UNKNOWN ENEMY Written by Amah’s Heart

Episode 1

Betty picked up the tiny box that contained the golden necklace again for the third time that day and rubbed her hands on it, smiling to herself as she moved close to her dressing mirror and tried the necklace on her neck, the little pedant on it glittered and she held it to her heart while still smiling, she stood by the mirror while staring at the golden necklace on, after sometime she gently unhooked it and held it in her hands, she lowered her lips to it and kissed it before packing it back to the box.

It was one of the most beautiful items that Tony her husband recently got for her, Tony always get her gifts but this present one he got for her was so precious, it was really expensive and beautiful.

She thought of how lucky she was to have Tony as a husband, she was one of the lucky few who got men that adores and never cheat, she know she can vouch for Tony when it comes to fidelity, he was a good man and she feels so proud and blessed to have him, and they both have being married for seven years with two kids. Everything around her is smelling real good, whenever she gathered with her friend Kate and her neighbour Viva all she talks about is Tony to them, she just can’t stop talking about him and how blessed she is to have him. Kate her friend is not married but she has a five years old daughter, she is a single mother and her neighbour Viva is married with a son.

The estate they live in is very expensive, and is filled with well to do men and women. Kate lives outside the estate, where she can afford and she always visit and sometime spend the weekend with her daughter in their spare room. Betty’s husband was a kind man who can accommodate. Tony sometimes takes them out to a movie and eatery, Kate inclusive.

Betty always tells Kate everything and anything and same with Kate too, they have being friends for long and their friendship blossom everyday, Viva and her husband moved in to the compound a year ago and she has being trying to be a good neighbour to Betty, Viva’s husband is not as wealthy as Tony but he tries to make sure his family is okay.

Betty checked the time, it was almost 4pm, her six years old daughter and four years old son were with their nanny, Rebecca who also helps out with house chores. Betty’s friend Kate called earlier that she was coming around, she will show Kate her new present from Tony, she knows that Kate will scream when she sees the expensive golden necklace with a diamond pedant attached to it, she heard the door bell rang and knew it must be Kate, she went to the door and opened it, and it was actually Viva her neighbour not Kate.

“ooh I thought is Kate…please come in..

“is your friend coming again today?”

“yeah…she comes in anytime she is free…

“hmmmm…she spends more time in your house than hers…is as if she dragging the house with you the way she comes and go…

“no…is not like that Viva, Kate is always fun to be with…she takes my home like hers and is okay by me…I like it that way…Tony likes her keeping me company while he is away…and there’s enough room for her here..

“okay oo…if you say so..

After sometime Kate arrived and they all sat down with their drinks, Betty rushed inside and got the tiny box that contained the necklace that Tony got for her, she brought it to the women

“Tony is just a God sent to me, he is a wonderful husband and a great father…he never stops surprising me…God gave me a good man as a husband and I can’t get enough of him, see what he got for me yesterday, I was dumb founded when he gave it to me…one of the most beautiful necklace I have ever seen. …and is quiet expensive too…

Viva collected the necklace from Betty before Kate could get to it, she stared while smiling

“yes you are right… this is quiet expensive…and is lovely too…you are such a lucky woman…I understand gold and I know the original and expensive ones when I see any…this one here is a real gold and is very expensive…Tony always get you gifts…even without you asking…you are very lucky to have him..

Viva held the necklace and didn’t bother giving it to Kate who was stretching her hands to it… instead she handed it back to Betty, and Betty gave it to Kate

“wow…aah Betty…this is really beautiful…wow… please let me try it on

Kate unhooked it before putting it on her neck, Viva who couldn’t hide her displeasure anymore voiced out

“why are you wearing it…can’t you see is very expensive, is not right…you don’t do that to peoples things…her husband got it for her… go and marry your own husband so that he can get you stuffs like this…stop taking what is not yours…I hate to see people who are never happy with others, is called jealousy and that is what you are portraying here…people who envy others…it pissed me off…please take the necklace off and give it back to Betty…before it develops wings and go missing..

