Beauty And The Beast Final Episode 30 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Beauty And The Beast Final

Beauty And The Beast Final Episode 30 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Theme: Her Water Broke 😨

🍎Cassidy’s POV 🍎

I opened my eyes when I felt the sun striking in. I stretched lazily and rubbed my sleepy eyes as I rolled on my side in bed, waking up slowly. I looked around when I finally came to my senses,Caden wasn’t around.

I shook my head in disappointment. Caden has promised to spend the whole day with me but he was gone. Perhaps is he in the kitchen preparing breakfast? I jumped out of bed quickly,eager to find him as I made my way out of the room.

“Caden.” I called his name but got no response. Feeling of sadness washed over me when I didn’t find him in the suite.

I grabbed few bags of bloods from the freezer to console myself. Don’t blame me! I am a pregnant Vampire! It has been four months since I became a vampire and my baby bump looks like I was due anytime soon.

Vampires babies grow fast. Their growth rate are way faster than other humans and they will stop aging when they are matured at five months. Being pregnant, I can’t possibly control my thirst for blood. All I wanna do is drink blood all the time because Cora said I have to drink enough to keep my baby in a good condition. This whole baby thing has made me look like a watermelon and I might burst if anyone drops me to the ground.

After a quick shower,I got dressed in the bathroom only to find Kira waiting for me with breakfast again.

“Good Morning Empress.” She greeted.

“Good to see you..Kira.” I wasn’t in a mood to talk to anyone.

“Breakfast is ready.” She said.

I rolled my eyes at the food in the tray. “I already had breakfast before you came in.”

“You shouldn’t be working!” Kira exclaimed. She probably thought that I had prepared a good meal for myself.

“ sit.” She settled in the the new comfy chair Caden had brought in some time ago.

“Kira..I am alright.”

“You have to save up your strength for the baby. Look..I also brought your favorite.” She unwrapped the blood bag from a napkin.

I frowned at the choice of her word. Did she just call blood my favorite? And when did the blood became my favorite drink?! Okay..few months ago. When I have to turn into a vampire to save my baby.

To be honest,I still feel awkward each time I feed on blood, knowing that it belongs to someone. I wish Vampires don’t have to stay alive by drinking blood! But that’s impossible!

“Oh..Empress…am sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. I just wanted you to have something for the baby.” Kira apologized.

“Did you see Caden?” I asked to change the topic.

“ he was out before I came in.” She replied.

“Caden..must be really busy. I don’t get to see him.” I said in a low tone.

“My husband didn’t come home last night too. He hasn’t been home for some days now.”

“But…why is that?”

“I guess..he’s busy running some errands for the Emperor.”

“But..Caden should at least let him come and see you. No! That’s really unfair.”

“No Empress…Gabriel has to fulfil his duties as the Emperor’s personal guard.” She came over to brush my hair.

“Is there something going on in this imperial that I don’t know?” I asked.

“Why did you say that?”

“I..I just feel you all are hiding something from me.”

“Everything is fine,Empress.” She smiled.

“You’re like this…because of your condition.” She added.

“I really want to see my husband. Can’t I go and see him?”

“ can’t go to him. He’s very busy. I am sure the Emperor will make out time for you and the baby once he’s done with whatever he is working on with the Council.” Kira responded.

“Okay.. I just hope it’s…soon.” I mumbled.

Caden was super excited that he would be a father soon. He didn’t stop talking about how he had longed for this moment. And he possibly can’t wait to see his child. We don’t know the gender yet or how many I would be having at a time but Caden seemed sure that I was going to have a baby boy. And I understand why? He needs an heir to the throne. Cora had stated that it was best to find out in the fifth month after the baby has aged completely.


Beauty And The Beast Final

I felt uncomfortable in my sleep because my baby won’t let me have a good night sleep. It was as if my baby was moving around in my womb so I had to go into the bathroom to pee. 11:45pm,and Caden wasn’t in bed again. He hasn’t been home for a week now.

I motioned out of the room to his study,hoping to find him there but the whole place was empty.

I couldn’t fight back the feeling of loneliness. I really wanted him by my side, though I understand that he has to fulfill his duties as an Emperor. I craved for his full attention but I kicked against the urge to go to the Throne hall to see him.

My hands carressed my belly. “Baby….don’t worry…very soon we’ll get to see..daddy.” I spoke to my baby as if it was present in my arms.

Suddenly as I settled on the couch slowly, I felt a kick at the side of my belly. Tears formed at the corners of my eyes as I wished Caden was here to watch the movement. Mixed emotions stirred within me, I was happy that my baby was healthy but sad that Caden wasn’t here with us.

I spent the entire time watching a television series with the hope that Caden would come around to check on me.

I jumped from the couch when I heard the door clicking gently. The time was 4:10am. Relief flooded through my body when Caden returned into the suite. He had a surprised look on his face as I rushed towards him.

