THE WISHING WELL (DARK SECRET) Episode 3 – 4 Bright Daniel

THE WISHING WELL (DARK SECRET) Episode 1 - 2 by Bright Daniel

THE WISHING WELL (DARK SECRET) BY Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)


The issue at hand among the four students in Touch-hill university was a very sensible one. They needed not only to be careful but also secretive with their wishes otherwise if anybody should know the consequences behind them, the death of any person for any of their wish to be granted, will be traced to them and, of course, get apprehended by law and constitution of the country. Therefore they were really in a bondage as Kiana once substantiated.
Nevertheless, inside the control room, Kiana looked from Juel to Anderson and finally to Nancy for them to break the silence base on the picture on the computer screen.
“This issue is very sensitive” Nancy broke the silence. “We can’t possibly conclude that our own lecturer is behind the accident only because he’s on a picture shaking hands with this strange man that bumped out from nowhere”
“Nancy, I’m not saying that Mr Chuks is behind the accident” Kiana objected. “All I’m saying is that he must have known who Mekus was. Therefore, he could tell us more about him.”
“Then how do you intend asking him without him being inquisitive and suspicions on why you want to know?” Nancy glanced at the two boys who had not said anything yet, she continued. “You guys should understand that all eyes are on us. People are wondering why we are the only one who didn’t sustained an injury and also went missing after the accident. Soon, we will be called to explain our way about after that accident” she began to breath heavily.
“So what do you guys think?” Kiana threw the question in the air.
Juel looked at Anderson. “We should agree with her. What do you think, man?” he asked like one who had run out of suggestions.
Anderson didn’t reply rather walked out from their midst to the wall full of papers and angrily hit on it and tore the papers out.
“What is wrong with you?!” Kiana rushed him before he destroyed her office. She wasn’t a good runner, so she had to gallop like a horse.
Anderson turned to them not only with violent pointing fingers but also with a harsh expression. “If only you guys know what we are into, you won’t be suggesting that we keep mute. We need help! A problem shared is a problem half solved!”
“Are you out of your mind!?” Juel approached him violently too like a mad dog. “Our lives are at risk here. Don’t you get it?! If we open up to people, Kiana gonna suffer most coz the strange man claimed to know her and wanted to be with her, hence, causing our accident.” he paused, breathing hastily before he brought down his voice. “We must take Nancy’s idea; we’re not asking Mr Chuks anything about Mekus neither are we telling anybody anything about us or the well even after our wishes are granted!”
Silence creeped inside the room. Only distant chattering and the torned papers Kiana packed up from the ground filled their eardrums. She was already shedding tears when her voice came like that of a cat, “Please, Anderson, you need to listen to us. I’m very scared”
Nobody replied her neither did anybody looked at her sad face. Though her voice alone changed Anderson’s mind at that moment. Sooner did they know that the door of the room was left open and someone stood at it, staring at them. He must have heard part of their discussions. His name was Judge. He was believed to have a psychological abnormality. It could be seen on the nature of his eyes and bushy hair. He wore a three-quarter pair of Jean trousers with army colour design and a white transparent shirt that shows his singlet.
“What are you looking at, moron?!” Nancy shrieked at him. Just as she called him, Judge left the door like a moron after which Nancy turned to her friends. “Do you think he heard our discussion?”
“Even if he did, he can’t decode it. Everybody knows him as a moron” Juel replied. Just then, a student came in and told them that Dr Danny needed them in his office. They glanced at one another quietly.
Inside the head of department’s office (HOD’s office), the temperature had been reduced by an air conditioner. One could see different shelves with properly arranged files in them. On the walls were pictures of Dr. Danny both on his matriculation and convocation day. On his table were awards and voluminous books, even a laptop rested on the table too. Suddenly, a knock came from his door and the four students entered to see him seated on his chair while Mr Chuks also seated opposite him in a way the table demarcated them. The students greeted one by one, seeing the mean faces of the two staffs which was a sign to them that there is a fire on the mountain.
