THE WISHING WELL Episode 8 Bright Daniel

THE WISHING WELL Episode 5 - 6 Bright Daniel

THE WISHING WELL Episode 8 Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)

Briskly, he walked along the long passage of the building like someone rushing to catch a flight. He suddenly began to gallop until he found himself out of the building. He narrowed his vision to see Henry at a distance. “Henry!” He called him thereby resuming his pace until he approached him in a way he blocked his way.

“Anderson, leave my way. I’ve told you that I don’t believe you guys!” Henry insisted on not making any wish to bring his girlfriend back. Just then, Juel also arrived.

“Listen, Henry” Anderson began with a low voice coz students were passing both far and near. “What if we show you the well, will you still believe us?”

He remained mute for a while. “At least for some percentage, i will believe but that isn’t a guarantee that I will make a wish”

“By 5:00pm today. Deal?”

“Okay” Henry walked out of the school, while Mr Chuks joined the two boys immediately.

“Are you sure he will make the wish?” he asked them.

“No one leaves the den of the well without making a wish” Juel smiled. “He will have no choice if he steps his foot there” he added.

“That means I’m not following you guys” Mr Chuks walked out with a smile.

“Good idea, sir” Juel kept smiling as his eyes met Anderson’s. “Good job, guy” they shook hands.
Henry looked around the creepy forest to the Well that stood before him. Meanwhile, Juel and Anderson stood behind him to make a wish after telling him the procedure.

“Okay, I’ve seen the well but I told you that i will not make a wish” he began to leave but a deep voice from the well interrupted him saying, “No one leaves my den without making a wish otherwise die”

Henry looked at the two guys with bulge eyes to see them nodding their heads. “You knew about this, right?”

“Just do what the voice said” Anderson replied abstractly.

Henry exhaled, returned to the well, looked into it and made his wish.

“Welcome on board, man” Juel smiled at him.
At Touch-Hill university, the flaming rocks had stopped, though, of course, damaged and killed students. Only one person was a suspect for the disaster, and Cletus believed he had found her inside Kiana’s control room.

Tension paved around the room still with Dr Danny’s eyes fixed on Kiana and Juel who had not made a move. They believed that their secret had been blown up by the presence of Nancy inside the room. Cletus turned the very girl that appeared lifeless on the ground to have a good look at her likewise Dr Danny who said immediately he saw her, “That’s not Nancy Williams” he walked closer.

Hearing that, Kiana and Juel also went to take a look at who appeared.

“I just noticed she doesn’t look exactly like the picture I have” Cletus brought out the picture once again. “Who is she then?” he directed his eyes to the two students.

“We don’t know!” Juel replied.

Kiana found her voice at that moment, glaring at the two men, “What do you people take us for?! Witches and wizards who invoke flaming rocks to kill and destroy? I told you that Judge is just a psychic that says without reasoning!” she puased with an obvious respiration. “If you don’t mind, i have some work to do. Excuse me” she searched for her camera while the other men moped at her speechlessly as she first took the picture of the strange girl on the floor. The flash light from the camera shone on their faces, but she didn’t show any remorse until she left the room and banged the door closed.

Juel bent down to examine the girl. “She’s breathing” he straightened up. “What are we gonna do with her? Let’s take her to the hospital!” he suggested.
She had an amazing body structure as she slowly walked out from one of the buildings in Touch-Hill like a lost sheep. She wore her usual trousers with a round collar shirt. On her feet were shiny canvas. That was Nancy, looking strong and beautiful. She sighted Kiana where she was taking pictures of some fallen rocks and other damages and met her immediately.

“Kiana?” she called from behind.

Kiana turned swiftly. “Nancy?”

“Thank you guys for bringing me back”

Kiana resumed her work. “Thank your boyfriend” she finally said.

“Henry? How?” Nancy walked side by side with her. She noticed that Kiana didn’t look happy. So she said. “You seem to be angry with me”

Kiana stopped with a glare at her. “Why won’t I? Do you know what your wish has caused?! It nearly blew our secret up and it has taken more lives coz Henry had to make a wish to bring you back, and you know the consequences of that!” she began to walk again.

“I’m sorry. I never knew it will be like this”

Kiana stopped to take a picture. Just then, Mr Chuks arrived with a hand in his pocket.

“Welcome back to earth, Miss Williams” he smiled, watching the surprising look on Nancy’s face.

She looked at Kiana. “He knows our secret?”

“Yes, he knows” she replied.

Suddenly, they saw Dr. Danny, Cletus and Juel coming out from one of the buildings. Before them were two men who carried the strange girl to an ambulance.

