THE WISHING WELL Episode 5 – 6 Bright Daniel

THE WISHING WELL Episode 5 - 6 Bright Daniel

THE WISHING WELL Episode 5 Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)

Even a ghost can swear never to comprehend his actions. Nobody knows if he sees in spirit or gets his facts through observation and analysis. He walks like a snale without tentacles, hence, taking precaution of anybody and anything that flies around him.

He might look neat physically but mentally tattered. That was Judge. One could see him walking into one of the buildings, glancing up and down and sideways like a mad man who sees the unseen. He occasionally waved his palms in the air like one trying to catch a mosquito.

Meanwhile, under the mango tree, the three students had been quiet, not only staring at Judge but also wondering their next move coz they had several secrets to keep: First, they must not let anybody know about their presence at the wishing well neither must anybody know their wishes.

Secondly, They must keep Nancy’s disappearance confidential otherwise the death of those who died due to her wish would be traced to her and eventually to them thereby blowing their secret up like the wind blowing the buttocks of a fowl open for everything that has eyes to see what lies in it.

“How are we gonna bring Nancy back from wherever she is?” Kiana cleared the air.

“That’s not important now” Anderson replied, looking at Judge like a hunter monitoring his next meat to shoot. “We have to take care of that moron before he becomes more pedantry”

“And how are we gonna do that coz we can’t possibly Kill him?” Juel demanded.

“Watch me!” Anderson left them angrily, going to meet Judge. All effort Kiana and Juel made to stop him proved abortive. Therefore they ran after him.

His steps was like that of a soldier in a battle field. The Timber-land shoes on his feet could vividly explain that coz there were perfect description of his movement. He grabbed Judge on the neck in a way he staggered like a flexible wire until both entered into Kiana’s control room. He hit him on the wall that had papers falling from it again.

“Now speak; how did you figure out the cause of the fallen rocks?!” the sound of his voice came simultaneously with the sound of a slap he gave the poor psychopath. “Tell me!!” he wanted to hit him hard, but Juel and Kiana rushed inside.

“Anderson, let him be!” Juel shrieked thereby hanging Anderson’s punching hand in the air.

However, Kiana had held her chest as if the poor psychopath was about to be killed.

On the other hand, Judge looked terrified as he stared at the punching hand, wondering where exactly it would land on his face.

“Now listen,” Anderson began with a deadly voice of a weed smoker. “If I see you talking to anybody about us or pointing fingers at any of us, I’ll kill you!!” he pushed him totally on the floor.

Judge, staggered up. He nearly fell down a desktop on his way out of the room.

Kiana exhaled deeply.

Juel glanced at her. “Hope you’re fine”

She nodded her head and began to pick up the fallen papers. While Anderson left angrily.

“You know you can follow me out tonight to ease the fear and tension” Juel added, hoping she agrees in order to be the first move of winning her heart.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Juel” she replied without looking at him.

He became disappointed. “Is okay..” he swallowed hard. “But just know that I’m here if you need anybody to be with”

Kiana didn’t say anything neither did she look at the young man’s face as she was trying to paste the papers back on the wall. Juel began to walk out. Just at the door, Kiana turned and said to him. “Thank you, Juel”

Both stared at each other for some seconds before Juel clutched the doorknob and left without saying a word.


Not withstanding, Cletus, the astronomer, had been working tirelessly to find out the very person Judge refered as the cause of the falling rocks. One could see him entering a particular hall that was always void without a single seat. Only Judge, the psychopath, was always there alone. Cletus sighted him seated on the flood in a way he laid his back on the wall. In his hands was a large paper where he kept drawing a human being.

“Hey, my friend, Judge” Cletus squats down to behold the drawing. First, he deepened his hand inside the inner pocket of his suit and brought out a snack which he gave to him. “Who’s this?” he glanced at the drawing to see the image having a total resemblance of Dr Danny. So he became shocked.

“Do you.. know..know..know him?” Judge stammered fearfully, grabbing his shirt with a hand while another held the snack tightly.

“Yes, i do know him. What about him?”

Hearing that, Judge rushed up and ran to a distance like one pursued by a ghost. Cletus stood up too at the strange reaction. “Tell me, Judge, what is wrong with this man you’ve drawn?”

“He is dead!” Judge shrieked in a way his voice echoed inside the empty hall.

“No, Judge. This man is not dead” Cletus walked towards him.

“I’m telling you he’s dead!!”

“Okay, calm down. What or who killed him?”

“If I tell you they will kill me too!”

“They? Who are they?”

Judge became mute, while Cletus took another step forward, hearing the echo of his own shoes.

“Tell me, Judge. Who killed Dr Danny?”

“The school press” he replied as an after thought.


He nodded his head.

Cletus looked at the image again in his hands then wrapped the paper. When he walked out of the hall, Judge gradually sat on the floor, squeezing his body fearfully like sexually abused teenager.