“I’m so happy you guys made it out of the accident alive” Dr. Danny began, leaning his back on the chair which made a cracking noise. “But can you girls tell me where you went to after the accident?”
Juel swallowed hard. “Sir, we got lost. I guess is because we were carried by a river.”
“Was that also the reason why you had no scratch on your bodies?”
The students remained silent.
Mr Chuks turned to them. His voice carried an atom of anger. “Kiana, if there is anything you guys have to tell us, please do coz Dr. Danny is pointing accusing fingers…”
“Mr Chuks” Dr. Danny interrupted him.
“No, sir!” he continued, hitting his hand on the table with his feet standing on the floor. “With all due respect, sir, let’s call a spade a spade! This interrogation simply means you’re suspecting us for being the cause of the accident. Of what benefit would that yield to my life?”
“But a lorry can’t grow wings and fly down the hill”
“I guess you would have been happy if we were all dead”
All remained silent, allowing the sound of the air conditioner to take over. The students had already became amazed at the extent Dr. Danny had taken the issue. Of course they were expecting such a thing. Nevertheless, as the tranquillity lingered, Mr Chuks walked out of the office.
“Listen,” Dr Danny cleared his throat. “Sooner or later, I must find out the root of the sprouting plant” he ordered them to leave.
Outside the office, at a distance, one could see Anderson leaving others angrily again, but Nancy rushed him saying, “I don’t know what your problem is but make sure you don’t screw us up”
“You acted as if you knew the Well very well” Anderson glared. “You had us make wishes out of it. Now have you seen where it’s taking us to?” He finally left.
Not only Kiana and Juel watched them from a distance, also Dr. Danny monitored their actions from a window.
Kiana looked at Juel. “This whole thing is beginning to look like we’re are the cause of the accident”
“Of course not, Ana” Juel faced her. “Mekus is the cause”
“How can we explain that to people?”
Juel suddenly went dumb as Kiana left him all alone. Not withstanding, Dr. Danny took record of that too.
Another night fell in the city. Nobody had an idea the secret of the four students. Therefore, it was really like a heavy burden to them especially to Kiana who sat on the floor of her lodge, weeping. She was on a night gown with just a pant under. She had small attractive breast. As she wept, a knock came from her door severally but refused to answer it. It later cracked open to see Juel entering. He was disappointed to her in that mood.
“What’s the problem, Ana?” he bent down beside her. The poor girl felt her tears pouring the more at that moment.
“Juel, I feel like I’m the cause of my fellow students’ death. If Mekus hadn’t wish to have me, none of that would have happened” she cried, leaning her head on his bent knee.
“Stop feeling guilty. It wasn’t your fault”
“What of the people that will die for my wish to be granted?” she queried in a crying voice. Juel felt her emotional pain and began to dry her tears and rubbing her hair in consolidation.
The next day at Touch-hill, The ground quivered like an earthquake and the firmament opened. Large rocks with fire, burning round them began to fall like heaven crashing down on earth. They created large holes on the earth surface, broke some parts of buildings and most of all, killed people. Students could be seen running helter skelter.
Nancy ran into a building to see Judge, staring at her. “What, freak?” she spread her hands.
“You are the cause” Judge pointed at her. “You’re the cause of the raining rocks” he added.
Hearing that, Nancy remembered her wish. She became scared, stepping back from the moron. Already, the rocks had stopped falling which gave her the opportunity to run to Kiana’s control room. Luckily, she was the only one there.
“What is happening in school, Nancy?” Kiana asked her.
“Rocks just rained down in the school” she tried to stabilize her breath.
“Yes, I can see that, and people are killed by it” Kiana rushed to the window to take a better look.
“I think is my wish” Nancy said in a broken voice.
Kiana turned to her swiftly. “You wished to have rocks rain down the school?”
“Then what’s your wish?”
“Remember, I can’t tell you until it’s granted. But the rained down rocks is a sign.” She moved closer to her. “Kiana, there is a bigger problem; Judge has figured it out”
“What are you talking about?”
“Judge knows I’m the cause of the fell rocks”
“What?! But how?”
“I don’t know!”
Both girls stared at each other. Kiana couldn’t imagine Nancy’s wish that had flaming rocks raining in school. She couldn’t wait to know…

