, drink it.. It’s good for you and Diana” he said and I rolled my eyes and drank it till the cup went dry and it was kind of sweet.
“thanks” I smiled and gave Endy back the cup and he took it back from me and smiled too.. “looks like no-one’s noticing Diana,” Endy said referring to my bulge stomach.
“too bad” I said sarcastically.. “you are one tough–
Endy stopped talking cause his phone started ringing.
“sorry I have to take this.. It’s mom” he said. “it’s okay” I said..
Just as he walked away, Louis came down the stairs wearing a sweat-pants and shirt with an amazing fancy golden and expensive robe doesn’t Endy have that, I swear would wear that to a party.
“hey” Louis said as he walked up to me. “hi” I replied him and he suddenly smiled and said “congratulations”
Oh.. Diana.
“oh yeah thanks” I said and he breathed in, modded and walked away..
“Wendy, mom and grandma just pulled up in the driveway,” Endy announced immediately he dropped his phone in his pocket.. “I’ll go help them” Louis said and walked outside.
“and I’ll wait here for Alyssa” Lance said… Hmm I wonder where Linc is.. “and that’s why Louis is everyone’s favorite” Endy said loudly so Lance could hear but Lance seemed unaffected.
“so is there anything you’d want or want to–
“you act like I’m a baby, I’m okay I don’t need anything” I said with a small smile.
“that’s called caring” he said and kissed my cheek.. And my smile brightened..
Mrs Ginger, Mrs Rita, Louis and Wendy walked in and suddenly Lance Endy and I turned to them as Mrs Rita slowly held Wendy hand as they walked in… “mom” Endy said and took Endy from her hand.. “I’m okay” Wendy said aggressively and she and Endy shared a brief smile.. She is actually.. Being okay means when you still smile and play even though some pretty bad things happened to you. Lance walked up to Wendy and gave her a sisterly hug, Wendy smiled and pat his back, and when he didn’t make a move to let go of her she decides to push him away.. But he was kind of strong for her.. So she did this instead..
“oh my god Lance you stink. Have you taken a bath since I left this house” she said and lance being offended quickly jumped off her and huffed angrily, but in a playful way.. “what is that supposed to mean” Lance said while Wendy just laughed. “I was just kidding” she said still smiling, she looked behind Lance and our eyes met and suddenly her smile faded and her face soften.. She quickly walked up to me and pulled me in a hug.. “I missed you the most” she said in my ear and I smiled and hugged her back..
“I’m so glad you’re okay” I said softly to her trying to hold some stubborn tears which wanted to climb down my eyes.
“yeah me too” Wendy replied and we both disengage our hug…
Breakfast was set that morning and every single member of the family was around the table, expect Mr Quentin and including Alyssa.. Talk about breakfast spoilers. “Huh! Is this all for me” Wendy asked when she got to the table and saw different kind of foods, it was one big breakfast.
“it’s for all of us.. Just sit down so we can eat” Lance said at his sister and she took one meatball from its bowl and throw it at Lance but he caught it and ate it..
“thanks sis” he grinned but Wendy just rolled her eyes and sat down, Wendy is so strong she’s acting like nothing happened, I can’t imagine myself to be so like her when something like “that” happened to her, I’m not saying its a bad thing, but it’s just so amazing…
We all started to eat quietly and Alyssa just throw glances at Endy and I and glares at me. But I just ignored her. Ignorance is actually the best answer for a fool.
I grabbed for pancakes ready to eat them when Endy stopped me.
“you can’t eat pancakes with some syrup” he said and shook a bottle of syrup in my face and then poured some on my pancakes
“classic” I said and rolled my eyes at him… I took a bite out of my pancake and moaned while chewing the food, syrup and pancake go so well together, why haven’t I had this before, I might cry.. It’s so sweet..
“see.. Syrup and pancake do go toge––
“yeah it does” I said to him and he smiled.
“so Selene Endy said you’re pregnant congratulations” Linc’s Voice suddenly said and my fork dropped from my hand..
“you are?” Mrs Rita asked with a high pitched tone her eyes almost dropping, waiting for my answer.
“y-yeah” I said breathlessly , this is so not the way I wanted to break the news, way to go Lincoln
“honey why didn’t you tell us that is great news” Mrs Rita said and stood up while Mrs Ginger just smiled at me..
“so when did you find out? Or how many weeks has it been” Mrs Rita asked with a smile and I swear my heart almost beat to the level everyone could hear.
“four months” Lance said before I could reply, this triplets need triple smacking each.
“four months.!!” Mrs Rita and Alyssa said in unison but Mrs Rita’s voice was way more louder. “yeah, mom you don’t have to yell” Endy said and Mrs Rita gave an apologetic look and breathed, then out before saying. “sorry the excitement keeps coming, but four months? And your stomach isn’t bulgy yet?” Mrs Rita said and I couldn’t think of anything. “oh quiet Rita, when you were pregnant for Endymion your stomach wasn’t revealing until the sixth month and look at him, he’s the largest here” Mr ginger said and Endy chuckled
“you’re right.” Mrs Rita smiled at her mother in law…
“but why didn’t you tell us” Mrs Rita asked me again.
