Beauty And The Beast Episode 15 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Beauty And The Beast Episode 11 - 12 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Beauty And The Beast Episode 15 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Theme: The Angry Whore 🥵

🍎Cassidy’s POV 🍎

It was late in the night,and to be honest words can’t express how excited the prisoners were when I went in with the Royal maids to distribute food to them. The smiles on their faces was huge that they didn’t stop thanking me when I told them about the Emperor’s plan to change their feeding routines. No more burgers but a good food pack for each human twice in a day. They all merry and said it was good enough for them. In that moment, I felt like I was on top of the world. You know that feeling of getting what you want after a long time of hardship?! That’s it!

I kicked off my sandals,stretched with a loud yawn as I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower. No doubt I would be smiling in my sleep tonight because of the things I did today.

I did my thing quickly in the bathroom,ready to meet Caden anytime soon before walking into the large closet to wear a nightgown. Abruptly I heard a sound in the room. Maybe Caden was back. I concluded.

I saw no one when I got back into the room. “Caden?” I called out but no response.

A breaking noise in the closet again startled me. Slowly I walked into the closet. I gasped in shock when I saw broken bottles of perfumes on the floor.

“Who did this?” I mumbled.

I froze Immediately I heard another sound in the room. Someone was here..and definitely not Caden! I found the bedside lamp on the floor. It was broken.

Adrenaline filled my system as I listened for any hint of an intruder in the suites. Maybe it was a coincidence that everything was falling off?! Maybe I was the one picturing things in my head?! I knew I was being ridiculous when I jumped in fear at the mysterious sounds of wind.

After some minutes,everywhere became quiet again. I summoned courage,grabbed a brush and cleaned up the mess of broken bottles in the room and closet before setting to wash my hands in the bathroom.

But as I shut the door to the bathroom,the hair on the back of my neck stood at attention. I felt like I was being watched by someone invisible. I froze again at the thought as I made my way to the bed.

Soon I am pushed against the nearest wall. My head snapped as I hit the hard surface,a whole lot of breathe was knocked out of my body as I fell to the ground with a thud. I groaned in pains but I managed to look up an eye level with my attacker.

Deep emerald eyes locked with me as I remember the day I saw her. She had been standing with one of the Alphas Caden introduced to me at the ball. Her name was Evelyn. I remembered. Why was she here?!

“Hello Cassidy…” My attacker crouched down and grabbed a handful of my hair.

“Let go!” I shouted as she dragged me up with my hair. This shit hurts! My scalp burned like fire!

“I can see you are really enjoying this new life.” She laughed.

I didn’t try to take her hands off my hair because I knew she would drag me hard against the floor.

“Please..stop!” Tears spilled down my cheeks.

“Who do you think you are?! You come in here,the Emperor declared you as his mate,gave you a ring without a second thought and now you have changed him! You fucking human!” A hard blow landed on my jaw. My teeth cut through the flesh in my mouth and I spat out blood.

“Look what you’ve done to Caden! He doesn’t want me anymore because of you!” Evelyn let go of my hair but a kick landed on my belly.

So this is it! Geez! I should have suspected something was going on between them that day Caden introduced her to me as his good friend! But no I didn’t! She had acted normal like everything was fine. If anyone was having an affair with the Emperor then I would point at Ava not Evelyn! Now she was here to punish me because Caden doesn’t want her anymore! How is that my fault?!

“Evelyn growled out. “You’re not worthy of Caden!” She kicked me when I tried to get to my feet.

“’s hurts!” I pleaded but she didn’t listen. Evelyn was angry!

“Even if you end up with him,he would always run back to me! Don’t you wanna know where he stayed all those times he didn’t come to this place?! He was with me! And just so you may know.. he’s probably on his way to my Chambers right now!” She laughed as she threw another kick which landed on my thighs.

I hated this moment when I was vulnerable and too weak to defend myself.

“Do you wanna know why Caden would continue coming back to me?”

