BEAUTY CALLS Episode 12 – 13 by RUTHIE LEE



Endy’s lips were soft and gentle and I could say it was my real actual first kiss.. I felt things I haven’t felt before, there was this tingling sensation that filled my entire body, and it was like I was in a whole new where darkness rules but then there’s me and Endy to lit up that world, I felt forever happiness and love!!!.. And for the first time I felt like I saw the real me.
Endy slowly break the passionate kiss between us and sighed, which I actually didn’t want it to end.
Silly me..
“thanks.. I j-just felt like I had to do so and I’m sorry if it took you by surprise” he said and I moved back again cause his breath was all over my face and with that I can lost control and kiss him again.
Okay, seriously I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
The kiss did take me by surprise but the kiss was one of a kind, but who is Endy actually nothing happened to him on his first attempt to kiss me, and I know two dudes died because one kissed me and I said I love you to the other one, but nothing is happened to Endy, who is he actually, is he a weird someone like me too.. Or is he someone special and greater than any human being.. Or people like me
Suddenly Endy starts to cough holding his chest and I froze waves of panic swept my face and I didn’t know what to do, Endy coughed lessen and he stood firmly,
“sorry I think my throat got jammed by my own saliva” he said embarrassingly and I breathed a sigh of relief..
“a-are you okay? You look pale” he asked, with a look of anxiety
Of course I look pale I thought you were going to die a minute okay!!!
I couldn’t give him a reply cause I almost pooped out my ghost when he started coughing so I just gave him a slow nod..
“and, Selene this actually caught me off guard when I found out too… …. that I’m in love with you” Endy said and my breath hitched,
This is not the second or first time I’m hearing this word, but why does this one feels different,
Is it because Endy and—
“I know you might think it’s crazy but it is true Selene, I’m in love with you” he said again breaking my massive thoughts..
“i-i-i d-d-don’t k-know w-hat t-t-to sa-ay” I manage to say or should I say stutter, like seriously I don’t know what to say..
“it’s okay you don’t have to say anything I just felt like to tell you and now that I have it’s off my chest and I’m free” he said with a smile,
And wow he looks adorable, it would be great if he’d smile often. Wait how can he say he’s free after telling me he loves me and then leaves me hanging..
I opened my mouth to speak but I couldn’t find my words..
“come-on, you called here for lunch right?.. Let’s go, after you” he said and gestures his hand towards the door and I looked at him then at the door before walking outside and he trailed behind me..
We both walked in the dining room and somehow we ended up sitting opposite each other, again!
And ‘somehow’ I couldn’t get my mind off what he just told me, that I kept glancing at him every now and then,
I mean do I like him too? I mean I like him a little bit for his recent kindness but do I actually feel the same way he feels towards me.
*of course you do* something said within me and I know it was my sneaky nosy subconscious mind..
I shook my head negatively disrupting every file of Endy and his words in my head, cause thinking about him is just making me have a huge lump in my chest and that lump is filled with different outrageous question that only ‘i’ can answer..
After lunch I cleared the table, Louis offered to help me but I told him not to worry and I did myself, why doing the dishes Wendy walked into the kitchen with an ice-cream sundae, she sat down on the kitchen counter almost close to where the dishes were being washed by me.. I could use the dish washer but Mrs Ginger said, since our deity used hands, why shouldn’t we?.. And she sounded just like my mom..
“so.. Selene..” Wendy smiled giving me a strange wink..
“what?” I asked, confusingly
“Do you like my brother?” she asked in a whisper..
“you’ve got four of them and I don’t know what you’re talking about” I said, focused on the dishes
“ugh. I’m talking about Endy I saw the way you glance at him during lunch, that was a never ending glance and also you went to his room to get him to come down and join us but you guys took forever to come down, did something happened in his room, did you guys do anything, C’mon juice me” she said and my eyes started to blink rapidly on its own, but thankfully it managed to stop..
“i-i still don’t know what you’re talking about” I lied, and Wendy rolled her eyes..
“look Selene I’m no fool, I know something happened between the two of you, you guys were both acting strange immediately you joined us, I’m no love expert but I can tell when two cuties are in love” she said taking a spoon full of her ice-cream which I suddenly started craving for…