THE WISHING WELL (DARK SECRET) BY Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)


He did not only run like a hare but also had his shoes grasping the sandy soil like the claws of squirrel on a tree. He suddenly lowered his pace when he saw dead students being carried into an ambulance. The school environment was totally messed up by the fallen flaming rocks. He also saw students, coming out gradually from halls to behold the strange situation which had never happened before in the city. Just as he fed his eyes, a voice came beside him, “What do you think that happened, Juel?”
He glanced at the person, “I don’t know, Anderson” he replied.
They remained quiet to see policemen drawing boundaries at the affected areas.
On the other hand inside the control room, Kiana walked pass Nancy saying, “Nancy, i don’t know what your wish is neither do I want to know.” she opened a drawer then pick up her camera. “I’m just gonna go out there to do my work and pretend like I don’t know what happened” she looked at the door of the room to see Juel and Anderson who just entered. “Thank God you guys are here. Please, listen to Nancy. She has an explanation to make” she hurried towards the door with the camera, a pen and a jotter.
“What do you mean? Where is she?” Anderson asked.
“Look at her” Kiana turned but never saw Nancy again. She became surprise, looking at the two guys. “She was standing right there!” she pointed at a distant. Yet, the guys didn’t say anything, but moped at her as if she was crazy.
Kiana noticed the look, briskly walked to the door, locked it and turned to them with a mean face. “Stop looking at me as if I’m crazy or hallucinating. I know who I have been standing here with and it was Nancy!”
“Then where is she?” Anderson asked again.
“I don’t know!” she hurried to the inner part of the room, just at the spot
Nancy was standing. “There is no way she must had left this room except she disappeared”
Juel glanced at Andersen then moved forward. “Alright, we believe you. Tell us the explanation she needed to make”
“She ran in here immediately after the raining of the flaming rocks and said she was the cause”
“What?!” Anderson drew closer in amazement.
“Yes!” Kiana flung her hands in the air. “She said is a sign of her wish”
“What’s her wish?” Juel queried.
“I don’t know. How could she tell me? We all know the consequences”
They became mute for a while to use their heads instead of their mouths. They could hear chattering of students from outside and even police siren. Juel spoke up, sounding very scared. His mouth quivered like one suffering from freezing cold. “Could her wish be having the school destroyed and disappears?”
“What type of stupid wish is that?” Anderson objected.
“Guys!” Kiana held her forehead like one suffering from a sever headache. “Nancy just made this whole thing look more scary! She also said Judge figured out that she’s the cause of this present disaster”
“How?” Juel asked.
“We really need to shut that moron up” Anderson suggested, while Kiana began to walk out. They followed her immediately.
An astronomer could be seen checking the rocks with some lecturers. Of course Mr Chuks and Dr. Danny were present too. The astronomer had his whole body covered for safety precautions. He took a piece of the rock and examined it. “These rocks aren’t from the face of the earth. There are from space or rather from another planet” he said.
“What could be the cause of it falling right in my school?” the vice chancellor asked.
“It’s strange.”
“How can my students had accident two days ago which caused the death of nine of them and today five are dead from strange rocks from wherever!” He spoke with bitterness and anger. “Please, gather enough information. We need to know the cause of this disaster.” he walked out, so as other lecturers except Dr. Danny. Just then, they heard Judge’s voice shouting, “She’s the cause! She’s the cause of all this!!”
Dr. Danny and the astronomer directed their eyes to him like every other students. Dr. Danny smiled. “Forget him, sir. He has a psychological problem”
The man also smiled. “Such people normally make sense too, doc”
“Somebody can’t possibility be the cause of rocks from another planet, can it?”
“Though I’m a scientist in astronomy but I also believe in things that are not scientifically proven”
“Like spiritism and its powers?”
Both remained quiet for a while. “Just leave the psychopath for me.” the astronomer said.
“I’ll love to have a feed back, sir” Dr. Danny gave him his card then walked out while the man began to approach yelling Judge. He told the police that wanted to prevent him to let the poor boy be.
Meanwhile, Juel and others stood from afar, monitoring what was happening. They could see how the astronomer questioned Judge who pointed a finger at them.
“Problem is coming” Juel said.
“Please, I’m gonna go take pictures and do my job” Kiana left them.
“Come on, Juel. Let’s get out of here before that man comes to interrogate us” Anderson tapped him. They began to walk out of the premises like criminals.