“cause we just found out too” Endy said and I gave him a look.. “we found out the night after the incident cause the doctors had to run a quick checkup on her and found out she was pregnant, Selene didn’t know about the pregnancy cause the symptoms came once in a while” Endy said, lied actually… Wow he is good, I’m so glad he has my back.
“wow” Linc breathed out
“it’s good that you and your baby are still alive even after the accident” Alyssa said and Mrs Rita smiled beamed, “congratulations dear” she said and sat down while Mrs Ginger gave Endy and I a look…
“i-i.. I h-have to take something upstairs” Wendy said clearing her throat and standing up..
“uh-okay” Mrs Rita replied and started to eat and so did I..
“I don’t think Wendy wants to take something upstairs” Endy whispered in my ear and I gasped..
He’s right. What if she’s doing something to herself Just because of.. Me…
“I’ll go check up on her” Endy said. In my ear
“no stay. I’ll go” I whisper back and he nods and sat down back..
“I have to take.. Something too” I said and slowly stand up, Mrs Rita nodded and continued talking to Mrs Ginger and I took my heels and made my out of the dining room and up the stairs..
I walked briskly in the broad passageway till I saw Wendy stood which was a little bit open, I walked slowly to the door and listened carefully only to hear her cry, a faded cry..
I walked in slowly and she was sitting on the bed, her back crouched her face buried in her palms.. And I tried my best not to cry too..
“Wendy.. Are you okay?..” I asked and her head immediately snapped up at me and before I knew it her arms spread around me in a tight hug and she cried on my shoulder..
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” she said crying even loudly now that I had to stretch my hand and close the door. I pat her back slowly not knowing what she’s apologising for.. “I’m sorry, I’m just jealous, I’m supposed to be Happy for you but I’m being jealous.. I’m so sorry” she cried and slowly let go of me, she tried to clean her tears but it just kept coming.
“I try to act like everything’s okay, but everything’s not I don’t feel okay..” she said and I hugged her back. “it’s okay Wendy, we’re all hear for you” I said and my female subconscious gave me a thumb up for not spiraling out tears… “I know and I appreciate I just don’t like the way I’m feeling about you, I don’t want to be jealous of your baby but I am and I’m sorry so sorry” she says and disengage the hug with me and finally cleaned her tears.
“I’m sorry” she breathed out
“it’s okay Wendy please don’t apologize to me anymore” I said, she has every right to be jealous cause it is not easy to act like everything’s okay when everything’s not, cause I know I can’t do it.
“anyways congratulations” she said with a smile, a real one..
“thank you” I said gently and she breathed in heavily..
“talking to you I feel kind of okay” she said lowly and sat down on her soft bed and I sat down next to her.
“even though I cry my eyes out, my baby cant come back but still I just can’t help it, but I know sometimes in life some things happens for a reason” she said and I agreed with her by nodding, suddenly an idea popped in my head and I grimaced at the thought of it.
“Wendy. would you do the honour of being my baby’s godmother?” I asked and she gasped and turned to me slowly.. “you’re serious?” she asked and I nod.
“I am serious” I said and she pulled me into a hug
“the honour is mine” she said and she pulled away from the hug. She started to fan her eyes with her hand she’s about to cry.
“sorry I just can’t help it” she said and I smiled. “then I’ll cry if you cry” I said and she laughed.
Now that’s more like it, “then that will make us babies” she said and I shrugged.. “it’s worth it” I said and she laughed again.
After talking to wendy for some time she fell asleep and promises to eat after she wake up and I covered her with her silky blanket and went downstairs..
Well.. Going down the stairs was pretty normal everyday but today it wasn’t, there was noise coning from under the stairs and me suddenly being an eavesdropper, I stood still and listened to the voices from under the huge stairs and behold with was, Alyssa and lance..
“what do you mean by that” I head lance sad voice.
“what else do I mean when I say I’m breaking up with are you dumb” Alyssa pondered
“but why?” lance asked like he’s going to cry any minute his voice was shaky.
“why not?” Alyssa replied
“look lance, I’m actually sorry to break your heart but you’re not my type, you never were” Alyssa said and I felt sorry for lance, I saw this coming.
“then why did you date me in the first place” lance asked. And Alyssa sighed,
“because of Endy” she replied. Yep she’s a fool.
“what?” lance said surprisingly and she sighed. And continued, “I’ve been dating you just because of Endy, i mean hello you two are brothers so that’s the only way I could get close to him”
“but.. I-i how could you,
“how could I not, but now seems like I’ve lost since that stinky Selene is pregnant for him” she said and I almost walked down there and Gave her a slap on her stupid bitchy face.. “no wonder you’re always so Cold towards Selene, but you know what. You just broke up with me and I don’t see a reason why we should continue talking so please just leave” lance said and I had a feeling he’s about walking away and I rushed down the stairs like I haven’t been listening to their conversation. I met Endy in the kitchen talking to Mrs Ginger and I joined in the conversation. Mrs Ginger just told us both to take of one another this and that, I was really paying attention to her talking cause the ice-cream I was having was so blissful. But I kind of listened when she said my pregnancy is only due to five months, instead of nine, perfect.
