The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 55 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 55 by Yasminne

Theme : Touch The Light

Elisia’s POV
“Oh, hey girl. I didn’t know you stayed overnight again.” Emily retorted when she entered the room.
I had spent yet another night in Kaitlyn’s hospital room. Unfortunately, she still had not woken up from her coma. I smiled and put a finger on my lips, pointing to a sleeping Magnus on another bed.
He had barely left his mate’s side, dropping most of his responsibilities onto his Beta. Despite everyone begging Jay to rest, he had taken the opportunity to take on the Alpha responsibilities to distract himself.
It had been two weeks since the rogue attack on this pack, and everything was slowly going back to normal. Theo had to fly back to his territory to attend to his, no…
Our pack.
The news that I was an Alpha blood, and Theo Hunter’s mate had spread like wildfire. Literally everyone knew about us, and I loved it. He was working hard in officially merging the packs, and my transfer will happen tomorrow.
I had delayed my transfer in the hopes that Kaitlyn would wake up, and be there when I officially leave her pack. The MoonKnight Pack members had heard about me, and are expecting my arrival soon. It was getting hard to delay this any longer…
I leaned over her face and kissed her forehead. “Good morning.”
Emily quietly left the room, giving us space.
Everyone spoke to her, despite her not being able to respond. Emily encouraged us to do so, she was positive that Kaitlyn could hear us. “It’s another beautiful day, and everyone has pretty much gone back to their usual routines. It’s been peaceful since the attack, no sign of rogues near our borders.” I filled her in as usual.
I let out an inaudible sigh. It was hard seeing someone as lively as her, be verbally and physically held hostage by this coma. Emotions overrode me at that moment, opening the telepathic channel I had with her.
Everyone else had tried to mind link her, to see if she could communicate that way. But that wasn’t the case, they heard nothing. Because of that, I hadn’t bothered to try myself. However, at that moment, something pushed me to try.
“I wish you’d wake up.” I mind-linked her.
I sighed sadly, the silence was a sign of the harsh reality.
My eyes widened, welling up with tears when I heard her voice. “Kaitlyn?” I cried, not believing it.
“Oh, sweetheart.” She whispered, her voice breaking. “I can’t believe it.”
Was this really happening?
“Nor can I!” I exclaimed, happiness engulfing me. “But you sound so faint.”
“So do you.” She commented in a hushed tone.
“I can see you.”
I narrowed my eyes in confusion. “What? How?”
“You’re, like, this bright light.” She started to describe me, her voice filled with wonder. “I want to come closer, and see.”I suddenly thought about My Light Gene, could it possibly be related to what she was describing? “Can you come closer?” I asked, frowning when I felt her slipping away.
I closed my eyes, and concentrated on our connected channel. I suddenly felt her presence increase, making my heart soar excitedly. “That’s it, come towards the light!” I told her.
I felt a string, connecting us, aiding her to move closer to me. It felt thin before, but it was thickening over time. I wasn’t sure what we would gain from doing this, but I had a feeling that maybe, just maybe, this could wake her up.
But I didn’t want to get our hopes up.
I slowly started to realise that this was also taking a toll on me, I felt so exhausted. But I convinced myself that if that was the case, then I must be doing something right. My energy must be going into something, and I was desperate for that something to work.
I felt her will weaken a little. “Come on!” I called out, encouraging her to persevere. That cheer must’ve given her strength to push forward, her presence had increased considerably.
I heard her gasp. “I’m right next to you, next to the light.” She breathed in awe.
The words escaped into the mind link before I could even process it. “Touch it.” I told her.
A second later, there was a strong tug in my chest, making me open my eyes in shock. I gulped as I looked down at Kaitlyn’s unmoving figure. I didn’t even know what I did…
“Kaitlyn?” I unsurely called out into the channel.
No response.
“Can you respond?” I asked in a small voice.
I sat down on the side of her bed, and put my head into my hands. I was just speaking to her a moment ago, how could I have lost that special connection? My chest tightened, the familiar feeling of crying arising.
I missed her so much.
Suddenly, I felt something touch my left arm. A soft feathery touch that had me jump from my seat in shock.
My gaze landed on Kaitlyn…
…and was greeted by her warm green eyes.
An uncontrollable sob escaped me as I approached her. She slowly held an arm out towards me, and beamed at me, her radiant smile expelling every sad feeling within me. I couldn’t stop the tears streaming down my face, but it was because of relief and happiness.