However, Judge was still pointing fingers at Kiana in particular. Therefore the astronomer met her where she was taking pictures of some of the rocks.
“Hey, I’m Cletus, an astronomer”
“Hey, I’m Kiana, the school press”
Cletus nodded. “You know that boy over there?” he pointed at Judge.
“Who doesn’t know him?” Kiana paid attention.
“He said your female friend is the cause of this disaster. Just that he doesn’t know her name”
Hearing that, Kiana laughed pretentiously. “You believe him?”
Cletus smiled. “I believe the unbelievable, young lady”
“Well, Judge is psychologically imbalance, so..”
“Listen, Kiana” Cletus interrupted her. “Though I’m an astronomer but i still believe in fetishism and spiritism”
“Well, we scientists don’t do that. We only believe anything that is scientifically proven using the various scientific methodology” Kiana challenged.
Cletus smiled. “I’ll like to meet all your female friends” he walked out. Kiana could see him so mean regardless the smiling face he showed her. That was another problem to them because if Nancy isn’t found in few days to come, people like Cletus and Dr. Danny will become suspicious and inquisitive. She exhaled then continued her job.
The next day at Touch-Hill, Nancy had not been found but nobody knew about her disappearance except Kiana and co.
Inside Mr Chuks office, he was reading the school newspaper when Kiana knocked and entered. He was surprise coz that was the very first time she came to his office. She greeted, standing behind the visitors’ chair.
“To what do I owe this visit, miss Desmond” the man dropped the newspaper after referring her by her surname. “By the way, you’re doing a good job in the Touch”
“Thank you, sir” she smiled while the man waited for her to state her purpose. Kiana handed him the picture with him and Mekus shaking hands. “Sir, I’m wondering if you know that man you’re…”
“Mr Mekus Israel” Mr Chuks interrupted her then looked at her in surprise. “He was just reported dead last two days”
“What killed him?”
“Nobody knows. He was found dead on the road”
Kiana swallowed hard.
“What do you have with him, miss Desmon?” Mr Chuks leaned forward from his seat. “Let me guess, he disturbed you sexually because he asked about you the day you took this picture “
Kiana was surprise. “He did?” she asked.
“Yes, he had his eyes on you. He made me tell him your name.” He paused then asked with much concern “What is this all about?”
“It’s all about what you just said, sir. Thank you” Kiana wanted to hurry out of the office but the man called her back and handed the picture back to her.
Under a mango tree inside the school compound, Juel, Anderson and Kiana could be seen in a mutual position. Regardless of the incident that happened the previous day, students could still be seen walking to their various classes.
Kiana looked at the two guys. “Why did you call me here?”
“We saw you going to Mr Chuks office. What for?” Juel asked.
“I went to inquire about Mekus” she saw the look of disappointment on their faces. “I know. I’m sorry. I was just curious, and guess what? Mr Chuks has nothing to do with the accident. He only told Mekus my name. You know, as guys do when they see a girl…”
“Was that how Mekus knew you?” Anderson asked.
“I think so. But Mr Chuks said his dead body was found on the road”
“How possible? Who carried him from the well to the main road?”
“I don’t know!”
They became quite to make use of their heads again. But they couldn’t come up with anything. Suddenly, Juel brought out a written note from his pocket. “I saw this in my bag last night”
“What’s that?” Kiana asked curiously.
“A written note from Nancy” he read it aloud thus: “You guys should try to bring me back from my wish when it’s granted without me being dead. I’ll be waiting.. Nancy”
The three students looked at one another.
“Who knows what her wish was and where she’s waiting?” Kiana asked. Just then a young guy came to them under the tree. He dressed neat and looked matured. They could see a painted image of life outside the earth in his hands.
“Hey, I’m Henry. I’m looking for one Nancy Williams from the department of biochemistry” the young man said.
“And who are you to her?” Anderson asked him.
Henry smiled. “I’m her date”
They directed him to their department to go check her there, but before he left, Kiana asked him, “What up with your painting?”
Henry looked at the image in his hands with a smile. “I painted it for Nancy. She has always wanted to see life outside the earth”
“Wow” Kiana smiled. “It’s romantic”
“Thanks” the young man left, while Kiana’s smiling face changed to a mean one.
“I guess I have figured out Nancy’s wish and where she is” she began. “Nancy wished to go see life beyond the earth and she’s there now”
“Oh my God!” Anderson exclaimed.
“She knew that if she leaves there back to earth, she will die coz our wish must not leave us. That’s why she wrote the note” Juel clarified.
“Exactly” Kiana replied, then exhaled heavily just like others coz the load was heavy on them..





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10 days ago

This is getting more interesting..
Well done Bright Daniel

9 days ago

Too bad….. This is fast becoming out of hand!