Endy and I went upstairs to his room with me packing a lot of junk food, I started with some yam chips, when we got to his room and then my blabber mouth started telling him about the break up with Lance and Alyssa, when I was done he didn’t say anything he just stared at the floor.
“did you know that Alyssa had a crush on you?” I asked breaking his thoughts and silence. “yeah..its been four years” he replied “four years??! And you didn’t do anything about it?” I asked “what could I do” he said and I shook my head negatively.. He stood up and walked up to me, and I suddenly found out my chips were finished and I stretched my hand to take another snack when he pulled me towards him, and place his hand on my face and pulled his face towards me and kissed me.. Okay…
Kissing me he shoved something from his mouth to mine, making break the kiss.. What the hell, I spit it out and saw a green emerald ring on my hand and gasped.
“wait. Was that a proposal?” I asked and he smiled and nod. “you geek, is that how other people propose.” I said rolling my eyes. “we are not other people, we are US” he said and I rolled my eyes again.
“you know it’s a yes” I said and he grabbed the ring from my hand and placed on my middle finger and I smiled.. “it’s so beautiful” I squeak. “stop being cheesy” he said and was about to kiss me but I moved away so I could grab the remaining snack I brought.
“hey this is the part where we kiss” he said.
“no this is the part where I continue eating” I said.. “not on my watch” he said and pulled me toward him making me squeal and laugh..


The next day was great but was stressful because of the flight to Hawaii.. But besides that Endy and I had a great time together after the ride, and goodness the reservations mrs Rita made under our names is so expensive, it’s like we had our own private small hotel, with a private swimming pool and big Jacuzzi filled with red roses..
That day after going to swim at the beach Endy and I both went back to the hotel and after freshening up I went to the bed and he came later to join me..
“you’re not gonna fall asleep are you?” Endy said, his face close to mine..
“really.. What am I? a koala?” I said and he smiled and touched my cheeks.. “no sweetie, you’re just a beautiful lady who’s pregnant and can’t help it but fall asleep everytime” Endy said and I rolled my eyes.
“oh just be quiet” I said and he smiled and kissed me..
“I love you too” he said and kissed me and just then, Diana kicked
“ouch” I whined.
“is it Diana?” he asked and I nodded.. “okay her part is getting way out of hand, she just loves me too much” Endy said and I couldn’t help but double rolled my eyes.. I removed my ring cause it’s suddenly itchy and I looked at Endy as his eyes followed the the ring to where I dropped it
“what? Want me to put it back on?” I asked and he shook his head negatively.. “it’s okay” he said
“you know this wedding didn’t really mean anything to me cause I’ve known you’d be my wife the first time I saw you” he said and I scoffed
“yeah right, you were being a total jerk to me” I said and he got real close to me and smiled. “everything happens for a reason” he said and I huffed.
“and right now something’s going to happen for a reason” he said Corky-ly and grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head leaving my upper body exposed, I gave him a smirk and a “let’s-go-” look and he smiled .
“and that’s why I can’t get enough of you” he said and started to kiss my neck..
He’s my forever.
I’m his forever.. God I just love him so much.
Who would have ever thought I’d get married with my horrid past.. But here I am making love with the one I love.. Life is kind of fair.
“I can’t help it” I cried..
“come-on selene just push” Endy said holding my hands tightly
“just breathe..” one of the nurse said and I tried to breathe but I couldn’t, it’s just so hard,.. Giving birth is not so easy .
“come-on honey you can do this Selene.. Do this for us” Endy said a d I griped on to his hand tightly .i looked over to my mom who’s giving a “be-strong” Selene, my forehead was covered in sweat and I was tired as of pushing .
“I’m sorry mom I can’t..” I cried
“just keep pushing” my mom she and I gave it a try, yelling and shouting, finally Diana came out, all red and puffy..
“stay with me Selene, you did great” Endy breathed a sigh of relief and kissed my forehead..
My baby’s born.
Few seconds later Diana was wrapped in a silky soft blanket sheet and was handed to me she looks so beautiful and small.. I love her so much.
The blossoms family quickly rushed in and my head snapped up at them.. “oh my God it’s a girl” Wendy said happily and took Diana from me making her hand rest on her little bulgy stomach, yes she is pregnant for Oscar, just like Mrs Ginger.. She mean grandma saw.
As the whole family payed attention to Diana, Endy and I shared a brief look,
She’s our daughter. Yes
She’s just like us, and she’s going to go through a lot as she grows, but she’s got an extended family to look over her.. She’s got guardians around her, especially she’s got Endy and she’s got me..
I’m going to be a mom.



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Gesem Garba Gadi
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