“Who’s that?” Mr Chuks asked.

“She just appeared in my control room during the disaster and Dr Danny and Cletus suspected it was Nancy coz they believe she’s the cause of the fallen rocks. They were very close in knowing the truth”

“Wait” Nancy began. “I think I know the girl” she said.

Kiana looked at her. “You know her from where?”

“She’s an alien”


“How possible is that?” Mr Chuks asked.

“It’s a long story” Nancy exhaled.

Just then, Dr. Danny approached them with Cletus. So Nancy greeted them politely like a well trained village girl.

“Where have you been for more than a week?” Dr. Danny asked in a harsh voice.

“I don’t mean to sound rude, but sir, your voice seems you’re suspicious of me” Nancy replied.

“That isn’t the answer to my question” he glared.

“I’m just coming back from travel to see another fallen rocks in my school”

“Just as you travelled after the first fallen rocks, right?” Cletus interfered.

Nancy spread her hands. “I don’t understand”

Mr Chuks remained quiet throughout until the two men left after glaring at them all. Kiana could even hear them whispering from afar.

“These students know something, doc” Cletus whispered.

“I know” Dr Danny took a staircase into another building that leads to his office. “Get prepared Mr Cletus, we have to visit the strange girl at the hospital” he concluded.
It was the hour for the preparation of ghosts to operate in the darkness. Dogs barked from a distance while crickets joined in the creepy sound at the weary hour of the night. Nevertheless, all those who made wishes at the well seated quietly in the very sitting room of Mr Chuks. Only Anderson was absent. One could see Nancy sitting very close to Henry and Kiana to Juel. Only Mr Chuks sat alone.

“Why is Anderson not here?” Mr Chuks broke the silence.

“He went home. His parents died in accident” Juel replied.

“I guess his wish has been granted” Nancy said.

“Yes, but he said is personal.”

Silence creeped in to allow them hear the barking of the dogs.

“So the only people remaining for their wish to be granted are Juel and Kiana” Mr Chuks broke the silence once more, while they nodded their heads. He leaned forward from his seat. “Let’s just hope any of your wishes doesn’t put us in more trouble like Nancy’s. After your wishes are granted, case will be closed”

“What about Dr. Danny and the astronomer?” Kiana asked.

“They are the only problem we have. We must make sure they don’t know about this otherwise you will all face charges for the death of those dead for your wishes to be granted” he looked at Henry, “What was your wish at the well, Henry?”

Everybody stared at the young man to answer, even Nancy.

“I wished Nancy to come back to earth. On that way, the earth will not leave her neither will she leave the earth” he replied, then Nancy perked him with a smile, while others remained quiet. Of course they needed not to tell Nancy about her boyfriend’s initial statements and attitude. Kiana bent down her head.
The students surge foreword in the darkness to their various lodges with Nancy’s hand on Henry’s shoulder, while Juel and Kiana walked side by side.

“You’ll be sleeping in my lodge tonight” Henry told Nancy.

“I was about saying that” she smiled then perked him again.

Juel smiled at them. He glanced at Kiana. “You can sleep in my lodge too if you don’t mind” he said boldly.

She chuckled. “Why should I do that?”

“Because I said so”

“Why would you say so?”

“Coz I love you.. uhm… I love you around me” they giggled with a romantic look at each other, feeling their sexual hormones activated.
They hurriedly pushed Juel’s door opened and closed it at a time. As Juel was kissing her, so she was pulling his shirt off in a hurry, feeling his smooth and muscular body.

However, Juel had pulled off Kiana’s gown and bra thereby feeling her breasts in his palms too. He pushed her to the wall and suddenly began to suck the hard nipples.

“Aaaww” she moaned sexually with her eyes closed. Sooner did she drag his trouser down to feel his erected dick in her palm through his boxers. Before she knew it, Juel pulled off her pant, carried her up on the wall in a way his lips worked magic on her abdomen thereby increasing the moan.

The voluminous bed at a corner felt the heaviness of two naked beings. It made cracking sound as Juel found his dick inside her vagina, moving his hips up and down and feeling her breast too.

“Aah..aha..ahhh..” Kiana kept moaning.

Actually, the play was Juel’s wish at the well.
The next day at federal hospital, Dr. Danny and Cletus watched the strange girl open her eyes. She looked around to see the environment strange then directed her eyes to the two men.

“Hi” Cletus said to her with a smile.

“Where is Nancy?” The girl asked while the two men looked at each other….



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