I’m not in love with Endy he’s the one in love with me.. I think.. Or am I wrong,.. God I’m confused
“no one’s in love with anybody please don’t misunderstand” I said and she scoffed..
“yeah right” she rolled her eyes and took a really big step closer to me making her body pressed to me..
“should I give you an advice Selene?” she asked and I nod positively and negatively, all together
“don’t toy with your feelings the prefect ones dont hang around to stay for you to start deciding.. So get a hold of it before the opportunity get lost” she said and her strawberry ice-cream breath made me pass out I felt like eating her breath.
She stood properly and smiled
“I learned that quote in a movie I once watched” she said.. And I breathe in and out slowly cause she’s finally not close to me and I was holding my breath for a long time..
“okay well I’ll get going now, do your thing!,” she said giving me a thumbs up “and remember what I told you don’t toy with those feelings of yours,” she added and I almost rolled my eyes..
She was about to walk out but came back to me.. “here,.. She said giving me her ice-cream “the way you were staring at it made the ice-cream almost jumped out of my hand” she giggled and I smiled a little taking it from her hand, she walked out of the kitchen and I fixed the ice-cream in the fridge, and after doing the dishes I started with the ice-cream.. After getting lots of brain freeze I suddenly remembered Wendy’s word saying I shouldn’t toy with my feelings I rolled my eyes remembering that,
Toy with what feelings.
Endy suddenly walked in the kitchen and I froze, just like the ice-cream I was eating, he took a bottled water from the fridge, glance at me and then walked out. I un-freeze my self and breathed a sigh of relief..
Gosh! why am I feeling this way
We’ve all had dinner and after cleaning the whole house, It was time for me to go and the entire family came to the living room to bid me goodbye like I was going to go forever..
“bye see you all tomorrow” I said waving at the triplets and they waved back and Lance stepped in front of me and gave me a hug, surprising me a bit, but good thing nothing happened.. To.. Him.. “bye” I said to wendy and she gave me a smile and drew a love shape with her finger while I suddenly looked away, “bye” I said quickly and quietly to Endy not even looking at him properly to see if he replies..
I gave Mrs Ginger a warm hug before stepping out of the house, I love this family, their familiarity is rubbing off on me and if they keep this up I think I’ll just grab my closet and live here or something..
I took the night bus and came home safely.. I wasn’t hungry or tired so I just devised to watch TV, but I got sleepy and was about to go to my room when my mom walked in I hugged her so tight cause it feels like its been ages since I’ve seen her..
She and I talked for a while and I even prepared a fast food for her before kissing her goodnight and I head to my room and laid on my bed.. And before I knew I fell asleep..
It was the next day and it was mid-afternoon the sun was shining so brightly and livelylooked.. I just prepared lunch for the blossoms and I and after desert Endy and I went to the garden and under the shady tree we’re both used too.. We sat down on a picnic mat laughing and talking about squirrels and their attitude..
“and one thing about them that I like so much is that they run so fast,” Endy said and I agreed by nodding.
“one time my brothers and I tried catching a squirrel but we all ended up getting injured cause the squirrel was at its full race with us” he said and we both laughed and I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder cause my stomach suddenly aches from all the laughter
“you tired?” he asked
“no just sick of laughing” I replied
“should I tell you a joke” he teased and I rolled my eyes
“not funny Endymion” I said and he smiled
“I love it when you call my full name it’s like it’s only you who gets the pronuonciation right and it makes my heart flutters” he said and I looked at him over his shoulders
“aww.. What you just said made my heart fluttered too” I said and kissed him on his cheeks..
“hey I don’t do cheeks, I do mouth” he said turning his face fully to mine.. “good for you I do mouth too” I said and he smiled and we both kissed, suddenly that good feeling starts to build up in me and before I knew it Endy pushed me to the floor and kissed me more and more passionately that I felt like dying.. In a good way..
He starts to unbutton my shirt and I smiled through the kiss..
“sure you want to do this?” he whispered in my mouth..
“sure hell I do” I replied and we both laughed and Continued kissing,
When suddenly I woke up..

