THE WISHING WELL Episode 9 Bright Daniel

THE WISHING WELL Episode 5 - 6 Bright Daniel

THE WISHING WELL Episode 9 Bright Daniel

The regret you get from doing something you never wanted to do can leave your mind dumb. You’ll be alive but dead psychologically. You’ll leave your two eyes open but blind at the moment. Your presence will be at a place but you’ll be seeing yourself at a different place. That was the state Kiana found herself after making love to Juel the previous night.

She could be seen, standing at a window in her control room in a way she spaced out through it. Though students walked around at her very sight but she didn’t see any of them because she was actually in the state of hallucination. She wore another tight blue gown that stopped at the knee. One could see her curved buttocks from behind and faint shape of her underwear. Suddenly, she turned to the sound of the door to see Juel walking in.

“Hi, Kiana” he stopped at the centre of the room. His voice sounded calmly like one admitting his mistakes. “I didn’t notice when you left my lodge this morning” he added.

“That’s because I don’t know how I got there at the first place” she replied with a sniffing voice like one suffering from cold. She took few steps forward. “Tell me Juel, how did I have to make love to you last night coz that’s the last thing in my mind to do?”

“I’m sorry. It was my wish at the well. But don’t get me wrong, i love you that’s why I had to..”

Kiana slapped him with tears rolling down from her eyes before he could finish up his statement. Just then, Nancy entered with Anderson to see them in such mood. Therefore they watched silently without interrupting whatever that was going on. To their presence, Kiana slapped Juel for the second time. The sound alone got Nancy startled.

“How could you?” her voice broke down while tears kept running down her eyes. “How could you wish to have sex with me, Juel!? How could you!?” she began to hurry out of the room in tears.

Hearing that, Nancy covered her mouth in amazement.

“This is bad” Anderson whispered.

Juel found his voice. “Kiana you need to understand why I did.. Kiana! Ana!” he stopped shouting, knowing that the young lady had left the room.

Anderson approached. “That was one hell of a wish, man”

“Let me guess” Nancy also approached. “If that’s what you wished at the well, and you know our wishes must not leave us, anytime you demand to bang her and she refuses, you’ll die” She waited for the explanation to sink down into their ears. “Mhen, this is the coolest wish ever coz I believe Kiana wouldn’t want you to die” she laughed.

“Is not funny, Nancy” Juel wanted to walk out, but the presence of Dr. Danny and two policemen had him pinned at a place.

Nancy’s heart skipped.

“We are here for you, Miss Williams.” Dr. Danny began. “Does the name, El’le mean anything to you?”

Juel and Anderson directed their eyes to Nancy who shook her head negatively.

“Okay” Dr Danny gestured at the door. “Come in now!” he said aloud.

The three students anticipated to see whom had been behind the door like men anticipating the last goal on their bet9ja slip. To their amazement, Cletus entered with El’le, the alien. Nobody knew the nature of her cloth coz it gum her body like a green swimming suit. Even her hair had the same green colour.

“Hey, Nancy!” she quickly hugged her warmly like a girlfriend to her boo. “Thank goodness I’ve found you.”

Nancy showed no reciprocal.

El’le continued by walking and looking around. “I love your planet. I even saw small moving houses. I guess we will live happily ever after here. What do you think my love?” she turned to Nancy who remained quiet like every other person in the room.

El’le ignored her. Her attention deviated to a picture of a flaming rock on a newspaper on one of the tables. She picked it up. “This is a meteor rock from Mass, my planet. How did it follow us here?” she turned to Nancy once again. “That reminds me, I’m still surprise how we got here without a spaceship. Or is it also through the wishing..”

“Shut up!!” the three students interrupted her at once.

Dr. Danny clapped his hands. “The wishing well. No need to shut her up. She has told us everything”

One of the policemen walked up to Nancy. “Please, ma’me, you need to follow us to the station for an interrogation.”

“What is happening?!” El’le asked, while another policeman handcuffed her saying, “You need to follow us too”

Before they left the sanctum, Dr. Danny glared at the remaining two students in a way that shows: “we shall apprehend you both soon.”

Anderson rubbed his head vigorously. “Small moving houses?” he said first with a smile.

“I guess she was talking about cars” Juel clarified him and brought out his phone. “We need to call Henry” he placed it on one of his ears.

Kiana cried to her lodge. Just at her doorstep, she saw Kingsley laying dead on the floor. He must had come to inquire about his necklace. Unfortunately dropped dead due to Juel’s wish. Kiana didn’t need extra mind to know what killed him. Therefore she squat beside him. “Kingsley!” she shook him vigorous. “Somebody help me!” she laid down in a bitter cry.

Back to school, the speed in which Henry met Juel and Anderson was alarming. One could see them inside the control room, looking not just scared but also perplexed like an animal in the fringes of a fire.

