THE WISHING WELL SEASON 2 Ep 3 – 4 Bright Daniel


THE WISHING WELL SEASON 2 EP 3-4 by Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)

Episode written by Adedolamu Ayomide.
Edited by Nathaniel Anuma
Before Nancy could get to the door, Anderson grabbed her like a monkey grabbing the branch of a tree. She shouted “Leave me! I must kill Mr Chuks myself!” she flung her legs like a creeping insect, struggling to stand.
“No, Nancy, you don’t have do this now. You have to take it easy” Anderson made sure she never left his hands.
“No, I must kill Mr Chuks!” she was still shouting.
On the other hand, Juel had gone to console Kiana who was on the floor crying like a baby. She thought everything had ended without knowing that it was just the beginning. So she became devastated and wished everything stop at the moment because she couldn’t bear it anymore. She was seeing her own death at hand just like everyone else inside the room. Though humans know that they gonna die one day, but having the knowledge you’ll die in a few days is frustrating. Therefore all, excluding Prisca, was shedding tears at the moment.
The atmosphere of silence paved around the room like the wave of wind in a graveyard except the sniffing cry of the women. Prisca looked at the four students, directed her eyes to dead Henry on the bed again and stared at him like one who could raise him from dead, but definitely she had no such power. She began, looking at the students, “Please let’s take it easy. Mr Chuks is dangerous. We must not let him know that you are aware of his secrets coz if he knows he will go extra mile to make sure that none of you remain alive and my own life will also be at stake.”
Hearing that, Juel stood up from the floor sadly, looked at her and said. “What must we do now?”
“We have to embark on a journey. Is like my father knows some kind of way to stop it but you guys need to trust me”
Anderson stood up from where he was consoling Nancy. “I don’t trust you! I don’t trust anyone at this moment, so you better go back to wherever you came from. I don’t even believe what you said!”
Prisca fired back. “Do you think I care!? Do you you think is my own life that is at stake here?! If you like push me away. I will not beg you to save your own life. Period!” She walked out of the room angrily.
The two boys stared at the direction of the exit, while the girls cried on the floor. Everything was happening very fast and so confusing at the moment.
Juel had to run after Prisca who had left the room with anger. He met her on the way and dragged her back saying, “Please, we need you”
“Then why is your friend acting like I’m the devil here?!”
“I don’t blame him coz it’s just so hard to trust anybody now”
“Then let me go!” Prisca began to leave but Juel dragged her back again.
“Don’t go away. I believe you are an angel sent from above” he said with much hope in her.
Prisca couldn’t utter anything at the moment because the words of the handsome young man were like the words of a romantic guy who was about to lure her to bed. Therefore she couldn’t control her smile and said, “I knew you will be the only one to come and beg me, but no problem. I’ll still come back.”
“When are you coming back?” Juel asked.
“Tomorrow actually. I’ll see you at the basketball court. Though not to kiss you again but to just see you” she became charming in the eyes of Juel. “We can meet others from there, okay?” she added.
Juel exhaled as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulder. “Okay, no problem I’ll be waiting at the basketball court by 5:00pm tomorrow”
“Alright” Prisca catwalked out as usual.
On the other hand at Touch-Hill university, the Vice chancellor of the school accidentally opened a file he found in his office. He was a man of intelligence who sought for justice in all ramification. He was fair in complexion, tall but looked old. One could even see grey hair on his head. He brought out the file, placed it on his table and opened it. He couldn’t believe what he saw: the hand writing of late Dr. Danny on one of the papers in the file. It was written in capital letters which says, “HOLD KIANA DESMOND RESPONSIBLE IF I EVENTUALLY DIE”
He could see his signature below the message and that of late Dr Danny, but one thing was certain; he couldn’t remember when such agreement was made. Therefore he became confused, closed the file, sat on his seat and began to think critically. How could Kiana kill Dr Danny and why would she do that? He was thinking very fast. Suddenly, his memory went blank. He couldn’t think of how such thing happened or when the agreement was made at the first place. How would he know that the hands of the clock was turned back thereby rendering everyone’s mind blank about all incident that happened after the accident? Dr Ade, the vice chancellor, wanted to know the truth about the paper he found in his office, so he stood up and walked out of the office, straight to Kiana’s control room.
