THE WISHING WELL 2 Final Episode 10 Bright Daniel

THE WISHING WELL 2 Final Episode 10 Bright Daniel

THE WISHING WELL 2 Final Episode 10 Bright Daniel

Everywhere grew quiet except the sound of wind that bent crops and caused soil erosion. Mr Clinton stood at a distance to understand the sudden quietness that paved around the environment with a bush meat on his shoulder like a hunter, returning from a successful hunt.

As a great man, he felt the pass away of ghost around the arena which was the cause of the strange wind. Briskly, he dumbed the meat on the ground, running into the very hut he believed her daughter, Prisca, was.

When he entered without seeing her, he came out and shouted in a loud voice, “Prisca!!” Once again, he ran to the very hut where Juel laid on a mat as usual. At the sight of him, he slowed down with a strange gaze. He saw his legs and hands stretched like one in a casket. He didn’t need more brain to understand that Juel was dead. So he sadly covered him with a wrapper. “Travel well, son” he concluded.


On the other hand, at the wishing well, Prisca surged forward to the sight of the policemen and the two girls. All stared at her until she stood at the edge of the well.

“Is she the Prisca Clinton from the broken well?” the commander broke the silence.

“Yes, she is” Nancy replied.

Prisca’s voice sounded calmed as she looked at the two students. “I came to do what I should have done. But I need you both to forgive me…” she sighed heavily then turned to slide down the well through the rope, but Kiana’s voice interrupted her.


She looked at her.

“What about Juel?”

Prisca didn’t reply rather stared at her to see the burning desire to meet Juel in her eyes. Of course she knew, at that point in time, Juel had already kicked the bucket. Therefore, she slowly grabbed the rope and slid down the well without replying Kiana which broke her heart and activated her tears gland. She embraced Nancy to shed the tears on her shoulder, while Nancy began to pat her back like a mother petting a child for they believed Prisca’s quietness signified the death of Juel.

Sudden, a hallow sound came from the Well which brought all their attention to it. Even Kiana had to disengaged from Nancy, staring at the Well frighteningly.

Nevertheless, Prisca got to the base of the well, put on a torchlight to see some diabolical totem on the floor. She could also see an opening before her like a tunnel that leads to another part of the well which indicated it was more than a well. It was like a residential area.

She surged forward through the passage. Her torchlight moved haphazardly on the walls of the passage which brought strange images of human skull to her eyes. She ignored them and kept moving until she arrived to a brighter part that had the setting of a living room without couches or electrical appliances. She saw Mr Chuks half naked, standing before a red fabric like a priest in the inner chamber of holy sanctuary. Candle light at different angles illuminated the place.

“You shouldn’t have been here, Prisca” Mr Chuks said without turning.

“Unfortunately I’m here” she replied.

“What’s your purpose of coming here?”

“To free the students from the bondage of the death mark”

Mr Chuks finally turned to her. “Do you know the recompense of what you’re about to do? You’ll never leave here alive coz it will Come, crashing down on you.”

“I know all that.” Prisca stepped forward. “You ruined my well and I must ruin yours too. Sorry you’ll never be alive to witness it. Hence, setting the students free”

He smiled. “Do you think you can have me killed?”

“You’re already dead, Chuks”

He stepped out from the sanctuary. “This well gave me all i wanted in life. It’s my inheritance, so don’t think you can come in here and talk to me unabashedly.”

Prisca stood firm, watching him drew closer. “The day you tampered with my well was the day your death was written in my hands” she dodged from a punch Mr Chuks wanted to give her. Though before she knew it, she was on the floor, bleeding from the mouth coz she was unable to dodge his leg that slid her on the floor. Her bag fell down too.

“I should have killed you before now, miss Clinton. Therefore
I’m not gonna let you go for the second time” he kicked her hardly on the floor, placed his hands on her neck to strangle her to death. One could see her legs moving like the locomotion of an earthworm. She managed to reach her bag, deep a hand inside it and brought out a charm in a powdery form which she disposed on his face. Immediately, Mr Chuks left her to recover his sight.

Prisca used that opportunity to run to the inner chamber, tore the red fabric to see more totem with pools of blood. She took a knife from there, rushed back to Mr Chuks then stabbed him to death.

However, on the well surface where the policemen and the girls anticipated, a force like storm escalated from beneath the Well and shot out on the surface. It did not only shake nearby trees but also drove the men and the students to a far distance like an atomic bomb.Some hit their body on a tree while some found themselves on the ground. Nancy became unconscious after hitting her head on a tree.

Kiana staggered up like other policemen. “Nancy!” she shouted in her low tiny voice. “Nancy!” She sighted her, rushed and tapped her hardly. “Nancy, Nancy!” another tears circulated from her eyes. “Somebody help me!!” She cried. Just, then, the ground quivered and the well collapsed with Prisca and Mr Chuks inside. Only then did they discover that they could actually leave the den without making a wish because the well had been destroyed. Hence set them free from the death mark.


As Nancy was rushed to the hospital so as Kiana met Dr Ade in his office with other policemen where they narrated what happened. Already the news had gone all over the internet especially in Touch-Hill university. Dr Ade stood up. “I want the well to be dug and their bodies taken out” he looked at Kiana. “What about Anderson?”