“ don’t wanna know! Just get the hell out of here!” I wanted to scream but my voice failed me.

“I give him what other women can’t give him – not even his stupid ex-mate was up to the task!” She boasted. And that hit a nerve – what could she be offering to Caden at the moment that the woman he had loved dearly couldn’t give him?!

Evelyn sat on the bed. “Rough Sex! That’s all he likes and I am always ready to give it to him. We both fuck like a sex maniacs !” Evelyn laughed.

“Everything was fine with us..until you showed up here! That bastard should have killed you instead of sparing your life!” Evelyn gritted. I knew she was referring to Mikel.

I managed to sit up against the wall,trying to catch my breathe as I watched Evelyn from a distance. Deep down in my heart,I prayed Caden would just show up here.

“I am not really bothered about you satisfying him…” She eyed me. “I doubt if you’ll ever be able to satisfy him because I heard big and fat ladies like you lay in bed like a log of wood while your man works out his muscle to satisfy you!” She laughed out.

To be honest, Evelyn’s word just hit a new nerve in me. She was mocking me and that annoyed me. No! I won’t let her treat me like a trash! All my life I have allowed people say alot of things to me but not anymore!

“You’re disrespecting your future Empress here!” I hissed with a glare.

Evelyn eyes glowed crimson. “Keep dreaming girlie!”

I dodged her blow when she lunched at me. I threw my fist to her face, watching as her head was knocked back sharply. I lost my balance but didn’t hit the ground like Evelyn had expected. She came for me again.

I pushed her away and shook my head weakly. “I am his mate..”

Evelyn let out a small laugh and it got me frustrated. I can’t let her win! “You’re just his whore!” I added.

Her face grew sour as she grabbed my neck and threw me to another part. I screamed in pain as my head hit the nearest wall. I could feel blood tickling down my face and I knew I had broken a bone too.

“I will end your miserable life before Caden finds me here. No one will ever know I killed you..then I’ll have Caden to myself.”

“Rest in peace..Cassidy Moore.” This is the end. I thought and waited for Evelyn to rip out my heart.

Suddenly I felt a sense of hope when the door bursted open. “What’s happening?!” I heard the only voice I had prayed to God to bring quickly. Evelyn released me.

“What have you done Evelyn?!” Caden snarled in anger. It felt like the suites shook about at the sound of his voice.

“Emperor.. it’s -” I heard a loud crash. I tried to move but I couldn’t even feel my body.

“How dare you come in here and harm my mate?!” Another crash against the wall and Evelyn landed next to me. I was too weak to even look at her.

“You’ll never get to touch her again!” Caden grabbed Evelyn by her hair and dragged her along with him to the balcony. She screamed and pleaded with him to let her go. What’s he going to do to her?!

“Rot in hell..Evelyn!”

“No!!!!!!!!!” I screamed with my last strength but it was too late. Evelyn screams filled the air as Caden threw her off the rails. And everywhere stilled…Caden killed her.

“James! Bring a healer to the suites now!” He called out. I heard his footsteps coming closer to me as I lay still on the cold floor. “Lawson! Samson! I need you here right now!” He yelled out.

“Abeja?” He touched me. Tears streamed down my face. I couldn’t feel my bad but it aches so badly.

“Where does it hurt?” He asked,concern in his tone.

My voice failed me again and all I could do was stare at him in the face. Caden held me close to his body gently. “I am so sorry…” He whispered. “Everything will be fine…the healer is on her way.”

I knew everything would never be fine because I fear that I may never get to walk again due to the pains in my spines. I sobbed as Caden carried me to the bed,his arms wrapped around me. “Please..stay with me..” he mumbled in my ears.

I heard the opening of the door again,more footsteps in the room. “Emperor! Emperor! Emperor!” Voices shouted.

“What happened to our Empress?!”

“Cora..please come and attend to her. She’s not saying anything and I think -“

“Emperor let me take a look at her.” Cora said.


“ have to give me some space so I can be able to examine her wounds.”

