Beauty And The Beast Episode 14 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Beauty And The Beast Episode 11 - 12 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Beauty And The Beast Episode 14 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Theme: A New Beginning 🥰

🍎Cassidy’s POV 🍎

I woke up to absolute silence in the room. I had slept out on the couch but woke up in bed. It wasn’t hard to figure that Caden must have carried me into the room. Talking about Caden..where is he? My eyes scanned the room,I was alone. Did we share the same bed last night?! I pondered.

The conversation we had replayed in my head. Probably Caden had to leave for a meeting meant to establish the new rule. I smiled when I recalled Caden’s decision. I can’t wait to have a chat with Kira! I’m sure she would be excited to hear about it.

The door opened gently then I thought it was Kira. “Kir-” I paused immediately I saw Caden walked in with a tray in his hands.

“Good Morning Abeja.” He greeted.

My forehead creased in confusion at what he just called me. Abeja? What’s that?! I mean what happened to Cassidy?!

“Good Morning Emperor -” I managed to say and tried to get out of bed at the same time.

“ should have tea in bed.” He gestured to me to get back in bed and I obeyed without saying a word.

Why was he serving me tea in bed when I could get it in the kitchen myself?! I watched as Caden set the tray filled with teacups,milk,coffee and cubes of sugar on the stand close to the bed.

“Do you like it pure black or a little bit of sugar?!” He asked.

I stopped him from making the tea. “Thank you..but I can-” I paused to look into his eyes. He wasn’t Happy!

“Oh..sorry.. I’m just trying to be a gentleman.” He mumbled.

Oh! That’s true! I face palmed myself. Bringing me tea In bed seems like a gentleman’s gesture? Where did he get that from?! I don’t know!

I shook my head. “I’m sorry Emperor.” I apologized.

“It’s okay to call me Caden.” He replied taking his position close to me at the edge of the bed. “So to the tea…”

“Oh! Yes..I don’t like it black. A bit of sugar and much milk will do.” Caden set to prepare it but he fumbled with the coffee.

“How many cubes?” He asked.

“Why don’t you let me show you? Then maybe next time you’ll try it out.” I suggested.

Well that’s if there would be a next time for him to make me tea in bed. But I feel like a princess right now! So let me enjoy this moment even if there won’t be a next time!

I showed Caden how to prepare my tea. “What about you?” I asked. It wasn’t a bad idea to know little things about Caden.

“I like it black..”

“No sugar?”

“Maybe.. Just on cube but no Milk.”


“I don’t like milk.” He answered.

Maybe that’s a vampire thing! I helped Caden prepare his test before handing the cup to him.

“Thank you Abeja..” he raised the tea cup in air.

I sipped from my cup but I turn to spill a portion when the liquid burned my lips.

“Oh..sorry..sorry…” He dropped his cup to attend to me.

“’s alright.” I wiped my chest with the napkin he gave me. “Thank you.”

Later on,we drank our tea in silence neither of us knowing what to say but I could feel Caden’s eyes rolling up and down my face. I should start a conversation to beat this awkward silence.

I cleared my throat. “Abeja? What does it mean?” I asked,my eyes meeting his gaze.

“It’s a Spanish word.” Caden replied as he dropped the cup back in the tray.



I frowned. “Secret? Is that the meaning?”

“No,I mean..Abeja would remain a secret to you.”

“You aren’t going to tell me the meaning of Abeja?”

He shook his head, picking the tray along. Abeja! A Spanish word! I wish there was an electronic device connected to internet so I could check out the meaning online. Speaking of devices, I haven’t seen anyone move around with a computer or smartphone. But they make use of walkie-talkie to communicate like the cops on patrol. I should ask Caden.

Surprisingly Caden was out of the room when my eyes searched for him. Wow! So fast that he didn’t make a sound. Vampires are wonderful creatures aside their cruelty. I like the fact that they can be anywhere,they move fast like wind,supersenses of sight,smell and hearing.

I was still in bed when Caden came back into the room. “Why aren’t there cellphones here?” I asked when he settled on the couch.

“We don’t need them.” He answered.

“Technology make things faster and -” Caden interrupted me before I could finish my words.