His shoes was an italian product, shinning and reflecting the evening sunlight as he walked along the school environment. Students greeted him, but he neglected their greetings because he was pursuing something much more important than the familiarity they wanted to bring up. He wore a brown suit over a bogus trouser that fit only old men of his age. When he stepped into the building that contains Kiana’s office, the sound of the shoes attracted Judge, the psychopath. Therefore he came out from one of the halls, staring at the vice chancellor who was walking like a police officer, rushing to arrest a victim.
“Sir!” Judge called him.
The old man looked back to see that it was the psychopath, so he neglected him
‘Excuse me, sir” Judge called again, rushing to meet him.
To avoid the distraction, the old man stopped and looked back. “Yes? What’s it, Judge?” he asked sarcastically.
Judge looked at the paper in his hand. “What do you have in your hand, sir?” He asked him.
“How is it your business?” Dr Ade fired like a barking dog. Therefore Judge became quiet and timid like a child who was denied from his favorite food. He sheepishly moved away from the old man.
The VC opened Kiana’s control room. He looked around to see it well kept with all the computers and every other documents intact. Nobody was in the room except him. So he began to search around with his eyes to see whether there would be an evidence related to the one he found in his office. Just then, he saw an old newspaper under one of the tables. It wasn’t really visible, only a tip of it was. Dr Ade bent down and dragged out the newspaper from under the table, he read the news on the paper but couldn’t remember when such thing took place in the school. He could see the heading of one of the news on the paper which says, “Meteor rocks fall in Touch-Hill university” He could also see the image of the rocks and everything it damaged. So he became confused once again. When did such thing happen in Touch-Hill university? He couldn’t remember. Only then did he seriously believe that Kiana Desmond had urgent questions to answer. He folded the newspaper and began to walk out of the room.
Before Dr. Ade opens the door, he saw Kiana also coming through the same door in a way both stared at each other.
“Good evening, sir” Kiana greeted with much confusion in her head.
The old man didn’t return the greeting rather walked back into the room with the young girl. However, Kiana had been so worried to see the almighty vice chancellor of Touch-Hill university inside her control room which had never happened before. She didn’t know whether to think it was for a good purpose or a bad one. She totally became mesmerized thoughtless of the timely death situation she found herself into. Nevertheless, she spread her hands in the air and asked with a faticious smile saying, “Sir, what are you doing in my office?”
The old man didn’t say anything but kept staring at her to collect related data from her character which made Kiana think she was into some kind of trouble which, of course, she was.
Dr. Ade threw the newspaper on the table for Kiana to see. When she sighted it, her heart skipped because she thought that she had gotten rid of every written news about what happened after the accident, but was unlucky to see one thrown on her table by the VC of Touch-Hill university. That was a bad thing for her.
“Can you explain when this happened in Touch-Hill university, Miss Desmond? Dr Ade asked her.
“Sir, are you sure this happened in Touch-Hill university?” Kiana returned the question with a quivering voice.
“Don’t be ridiculous, Miss Desmond. “Dr Ade took one step towards the newspaper and pointed a finger on it saying, “Look at your name on it as the author, look at my school environment and you are asking me if this paper is of this school. Are you okay, miss Desmon?”