“He is lying dead in Nancy’s apartment when….” a knock at the door interrupted her. Anderson entered to their amazement! “Anderson?” Kiana moved forward to him then gradually touched him. “You’re alive!” She hugged him.

“Was I dead?” the young man asked.

“Yes!” Kiana replied.

Dr Ade interfered. “I guess the death of Mr Chuks and the destruction of the wishing well brought him back to life.”

Kiana turned to him. “Does that mean Henry is also alive?”

“Henry has already undergone an Autopsy. So I don’t think he will make it. If actually Juel has been dead by the death mark too, i believe he is also alive wherever he is now”

Silence creeped in.

“I heard the news.” Anderson broke the silence. “Which hospital is Nancy?” He asked.
On the other hand, Juel woke up from the mat to see that he was covered like a dead body. He flung the wrapper away, rushed outside to see Mr Clinton at his doorstep. The old man wasn’t moved by his presence even though he had the knowledge he just woke from dead. Juel looked at him to see him shedding tears.

“Why was I covered like a dead..”

“Coz you were dead” Mr Clinton’s voice interrupted him. “I guess my daughter has finally sacrificed her life to save yours and your friends. She never listened to me.” he cried.

Juel was touched with a sad expression.

Mr Clinton sniffed in. “You can go now, young man”

“But I don’t know my location”

He pointed at direction. “Follow that part, straight and don’t look back”

Juel followed the direction of his hands, “I’m sorry about your daughter” he concluded and found his way out of there.
One could see Anderson and Kiana sitting beside Nancy’s sick bed. She had not regain consciousness. One could see her lying face up with eyes closed.

Kiana glanced at Anderson. “You should have seen how she insisted that you remain in her apartment instead of taken to the mortuary for an autopsy. She really believed you’d come back to live.”

Anderson kept quiet.

“I later figured out your wish at the Well. Why did you wish for her to live while you die?”

He struggled. “I don’t know. It was just painful to see her dead”

“Didn’t you think your own death would be more painful coz it was”

He kept quiet.

“I guess both of you like each..” Nancy’s eyes that opened interrupted her, so both stood up to her. “Nancy?” Kiana called.

Nancy saw Anderson then asked. “Am I dead?”

He smiled. “No dear. You are not” he held her hand.

“So it worked”

“Yes, Mr Chuks and his well are dead and gone”

Kiana suddenly straightened up like one operated with a remote. Her charisma was more like a native doctor who detected the presence of an unseen being. So she slowly turned back to see Juel walking into the ward which explained her attitude. She couldn’t believe eyes! Therefore she ran to him and hugged him in a way her legs left the floor. Juel smiled on her shoulder.

“I thought you’re dead! What happened?”

“Long story dear”

Both stared at each other then Kiana hugged him again. “I’m so happy to see you”

“Trust me, Ana. I’m more than happy to behold your beautiful face again” both began to smile and eventually giggled. Juel never hesitated to shake hands with Anderson and greeted Nancy.


Darkness once again became the nature of the atmosphere when Nancy found herself in Anderson’s apartment. She stood at a spot to survey the room. When the young man noticed her attitude, he asked, “Why are you standing as if this is your first time?”

She smiled. “You know I still wonder why you saved my life” she sat at the edge of the bed and began to take off her clothes.

“It’s obvious” Anderson faced the wall as he was taking off his shirt too.

“What’s obvious?”

“There came a time I began to have feelings for you. So I couldn’t let you die when I had an opportunity to bring you back to life” he turned to see Nancy standing naked before him. He swallowed hard.

“You behave like a virgin” Nancy engulfed her hands around his waist and looked into his eyes.

“I’m not a virgin, Nancy” Anderson replied. “Just that..”

;”Ssshhh” she placed a finger across his lips then began to kiss him. He reciprocated the kiss and gently carried her to the bed where he ***** with a gently romance. **************************************************************


The sex lasted for several romantic minutes. Now, both were cuddling each other naked on the bed when Anderson began, “I was confirmed impotent a year ago after having a Peyronie’s disease. It weighed me down whenever I remembered it so I had to make a wish at the Well to become normal again after the accident”

“Is that why you kept it from us?” Nancy touched his cheek.

“Yes, I find it embarrassing. Though Juel is aware”

Nancy smiled then kissed him. “I love you, Anderson” she jumped on him like one on a motorcycle and resumed the kiss.

THE WISHING WELL Final Episode 10 Bright Daniel



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1 year ago

You didn’t update us about Him Juel and Kiana. Hope he knew he has a child on the way

1 year ago

Wow lovely that the four guys are safe. But what of juel did he know kiana is pregnant for him and prisca was their dead bodies found since Dr Ade has given instruction to dung the well

1 year ago

Kudos to the writer

1 year ago

Lovely story are a good writer. You should have told us what happened between Ana and Juel since Ana is pregnant

1 year ago

Thank you so much. I am happy the students were saved apart from Henry while the founders of the well we’re destroyed. Well done

1 year ago

The death of Mr Chuks & Prisca is worth celebration. Not leaving out The Reunion of Ana & Joel? together with Nancy & Anderson ?

Nathaniel Anuma.
You’ve written your name amongst the Elites Here.
One of the Best Creative Stories I’ve come across Here.

Mr Oprah, Business as usual ✊

Eneh Esther
Eneh Esther
1 month ago

This is one of the best stories l have read so far. It is so real and the suspense is just overwhelming. Thank you so much