“WHAT THE HELL!!” I yelled that was a dream!.. I though it was real it felt so real.. My heart was beating and dancing and I was sweating like so much that my some part of my hair glued to my face.. I moved the sweaty and sticky hair behind my ear and sighed..
So it was just a dream, since yesterday my heart and my mind had been rampaging on whether or not I’m in love with Endy or not that I had a dream about him.. A good dream I could say.. And I kind of didn’t want it to end..
What the hell.. I actually did want it to end.. Scratch that.. I didn’t want it to end.
I stood up and went to the shower, while bathing I kept thinking about the ‘dream’ .. And it just won’t get out of my head..
I got dressed and got to work, I opened the door of the blossoms house and the first person I saw was the person I was trying to avoid.
I suddenly flinched
He flinched seeing me too, and then he just stood still staring at me.. It was like he wanted to say something but he just stared at me and sighed..


** Endy’s pov **
I woke up from my deep slumber and noticed it was the next day.. My heart was as its fastest race and I was sweating like never before,
I just had the strangest dream ever, it wasn’t that strange because it was about Selene and I.. But it seemed so real and felt so real, the kiss, the talking, everything felt so real and also it felt like a case of ‘Deja Vu’..
I sat still on my bed thinking of the dream, I know I love Selene and I’ve also confessed to her and told her that I just felt like getting the confession out of my chest, and that I’m now free..
Hell no I’m not, I confessed to her doesn’t mean I’m free, I’ve still got loads on my chest and this dream just made it obvious and worst, I moved my hair back and sighed, seriously this dream is heart breaking I kind of wanted to see the end of it.. I groaned and got out of my bed and suddenly felt heavy, I know that was definitely the weight of my heart..
I went to take my bath and I could have sworn I spent almost an hour in there cause I was lost in my own thought and almost drowned in it..
After putting on my clothes and everything,
I went downstairs and met Louis and Linc already packed, cause they’re leaving town because of some unfinished business my dad didn’t compete. For some reason he didn’t want me to handle it and wanted Linc and Louis to, lance isn’t going with them cause he said he wants to spend some time with Alyssa his girlfriend and Linc isn’t happy about it cause they just got back from China and he needs to rest but Louis, he didn’t complain about anything.. Since my dad likes Alyssa, he told Lance to stay behind while Louis and Linc could go out of town and handle the job…
“so you guys are all packed” Lance said behind me coming down from the stairs..
“shut your crap hole” Linc said angrily to him, while Lance smiled
“come-on bro.. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself” Lance said with a smile, he’s making fun of Linc just because he’s not going on their business trip..
“don’t make me drop this brief-case Lance I’m warning you” Linc said gripping on the briefcase he held
“hey.. Just because dad didn’t tell me to go on a stupid business trip and told you to. . Doesn’t mean you have to let out your stupid anger on me.. so my advice for you now is to get a beautiful girlfriend mom and dad likes. that way you’ll escape everything you don’t want to do..” Lance explained and flashed Linc a smile before walking away .. Linc sighed and turned to me..
“well Endy, we’ll be on our way now, give grandma a hug would you” Linc said and walked out of the door..
Louis looked at me and smiled “I don’t know why he’s getting all worked up when we’ll be back the day after tomorrow, anyway kiss grandma goodbye for me and also wendy” Louis said and I nod