She’s awake!
I kissed her forehead, and gently hugged her. “I missed you so much” I told her, hiccupping from crying so much. She had enough strength to bring an arm up and stroke my hair with affection.
“I love you, sweetheart.” She mind linked me, not bothering to use her voice.
I looked at her mate, who was stirring in his sleep. “MAGNUS!” I yelled, waking him up in an instant.
He took one look at Kaitlyn and managed to get to her side in a flash. There were tear stains on his face, I heard him sob to sleep last night. Hearing that made me cry myself to sleep too, I couldn’t imagine how hard it must’ve been for him. He roughly rubbed them away, before kneeling by her bed.
“My love!” He cried, tenderly holding her in his arms. “My life.”
Sobs escaped from Kaitlyn, as they embraced each other with so much love and affection. I could’ve cried all over again, but told myself to find the red button first. Once I did, I pressed it, alerting the nurses desk for their assistance.”Jayden.” I mind linked him, not calling him ‘Jay’ as usual.
“Hey.” He responded immediately. “Is it dad?”
I didn’t bother replying to his question, and went straight to the point. “Kaitlyn is awake!” I told him, happiness emitting from my end. He cut the link once he heard me say that, probably already on his way.
A nurse strolled in, probably expecting us to ask for more blankets or whatnot. She took one look at Kaitlyn, gasped and ran out the room. “I’ll grab the doctors!” She yelled behind her shoulder, almost tripping over nothing. “THE LUNA IS AWAKE!”
It hadn’t even been a couple seconds since she left, when six doctors, including Emily, and three nurses barged in and crowded the room. They bowed respectfully, to both Magnus and Kaitlyn, before getting straight to work. It was chaos, organised chaos for them, but to me, it was overwhelming.
However, it didn’t seem to faze Kaitlyn.
“Luna.” A consultant spoke up, while another one was doing neurological and neuro-vascular observations. “I’m so glad you’ve awoken.”
A nurse brought a cup of water for the Luna, to which Kaitlyn accepted gratefully. “You’ve not used your voice box in a while, so you’ll sound croaky. But it’d only been two weeks, so it should go back to normal soon. Just try to keep speaking.” The nurse advised her, wearing a nervous smile. She wasn’t used to giving advice to someone as superior as a Luna.
Kaitlyn cleared her throat and said, “Thank you, my dear.”
We looked at her in surprise, wondering how she sounded perfectly fine. Someone busted the door down, it almost breaking from the force that was exerted on it. We looked towards the culprit, to find Jay standing in the doorway, his chest heaving from running.
His searching eyes rested on his smiling mother, and rushed to her side. “Oh, mum.” He whispered in a endearing tone, relief clear in his voice. Kaitlyn opened her arms wide for him, giving him a hug when he was within distance.
The health care providers exited the room after doing what they had to do, giving us space. We all thanked them and focused on making up for lost time. Emily was about to leave too, when Kaitlyn stopped her.
“Not you, Emily.” She called out, amusement lacing her voice. Emily froze in shock, looking back at the mother of her mate. She smiled shyly, before making her way back to the Luna.
Jay stared at his mum dubiously. “You know her name?”
“I heard everything when I was in that coma. I know she’s your mate, and how adorable is she?” She squealed, embracing Emily in an unexpected hug. “We need to transfer you here immediately!”
She finally let go of her, looking fazed by Kaitlyn’s excitement. “I can’t wait.” She eventually said, with a smile.
She glanced at Jay, who immediately held out an arm towards her. Her face flushed red, as she hurried into his arms and hugged him back. He sighed contently, leant down and pecked her lips.
Kaitlyn squealed again, clapping her hands together. Where the hell was she getting all this energy from? She had only just woken up from a coma, that she’d been in for two weeks!
“Both our children have found their other half!” She exclaimed, clinging onto Magnus’ arm. “I’m so happy!”
So was I.
I quickly messaged Theo, Julian and Leona on the amazing update, to which they replied straight away.
Theo – That’s amazing news, love! How is she?Leona – I’m literally crying right now, I’m so glad! Send her my love, please? x
Julian – That’s incredible, thank God! I hope she’s doing well now! Just in time for your transfer to my pack too

I smiled at their message, responding to them and letting Kaitlyn know they sent their love. We spent most of the day with Kaitlyn. We told her about how we defeated The Rogue Force, and about my Light Gene. I had already told Magnus and Jay about it, so they were able to help me explain.
