Beauty And The Beast EPILOGUE by Authoress Ademide

Beauty And The Beast EPILOGUE by Authoress Ademide

Beauty And The Beast EPILOGUE by Authoress Ademide

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🍎Cassidy’s POV 🍎

An annoying and continuous beeping sound in my ear jolted me up from a very deep sleep. Where is that sound coming from? I pondered as I rubbed my sleep eyes to clear my vision. Caden? Caden? Caden? The name rang loudly in my mind.

I looked around only to find out that I was on a couch in my apartment. Hold up? What just happened? How did I end up in my apartment sleeping on my couch? I wondered. Another beep from the doorbell snapped me out of thought. I walked slowly to the door.

“Why are you just answering the door?! I have been out here since the last 30 minutes?!” Cecilia,my colleague at work scolded me with an angry face as she pushed her way in.

“Just look at you?! You aren’t even dressed yet!” She snapped.

I gave her a confused look. “Where are we going?”

She rolled her head. “Did you hit your head on something or what?”

“No..I’m fine.”

She came closer to me. “Well since today is your birthday,I decided to take you to the club with my boyfriend and friends. And you already agreed to come with me at school. So go in now…and get dressed,Liam is waiting outside.” She explained

And then memories flooded my mind. It was true that I had planned to go clubbing with Cecilia. I had prepared my outfit but only to fall asleep on the couch while I was watching a TV series.

But I already went to the club with Cecilia where everything changed for me…how come she’s here again? I thought deeply.

I gasped out when realization hit me in the face. If Cecilia was here again after everything I had experienced then it only means that…….it was a Dream! So I haven’t gone to the club yet where I would meet a man who would try to kill me and then…take me to a blood sucking world! Oh my God! If I go to the club then everything would happen the same way I had seen it in my dream.

There’s no way I’m going to ignore my second sight ability this time. Even though I would have loved to be with Caden Wright but No! I don’t want to ever be a vampire!

“I’m not going to the club.” I blurted out.

“Pardon?” Cecilia frowned.

“I..I..won’t be able to go with you to the club.”

“And why is that?”

I feigned a sick face. “Cecilia..lately…I haven’t been feeling well,that’s probably the reason why I had fallen asleep on the couch.”

“I knew you would come up with an excuse.”

“’m serious. I have plans of seeing the doctor tomorrow.”

Then she gave me a concerned look. “Oh!..I didn’t know it was serious.”

“ is..” I nodded.

“Okay…maybe some other time.” She mumbled.

I’m sure there won’t be some other time. I’ll never go clubbing with Cecilia. This dream was a warning to me.

“I am sorry to have kept you waiting.” I apologized.

“It’s alright. I’ll go ahead now. Please take care of yourself.”


“I’ll come around tomorrow evening to check on you.” We embraced each other before she left.

I sighed in relief after shutting the door. Thank God for giving me such sight! I vow to always be careful.


It was a sunny afternoon, I set out to buy some groceries at a supermarket not far to my apartment. It had been weeks since I had that dream and I haven’t had any scary one after that except that Caden’s face has been on my mind. And I couldn’t get him out of my head. I kept telling myself that it was only a dream meant to warn me to stay away from clubs.

I just decided to come out, clear my head and get some items to stuck up my fridge for a new week. My phone beeped in my bag as I was about to pick the last item on the list from the shelf. It was Cecilia.

“Hello Cece, how -” I was interrupted by her sob. “Hey…what’s wrong?” I asked. Sobbing.

“Please can we talk Cece,why are you crying?”

“Everything is not fine.”


“Liam broke up with me.” She cried.

“Oh my God! Why? Did you guys have a fight?” I asked.

“ were fine until I broke the news that I was carrying his child.”

“Now this is serious.”

“He doesn’t want the baby.” She sobbed.

“ you didn’t hear him well. Relax…I am the supermarket. I’ll be at your place soonest.”

“Ok..I’ll be waiting.” She sniffed.

I rushed to the payment desk at a close run but I ended up bumping into someone. Some of my items poured out to the ground while another carton of milk dropped too,causing a whole mess around us. It was my fault. I was in a haste to leave the mall to be with Cecilia.

“Oh my God! I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to bump into you.” I apologized without looking up at the face of the one I bumped into.

“I am… sorry…”

“No,it wasn’t your fault.”

For a second I thought I was hallucinating again when I heard the voice.

“I should have looked carefully.” He added

Finally I looked up at the man and my jaw dropped completely. No way!

“Caden?” I whispered.

No! This is impossible! Did the Caden in my mind come out to talk to me?

I stood up from my crouching position Immediately.

“Sorry…how do you know my name?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Oh my God! This isn’t happening now! Imaginary Caden turned out to be Caden!

“Perhaps have we met somewhere?” He asked

So how do I explain this to him?!

“I..I..I… ahm…”

“Anyways…you might have seen me somewhere which I may not remember because you don’t look familiar.”

