THE WOMAN GAME Final Episode 5 – Missing Pen

THE WOMAN GAME Episode 1 - Missing Pen

THE WOMAN GAME Final Episode 5 – Missing Pen

About to thrust his baby pipe inside me, I quickly reached out to my desk and picked the screw driver and Pierced it into his ears. Immediately, he fell down without shaking nor made any sounds.

I tapped him but yet he refused to move. I got scared and began sobbing with my hands on my head. I kept walking around the room thinking and contemplating on what to do.

After spending hours trying to wake my uncle, I then decided to run. I rushed to his room and searched there wardrobe, there I found ₦500000( five hundred thousand naira) .

I then took the money and went to my room and packed my belongings. Speedily I packaged my bag and ready to storm out when my room door sprang open.

“Cynthia you didn’t go to your school party?” My auntie said as she walked in.

I stood stunned, with a heavy heart pounding so fast that I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. My eyes wroving and I used one hand to pinch my hair, trying to surpress the tention in me.

“CYNTHIA!” My aunt shouted in shock. Where are you going to and what is that?” She asked and slowly walked to remove the wrapper I used to cover the co* pse of my uncle.

“AAH!, Cynthia, no na, not my husband. Cynthia you have succeeded after all I did for you?” My aunt cried out loud in faustration .

“No auntie, I…. it’s” I was still starmmaring when a thunderous slap landed upon my cheeks.

I lost my hearing and she kept on beating me with all she got, Until I couldn’t feel anything and gradually I slumbbed.

The next place I saw myself was on a hospital bed with handcuffs. Besides my bed was my best friend and her dad. Immediately they noticed I was awake they gave me a warm embrace.

“Cynthia your case is been processed in the court and your requested to stand in for trial next tomorrow. Do you have anything to do with the death of that man?” My best friend’s dad asked mildly.

I calmly told him all that have been happening in the house and how it came to that point. Then he asked if I have any recorded proof.

I quickly recall I was recording a video when my uncle came in, so I asked for my phone which was with my best friend. She quickly unlocked it and thank God everything was well captured. The father also gave me a small recorder to hold just incase anything happens before my trial.

The next day while on my bed alone, the lady who was plotting with my aunt walked in. And immediately I turned on the recorder.

“Hello Cynthia, it’s so fortunate that I am to stand in as the lawyer for your aunt.” She said as she sat down by the bed.

She continues ” you see I could give you the justice you deserve if only you accept to be my girl. So what do you say” she said boastfully .

“I will never commit to you or my aunt, you daughters of Jezebel. You two caused all this.” I spoke out angrily.

She stared at me for a while and then k!ssed my lips before taking her leave.

The next day in the court we submitted our evidence ( the video of my uncle raping me and the audio recording of the lady who is standing as my aunt’s lawyer). Although she tried to cover up but I was given justice.

The court ordered my aunt’s friend to two years imprisonment and I moved in with my best friends family where I was warmly welcomed and given the life I deserve.

The End 💥💥

My pen don’t bleed ❣️❣️❣️❣️ it writes…..

🫴©️ Missing pen

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Sophia Andrew
Sophia Andrew
7 months ago

Thank God it ended well

7 months ago

I love the story plus it’s more educating on how we should stand up for ourselves ND not commit to wat ever d people around us want us to do. Keep d work going

Chinwendu marvelous
Chinwendu marvelous
7 months ago

Wow it ended in praise
Thanks be to God for giving victory Cynthia

7 months ago

Interesting story. Keep up

Fortune Nozipho
Fortune Nozipho
7 months ago

Lovely script.. Real life lessons well executed..