BEAUTY CALLS Episode 27 – 28 by RUTHIE LEE



I grabbed Endy’s hand and walked away from Alyssa and her phony self,
Endy made himself another simple breakfast which was just hot chocolate, fried eggs and toasted bread and he sure made a lot because of me. We both ate happily, or should I say ‘i’ ate happily cause well Endy was just busy staring at me eat, but I didn’t mind and he’ll just laugh whenever I give him a look.
After we both finish the food,i stood up and smiled down at Endy..
“I’m full” I said touching my flat stomach which didn’t show any sign that I just ate the whole world
“good for you” endy said sarcastically and stood up from clearing the plates in our middle.
“yeah so I’m gonna go watch TV now okay?” I said happily while he just looked at me..
“this pregnancy really did change you a lot” he said not bothering to keep his voice down.
“and I like me better this way, so shut up and clean this up” I ordered and he smiled-laugh…
“anyway suit yourself and I’ll come join you later in a bit” he said and I nod happily like a three year old and walked out of the dining room and straight to the living room, I met Louis coming down from the sister looking a little bit like Endy with his wet hair and green eyes.
“Louis” I called and his attention suddenly turned to me..
“I was about telling you something but I forgot, don’t worry I’ll let you know when I remember” I said calmly..
“okay?” he said and came down fully from the stairs ..