“And it can also cause a great damage. We have maximum security devices in this CCTV Cameras but cellphones and computers aren’t permitted.”

“So how do you communicate with someone far away?” I asked.

“As an Emperor, I have the ability to communicate with my kind through my mind. And there are also Vampires who are gifted with abilities of communication.”

“Oh..” I mouthed.

“I’m just trying to protect this Imperial from Hunters. They can bring trouble upon us if they ever find us again. That’s why it’s not permitted for any human to leave once they are in here.” He explained.

I nodded my head in understanding. “So don’t you have any meetings to attend?” I asked,getting out of bed.

“Of course I do..I am meeting some Alphas today concerning the new rule.” He stood up too and came close to me.

“Talking about the new rule..” I bit my lips. An idea struck my mind at that moment. This is a chance to give the humans what they’ve always wanted to have for themselves.

“Yes..the new rule?” His voice snapped me out of thought.

“Oh! Yes..” I stopped again.

“Don’t you like the new rule?” He asked with a worried look.

“Of course! I like it!”

“So what’s bothering you?” He asked.

“Errmmm..I..I..was thinking -” I paused to step backward and looked down. “I am thinking if it’s possible for us to give a good meal to the prisoners.”

“Is that what you want?” He asked in a calm tone.

I fiddled with my fingers and curled my toes. “Yes..but I’ll understand if you don’t -“

“It’s alright to feed them.” He cuts me off my statement.

I glanced up to look at him in sheer surprise. “Is that a yes?!” I asked.

Caden covered the gap between us again. “Yes,I grant you the approval to give a good meal to your kind.” He weaved his fingers with mine.

A bright smile broke out on my face. But wait! How do I get food to feed them? I thought.

“I will give orders to the head Chef to prepare a good meal for them.” Caden said as if he had read my mind. “And I will also change the feeding routine to twice in a day – morning and night. Is that okay with you?” He asked.

“Yes..Yes..Yes!” I shouted in happiness. And without thinking, I threw my arms around him for an embrace.

Caden stiffened,taking a second to adjust before he pulled me closer to his body.

“” I said shakily,tears forming at the corner of my eyes.

Caden pulled away from me,his beautiful silver eyes seemed to cast a spell on me each second I look into them. His hand reached out to my face to wipe the tears that already dropped while the other hand weaved with mine.

“Please..don’t cry. I don’t want to see you sad.”

I continued shaking my head. “I am not sad. I am just too excited.” I managed to give him a small smile.

“Perhaps can I get to supervise the feeding too?” I asked.

I would like to see Felicia and Zoe and also watch my kind eat happily.

“You can get anything.” He answered with a smile that almost blinded me.

Gosh! Caden was so cute! The smile revealed the dimples on his cheeks which I haven’t seen before! Geez! He was damn hot with a good smile on his face!

“It’s a good thing to see you happy.” He smiled.

“You should smile always too.” I smiled.

“Why did you say that?”

“It looks good on you!” I admitted sincerely.

I was used to seeing Caden with a deep frown and wicked smile but today was my lucky day!

My heart skipped a beat when Caden leaned over to place a kiss on my forehead. Did he just do that?!

My eyes widened in sheer surprise when he withdrew,with another cute smile.

“I don’t want to be late for the meeting,so I should get going now.” He said.

“Okay..” I shook my head.

“Take care of yourself.” He added and once again he kissed my cheeks before walking out of the room.

I could feel butterflies in my belly and my heartbeat going in circles. I knew I might burst of happiness soon! Did Caden just kissed me?! I slapped my cheeks but I was awake. Really?! Caden kissed me!

I rushed in the bathroom feeling super excited. I need to prepare myself for the day’s work.

Minutes later Kira came around apologizing for her lateness. It wasn’t her fault! Well I got to know that Kira came around early but Caden had asked her to take a break for few hours so he could spend some time with me. Actually it was Kira’s idea for Caden to serve me tea in bed.

I told Kira about the plan to feed the humans in cells. She was happy!

No doubt this is a New Beginning for us all!.

Beauty And The Beast Episode

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13 days ago

More like a new Dawn has just begun…….
Kudos to you Cassie!!