“oh my God I can’t believe my baby’s leaving me” Wendy said coming down the stairs with a hurry while Louis threw me a Sarcastic “here-she-comes” look and I smiled at him..
“oh Louis I’m so going to miss you” Wendy said kissing both of his cheeks over and over again..
“please, it’s okay and I’ll be fine” Louis said moving away from Wendy, finally Louis left and Wendy couldn’t stop being dramatic,
I sat down at the couch and started to watch TV it was still pretty early and I was kind of hungry. . Wendy who sat next to me suddenly scooch closer and smiled cork-ishly..
“so Endy,…i can see you’re all grown up an I right?” she said touching my bicep..
“what is it Wendy? I know you’re trying to say something just go straight to the point okay!” I say and she grimaced
“oh you know me too well, so it’s about Selene” she said and my heart double beats..
“w-what about her?” I stutter suddenly and regret..
“so.. I have this huge hunch telling me something’s going between you and Selene” she said and I flinched and suddenly went blank reliving my dream this morning..
“come-on tell me” Wendy nudged me but I didn’t move..
“Endy!!! Don’t leave me hanging” she half yelled and I sighed
“fine. There’s nothing going on between us, and well we’ve both kissed once, or should I say I’ve kissed her once and I confessed to her that I love her but she didn’t give me a reply” I explained and my sister’s eyebrows suddenly arched.
“really?!! Whoa, you are manlier than I thought, Selene’s a beautiful and good girl I mean why the hell wouldn’t you fall for her, but did you really confess?” Wendy asked and I nod.
“and she haven’t given you a reply?” she asked again and I nod.
“I mean I don’t expect her to reply quickly but I feel like she feels the same way about you too, I feel like there’s a stronger ground holding you too, and seriously I want the best for you” Wendy said and I nod and gave her a small smile, I’m really glad I told how I’m feeling towards selene, I really do hope Selene feels the same way..
My mental screen suddenly went blank and the virtual image of Selene and I suddenly appeared there playing every part of the dream, like I said earlier I can’t get this dream out of my head
Suddenly we both heard the doorbell and I broke out of my reverie.. And stood up
“I’ll get that” I said while Selene nodded,
I opened the door and saw Selene glowing as never before, I wanted to hold her cause I don’t know it just felt like I have to..
These days it’s been like I’m not in control of myself anymore, it’s like I’m being push by something especially around Selene, example like the kiss and the confession..