I nodded In agreement. I met you in my dream.

He handed me my basket. “I am Sorry..for running into you. I was too carried away with my phone that I didn’t even grab a basket.” He apologized.

“It’s…alright. I…was also in a rush to leave.”

“Is everything okay?”

“ friend just needs help.”

He shook his head. So what now? I should get going to see Cecilia.

“I am Caden Wright.” He stretched out his hands for a handshake.

So I can’t believe this is happening!

“N… you.”

Come on Cassidy! Stop stammering! He might think low of you.

“You haven’t told me your name.” He pouted.

“Forgive me…Cassidy Moore.” I shook hands with him.

“Nice to meet you Cassidy.” He gave me a charming smile. Those beautiful silver eyes looked straight into mine as if they were casting a spell on me.

Caden Wright, the Emperor was standing here before me! Wait! Was he here to take me to his Imperial in another way?! No way!

I let go his hands quickly. “I should get going…”

“Wait…ahm..I don’t mean to bug you. But do you stay around?”

I looked at him. “Yeah..just few blocks away.”

“Well..I also just moved into the neighborhood about a week ago.”

Oh he just moved in from where? Why? I hope it’s not what am thinking.

“Basically I am just getting to know the people in this place. If you don’t mind,can we meet some other time?”

“Ahm..I..don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“No, I am not inviting you to come over to my place. We can meet somewhere else, a restaurant,pack.. anywhere. I just want to get to know you…as a friend.”

“I hope you aren’t a Vampire?” I asked with a serious face.

His eyes widened in Surprise before he bursted into a deep laughter. What’s so funny?!

“Like seriously?!”

I nodded. “Yes.. I need to know who you are.”

“I am not a vampire. Why would you think of such thing?!”

I shrugged. “Anything -“

“As far as I know, they don’t exist!” He replied.

“Anything can happen. You might be serial killer on the run.”

He laughed again. “No! I am not a killer! Look, I just want to be friends…that’s all.”

There’s no use turning him down. He would probably get tired of seeing a fatty like me.

“So what do you say? I give you my number or you give me yours?”


“Ok? Ok to which of my options?”

“I’ll give you my number.”

“That’s great!” He handed me his phone.

Then my phone beeped after he dialed it.

“You want me to walk you home?”

“No, I’ll be fine.” I smiled.

“Ok..see you around Cassidy.”

I turned around and walked to the payment desk. I made my payment and then left the mall.

This is amazing! The man whom I saw in my dream and had been on my mind even after I woke up showed up to be a new guy in my neighborhood. And he wants to be friends with me?!

Perhaps is this another beginning? Am I about to begin another chapter of my life? I wondered as I walk back to my apartment. Don’t get your hopes high Cassidy. I cautioned my silly self from imagining that this new Caden would love me like it had been in my dream.

No! He probably would get tired of seeing me after the first dinner with me. I can worry about that later.

Right now, Cecilia needs me by her side.

Beauty And The Beast EPILOGUE

Beauty And The Beast EPILOGUE by Authoress Ademide


So we have finally come to the end of this story! 😁
I thank God for the completion of my 25th book 🙏
Big kisses for your support and time. I enjoyed reading comments on each episodes!
Please don’t give up on my books!

As my fans, I need your encouragement to continue writing. 🙇‍♀️
By God’s grace, expect more stories from my desk!
I love you all!

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25 days ago

Author author author, good story full if suspense

25 days ago


Hope judith
Hope judith
25 days ago

What a story… Fantabulous
May ur ink never dry Ademide… And thanks Opra for entertaining us. Always… May God bless u both❤❤❤❤

25 days ago

God bless you, thanks opradre

25 days ago

More wisdom

Margaret Akpala
Margaret Akpala
24 days ago

The story is interesting but she didn’t finial meet her mom she only saw her in the dream.

24 days ago

I think there will be season two of this story, Cos I don’t know if caden is really a vampire or not, wat happens to Cecelia and will cassidy find her mum. Thanks to the writer. Its really full of suspense. Thanks to operadre

23 days ago

Wow.. what a beautiful story..
Thanks alot..

Meanwhile, I am waiting for part 2.

22 days ago

OMG so all this was a dream . It was lovely and interesting anyways. Kudos to the writer

21 days ago

Your story was marvelous. I enjoyed every bit of it. Need I remind you that I’m amongst those that are expecting a season two of this!

Gracias amigo ✊

21 days ago

I love the story but I feel there are still unfinished business in the life of the Cassy…Like how is Caden connected to her anyway, will she find her mum, will her father later reach out to her, will her racist family later learn to love her, will she find love…I so much want season 2 of this beautiful story. I love the writer’s brain.Good bless you 👍

20 days ago

This is a lovely story…..God bless you

16 days ago

Amazing 👌

11 days ago

Wow, I never expected this. Kudos for the twist, you did an amazing job.

Keep it up. 💥