On that day, Jay had led the warriors so Magnus could stay with his mate. Emily had offered to provide care, and did so ever since. We told her about Aiden, to which she mentioned she overheard a little bit of our interrogation that day.
Her eyes became as wide as saucers when I explained he originally belonged to the MoonKnight Pack, but was found by Killian, in the same forest I was found in. We were both brought there by the same warrior, his mother.
“Fate has funny ways of bringing people together.” She said wistfully.
Speaking of Aiden, Jay had invited him to stay in the Alpha House, in one of the spare bedrooms. Magnus and I was fine with it, and Kaitlyn was adamant about congratulating him on his good actions when she sees him.
I announced the plan Theo and I had for Aiden, to which they complimented and agreed with our choice. The plan will come into action tomorrow, when I take him with me to my pack.
“So your transfer will officially happen tomorrow?” Kaitlyn confirmed. “Who booked the tickets?”
“Theo offered for us to travel by jet.” Magnus told her with a laugh. “His own private jet!”
She laughed along with him. Although, they could afford a jet if they wanted to, but the notion to own one seemed ridiculous.
“It belonged to his father.” I mentioned with a shrug. “There used to be two, Theo kept one for practicality. It’s much faster than a commercial airline, but the service is pretty similar to business class.”
We discussed and planned for tomorrow’s events, finally coming to the conclusion that only Kaitlyn, Magnus and Aiden will accompany me. Jay and Emily were fine with staying behind and looking after the pack in their absence. Jay had been doing a lot of Alpha work, so Magnus could stay by his mate’s side, leading the pack and increasing everyone’s morale.
“You’re on your way to becoming a great Alpha.” I retorted, knowing that Magnus and Kaitlyn were planning on retiring soon. He had grown immensely since the beginning of our journey, when we first arrived at The BlackShadowed pack’s territory.
So much has changed since then…
He grinned at me, giving me an ecstatic high five. “Good luck. You’ll also be a great leader, we all know it.”
Emily nodded in agreement, reaching to hold my hand. The two of them haven’t yet completed the mate bond, probably because it wasn’t a good time. They had a hard time holding back and keeping their hands off each other. However, now that Kaitlyn is awake and well…I expect them to be fully mated on any day from now.
I guess it had been easier for Theo and I to supress nature’s plan of us mating, since we have a little more resilience than others in general. I honestly think we’re the only couple to hold back for this long, talk about discipline.
The next morning came very quickly, I hadn’t been able to contain my excitement all night. I couldn’t bring myself to sleep, which was fine because Theo had a hard time falling asleep too. We spent all night texting each other, keeping each other company through the virtual space. We couldn’t wait to finally see each other, after so long.The jet was a nice surprise for Aiden, I may have forgotten to mention to him our mode of transport.
“Your mate is loaded!” He retorted, stroking the leather seats in awe. “Look at the seats!”
I laughed at his reaction, I had the same reaction on my first ride. I don’t think I’ve gotten used to this kind of luxury, and I don’t think I ever will.
“OH MY SHIT!” I heard him yell in surprise.
I jumped in my seat, and looked back to find his head poking into the room.
“THERE’S A DAMN BEDROOM IN THIS JET!” He yelled again, closing the door and leaning against it.
“So that’s where that door leads to…” Kaitlyn commented beside me. Magnus was currently massaging her legs, since she said it felt weird to walk after so long.
Aiden took a tour of the jet, despite it not being that big, he took his time. “There is freaking tub in the bathroom.” He announced calmly. “Okay then.”
I watched him as he walked to his seat, and slowly sat down.
He reached out to the table in front of him, and held the sides. I raised at eyebrow at his peculiar behaviour, to which he noticed. He shrugged and said, “Don’t mind me, I’m just going to flip this table.”
Magnus snorted. “Why?”
“Because there’s a damn tub on this plane!” He responded, his eyes flickering to the bathroom door in horror. “That’s why, Mr Alpha man!”
I clamped my hand over my mouth in efforts to muffle my laughter. I would laugh at loud, if he wasn’t so serious about the tub. We landed at our destination with no issues, and made our way through the airport.
Leona and Julian had waited for our arrival, and welcomed us when they saw us. