The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 8 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 8 by Yasminne

Theme : A case of Jealousy

It’s been a couple of days since my first encounter with Irene. During that period, I’ve spent most of my time wondering when the match will take place.
It had better be soon because I’ve not travelled here for a holiday. The only reason I’ve found it enjoyable here thus far, is because of Leona, Julian, Kobi as well as my pack members.
Theo, as expected, has not done anything about us being mates. It’s starting to look like we’re not going to do anything about it. Frankly, I’m starting not care about whether anything gets done or not. The way he’s been around me clearly shows what he thinks about the whole mate situation.
Everytime he touched, held or reached for Irene, my heart would squeeze in pain. I would try to ignore it and not show how much it bothered me. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he had some kind of control over me.
Irene seemed to be ecstatic whenever Theo was around, let alone when he touched her. I noticed how often she would reach for his touch, like she craved him.
I also found out that Irene is not only Kobi sister, but his twin sister! Interestingly, he also told me something else that really caught me off guard. Like really off guard.
It was the day before yesterday, when I came back to the Alpha Manor to grab my forgotten earphones. I ran into Kobi on the stairs, excited to catch up after not seeing him for a while.
“Hey, so you’ve been busy?” I asked with a smile.
“Pretty much since yesterday morning.” He replied shrugging. “I heard you met Irene.”
Shrugging back, I replied with, “Yeah, I did.”
After a few seconds of silence, I added, “She’s cool.”
Kobi stared at me for while before throwing his head back and laughed really hard.
“You don’t need to lie about what you thought of her.” He spluttered, trying to contain his laughter. “I know how she can be, but I appreciate your nice comment.”
I giggled, glad that I didn’t need to comment on Irene any further.
“I also heard you mistook Irene for me?”
“Yeah, about that…” My cheeks started to heat up a little.
“I totally understand why you thought that. I told you how my wolf form looks like, but I didn’t tell you I had a twin who has the same red streak.”
I gaped at his words. “You’re twins? Woah!”
“Faternal, of course. Didn’t anyone tell you?”
Shaking my head hard, I said, “No, they just mentioned you were siblings.”
“Well, there you go. Did Irene fangirl over you or something?” He asked, wiping a tear from laughing so hard earlier. “I told her to be cool when she met you.”
I frowned at this. “Fangirl? Why would she fangirl over me?”
If it was anyone else, I would understand their excitement to meet me. But Irene? She, according to her comments online, hates my guts and called me a ‘deceitful coward’ for not accepting her request. She definately didn’t seem that excited to see me yesterday.
“Wow, I guess she did keep it cool.” He said, scratching the back of his neck. “She’s probably your biggest fan, not that I’ve heard her say that. But still.”
“I’m sorry, I’m still not following.” I said, scrunching my nose in confusion.
“I would say she’s probably watched every single one of your matches.” He finally said, chuckling.
I stayed quiet, registering what he had just said. I took a deep breath in and ending up saying just one word.
He raised his eyebrows as though he couldn’t understand my confusion.
“Wait, you’re telling me Irene has watched all my matches?” I asked, confirming what I’d heard. “But that’s impossible, none of my matches have ever been recorded. Only previews have been recorded.”
Maybe someone had been recording my matches and leaking them online, somewhere that’s hard to access or something.
“No, she’s been to all your matches.”
A cold shiver ran down my spine when I heard that. She’s attended all the matches I’ve been in? Why do I find that kind of creepy?
Not knowing what to say, I replied with, “Wow.”
“I guess that means she’s been travelling a lot.” I added, still feeling uneasy.
Kobi, oblivious to the change in my emotions, carried on.
“She quickly got accustomed to the travelling; I guess she was very determined.”
I kind of felt bad for my lack of involvement in this interaction, but I couldn’t get used to the fact that she’s been to all my matches.
What had motivated her so much to be able to do all that? Surely not because she’s a fan of me. I felt like there is more to it then that.

Changing the subject, I said, “Sorry to cut the convo short, but I’ve got to rush to meet everyone at a nearby cafe. I told them I would be quick coming back for my earphones.”
Kobi didn’t mind and ushered me upstairs to my room where I finally grabbed my earphones. We briefly said our goodbyes and got on with our day.
Since that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility that Irene had followed my every move outside my pack.
I could have sworn I’d never seen her before. If I had, I would’ve remembered her appearance for sure. She’s the type and has the look to attract a lot of attention. She had silently been watching my fights, I guess.
Another question had popped into my mind, a question that should’ve came earlier. I didn’t ask Kobi whether he had become Gamma through promotion or because he inherited the title from his family.
If it is the latter, then that would mean Irene is not only a warrior but a warrior with Gamma blood. I groaned inwardly as that became apparent to me.
It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had a match with a Gamma blooded wolf; not at all. I’ve fairly won a few matches against Gamma males, so I shouldn’t be at too much of a disadvantage. However, it isn’t common for someone of Gamma blood to request for a fighting match, but I’ve had quite a few requests.
A knock disrupted my train of thought, forcing me to get out of the dazy state.
“Come in!” I called out, sitting up on my bed.
The bedroom door slowly opened, revealing a happy looking Leona. I smiled at her shining excitment; she’s like a ball of sunshine.
“Good afternoon!” She exclaimed, waving a notebook and pen in the air.
“It’s not the morning anymore?” I asked, eyeing the notebook in her hand. “Please don’t tell me I have to write something so early in the morning.”
“It’s the afternoon, for goodness sake! You’ve got to stop sleeping in, your internal clock will fry out and become confused.” She scolded, making herself comfortable on my bed.
I stared at her blankly and replied with, “Sorry, it’s too early to decode what you said.”
She chose ignore me and opened up a blank page in her notepad. She started writing something on it, making me lean forward in curiousity.
After she was done, she adjusted the angle so I could read it easier.
From now on, we’ll write to communicate. Okay?
I looked her in confusion but played along.
I wanted to talk about the whole mate situation, if you’re willing. This is the only way we can talk about it, without the risk of other people listening in. It would be so much easier if we could mind link…
I knew you knew! I’m assuming Julian knows too?
Of course, it was quite obvious…to us I guess. So a warrior and an Alpha, huh?
Well, you guys thought right. Theo is my mate. As you know, we haven’t exactly done anything about it. I think he doesn’t want to be mates with me.
If he didn’t want to be mates with you, he would’ve rejected you. He hasn’t done that, has he?
I think you’re also worried about Irene.
I paused to think about that comment, wondering how true it was.
I guess, but how could I not be? They act like they’re mates and you don’t want to know how that makes me feel.
It’s normal to feel angry, posessive and jealous. It’s because of the mate bond. Theo would be going through the same emotions if he saw you close to a unmated male.
I pondered on what she wrote, not able to imagine Theo becoming jealous of anyone. He has everything and can have anything he wishes, how could someone like that be jealous?
Leona leaned forward to write something, her eyes shining with mischief.
Make him jealous.
You think that’s a good idea?
Of course, what better way is there to awaken those feelings he’s kept to himself for this long? As for Irene, stay clear from her. Just until the match.
I’ll think about the whole ‘make him jealous’ plan. As for the avoiding Irene part, why should I? I’m not afraid of her.
I know you’re not, but she’s bad news. She’s the evil twin; completely different to Kobi. I would hate myself if something happens to you because I hadn’t warned you about her.
Before I could write a reply, an unrecognisable voice called out from outside the room.
“Alpha Theo has requested an urgent meeting in the study room downstairs. He expects everyone to be there in five minutes.”
After hearing their footsteps fade away, I turned to Leona with my eyebrows raised.
“Do you think he’ll finally annouce the date of the match?”
She shrugged as a reply. “Most likely, he usually talks to Julian about those kind of things.”
We tore up every page we wrote on and threw it in the bin. There was no way I’d risk anyone seeing that.
We made our way downstairs, meeting Jay and Kobi along the way. They also weren’t sure why Theo arranged an urgent meeting. After telling them what I thought, they agreed that it might be about the match.
We walked into the study room, immediately seeing Theo, Julian and, unfortunately, Irene.
This was definately about the match. Finally! I’ve been itching to get my hands on her and do some damage. She’s offended me and my wolf way too many times.
We all took out seats, spreading across the room and waited for Theo to say something.
His eyes observed the room, ensuring everyone was present. He was leaning against the large, dark wooden desk at the back of the room. He had the top few buttons of his prestine white shirt unbuttoned and had his sleeves pushed back to his elbows.
He folded his arms, accentuating the muscles that were always there.
Damn you, for looking this good. I looked away, not wanting to show how attacked I felt. His level of handsomeness is actually rude.
“Now that you are all here, I can finally announce the date of the match between Irene wolf and Elisia Knight.” He said, capturing everyone’s attention. “I have decided that it should take place in two days time.”
Julian then speaks up, “In those two days, you are allowed to train if you wish. Although, I would advice you to not overexert yourself. You’ll need as much energy as possible for the real match.”
I nodded, already thinking of preparations I should do prior to the match. I’ve had a day and even half a day to prepare for matches at other packs, so a two days notice is not at all last minute.

“Irene and Elisia.” Theo said, bringing our attention back to him. I think that was the first time I’ve heard him say only my first name and I’m refusing to like the way he said it.
“The details as well as the terms and conditions of the match will be sent to your email. Make sure to read it thoroughly and sign it by tomorrow morning.” He continued, barely looking at me.
He paused to look at Kobi, Leona and Jay. “You’ve been called here to witness this meeting and exchange.” He explained, as he unfolded his arms.
“You’re all dismissed.” He declared, not giving us a second glance. Rolling my eyes, I walked out the door before anyone else. I stood outside as the rest of them strolled out. The rest of them, except one person. Irene.
Looking back into the room, I see Irene sitting on the desk, chatting her life away to my mate. Theo’s forehead creased a little, a sign of annoyance. He started to move away from her, when, suddenly, his head snapped in my direction. The movement caused a lock of his perfect looking hair to fall over his eyes.
He stopped in his tracks, looking conflicted about something. He closed his eyes, for a long second before opening them again. He looked determined, like he made a choice.
He slowly started to move back and stood close to Irene, as she then lay her head on his chest. I stood there watching in disbelief.

