THE WISHING WELL Episode 7 Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)

THE WISHING WELL Episode 5 - 6 Bright Daniel

THE WISHING WELL Episode 7 Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)

“What is wrong with you men?!” Kiana broke the silence. “Why are you dating her if you know that you can’t be with her forever?” she resumed her work aggressively thereby drawing attention to herself. Only then did Mr Chuks noticed the bruise on her face.

“Miss Desmond, are you alright?” he asked her.

“I’ve never been fine since the accident occured, sir” she replied without a glance at him. She gathered some newspapers for the day and began to tie them angrily.

Henry challenged Kiana’s statement saying, “Some people are good at dating only not for marriage. If you are asked to live forever with the one you’re dating now, will you?”

Kiana suspended what she was doing instantly after hearing the question. She stared at the young man, while others stared back at her, hoping she answers the question especially Juel.

“We are not here to discuss relationship matters” Mr Chuks interfered by breaking the silence and looked at Hendry. “Talking about confidentiality, you can make another wish that we don’t know but let your wish bring Nancy back to earth”

“And for that to happen, people have to die, right?”

Mr Chuks nodded his head.

“And their blood will be on my head?”

Mr Chuks didn’t node again, rather glanced at other three students.

“Listen,” Henry began. “I don’t want anybody’s blood to be on my head neither do I believe what you people are telling me. Maybe Nancy travelled. She’s not out there in space. Therefore excuse me!” he walked out of the control room.

Anderson exhaled. “I guess we need a plan B”

“There is no plan B” Mr Chuks objected. “You guys have to convince that boy” he also walked out of the control room. Anderson followed him, living Juel and Kiana. They gazed at each other for a moment before Juel walked out too without saying a word. Kiana left the newspapers and collapsed on a chair behind her.
On a basketball court, both females and males exercised their physical bodies, playing the hand-ball game. Beside the court sat the audience which Juel and Anderson were among, though separated from others in a way nobody could hear their conversation. Both wore jean trousers but different shirts. They could see students moving about, either to lecture or other school activities. Suddenly, they sighted Kiana coming out from her office with newspapers in her hands. She was actually going to the bookshop to deliver them.

“I never knew she has a boyfriend” Juel said, still staring at her.

Anderson smile. “How do you expect such a beautiful girl to be single?”

Juel kept quiet.

“I know you have your eyes on her” Anderson glanced at him.

“I had. Past tense”

“But that doesn’t change the way you feel about her, i guess”

“True” Juel directed his eyes on a basketball player who suddenly missed a shot. “No doubt Kingsley, the boyfriend, had her beaten up yesterday. I wonder why a man would lay hands on such a beautiful woman”

“I guess it’s because his parents has the cash”

Juel looked at him. “What do you mean?”

“Check it out,” Anderson began. “How can he afford a golden necklace? I guess that’s why Kiana fell for him and why he could do anything to her. Didn’t you see the way he reacted yesterday as if the necklace was more valuable than Kiana’s life?”

Juel kept quiet, concurring on what he said. He had no money neither did his parents. So he considered it impossible to have his heart desire especially now that he knows Kiana has a boyfriend. “I wonder why our wishes are taking time?” he changed the topic.

Anderson didn’t say anything.

Juel looked at him. “Why are you quiet? Is your wish granted?”

Anderson swallowed hard. “Yes, my wish has been granted this morning ” he replied to the amazement of the young man beside him. “Listen, you can’t tell anybody especially Kiana” he added.

“But why?” Juel frowned.

“Coz it’s personal”

“Wait!” Juel stretched his hand towards him like a traffic control agent. “Don’t share it with me coz I can’t keep more secret to the ones I have already”

Anderson said nothing.

Juel couldn’t bear to know his wish after some seconds, so he said pleasingly, “Okay, you can share it with me. I’m ready to add more load to the one i have”

“I was confirmed impotent a year ago after having a Peyronie’s disease” Anderson began. “It weighed me down whenever I remembered that I can’t keep erection or have children of my own. So I wished to be free from impotency. Only to wake up this morning to see my dick kicking up hardly and hungry for a woman”

Hearing that, Juel became speechless for a moment. “Who then died when your wish was granted?” he asked with a low voice.

“I don’t know”

“Of course someone has to die’

“And I’m telling you that I don’t. ..” his cell phone interrupted him. He looked at the caller then picked it. Surprisingly to Juel he stood up sharply and shouted, “When?!” He suddenly lowered the cell phone with a very sad expression.

