THE WISHING WELL SEASON 2 EP 2 by Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)

The sudden break in speech in the control room after Juel was sighted at the door made Nancy and Anderson wonder what the problem could be. Juel closed the door after he entered. He had gone to freshen up after the handball training, looking like a smart student once again; He tocked in a longsleeve shirt over a black trouser in a way his belt was seen. His hair was always cut low with the fairy beards on his cheek. He stepped inside.
Nevertheless, Kiana averted her eyes from him and continued, “It’s just a dream and ever since my wish was granted, nobody has shown a sign to prove what happened after the accident”
“What’s going on?” Juel placed one of his hands inside the pocket.
Anderson replied saying, “Nancy believes we are in some kind of trouble base on her dream where she saw us dead and Mr Chuks inside the well”
Nancy rolled her eyes exhaustively and surged towards the door with a force.
“Where are you going!” Anderson asked her.
“I still need to confirm again if Mr Chuks doesn’t have a memory of what happened after the accident” she hurried out while Anderson ran after her, living Kiana and Juel in the room. Kiana glared at him with hands folded like a wife suspecting the husband’s movement. She suddenly averted her eyes then got busy immediately.
“You’ve not said anything to me. Not even a greeting” Juel watched her closely still with a hand inside the pocket.
“Good evening, Juel” Kiana greeted sarcastically, yet never looked at him as she searched for an office pin in a drawer. She was on cooperate attire too that suited her kind of job.
“You seem distracted by my presence” Juel inferred.
She kept quiet.
“I was actually at the basketball court, having some fun”
“I know”
Juel smiled. “How?”
Kiana straightened up. “Because the kiss made it more fun” she glared.
“You saw that?” He walked up to her. “It was coincidental”
“A coincidental kiss?” she sighed obnoxiously and took a seat before a desktop.
“My eyes were closed. I never knew when she came! You need to believe me, Ana”
She kept operating the computer, giving him a deaf ear. Juel touched her from behind, so she paused and said, “Please, I’ll like to be alone for now, Juel” she waited for him to take off his hand from her shoulder which the young man did reluctantly and left the room sadly. Kiana swallowed hard, remembering how she also caught Kingsley, her ex, in bed with another woman. Tears circulated her eyes like a sprouting lake.
Nancy was known for action, fearlessness and unabashed reaction. Despite the effort made by Anderson to stop her from going to Mr Chuks, she had to run up through a staircase, making sure she didn’t push anyone down especially Prisca who was leaving the Natural Science building. She hurried through a long passage with eyes fixed on the number of each office until he saw the number, 119. She knocked hardly and opened the door instantly to see Mr Chuks backing her from a shelf.
“Prisca, I’ve told you not to start what you cannot finish” the middle age man said without looking at the guest.
“Who’s Prisca?” Nancy stood at the door after closing it.
Hearing her voice, Mr Chuks turned sharply. “Oh, miss Williams. I thought it was one crazy girl” he walked back to his office chair. “So to what do I owe this impromptu visit?”
“Sir, how did you survive the accident?”
Mr Chuks hesitated to answer that question immediately. He had to make sure the girl before him had not discovered his dark secret. Therefore he stared at her speechlessly.
Nancy stepped forward. “You know about the accident, right?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, miss Williams” the man found his voice.
“What about a wishing well?”
“Are you talking about some kind of history or something?”
Nancy became quiet. Her instincts seriously told her that Mr Chuks knew something. So she placed her two hands on his table, bent slightly forward and unabashedly said, “I won’t hesitate to personally have you…” her ringing cell phone interrupted her. She straightened with her eyes focused at the man as she placed the phone on one of her ears, after which she screamed with her mouth covered. She wanted to run out of the office, but Mr Chuks voice stopped her saying, “Never step foot inside my office again, miss Williams if your purpose doesn’t stick on academic activities”
She said nothing but clutched the doorknob, only to see Anderson at the door. She wanted to ignore him and run out again, but the young man held her tightly with two hands on her arms. “What happened in there, Nancy!?”