Kiana remained mute. She didn’t know what to say again because she had been caught red handed. How could she explain to the old man her dark secret which had come up again to torment her to death? How could she open up to him? of course she knew that if she does, it would make the whole issue more complicated. Hence, death was calling her from all angles. So she became confused and didn’t know what to say. Just as she wallowed in such obnoxious and woozy attitude, Dr Ade threw another paper on the table saying, “Okay, look at this. I saw it in my office few minutes ago and it is late Dr. Danny’s hand writing with my signature and his in it, but what I don’t understand is how and when such thing happened. So tell me, Miss Desmond, what is really going on in my school?”
After a series of silence inside the room, Kiana said, “Sir, I am as confused as you are. I don’t know how and when I even wrote this news”
“Are you kidding me, Miss Desmond? Are you trying to tell me that you don’t know about a newspaper that has your name on it as the author, the name of my school and some images found within my school? This is ridiculous!”
Another silence creeped in between the two people. They could hear the shouting and chattering of students outside but none of them paid attention to it, all they could think of was the situation at hand; the discovery of a news that never happened in Touch-Hill university which, of course, happened but nobody had a memory of it except Kiana and her friends.
Nevertheless after the tranquillity lingered, Dr Ade took the papers, folded them and walked out of the room. Of course Kiana knew that another bad thing was coming on the way, therefore she collapsed on a chair behind her and packed her hair backwards like a frustrated entity. She was really tired of the whole thing.
Darkness covered the atmosphere in the geographical area of the land. The four students had to gather inside Juel’s room for a serious deliberation and discussion over the issue at hand. There was no chair inside the room only a voluminous bed and a reading table. At a corner was a standing wardrobe. It was typical example of a student’s room. One could see Kiana sitting on the bed like a mallam, praying in a mosque. She wore only a bum-short and a blue shirt, while others sat at the edge of the bed, waiting for someone to break the silence. Suddenly, Anderson stood up and leaned against the wall as if to say something but he never said anything. Of course all of them was totally confused without knowing what to do. Just as the silence lingered, Kiana broke it saying, “Something happened in school today after I went back to take something from my office. I saw Mr Ade inside the control room.”
Hearing that, the other students became enthusiastic and curious to know what the VC of the university was doing in Kiana’s control room. Therefore they paid much attention for Kiana to continue.
“What was the old man doing in your office” Anderson asked her first.
“I don’t know! I just walked in and saw him there.. and..and..” Kiana stammered with hands opened like one who didn’t know where to start. “And.. and he saw an old newspaper that contains what happened after the accident. I don’t know! I thought I got rid of every news I wrote about the meteor rock that fell from the sky as a result of Nancy’s wish, but I was surprised to see one with him. Also, i saw another document of late Dr Danny saying that I must be held responsible for his death”
“Oh my goodness!” Nancy exclaimed.
“This is serious” Juel added.
Kiana continued. “I’m sure Dr Danny finally carried out his plans of making sure I die before or after him. I’m sure he made the agreement with the vice chancellor that I must be held responsible for his death. I thought he was joking when he said it, I never knew he meant it.”
All of them waited for the explanation to sink down into their ears.
“We have two problems.” Anderson began. “What are we gonna do now?”
“Let’s first focus on how to save our lives through Prisca Clinton” Juel replied then glanced at Kiana to see her staring at him suspiciously.
Anderson shook his head. “I don’t like that girl. Something in me tells me she’s not being sincere”
“We have no choice”
They became quiet again. Juel looked at Nancy and asked her, “What do you think?”
She rubbed her face like a child who woke up from sleep. “I can’t think now” she replied.
“Let’s try the so called Prisca” Kiana concured and was agreed by all of them.
After Anderson and Nancy left, Kiana covered herself with a blanket to sleep. She actually couldn’t sleep alone which resulted in sleeping in Juel’s room. Juel exhaled and joined her in the bed. He thought she was still upset with him, but when she suddenly turned to him in a way she laid her head on his chest, he felt loved and began to pat her back gently like a father consoling a crying child.
“Juel?” her voice came from his hairy chest. “I’m scared and frustrated by this whole thing. I just want to end my life”
“No, dear. You don’t run from problems rather you face and battle with them until you win. Therefore you won’t take your life and we must not die” he encouraged her.