These feelings of different sort starts to build up in me as she stared at me with her golden eyes.. I wanted to blurt out the dream I had with her but she’ll smack me in the inside and on the outside thinking of how weird I am for having an eerie dream with her..
“good moaning” she said and walked in
“and to you too” I said with a smile but she looked away and walked inside while I closed the door, sadly and went back to the couch..
Selene was already in the kitchen and I could hear her talking to Lance and asking him about Linc and Louis, and then Lance explaining..
We all had Breakfast
Had morning that morning thanks
to Selene, who made the yummiest dish ever, just like how yummy she is..
Er.. Don’t take that the weird way, I meant that in a nice politic best compliment any girl like Selene could ever get.
I could feel she was glancing at me during breakfast and I wasn’t the only one who noticed, I think Wendy and grandma noticed too but none of them said nothing..
After breakfast while Selene was doing the dishes Lance went out to meet his date Alyssa, and I’m grateful he didn’t have her come here.. Cause I’ll just have to lock myself in my own non-existing coffin. . She’s not the type of person you sit and talk with, Wendy hates her guts like so much..
Wendy who was suddenly full went to her room to rest while I took grandma to her room, and after taking her pills she fell asleep peacefully..
I went back downstairs and walked into the kitchen cause that’s where Selene is and that’s where I think I must be, beside her, and besides its so boring being alone.. Even though Selene’s not much of a talkative around me, I get a feeling our silent-ness speaks louder than voices would..
Seeing me Selene focused more on cleaning the kitchen counter and cleaned one place a hundred times..
“Selene, are you okay?” I asked cause it seems like she’s having a really bad fight with that part of the kitchen counter.
“I don’t know Endymion, do I look okay??” she half yelled and my eyebrows suddenly arched.
“oh my God I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you.. I’m just.. I-i I just had a really bad night!” she sighed and stared a the floor
“so you want to talk about it?” I asked and she looked up at me and sighed..
“I wouldn’t say I had bad a night though, it was actually a great night, and I do Want to talk about it but I can’t” she said and moved her gaze to me then away..
“thanks for caring” she said and continued cleaning the kitchen counter and I moved towards her,
“look you can tell me okay! Then I’ll know if you’re aren’t feeling okay then you can take day off” I said but she sighed and shook her head negatively..
“I’m not sick or hurt.. I’m just in a state of confusion..” she said and rolled her eyes at her self I think..
Confusion?.. Did something happen to her?
“state of confusion? What’s wrong” I asked and she sighed, placed her elbows on the counter and then resting her face on her palms she groaned and mumbled “I can’t get it out of my head”
Get what out of her head!?
“okay.. Selene I’m offering to help you and I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s wrong with you I can’t help you” I said and she stood properly and sighed,
“I don’t want to tell you this but I feel like I have to and since you keep bothering me” she said but the last part of her sentence were almost quiet..
Okay she’s still the Selene I know, hundred percent rudeness and still a little stubborn, but other than that the only strange thing was the way she was looking at me, the way her eyes flickers when it meets mine..
“I had this dream..
She suddenly said and breathed in and out, okay a dream!
“don’t take this the wrong way or a weird way, it was about..
She said and I almost smiled
“me?” I asked with amusement pointing to myself, Selene dreaming about me? Well that’s a start. I don’t care if it was a bad dream or good one all I know is that I was there and that is what matters to me the most!.
“and me!” she breathed out and I stopped moving, a dream about me and her, she had a dream about ‘us’ before I could ask her what was it about, she started talking and I couldn’t get most of it cause she was talking so fast.
“it was just about you and I taking about squirrels and the craziest they can get and all of a sudden we kissed, for so long and then you.. Don’t take this the wrong way and just this dream alone feels like I’ve sinned and well I can’t get it out of my head cause–

“Selene!” I interrupted her and she stopped to listen to me and catch to her breath..
“I don’t know if this is defined weird but I had the same dream to” I said with amusement written all over my face, I can’t believe it, two people having the same dream, it was exactly like my dream.. This is strange but I can’t tell how happy I am right now..
“really?” Selene asking tilting her head in confusion..
“yes, it is very strange, but I suddenly woke up, while I was uhm… Taking your shirt off” I said and she gasped and covered her mouth..
** Selene’s pov **
I can’t believe this, Endy and I having the same dream about each other.. And also stopping at the same place.
What does this mean!
“what do you think it means” Endy asked and I removed my hand from my mouth,
This dream have been making me go crazy all morning and now what’s making me go more crazy is Endy having the same actual dream with me.
“i-i don’t know” I replied tucking my hair behind my ear cause my body is starting to heat up..
Endy moved closer to me and I gasped cause well a glimpse of that dream flashed in my head..
“what if it’s meant to be” Endy said and I looked up at him
Meant to be?
“what do you mean?” I asked
“you and I what if we’re meant to be” Endy said with a smile..
Meant to be?
Endy and I?
What if?
“i-i don’t know” I said again not actually knowing what I was saying cause my head was filled with so many thoughts..
He suddenly held both of my hands and I breathed in heavily cause I felt that feeling
“come-on think about it” Endy said and but I was too focused in enjoying this feeling..
“Selene.” he called and I opened my eyes which I didn’t know I closed before.. I looked at him and he smiled and Gosh my heart melted..
I pulled my hand away from his and suddenly wrapped it around his torso, I stood on my toe to reach his height and I kissed him.
I don’t know why I’m doing so but it feels great, and It also feels like I have to do..
Maybe I am in love with Endy after all..



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Tell us about Endymion

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The love keeps growing…..
I’m happy for them about the dream!

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Grace Ekigho
Grace Ekigho
3 months ago

Awwwwwwwwww love is in the air