“oh yeah right, Louis” I called again and he turned. “yes?”
“your mom said I should pass this message to you, she said, I should tell you to go” I said not really understanding the message I was passing.
To go where?
“oh.. I don’t really feel like going” Louis replied back, oh so he actually understands..
“can you maybe tell me where you don’t feel like going?” I asked curiously
“you don’t know?” he asked and I nod,
“my dad set a blind date for me without telling me and they want me to go cause well the girl’s dad is willing to pay my dad like up to a billion for their sudden contract-ship, and dad wants to make everything follow up and he’s suddenly making a merging relationship between his daughter and i” Louis said and my mouth just reluctantly open and close not actually knowing what to say
“but on the bright side, it’s not a blind date you a bit about her” I said with a smile
“I wish, I haven’t seen her before I don’t even know her name, I just know this little details from my mom.” he said in a panic way..
“okay well give me one reason why you don’t to go on this date” I asked and he sighed
“well if I do go to this date. Eventually If I don’t like her by the end of the day and she likes me we’ll surely have a merging relationship and those are the worst, I can’t force myself into love, and also if we both end up hating each other by the end of the day I don’t think the contract her dad has for mine will work out” Louis said, he kind of has a point there..
“but what if you do go to the date and it actually turned out well and you both fall in love” I said and he wore a bewildered look on his face..
“you say it like it’s an easy thing” Louis beckoned
“of course it is.. It wait, is it the falling in love part or going to the date part” I asked
“both” he replied.
“well that’s not true, falling in love was pretty easy for me” I said and primped.
“really?” he asked and I nod.
“it was sudden but all you just have to do is open up your heart.. I stopped talking and began to laugh..
Damn my hormones.. It uncontrollable
“what’s funny?” Louis asked confusingly..
“I don’t know.. You are” I replied and continued laughing..
“but I didn’t say anything funny” he said
“yeah I know but I just can’t help it” I said, still laughing ,
Endy came out from the kitchen and met Louis and I beside the step and he sighed.. “Selene” he called my name and I turned to him with little giggles still coming out of my mouth..
“what?” I laughed out.
“dude.. What Is wrong with her, I didn’t say anything funny and she’s suddenly laughing” Louis complained to Endy..
“well.. I can’t explain that since I wasn’t here” Endy said nervously and held my hand..
“come-on play time’s over.. It’s time for you to rest” he said a d I stopped laughing..
“what do you mean play time’s over. I don’t want to rest” I said and yanked his hand cause he was about placing his other hand on my shoulder..
“Selene.. Listen to me” he said and turned me forcefully to look at him..
¤~¤ Endy’s pov ¤~¤
“listen to me.. You’re going to rest okay? I don’t think I can keep up with you today” I said to Selene, her hormones are affecting her again and seriously it is the worst, and the worst-est is that it’s in front of Louis..
“oh just shut up and get lost Louis and I are talking” she rolled my eyes
“I am not getting lost, come-on let’s go upstairs” I said and she starts to punch my chest with her tiny fist.. “no I’m not going up.. Just get lost” she yanked still hitting me..
That’s it.
I carried her bridal style and smiled at Louis who was completely lost and confused, I took Selene upstairs to my room. and dropped her down Immediately we got in and closed the door..
“what the hell?” she yelled at me.
“why did you grab me like that?” she yelled again.
“cause you were humiliating yourself in front of Louis..” I replied.
“and so fucking what? We were talking about something important” she yelled.
“and then you started to laugh like a laughing jackal.. That isn’t normal, I can’t blame you for that but please just rest” I said and she huffed and moved closer to me, I thought she was going to smack me again like yesterday but she just pulled my face towards hers and kissed me. I reciprocated and she stopped and moved back..
“I’m okay” she said lowly .. Strange.
“okay…. ” I replied not understanding what she meant by that,
“I want to go home” she said and I didn’t hesitate to agree, if going home can make her calm then I’ll be glad to..
“okay then come-on” I said smiled at her and held her hand and we walked back downstairs..
I ignored the looks from Louis and Alyssa when we walked passed them in the living room, I ignored Louis’s look cause he’ll probably want me to say something about witnessing Selene’s strange behaviour.. But I have no idea why Alyssa was staring at us..
I opened the car door for Selene and she got into the passenger’s seat, while I got into the driver’s seat and drove her home..
Getting to her house she was starting to doze and immediately she got down from the car when she sighted her house..
“are you sleepy?” I asked as we stood in the front porch and I took the house keys from under the doormat and opened the door..
“yeah” she replied and hold on to me..
We both Walked in and she suddenly smiled.
“oh how I missed home” she said looking at everywhere.
“judging by your reaction, you sure do”, I said and she turned and gave me a charming smile.. Before heading upstairs, “I’m sure you miss your room too” I said as we got to her room.
“not really, I’m used to yours now” she replied and I scoffed.
I’m glad to see her back to normal.. Not that her hormone-ish self is a problem..
“so you gonna rest now?” I asked and she nods and laid on the bed.. She didn’t need to tell to take off her shoes this time, cause I suddenly did without her telling me and she giggled breathed a slight. “thank you”.
I turned on the ceiling fan as she went under the blankets.. And knelt down beside her. “sleep tight cause you’re holding for two and dream about me and Diana” I said and she smiled
“so you’re finally agreeing the baby’s name to be Diana” she said still smiling
“I don’t know, maybe, I guess” I said with a shrug.
“okay, I’ll dream about the three of us” she said and we both shared a brief kiss, before I got back on my feet.
“can you stay home alone, I gotta go home and see what the others are up to” I said and she rolled her eyes.
“like I’m a baby, you can go” she said, her eyes slowly closing.. “I love you” I tell her.
“whatever” she breathed and closed her eyes fully making me chuckle.
I went downstairs and walked out to my car, leaving her alone, my body was kind of against it but she needs a full time hundred percent body rest..
I went back home and immediately I walked in the first thing I suspected would happen, happened. And it was about Louis telling me about the ‘thing’ that happened earlier with Selene.. So I told him whatever deal he wants to hear.
“she’s pregnant” I tell him and his mouth falls open
“are you s-serious” he asked following me around the kitchen as I took a glass cup, opened the fridge took a bottled water, walk back to the counter and poured it into the glass cup.
“do I look like I’m joking” I said and chug down the water..
“so her pregnancy made her that way” he asked and I nod.
“ever heard of hormones? It’s Any substance produced by one tissue and conveyed by the bloodstream to another to effect physiological activity. Mostly pregnant women and Selene’s own is just extra” I explained and his eyebrows arched.
“since when did you turn a doctor” he asked teasingly
“since when she told me she had my baby..
“who has your baby?.”
Linc Voice suddenly interrupted me from the door.. And I sighed .
Great. I have to tell this one to.
I hate talking..
¤~¤ Selene’s pov ¤~¤
I woke up that evening feeling a little hungry and a little heavy, I looked around and slowly got down from the bed, Endy was right, I really did need to rest
I feel great.. But not so much.. I got up and went straight to the bathroom.
After peeing I washed my hand in the sink and turned off faucet.. I raised my head to look at myself in the mirror in front of me but my eyes caught another thing, my shirt, well Endy’s shirt was moved up and my stomach could be clearly seen and worse of all it was swallowen.. I stood up properly and looked at my swallowed stomach, it was seven inches bigger than my normal stomach.. I look back and front between my reflection stomach and the real one.
How is this possible?