Juel stood up too. “What’s it, guy?”

“My parents just had accident and died”

Both stared at each other, thinking about the same thing. Of course they knew that the parents died because of his wish that has been granted.
The wind kept blowing their voluminous shirts backward as they hurried from Natural Science building to another hall in Touch-Hill university. Their footsteps were like that of farmers, leaving the farm in a hurry in order to escape the downfall of the rain. Those were Dr. Danny and Cletus. They had been making inquiries for forty-eighty hours the way about of Nancy Williams. They had called her parents and located her lodge then concluded that she’s nowhere to be found. The last person to sort out final information from was Judge and to him they were going. Also, the idea that Kiana will kill Dr. Danny never departed their memory. It was still as fresh as a cucumber.

The door of the empty hall was once again cracked opened like on horror movies. It’s sound alone got Judge scared thoughtless of when he sighted Dr. Danny, coming through the door with his big belly being the first thing that caught his eyes. He ran into the inner part of the hall.

“Judge” Dr. Danny stopped while his voice echoed.

“Get away from me. You are dead!” Judge squeezed himself at a corner.

Cletus gestured at the HOD to wait. He moved closer. “My friend, Judge. I came to ask you few more questions.”

“They will kill me too!”

“Nobody will kill you, Judge” Cletus walked closer with Nancy’s picture. He gradually showed it to him. “Is this the girl that caused the fallen rocks?”

He nodded fearfully.

“Where last did you see her?”

He pointed on the ground. “Here”


“The day she caused the fallen rocks”

Cletus glanced back at Dr Danny then to the psychopath again. “After she left here, where else did she go?”

“To her friend, the school press”

Cletus stood up as he placed the picture inside the inner pocket of his suit.
On the other hand, Juel just opened Kiana’s office to see her parking and concluding for the day. She wore a tight black gown that stopped just before her knees. The bruise on her face had lessened. When she noticed Juel’s presence, she said without looking at him, “Why are you here? I thought you’re avoiding me”

Juel stood at a spot. “Nobody is avoiding you, Ana”

“You and Anderson haven’t come around me for more than twenty-four hours. If you see me in class, you do as if I’m nobody” she began to shutdown her computers.

“Anderson is passing through a lot now. His parents died in accident”

Kiana turned swiftly. Her eyes weren’t the only thing looking at Juel at the moment even her well packaged breast stared at him. “Is his wish granted?” she asked in a hurry.


Kiana understood the reason for the death of Anderson’s parents. “Well, what was his wish?”

“He never..” The sound of the door interrupted them. Both saw Dr Danny and Cletus entered then locked the door behind. Juel walked closer to Kiana after both greeted them politely.

“Kiana,” Dr. Danny began seriously. “My prophet came to my office and said that death is revolving around me like the earth around the sun. At the same time, Judge said that I’m dead and you’re the one that killed”

Kiana swallowed hard. “Sir, you can’t possibly believe what Judge say, can you?”

“What of what my prophet says?”

“How and why would I kill you, sir?”

“I guess the same way Nancy had rocks raining on students before she disappeared.”

“And she was last seen with you before her disappearance” Cletus interfered with a few steps forward. “Young lady, you have to let us know what you kids are into coz if we find out by ourselves, none of you will be spared alive.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about?” Kiana defended.

“Juel?” Dr. Danny called him to speak the truth.

“I don’t know what’s going on sir” he replied.

Silence creeped in. Of course the two men knew they were lying. Therefore Dr. Danny walked closer to Kiana with a deadly glare. “I’ll have your name given to the school authority and the police. Any day anything happens to me, you’ll be held responsible. Also if I find out that the death of students are caused by any of you, you’ll regret ever being in Touch-Hill”

Kiana swallowed hard. Her legs quivered in fear but only her could notice it. Her posture with the HOD was like that of David and Goliath. Just as the tension paved around her, the ground vibrated again like an earthquake. Shout from students escalated from outside. Cletus rushed to the window to see the flaming rocks falling again, destroying buildings and killing students.

“Doc, its happening again” he returned.

“Make sure the door is locked. Nobody is leaving this place” Dr. Danny commanded with his eyes still fixed on Kiana. Suddenly, Nancy appeared inside the room, at the exact spot she disappointed. Though she laid down on the floor like one who had no life in her.

“Oh my God!” Cletus exclaimed. “Truly she’s the cause of the flaming rocks” he added.

Kiana glanced at Juel who returned the eyes contact that explained: YES, WE HAD HENRY CONVINCED…..



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