Kiana startled at the sound of her door when Cletus opened it with a force. She was actually typing news on a computer before the terrifying interruption.

“Excuse me sir, i don’t like the way you come into my office these days. I have showed you all my female friends. What else do you want from me?”

Cletus closed the door behind him with the paper in his hands. “You showed me all except one?”


“Kiana, four of you made it out from that accident without a scratch, and one of them who is a female has reportedly been absent for a whole week ever since the falling of the flaming rocks.”

Kiana stood up. “Well, i don’t know. Moreover, Nancy Williams is not even my friend” she defended, hopping the man buys the idea.

Cletus had a deadly smile, cleared his throat and opened Judge’s drawing to her saying, “Do you know this man?”

Kiana looked from the drawing to the man’s face. “That’s my HOD, Dr Danny” she replied.

“Judge, the psychopath, who said your friend caused the falling of the rocks, also drew this man and said to me that he’s dead. And that you, the school press, killed him.”

Kiana chuckled in disbelief. “Why are you always taking what that moron says seriously?! Of course Dr Danny isn’t dead!”

“Judge only spoke in past tense because he has already seen it. That is to say, in no time, Dr Danny will die and you will be the one to kill him.

“Watch your words, mister Cletus coz it might put you in trouble. I won’t hesitate to sue you in the court of law!”

He walked very closer to her in a way he glared into her eyes. “I know you are keeping a secret as dark as a charcoal, but trust me, sooner or later, i must find out”

“There is nothing to find out, mister!” Kiana returned the glare unabashedly.
Dr Danny quickly stood up from the expensive seat in his office when he saw the very person that entered. The person wore a white garment without footwear. On his head was also a white barrette and in his hands was a holy bible.

“My prophet, seat down” Dr Danny said in a hurry.

The prophet raised his head up. “I didn’t come to seat neither did I come to stand.”

“For what did you come?”

“I came to warn you to be prayerful and careful coz I sense death around you” the man walked out immediately. Just before Dr Danny sat back on his seat, Cletus entered too.

“Good day sir. Who was that?” he glanced at the door.

“That was my prophet. He came telling me that he sense death around me” Dr Danny collapsed on the chair.

“That’s a bad news.” Cletus sat down opposite him. “I came for the same purpose” he opened the drawing on his table.

Dr. Danny glanced at him before looking at his image. “Who drew this?”

“The psychopath. He said you are dead”

“Oh my God!” Dr. Danny exclaimed and stood up. “So this could be true”

“I told you that the words of such people shouldn’t be taken for granted. And do you know who he said that killed you?”

Dr. Danny widens his eyes in anticipation.

“Kiana, the school press” Cletus announced.


“Sir, there is something going on with that girl and the three other students that survived the accident.” Cletus leaned forward then continued. “One of them who is a female had suddenly disappeared after the falling of the rocks, and i believe she’s the one Judge pointed out as the cause of that disaster. We need to find out from this children what they are hiding”

Dr. Danny did not only become confused but also speechless.


She fastened her footsteps, wearing a black plain trouser over a white shirt and a black jacket. On her feet were black flat shoes too. Her appearance was like that of a banker. In his hands were books which indicated that she was heading to a lecture.

“Hey, Kiana!” someone called her from a distance. She looked at the direction to see Juel and Anderson coming. They were also heading to the same lecture.

“Where have you two been all day?” she asked them with a worried face.

“What’s the problem?” Juel asked.

“Problem seems to be germinating from the ground each day”

“Hey” Juel touched her on the shoulder to stop walking which she did likewise Anderson. “Talk to us”

Kiana exhaled. “Judge is at it again”

“Judge?” Anderson drew closer.

“Yes, he told the astronomer that Dr Danny is dead and I’m the one that killed him”

The two guys glanced at each other while Kiana continued.

“The moron is seeing something. Remember he’s right about Nancy.”

“Are you saying that Dr Danny will be one of the people who will die for your wish to be granted?” Anderson asked.

“I guess so. I think that’s what the moron meant” Kiana replied, feeling her heartbeat.

“This is bad!” Juel whispered. Just then, Mr Chuks passed. He had his eyes on them as they greeted him.

“Miss Desmond, you look beautiful on your outfit” Mr Chuks complimented her.

“Thank you sir” Kiana smiled.

“I noticed you have not been wearing that your golden necklace these days” he pushed further coz he always admired the necklace whenever she wore it.

Kiana touched her chest. “I lost it during the accident, sir”

“Oh, so sorry dear” Mr Chuks left like a good gentleman.

“Sorry too” Juel added as they began to walk again.

“No problem. It’s just a necklace given to me by someone” she replied. Juel couldn’t help it but thought, may be, her boyfriend gave her the necklace. Therefore he felt very jealous.
Inside Mr Chuks office, two policemen entered to see him operating on his laptop. He was surprised to see them in uniform.