I pulled down the shirt I was wearing to cover my stomach, the shirt which was Endy’s shirt was big enough so it didn’t reveal too much of my pregnancy.. It was like I was four months pregnant.
“how can I explain this” I muttered to myself and sighed.. I started feeling nauseous and immediately puked, grossly inside the toilet.
I washed my face and double sighed softly, this is.. I don’t even know what to say, I’m not normal so it’s not actually that freaking weird.. I went downstairs and preserved the most sweetest smell of brownies.. Who is making that?
I hurried down the stairs and ran into the kitchen where the smell was coming from and I bumped into my mom..
“whoa Selene, what’s the rush?” she asked and her hand stopping me from moving any further, cause she placed them on my shoulders. “sorry it’s been ages since I had brownies and it seems like you’re making them” I said happily and she rolled her eyes.
“so you’re not going to ask me why I’m home early instead of eleven pm” she said sarcastically
“oh sorry. Why are you home early?” I just asked that for her to be pleased so I can get some brownie..
“I got fired!” she said and I gasped.
“why?” I asked
And hesitantly she said “I don’t feel like talking about it”
“okay whatever” I said
“I knew you didn’t care if I was fired, you just want those brownies.. Go ahead and take as much as you want” she said and I squeaked happily and rushed into the kitchen grabbing the tray of the brownies.. And walking towards the couch in the living room.
I sat down opposite my mom and stuffed my face in these heavenly brownies.. My mom just watch me eat and she just smiled
“I didn’t know you have such a big appetite” she said
Me too not until I found out I was pregnant
“yeah neither did i” I said and she shook her head negatively..
“want some” I asked and stretched one brownie to her..
“no Thanks, I made them for you sooner or later I knew you’d wake up so just enjoy them yourself” she said and I smiled
“thanks mom” I said..

My mom Watched me finish the whole tray And I stood up to put the tray in the kitchen when she stopped me and my heart skipped a beat when I saw her looking down at my stomach, I was sweating a little and the shirt was glued to my body revealing too much. “is your stomach always that huge or..
She paused and gasped loudly covering her mouth.
I nod. “it’s exactly what you’re thinking mom” I breathed out and she moved closer to me and hugged me.. Surprised that she’s not mad or showing any sign of vexation.. I pulled from the hug and slowly asked.
“you’re not m-mad?”
“silly girl, why would i be mad, this is amazing dear, I would have a grand child and you’ll have a life, I thought you wouldn’t get married Years ago due to your horrid past, but I was wrong..
She starts to cry
“you’re now pregnant, which is a blessing to me and to you and the father, I’m just so happy” she cried even more and I hugged her.
Later she stopped crying and we are both sitting down now opposite each other..
“so when?” she asked referring to the pregnancy.
“about two or three weeks ago, I don’t remember” I said truthfully
“t-two weeks or T-three weeks ago? Are you giving birth to six ” she surprisingly and I smiled.
“no mom it’s just one” I replied
“one? Have you gone for a sonogram already?” she asked but I shook my head negatively..
“then how do you know it’s just one and how is it just big in just three weeks I’m confused honey” she said and I sighed.
“mom you don’t have to be confused.. You know who and what I am” I said and she tilts her head in confusion..
“what do you mean by that?” she asked.
“I am not normal and you know that” I said and she shook her head negatively..
“don’t say that honey we both know that you’re hundred percent normal..” my mom says slowly and this conversation looked familiar from a year ago or so when I got fired from three jobs and cried all day telling my mom I’m not normal and that I hate my life. But she just tried to convince me that I was normal like every other child.. But I know I’m not and never will be..
“hundred percent is a strong word mom, I am no where near normal and you know that” I said and she sighed and stood up.
“we are not going to have this kind of conversation again” she Half yelled.
“hell yeah we do” I said and said stood up too..
“are you going to cover your eyes and ears and pretend me killing two boys is normal? Or killing someone’s husband is normal, or me already dead and came back to life in your stomach is normal? I never believed that story but now I do, cause you know why? Cause I am pregnant and neither me nor my baby and husband is normal” I yelled,
I can’t believe I called Endy my husband. but whatever
“and you know what’s not also normal is that my stomach grew just this afternoon and I had an accident a day ago, a car was found laying on me and guess what mom, nothing happened to me. No single scratch or splinter.. Are you gonna call that normal?” I asked with my voice pretty high and angry.
“you had an accident?” my mom yelled.
Seriously? that’s the only piece she’s going to pick out from the statement I just made.
“yeah.. So?” I said, and she shook her head and walked closer to me.
“look sweetie, I don’t care if you think you’re not normal or what.. I love you no matter how normal or abnormal you think you are, being normal doesn’t mean weird things can’t happen to you.. Weird things happen everyday with everyone, and if that is so.. That means everyone isn’t normal.” my mom said with a smile and I smiled too
“thanks mom” I hugged her, that was a great comforting speech
“I’m sorry if I made you angry” she said as we disengaged the hug..
“it’s okay.. One of this few days I might need to see a therapist.. Cause I get angry easily” I said with a small laugh. That was a joke. But my mom didn’t laugh.
“it’s just that I hate it when you compare yourself to others and say you aren’t normal” my mom said sadly..
“it’s okay mom, don’t worry about anything anymore okay?.. Just worry about how you’re gonna make me another tray of brownies cause I am going crazy already” I said and she laughed.
That wasn’t a joke but she laughed.
“I’m not joking mom” I said.
“you’re not? But most of the ingredients are almost finished I can’t make you another one and also I can’t go to the grocery store to get the ingredients cause it’s night time if that’s what you’re thinking” my mom said, and she was right, I was already planning to tell her to go to the super market..
“then what am I going to eat” I yelp, like I haven’t eaten anything before.
“bring out the ones you just ate and eat them back.” she said walking away..
“mom…” I yelled-cried like a two year old.
“quit whining and I’ll order us a pizza” she said going up the stairs..
“thanks….” I said happily and sat down.. These days I’ve been getting very lazy.. Just standing is making me tired.
“Diana you are so punishing me” I said and sighed heavily.
That night my mom and I had a mother-and-daughter night, we watched marathons of family sitcoms series and while watching we enjoyed our extra large pepperoni pizza and wings with strawberry smoothie..
And after that we both fell asleep on the couch.
The next day a cool breeze woke me up and I found out mom wasn’t sleeping beside me, I stood up and walked lazily to my room upstairs to take a shower and honestly it was the first time I’ve ever feel so cold in my life..
I got out of the shower, with a tower rapped around my body.. I opened my small closet and looked for my huge thick sweater my mom got for me three months ago, I didn’t want to wear it cause it was pink, and so big and also I don’t catch cold.
But I’m wearing it today, not because I’m cold but because of my stomach.. I wore it and it covers my stomach perfectly, no sign of pregnancy showed and then I put on a black shorts, my clothes are mostly shirts shorts and a few pants.. I don’t have dresses or skirt. I feel uncomfortable in them.. I sat down in front of my wall mirror and dried my hair.. While drying it, I started to think of what to do today with my mom, my self or Endy, cause I’ve been fired from my “job” and now I have nothing to do.
«what are you thinking about?» I heard Endy’s voice in my head,
Startled, I dropped the hair dryer and suddenly turned to see Endy standing by the door smirking.. I turned off the hair dryer and stood up
“how long have you been standing there?” I asked moving closer to him to give him a quick hug
“for six years” he replied as we disengage.
“Always with the joking part” I said and rolled my eyes.
“sorry, I just came like let’s say thirty minutes ago” he said
“wait. Then you were standing here when I was putting on my clothes?” I asked
“no. I came when you were drying hair, I was talking to your mom downstairs before I came up here” he replied
“oh good..” I breathed a sigh of relief
“and what so bad about me seeing you change” he said and places his hand around my shoulder
“shut up” I tell him.