She looked into his eyes and broke down in tears. “I just received a call that Henry is dead” she slowly placed her head on the chest of the young man, crying bitterly. Anderson could feel the pain from her voice. He never thought someone as strong as Nancy would shed tears. But now, he could feel the dripping of her tears on his shirt. So he consoled her.
On the other hand, Prisca came out from the building. She narrowed her vision to see Juel walking sadly in the midst of other students who were either going for lectures or other academic activities. Sooner did Juel hear his name from behind then turned to see Prisca smiling at him.
“What is it again?”
“You seem worried”
Juel exhaled. “Yes, i am”
“Does it have anything to do with the kiss?” Prisca looked at his lips.
“My girlfriend actually saw us”
“Oh..” She wore a sad face too. “Maybe I can talk to her. Where is she?”
Just then, Kiana came out to see both of them together again, but pretended not to see them. Juel watched her passed them without saying anything. However, Prisca had read the movement then asked, “Is she the one?”
Juel kept quiet.
“Hey, excuse me!” Prisca ran to Kiana who didn’t stop until she felt a hand on her shoulder.
“Hey, do I know you?” she asked rudely.
Kiana kept quiet for her to continue.
“You know me as the girl that kissed your boyfriend earlier today. It was coincidental. He didn’t mean to do it. You have to understand and trust your man, you know”
Before Kiana could respond, Nancy who held Anderson emotionally on the shoulder like a weak patient arrived with Juel. So she neglected Prisca’s attention and asked, “What’s the matter, Nancy?”
“She said Henry is dead” Juel announced.
“Oh my God!” Kiana walked to Nancy and began to console her while Juel’s eyes caught with Prosca’s.
The four students surrounded Henry’s corpse that laid in his bed. He showed no sign of an organism in him. His body had grown cold and stive. One could see him with just a jean trouser without shirt. The neighbours narrated how they opened his door and saw him dead. Nancy couldn’t hold her tears likewise Kiana. Anderson and Juel wept internally. Only Prisca, who followed them, watched the corpse without an emotional attachment. She watched closely to his neck to see a mark of a human skull. She touched it to be sure.
“What are you doing?” Anderson asked her.
Prisca looked at Nancy. “Was there a time you saw that mark on his neck?”
She sniffed and shook her head.
“What’s it?” Anderson was still inquisitive.
“That’s a mark of death from a wishing well. Have any of you heard about that before?”
Like a rain suddenly stopped pouring down on a roof, so as the tears of the women stopped when they heard Prisca’s statement. All of them looked at one another speechlessly. Their uncharacteristical attitude made Prisca to throw another question saying, “Which one of you turned back the hands of the clock with a wish at the well?”
“Who are you?” Kiana asked curiously.
“Prisca Clinton. Now, to look forward a way to save your lives, you need to tell me everything you know about the wishing well”
The students looked at one another once more before Kiana told their story, ranging from when the accident happened to when her wish was granted.
Prisca smiled.
“You’re freaking me out, young girl!” Anderson fired her. He never liked her even without knowing truly who she was.
“I’m smiling because you guys don’t know what you’re into!” Prisca retorted. “One by one you all will die for having the memory of what happened after turning back the hands of the clock!” she looked at dead Henry. “It started with him. Very soon, one of you will develop the same mark and die eventually”
“How do you know all this?” Nancy found her voice.
“Trust me, Mekus Israel might have caused the accident, but Mr Chuks manipulated or convinced him”
“Yes, we have a long history together”
“Wait, wait, wait” Jual stepped forward. “Are you saying, Mr Chuks has a knowledge of everything that happened and also knows that we gonna die?”
“Yes, and he must make sure you all die for him to live” Prisca replied.
“My dream is actually coming true.” Nancy began. “I’m killing Mr Chuks myself!” she hurried out of the room once more, while Kiana fell on the floor and started crying for she thought everything had ended without knowing it was just the beginning….


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