“Good day sir. Are you Mr Chuks Vincent?” One of the policemen asked.

“Yes?” he replied curiously.

“We are investigating on the death of Mekus Israel and we learnt he visited you here in school before he died few days later”


The policeman brought out a golden necklace with a pendant attached to it. Mr Chuks remembered it as Kiana’s. “We found this necklace inside Mekus pocket, and behind the pendant is a name. So we are here to see If you know about the necklace or the name behind the pendant”

Mr Chuks collected the gold, read the name behind the pendant thus: Kingsley Peter. He shook his head. “I don’t know anything about this” he handed it back to them. Of course he knew it was Kiana’s but pretended.

“Okay, thank you sir” the policemen left.

Just outside, Kiana was returning from lecture with Juel and Anderson when a young handsome man walked up to them. He had attractive beards and hung a bag behind him. Kiana shouted when she saw him. “Kingsley!” she hugged him.

Juel and Anderson glanced at each other.

Kiana turned to them. “Hey, guys, this is Kingsley, my boyfriend”

“Kiana, where is your necklace?” Kingsley didn’t even look at the two guys.

Kiana frowned. “I lost it during the accident”

“You what?!” he shrieked to the amazement of the guys, even to some students that were passing by.

Juel wanted to go calm Kingsley down coz he saw anger in his eyes, but Anderson drew him back in a way that shows: DON’T INTERFERE.

“Don’t tell me you value the necklace more than my life!” Kiana fired back.

“It’s not just a necklace, Kiana. It’s a golden one” Kingsley insisted. Just then, the policemen came out. The necklace could be seen dangling in the hand of one of them. Unfortunately for Kiana, Kingsley turned to see it.

“Wait, that looks like the necklace” He began to walk to the policemen as all watched him…..

THE WISHING WELL Episode 6 Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)

The forest did not only endow itself with weary sound of the wind but also creepy sound of dangerous animals. Even the sound of a flowing river with a high current circulated the arena as the sky poured down heavy rain.

By the side of the river laid unconsciously a very beautiful girl. Her whole body was not only wet but also stained with sandy soil. A golden necklace rested on her neck as an addendum to her beauty. That was Kiana.

Suddenly, a man approached to the river. He looked at her lustfully like a man imagining how sweet a lady could be in bed. Though he saw the outline of her bra and half naked she was, but his attention was mostly drawn to the golden necklace. Therefore, he bent down, took the necklace and carried the girl up like a mother, breastfeeding a child. That was Mekus, carrying Kiana after the accident.

Kingsley was not just a stubborn being but also a fearless one. That gave him the guts of approaching the policeman that held the golden necklace in his hand. However, Kiana had been wondering how the necklace got to the police, likewise Juel and Anderson.

Of course if the police should know that the gold belongs to her, she will be held hostage and automatically becomes a prime suspect for the death of Mekus. Therefore their secrets might be traced from there.

Nevertheless, just before Kingsley got to the policemen, Mr Chuks came out from one of the buildings shouting and pointing fingers at him, “Who allowed this student into this school premesis?! How many times has the security warned you never to step foot here?! Security!!”

His voice attracted attention and suddenly made the young boy to stop, wondering what he did wrong. Even Kiana and co became confused. Though the policemen stopped for a while, but continued leaving the school environment because they believed whatever the problem could be, it didn’t concern them. One of them put the necklace inside his pocket.

“Where have I gone wrong?!” Kingsley spread his hands.

“Security!” Mr Chuks kept shouting.

Kingsley turned to see Kiana staring at him as if she set him up. Truly, she didn’t do such a thing, but she was smart enough to stay out of it even if he was her boyfriend. Just as she watched the security carried Kingsley away, Juel and Anderson stood beside her.

“Won’t you do something?” Anderson whispered to her.

“Wait, Mr Chuks isn’t stupid” Kiana replied.

“Whatever he is doing, we must not tell him our secret” Juel warned.

They sighted Mr Chuks, walking to them as students gradually dispersed.

“Let’s hear from him first” Kiana whispered back.

Juel exhaled heavily. “Here we go” he adjusted his school back. Just then, Mr Chuks approached them with a hand inside one of his pockets.

“Now, i just saved your ass from the police, miss Desmond. You have an explanation to do coz those policemen came to my office, looking for the owner of the necklace which I souly recognized as yours.”

“Where did they get it?” Kiana found her voice.

“In Mekus pocket after discovering his dead body on the road” he moved closer and lowered his voice without minding the presence of the two guys. “The last time I checked, you wore the necklace before the accident occured and Mekus wasn’t with us in the lorry. So how come the necklace found refuge inside his pocket?”