“Nancy, your girlfriend, has been taken by the police.” Juel broke the silence for Henry.

“I guess El’le was involved” Henry said.

“How did you know that?” Anderson paid attention.

“Nancy told me everything” Henry began. “She said there is an existing life in mass, the next planet after us. When she got there, El’le got close to her and liked her. Therefore she had to disclose to her how she made it there. Sooner did she notice that El’le’s love for her was beyond friendship”

“She’s a lesbian?” Anderson approached closer to him.

Henry’s voice grew weak. “I guess so”

“An alien lesbian?”

Juel shook his head. “This my ears have heard something greater than them” he looked at the two guys. “Then how did she end up here with Nancy?”

“Nancy said she was actually on her in a secret place trying to make love to her by force before my wish was granted. She didn’t know that it affected both of them” Henry replied.

“Now everything is blown up by her” Juel turned.

The door cracked opened for the second time and policemen entered.

“Thank God we have three of you at once.” One of the policemen said. “Please, your attentions are needed in the station”

The students looked at one another silently.


When the three students arrived at the station, they became surprised to see Kiana there too with tears still in her eyes. All seated in round-table position with Dr. Danny and Cletus, standing behind them. Of courts the vice chancellor of Touch-Hill university was also present to hear from the students as the inspector of the police interrogated them, starting with Kiana. He brought out the golden necklace, dropped it before the poor girl and said,

“This necklace bears the name of your boyfriend who was found dead at your doorstep, and the parents said that he gave it to you as a gift. Now, it was found inside the pocket of late Mekus Isreal. How did it get there?”

Kiana kept quiet.

“We never wished for any of this to happen!” Juel’s voice echoed.

“Shut up!” A policeman heat him with the head of his gun.

“He’s right” Kiana began. “We are not the cause of this, Mekus was” she began to tell them the story from the beginning to the end. Then everybody became shocked, even the inspector.

Dr. Danny went closer to her with anger. “So you’re the only one whose wish isn’t granted!”

“Yes, and I guess you have to die for it to be granted as Judge has foreseen” Kiana replied with her eyes closed, shaking like one who was about to fall.

“Then over my dead body must I allow your wish to be granted. You have to die before me!!” Dr Danny concluded. Just then, Kiana fell down.


She jerked awake inside a lorry when a thunder rumbled above them as if the firmament was about to fall on them. She stretched her hands up, feeling tired of the excursion that took them hours. She was at the middle of the lorry where she looked front and back to see her fellow students dosing off due to the same fatigue except Mr Chuks, their lecturer, who was fully awake, reading a newspaper.

Nevertheless, she averted her eyes from him to the glass of the lorry beside her to see the atmosphere cloudy with lightening. Just then, the thunder stroke again. For a second, she looked down on the topography of the land: far away to fall if actually they have accident. Her mind skipped after the horrible sight of the sloppy high land. Only then did she know that she had been inside the lorry before.

“Oh my God!” she shouted quietly.

“Kiana, what is happening?” a voice came beside her. That was Juel.

Nancy and Anderson approached closer to them as other students were still sleeping.

“Okay, somebody should tell me what’s going on coz the last time I checked, we were in the police station” Nancy said.

“Wait” Anderson began, looking at Kiana. “Don’t tell me you wished…”

“Yes, i did” she interrupted him. “At the well, i wished the accident never happened” she substantiated.

“What?” All looked around the lorry once more. Mr Chuks glanced at them then opened another page of his newspaper.

“This is creepy” Juel whispered.

Anderson lowered not only his voice but also his head. “Does this mean that Mr Chuks and every other person have no memory of what happened here?”

“I don’t know” Kiana whispered fearfully.

At their very sight, Nancy walked to Mr Chuks to find out. She was the mean type that goes for whatever she wants. She stood beside Mr Chuks chair.

“Miss Williams” he closed the newspaper. “You seem bothered. What’s the problem?”

“Excuse me sir, i don’t mean to sound crazy, but don’t you think we’ve been on this lorry before.. like more than a week ago?”

“What are you talking about? I guess you’re having some kind of reincarnation experience.” he smiled. “Don’t worry, it happens to everyone; some actions in your life will seem as if it has happened before” he smiled again and opened the newspaper.

Nancy walked back to her friends. “Okay guys, he was speaking in tongues. He has no memory of what happened”

“Wow!” Anderson exclaimed. “Does it mean none of those people that died because of our wishes won’t die again and they will have no memory of it”

“I guess so” Kiana looked through the glass of the lorry to see them passing the actual place it rolled down like a rolling ball.

“Does this mean my parents are still alive?” Anderson was still inquisitive…..




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9 months ago

Is the end ????

7 months ago

Curiosity is gonna drive me crazy ☹️