“Stop hating Viva…because it won’t add money into your account…what is wrong if I try my friend’s stuff…is it yours…is not even yours and you are acting this way…that means you will slit my throat if it happens to belong to you…why so much hate…do you always have to remind me to go and get married before you conclude your every statement…and this is not the first time you are saying that… you don’t know how long me and Betty have being friends so quit the unnecessary hate…if you have anything against me you come out straight and say it to my face stop dodging and throwing stone…and no matter your hate I will still wear this until i decide to take it off…if you can’t stand it.. you are free to walk away…after all your flat is next door…

“Please you two should calm down. It hasn’t gotten to that…Viva there is nothing wrong with Kate trying the necklace… Kate is not that kind of friend…get to know her first…she has being my friend for years and have no reason to worry whenever she is around…and Kate is not everything you should react to…Viva was probably throwing a joke…

“yes…I was only joking…I don’t know why she is taking it personal…Kate it was only a joke na…can’t you take a joke…

“well it didn’t sound like a joke to me because this isn’t the first time you indirectly come at me…but I apologise if I overacted…I was equally joking in my own way don’t take it to heart…

They quickly resolved their issue as they resumed their normal gist…Tony came back from work while Betty went to welcome him, Kate and Viva greeted him and he replied warmly, the kids rushed out from their room to greet their father who lifted them up one after the other, the kids nanny Rebecca came in too and greeted Tony. Tony turned and looked at Kate asking her about her daughter and she replied before he walked away. Betty followed him and later returned back to her guest, Kate stood to leave forgetting that she was still wearing Betty’s gold necklace, Betty did not even notice, it was Viva who has being watching Kate closely that spoke up

“Are you going with Betty’s expensive necklace…you are still wearing it and you said you are going..

“oh mine…I totally forgot that is was still on my neck…

She removed it and hand it over to Betty before leaving, after she left Viva turned to Betty and said

“you have to be careful with that your friend…do you see how she wanted to take the necklace home…a very expensive gold that she can never afford in her life…I told you she was looking for way to steal it and I was right. She did not forget it…she deliberately wanted to take it and go…me I know this kind of women and what they can do…and most single mothers can be very desperate…and do you also notice the way Tony looked at her…see the way he asked of her daughter as if there was something important about her… be very careful Betty…

“Please Viva…don’t put negative ideas into my head…Tony cares that was why he asked in that manner and as for the necklace…I know Kate..she forgot it…even if she has taking it home without knowing I have no worry because she will still return it once she remembers or I will call her…there is nothing to be worried about…I thought we have already resolve that earlier…please see Kate as a friend…because she is actually a good person and I don’t feel threaten by her or anyone…and I totally trust Tony

“okay..oo…no problem…if you say so…I was only looking out for you…as a good neighbour…but since you say she is a good person then I will go with it… aah… but you are really a lucky woman…having a man like Tony…if my husband does quarter of what Tony usually do for you I will have no worry at all…but my husband is not trying at all…he is always giving excuses of not having money…but it is well sha… everybody mustn’t be lucky in marriage…well some day God will answer my prayers…

“don’t worry Viva…is not that bad…at least he provides for the house and pays a huge rent…this house is quiet expensive and anytime I try to support Tony in paying the rent he will tell me not to worry that he got it covered, his work pays off well…I understand and I know is not easy though but just keep hoping things will turn out fine…if you need anything Viva…anything at all don’t fail to ask me…

Viva later left as her husband drives in, Betty waved her good night and returned to Tony with her golden necklace in hand, Viva has her own plan for Richard, her husband.

To be continued

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5 years ago

She’s actually planning her own downfall….

5 years ago

Comment: Judas of a woman who is always self center o re everything

3 years ago

Thank you so much I like ? it

1 year ago

Good storyline but there are so many errors in the grammar, it makes it hard to read unfortunately.

1 year ago

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