“ are you still awake? Are you alright? Did you take your medication?” He examined me with a concerned look.

“I am alright…I was just…waiting for you.”

“My love…you shouldn’t have -” I interrupted him.

“I wanted to see you.” I fiddled with my top.

“You need to rest.” He said in a soft tone.

I looked at him. “I am fine. The baby is alright,but you are the one who needs to rest.”

He looked tired and exhausted. “I am okay,my love.”

No doubt he hasn’t had a good rest in a while now. He pulled me in for a warm embrace.

“You need to rest.” I pulled away from him.

“I am sorry if it seems like I haven’t been paying attention to you and the baby.” He changed the resting topic.

“I understand..that you’re very busy with the affairs of the Imperial,but sometimes..I really want you by side especially when I feel a kick in my belly.” I said sincerely.

He crouched down to my belly level. “Dear sugar plum, I know you can hear me.” He placed his hands on my belly. “I’ll be with you and mommy soon once I am done with everything I am working on. So be a good boy!” He trailed kisses on my belly and I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Abeja..we need to talk.” Caden said as he straightened up.

“What is it?”

“I am leaving the Imperial tomorrow.” He said with a serious face.

My smiles faded immediately. “Why? Where are you going?”

“I need to visit some neighbouring packs to find out if they are obeying the rules I established.” He answered.

I avoided his touch when he reached out for me. “How long have you been planning this? And why are you just telling me now?”

My old self would have screamed at Caden but with my condition I have to be very careful to avoid getting a high blood pressure.

“I planned to tell you… but you’re always alseep each time I come around to see you.”

“That’s not an excuse Caden.” I bit my lower lip to fight back tears. He was traveling out of the Imperial tomorrow and I’m just finding out. I have spent days without him,and seeing him now made me extremely happy.

“I won’t be gone for too long.” He mumbled.

“Okay.” I whispered still not happy.

Caden caught me in his embrace before I could sidestep him. He knew I was angry but couldn’t say too much because of my condition. The old me would have picked up fight with Caden and avoid him.

“I am really sorry,Abeja.” He looked straight into my eyes. “I really care about you and my baby but at the same time,I have to run some important stuffs for the Imperial.”

I nodded my head slightly as he wiped my wet face. “I..I.. just need more than ever.” I sobbed.

“I know..I know..”

“How long will you be gone?”

“Few days…a week..I won’t stay too long. But I promise to come back to you and our baby.” He kissed my forehead.

“Few days..or a week..sounds like forever to me.”

“I have good news.” He smiled.

“What is it?” I sniffed.

“Few days ago I sent an order to your mom. She’s going to be with you while I am away.”

A small smile formed on my face. “Are you for real?”

“Yes..and she’s arriving tomorrow with her kids.” He added quickly.

“I think that’s better,but am still going to miss you.” I pouted.

Hearing that my mom was coming to the Imperial made me feel better.

“I love you.” He kissed my lips.

“ you should get some rest since you have a long journey ahead of you tomorrow. I am going tuck you into bed.” I grabbed Caden’s hands and led him into the room.

“So…” I began to unbutton his t-shirt. “I think..the bed misses you.” I said.

“I was in it..yesterday.” he laughed.

“Oh really?” I pulled off the shirt and tossed it somewhere.

“What are you doing?” He asked when I pushed him down to the bed.

“Oh! What does it look like to you?” I smirked.

“My -” His word was interrupted by a moan when I kissed his nipple.

“ know what am trying to do.” I kissed his lips.

He stopped me. “ don’t think we should be doing this.”

“I won’t be seeing you for a week,so don’t I have the right to be with my husband for just tonight?”

“You have every right but I don’t want to hurt the baby.” He whispered.

I rolled my eyes at him. We haven’t been intimate since Caden found out I was pregnant.

“Cora said it’s alright to have sex during this period.”

He studied my expression to see if I was serious. “Are you making things up?”

“No! We ought to do it more often but you’ve been too busy.”

“Well..I wasn’t aware we could have sex despite you being pregnant.” He admitted sincerely.

“We aren’t going to hurt the baby.” I gave him my puppy face. “My body is really changed.”

“You’ll remain beautiful. And I want to see everything.” He smiled before leaning over to kiss me.

The next day,I stretched lazily and sighed in contentment as I remember everything I did with Caden. I rolled over in bed slowly when I finally realized that Caden wasn’t in bed. In his place I found just pillows. I snorted and shook my head. He should have wake me up and say a goodbye before leaving.

A bright smile formed on my face when my gaze flickered to a vase filled with roses on the dressing table.

“Stay safe till I return,my love.” A note was attached to it.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to be without him for another whole week. To be honest, I didn’t even want to be away from him for an hour.

A soft knock sounded on the door. That should be Kira.

“Come in, Ki -” I stopped when I saw the figure at the entrance. “Mom!” I rushed towards her.

“Oh! Look at my child!” She exclaimed as her eyes screened my body.

“Yeah..I look like a watermelon!” I joked.

My mom laughed out. “No…you are beautiful!”

“I wasn’t expecting you to come this early.”

“I wanted to be the first person you will see this morning.” She smiled.

“Oh mom! I am so happy to see you!” I embraced her.

“Your siblings are waiting in the living room.”

“Oh! I can’t wait to see them! Let me go ahead and take a shower!” I rushed off to the bathroom quickly.

“Go child. I’ll help you get your dresses.” My mom said.

I helped my guests settle down into their rooms while I insisted that my mom stay with me in my room. Her husband didn’t come along with them so it wasn’t a bad idea to let her stay with me. Moreover I would feel safe and not think too much about Caden if she was right beside me.

It was in the evening, I woke up to severe pains all over my body. I felt really uncomfortable and a bit paranoid and it has been like that for some days now. And somehow in my mind,I was really scared but I didn’t know why I was having such feeling.

“Are you alright?” My mom asked as she stepped out of the bathroom.

“No mom..I feel so much pain all over my body.” I groaned in pains.

“Oh! My child..” she rushed to me.

“And I feel am scared.” I frowned in confusion not understanding this feeling.

“Let me get you water.” She raced out of the room.

Caden? An innervoice said to me. What’s wrong? The pain grew intense at the mention of his name in my head.

“Mom..has Caden called?” I asked as she handed me a glass of water. No response.

“Why can’t I reach out to him through our bond?” I panicked.

It has been more than two week since Caden left the Imperial and he hasn’t returned home.

“My child…I need you to relax. The Emperor is probably busy with..all the Alphas he is meeting.” She piled up pillows to help me relax in bed.

“Let me go into the kitchen to see what Kira is preparing for dinner.” She went out of the room.

I couldn’t stay calm. I felt warm and hot at the same time. And I didn’t see a reason to sit back here and do nothing, so I got out of bed and made my way to the kitchen.

“Did you manage to calm her down?” Kira asked.

“Yes..she’s worried about the Emperor.” My mom replied.

“But why don’t we just tell her the truth?” Kira said in a shushed voice but I could hear them clearly from where I stood at the entrance.

What truth was Kira talking about?

“We can’t tell her the truth.” My mom cautioned Kira.

“But she deserves to know the true reason why the Emperor is out of the Imperial. And that he’s -“

What other reasons are they hiding from me? Caden said he was visiting some neighbouring packs.

“Cassidy mustn’t know about the war! She would freak out! And it may affect her condition!”

My eyes widened in confusion. “War?!” I said loudly.



They both looked at me with worried expressions on their faces.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.


“I heard war..tell me what’s going on?!” I snapped at them.

“My child,you have to calm down. You heard wrongly.” I sidestepped her.

“I am not deaf! And don’t you dare lie to me anymore! Where is Caden?!”

I could feel tears form at the corners of my eyes.

“He went to war.” Kira mumbled. My mom growled at Kira.

My heartbeat accelerated. Caden went to war and I didn’t have the slightest idea. Why did he lie to me?!

“The vampire hunters started a war again and Mikel is involved in the conspiracy.”

“Mikel?” I whispered.

“Yes…he did it to get revenge on the Emperor for banishing him from the Imperial.” My mom explained.

“Why am I just finding out?”

“The Emperor asked us not to tell you about the war.” Kira said.

“And he doesn’t want you to worry too much about it.”

So all those time Caden was away from the suite,he was preparing for war with his men! No wonder he never allowed my guards to let me out of the suites. Oh my God! Please help me!

“Oh” I sobbed when I remembered that nightmare I had few months ago. Caden went to war and he was killed at the battlefield.

I became extremely weak and I couldn’t stand by myself.

“Caden?” I felt dizzy as I reached for the countertop to steady myself.

They both rushed to help me. “Be honest with Caden in the Imperial?” I asked.

They both exchanged glances. “I want to know the truth..”

“Yes..yes…” Mom said.

“I..I..want to see him.”

“ can’t see him..”

“Why?!” I shouted.

“He’s not in a good condition.”

“What are you talking about?”

Soon I felt wetness in between my legs. Oh my God! I yelped when a wave of pain shot through me.

“I think her water just broke!”

“The baby is coming!”

I screamed out in pain.


Beauty And The Beast Final

To be continued. ….

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25 days ago

Caden, what happened to him? You should have continue author

21 days ago

Is it the end or what??
This is meant to be the final episode for crying out loud 😭

21 days ago

I think there should be season 2 of beauty and the beast 🤦

11 days ago

This child wants to steal the show. 😁