Hearing the convincing apprehension, Kiana looked at the two guys in way that shows: I HAVE TO LET HIM KNOW. Juel understood and never wanted her to do that. Therefore he spoke up saying, “Sir, Kiana lost consciousness after the accident. She has no memory of how…”

“Yes, i have” she interrupted.

The two guys stared at her surprisingly.

“We have to let Mr Chuks know what’s going on” she added, while Juel glanced at Anderson for the second time, giving way for the tranquillity to yield a better understanding among them.

“Three of you, to my office, now!” Mr Chuks walked out.
He seated in his chair like an excellency while the students stood before his table like ones caught in an exam malpractice. The nature of the door to the office reduces any sound that could come from outside thereby giving it an absolute tranquillity.

“Sir, before we start, could you please call the security to release Kingsley?” Kiana broke the silence. Just as Mr Chuks carries out the demand, she also text her boyfriend to wait for her at her lodge.

Mr Chuks dropped the call. “Now let the lion out of the forest” he said.

The students told their stories, ranging from how they saw a wishing well and Mekus whom they figured out his wish that was the cause of the accident. They never forgot to tell Nancy’s part of the story and even Judge.

Mr Chuks stood from his seat as if it suddenly generated heat. He didn’t know whether to believe them or not but they got evidence for their story. So he said to be sure, “All your wish have to take lives before there are granted, and must not be disclosed to anyone neither must your wishes leave you after granted otherwise you die just like Mekus died”

They nodded their heads.

“And you believe Nancy is out there in space without a spacesuit or ship?”

They kept quiet.

“You kids are carrying a heavy load on your shoulders because if Dr. Danny get to know that all who died or will die are caused by your wishes, he won’t hesitate to lock you guys up in prison or worst, you’ll be killed by law”

“That’s why we need you to keep this secret with us” Juel spoke up.

“I’m already in it. So let’s see how we can protect these secrets to the end.” Mr Chuks stared at them. He could see how happy they were. “So, we gonna start from how to bring Nancy back without her being dead or before her absence is figured out by Dr. Danny and Cletus” he added.

“And also shut Judge up” Anderson suggested.

“You can’t shut the psychopath up. First thing first”

“So how do we bring Nancy back?” Kiana asked.

“The same way she went there”

“You mean by making a wish at the well again?” she widened her eyes.


“And who will do that?” Juel spread his hands.

“We have to look for her boyfriend.” Mr Chuks sat back to his seat. “Why we should use her boyfriend is because when his wish is granted, Nancy automatically stays with him forever. Any day she leave him, he will die. So since both of them love each other, nobody will leave another. They will live happily ever after”

The three students nodded in agreement.

“Of course you know his wish might cause another fall of flaming rocks and more lives will be taken” he added.

“Which is why I’m very sad” Kiana sat on the floor and began to cry.

“We have no choice” Mr Chuks concluded.
Darkness had taken over the atmosphere when Kiana went home to see Kingsley standing at her door. She could also see his angry face which made her to stay few meters away from him.

“So you had me set up” Kingsley began to walk to her.

“Listen, Kingsley, i will explain”

He gradually stepped closer then slapped her. “You stood there, watching them disgrace me!”

Kiana held her cheek. “You slapped me?” She wanted to return the slap but the young man gave her the beaten of her life.

“I give you forty-eight hours to get the necklace back otherwise I will kill you!” he left angrily, while Kiana cried on the floor.
The next day at school, she opened her control room to work before her time would due for lectures. She didn’t look happy. Moreover, Kingsley left a large bruise on her face the previous day. She swore never to have anything to do with him again if actually he could get the necklace from the police. How possible is that?

Nevertheless, Juel and Anderson entered with Henry, Nancy’s boyfriend.

“What happened to your face, Kiana?” Juel asked her.

“Nothing” she replied without looking at him.

Juel didn’t need to ask further questions coz he had a clue of who must had designed her face roughly.

“Guys, why did you call me here?” Henry asked, spreading his hands.

“When last did you hear from Nancy?” Anderson asked him.

“Over a week!”

“That’s why we called you” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Kiana seemed to be uninterested as she was arranging papers on a table. But immediately Mr Chuks entered, she paid attention.

“Is this the boyfriend?” Mr Chuks asked. He was on a senator with a hand always in one of his pockets. He looked at Henry. “Young man, what if I tell you that your girlfriend is out there in space and only you can bring her back”

Henry chuckled. “You’re joking, sir, right?”

All let him into the secret, demanding that they take him to the wishing well to make a wish for Nancy to be his.

The young man chuckled again. “If you people said that any wish should be confidential, how will my own be when you already know what I’m gonna wish for? Secondly, that I’m Nancy’s boyfriend doesn’t mean that I’ll like to be with her forever” he substantiated, while they all remained speechless.

“What is wrong with you men?!” Kiana broke the silence. “Why are you dating her if you know that you can’t be with her forever?” she resumed her work aggressively. ..



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