THE WOMAN GAME Episode 4 – Missing Pen

THE WOMAN GAME Episode 1 - Missing Pen

THE WOMAN GAME Episode 4 – Missing Pen


“It’s either you choose me or that lady. You can’t escape it,” my uncle declared angrily before storming off.

Ever since then my uncle kept pestering me, trying his best to get me layed. I refused all his attempt and finally the day of my school closure has approached.

It was a Thursday morning and as usual my aunt do leave before my uncle. I could recall last night hearing my aunt calling the lady to come pick me by 5 p.m.

I stood in my room thinking if I should run or face my problems. After so much thinking I prayed and went to my uncle’s room.

“Knock knock ” I said as I stood by the door.

“Come in” my uncle said from the other side of the door.

As soon as I opened the door , I knelt on two knees and began to plead with my uncle to please let me stay with them. I even promise to leave as soon as I was done with secondary school. After a moment of silence he then asked me if I was ready to give in to his request.

I stood bluntly not knowing what to say. At that point he walked up to me and began kissing me passionately. I began to give in and k!ssed back before my phone rang and I broke the kiss.

I checked my phone screen and it was my best friend who was calling. My uncle asked me to end the call but I refused and went outside to pick the call.

When I was done with the call I gained my senses and returned back to my room to prepare for school.

After taking my bath and dressing for our school party, I was doing a video of myself when my uncle walked in stark naked.

I was frightened,

“Uncle what are doing, what if mommy catches you ( I call my aunt mommy)” I asked him with a heavy heart.

” She wouldn’t, I mean you are not going to tell her neither will I,so?” My uncle replied me .

“Am sorry but I can’t have an affair with you, it’s not right” I answered him shivering in fear.

He made a loud laugh.

“So who will calm down the engineer you resurrected, eeh Cynthia?” He raised his tone.

I was becoming more scared as he walked closer to me and I kept pleading:

” uncle stop, am sorry” amidst tears.

He got close to me and held my two hands strongly, and pushed me to the bed. He began massaging his baby pipe, making it to enlarge and strong to penetrate then he pounced on me.

About to thrust his baby pipe inside me, I quickly reached out to my desk and picked the screw driver and Pierced it into his ears. Immediately, he fell down without shaking nor made any sounds.

My pen don’t bleed ❣️❣️❣️❣️ it writes…..

🫴©️ Missing pen

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