I removed his hand from my shoulder and sighed.
“guess what?” I said
“what?” he asked looking at me confusingly
“Diana grew” I said
“what? What do you mean by that?” he asked still looking at me..
I slowly move my sweater up and his eyebrows arched.
“what the.
He breathed out and I laughed cause his expression was unexplainable and funny..
“when did this happen” he asked as a smile started to form on his face. “yesterday when I slept, and woke up in the evening, I found out she grew” I said and he smiled even more
“can I touch it?” he asked.
“of course it’s yours anyway” I replied and his warm hand slowly went on my stomach.. And suddenly I felt a small pain at the upper right part of my stomach.
“ouch.” I whined
“what what, what’s wrong” he suddenly asked.
“I don’t know I felt a small pain here” I sad pointing to the upper right part of my abdomen
“maybe Diana’s trying to say she loves me more than you” Endy said with a small laugh and I rolled my eyes.
“yeah right, if you’re trying to say that was a ‘kick’ it wasn’t I know what I felt and she wouldn’t dare love you more than me” i said and he laughed.. “are you being jealous already?” he asked and I rolled my eyes which made him laugh and placed his hands around my waist and kissed me..
“can I touch It again?” he asked referring to my stomach immediately we stopped kissing which I wanted to continue.
“why don’t you just get in with Diana” I said sarcastically
“I wish I could” he replied and laughed and places his hand on my stomach and i felt this electricity flowing in me and God it felt good..
“wow your stomach is hot” he said smiling.. And then removed his hand but I placed them back. And there was this feeling again.
“okay you’re getting weird I’ll just keep my hands to myself” he said and removed his hand from my stomach and I shot him a glare..
He put down my sweater to cover my stomach again and held my hands.. “Let’s go to the mansion” he said.
“what? You don’t feel comfortable in my small house?” I beckoned
“no.. Wendy’s coming home today, and point of correction I feel comfortable anywhere as long as I’m with you” he said and my cheek flushed.
“quit being whiny” I said
“your acting Is really bad I know you’re melting at my word I cab see it” he said “shut up” I said and walked out of my room while he laughed and trailed behind me.


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5 months ago

This is serious 😂😂
I can’t wait to see baby Diana💪