It was like he did all that on purpose!
A dreaded thought came to mind. Or maybe he did do it on purpose?
Nonetheless, it was easy to say I felt hurt. I looked away before he could see how hurt I felt. Leona who saw everything, quickly held my arm and took me away from that scene.
The boys walked ahead, oblivious to anything that happened. Leona and I walked back upstairs without saying anything. I glanced out one of the many windows and saw someone.
It was the lady I met on my first day here, the one who wore a different pack scent. She called me Lily. She seemed to be pulling out weeds from the side of the manor. I wanted to talk to her to clear things up but I hadn’t seen her since that evening.
“I’m going to go outside for some fresh air.” I announced, slowing down on the staircase. Leoana looked at me worriedly, assuming I wanted to clear my head after what I saw.
I got a weird look from Jay, making me hold back a smile. He knows me the best and is probably wondering when have I ever gone out to get ‘fresh air’. Thankfully, he doesn’t say anything and makes me promise to come back in time for lunch, since I accidentally skipped breakfast.
I walked back down the stairs and out the front door. I jogged to the side of the manor, where I saw the lady earlier. Thankfully, she hadn’t moved from her spot.
Sensing my presence, she looked up. Recognizing me, she immediately backed up.
Putting my hands up, I said, “Please don’t go away. I have a lot to ask you.”
Her eyes widened as she looked around in fear.
“You ask dangerous questions.” She said, her voice barely a whisper.
I stared at her, realising how afraid she was. Whispering back, I said, “Then let’s talk somewhere else.”
She stared back, showing obvious conflict in her eyes. She takes her gardening gloves off and…walked away. I stood there stupidly, watching her go. She stopped and turned around, gesturing me to follow. Refraining myself from dancing in accomplishment, I quickly followed her.
It was quite a trek, but we finally reached her destination. She led me to an old but cute looking cottage. She took a key out from her back pocket and opened the front door.
“Welcome to my home.” She said, slightly smiling at me.
The cottage was made up of stone and wood, giving it a cosy and old fashioned feel.
“You have a cosy looking home.” I observed, looking around. “But you live so far from everyone else in this pack town.”
She nodded, “Far enough for them not to eavesdrop.”
She led me into her living room, where she offered me cookies. Of course, I couldn’t decline the lovely lady.
Nor can I decline cookies.
When we got settled and ate a few cookies, she asked a question.
“What would you like to know?”
Startled by the open ended question, I racked my brain to find good and appropriate questions to ask. Let’s start with the most obvious.
“Why do you have the scent of another pack?”
She sharply took a breath in before answering. “That is because I belonged to another pack.”
Belonged? Past tense? You can’t just transfer to another pack.
“How did you end up here?” I questioned, feeling confused.
“My pack was attacked.” She replied, not revealing anything else.
A gasp escaped me. “I’m so sorry.”
She shrugged and went back to eating a cookie.
“What happened to everyone else? That evening, you nodded when I asked if there was more like you.”
“Although most of our pack was wiped out, there are more like me. However, I’m too afraid to disclose their location. Please understand.”
I nodded, not wanting to push her too much. I decided to change the direction of the topic.
“You called me Lily before. Who is Lily?”
The women’s eyes widened and she looked down at her hands. “Don’t worry about that, it was a mistake to call you that.”
“Actually…this was a mistake.” She continued, shaking her head. “Telling you all this…was a mistake.”
Quickly realising that she started to regret telling me all this, I tried to calm her down.
“No, it wasn’t a mistake. I want to help you, please.”

“No, don’t you understand? I’m not supposed to have said anything! No one is supposed to know!” She cried out, standing up looking horrified at herself.
“You just seemed to trustworthy, and everything came tumbling out.”
I stood up to face her and held her hands. I needed to calm her down, or she’d have a full blown panic attack. So I said the only thing I could think of at that moment.
“I won’t tell anyone, I promise.”
Just as she started to calm down at my words, my ears picked up faint footsteps outside the cottage. Looking at the women’s scared expression, I assumed she must’ve heard it too.
There was a sudden loud knock on the front door, making the women jump out of her skin. A delicious scent of cinnamon and chocolate wafted up my nose.
Oh no.
“Ms Williams?” A deep husky voice rang out from outside.
Bad timing, Theo.


The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 8

Pack up gears peeps, the story just got it’s fuel……
It’s about time we take flight……. 😋

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1 year ago

Make him so jealous and if it’s possible change the whole mate thing to someone better than him. Lovely and interesting. Thanks for updating early

1 year ago

Cool tell me more next time