No! I don’t want him to leave. I snuggled closer to him. “I’ll be right here by your side..” he kissed my hair before laying my head on the pillow gently. I cried and arched my back. Cora moved closer to examine me.

“Why did you leave her alone?! I ordered you to guard her and leave only when I return!” Caden barked at my guards.

“We’re sorry..Emperor!”

It wasn’t their fault. I was the one who asked Lawson and Samson to take the night off after the stressful day in the human cell.

“You’ll pay with your lives if anything happens to my mate!” Caden threatened.

All I did was stare at the white ceiling as tears kept flowing down my face. Cora cleaned up the wound on my head and placed a band- aid around it.

“Where does it hurt again?” She asked. “You can answer by just blinking your eyes.. your arms?” I blinked. And she went ahead to massage my right arm before placing a band-aid around it. She looked out for other bruises too.

Caden gave out orders to his men some of which I couldn’t hear. I winced in pain when Cora and her assistant turned me over so I could lay on my belly. She tore at my night gown and began to massage my back. I screamed when she touched a point.

“Cora! What’s happening?!” Caden asked.

“There’s a dislocated spine cord here and if I don’t fix it back…” She pressed my spinal region and I cried out. “I’m afraid that she may never get to sit or walk herself again.” Cora added. I knew it!

“So you have to set the bone back in it place so she can be able sit and walk?” Caden asked.


“But that would be too painful for her to bear…she’s a human remember…” Caden whispered.

“That’s the only way..” Cora said.

“So..what do I need to do?”

“We’ll need help pinning her down.” Cora answered.

Caden uttered profanities. This wasn’t going to be good! “Abeja..Cora needs to set your bones in place -” hot tears burned down my cheeks. “If only there’s another way…I’m sorry you have to go through all these pains.” He wiped my tears and flickered my hair behind my ear. “Are you ready?” He asked and I blinked in response. I could see clear concern and worry in his eyes.

“Let’s fix it.” Cora said.

Caden hands pinned me to the bed, followed by an excruciating pain as a bone snapped on my back. I screamed out in pains as I struggled for my release but Caden was too strong.

“’ll be over soon. Just..a little more… I understand it’s painful…” He whispered.

I didn’t know how long it took for Cora to set my bones in place but it felt like forever with the pains.

They laid me on my belly with the aid of pillows guiding my sides. Cora injected me with sedatives and Pain relievers and stated that I would heal completely with time.

Caden bidded Cora goodbye and we were alone again. I still could speak,all I did was cry.

“I am sorry about Evelyn.” He said.

I didn’t want to discuss about her. As a matter of fact I wanted to be alone.

“It’s not -“

I closed my eyes so Caden would think I was falling asleep.

“We’ll talk tomorrow.” He mumbled.

I began to feel the effect of sedatives Cora injected into my system. I opened my eyes slightly only to find Caden looking at me.

My eyes became blurry and I knew I was losing consciousness. I felt soft kisses on my face before I blacked out completely.

Lemme start by laughing 😅
I know some of you must have expected Ava to be the Emperor’s whore! 😅 Well that’s why I brought in a twist by changing it into another person…Evelyn! 😎
Chai!!! Caden no even show her mercy at all..he just went to dump her somewhere ni! 😂 I hope she’s not dead o 😢

But Evelyn is not smart o 😏 she didn’t even plan her murder plan well ….mtchew 🙄
Don’t worry.. you’ll get to know who Evelyn is in the story! 😉

Please don’t forget to drop a comment so I can be happy to post the next episode! ☺️
Ghost readers don’t make me to start adding terms and conditions to upload the next episode 🙏

Beauty And The Beast Episode

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Thank God Cassidy will be fine, good to know the emperor is madly in love with her

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It is getting hotter!

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Brilliant but how old is Caden and what’s the meaning of abeja

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It’s getting hotter

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Cassie being alive calls for celebration 💃
I thought she won’t make it….
Get Well Soon!!