“I love you, Juel”
“I love you too dear”
Kiana held him tightly still with her head on his chest then went to sleep.
On the other hand, Nancy had to also spend the night with Anderson due to fear and thought of her late boyfriend. When both entered into his room. She folded her arms and stood at a spot in order to survey the sanctum. She was on trousers and a shirt as usual. She saw nothing but a self contain apartment with a large bed at the corner. Anderson noticed her gaze.
“That’s the bathroom over here” he pointed at a spot. “Also, i can prepare something for you if you’re hungry”
“Don’t worry, it’s late” Nancy stepped inside.
“You can also use the bed” Anderson added.
Nancy sat at the edge of the bed and began to pull her trouser. “I hope you don’t mind. I like sleeping naked” she said.
Anderson glanced at her without saying anything.
“But since I’m with you, i won’t go totally nude; just my pant will remain” she was always like that; prompt and plain.
Anderson kept quiet as he also took off his clothes to allow silence pave around the room. After going naked, Nancy laid on the bed and covered her body half way. When she saw Anderson trying to sleep on the floor, she asked in a concern tone, “What do you think you’re doing?”
“Trying to sleep” he replied.
“On the floor? No no no, it makes me feel guilty and uncomfortable. Come up to the bed now or I leave your apartment this moment” she sounded more like a commander in chief of the police.
Without wasting time, Anderson joined her with a smile. Though both turned their back at each other.
“That reminds me, Anderson” Nancy began again. “You don’t talk about your girlfriend”
“That’s because I don’t have one” he replied.
“Is it mandatory?”
They remained silent.
“Nobody knows your wish at the well till this day. Do you mind telling me?”
“Can you go to bed, Nancy?”
“I’m already in bed”
“Then go to sleep”
Both remained silent until nature called them.
He hugged her from behind inside the control room in a way she felt his dick on her butt. she turned, smiling at him. “It’s work hour, Juel”
“You’re my work, Kiana” he kissed her.
She grinned happily. “You’re driving me crazy”
“I’m already crazy about you”
Both wanted to kiss again, but the door of the room opened. They disengaged from each other when they saw the policemen that entered.
“What’s it, officer?” Juel spread his hands.
One of the men walked to Kiana and said, “Kiana Desmond, you’re under arrest for the death of Dr. Danny Rubenstein” he handcuffed and pushed her towards the door.
Leaving through the door, Kiana turned back with tears in her eyes. “Please, help me, Juel” she kept repeating that until a hand touched her neck. She woke up from Juel’s chest only to find out thatvshe was dreaming.
“What is it, Ana?” Juel asked her. She couldn’t respond rather broke down in tears. “Is okay. Everything will be fine” he began to pat her back once again.
Mr Clinton, Prisca’s father, met the daughter at the backyard where she was preparing to embark on a journey with the four students. One could see her, picking things in a hurry and filling her local bag with it.
“Prisca” the father called.
“Father” she replied without looking at him.
“Do you know the consequences of what you’re about to do?”
“I know exactly what I’m doing, father”
Mr Clinton stepped closer to her in a way he made her stop whatever she was doing to look at him. “You’re not saving those students’ life. You just want them for your own selfishness. I have told you to leave the well domant the way it is”
“No, father. This is my opportunity to reawaken the well with the blood of these students. You know how long i have waited to see people like them who have the memory from Mr Chuks’ wishing well. Only their blood can reawake my own well. Then I’ll show Mr Chuks that my well is always greater than his” she got busy again.
“You don’t have to kill them”
“If I don’t kill them to reawaken my well, they still gonna die anyways. So what’s the need?”
Truly, as Anderson suspected. Prisca can not be trusted. She would actually be leading them to their doom instead of to save their lives…



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Mehn this is crazy……
WTF is wrong with prisca????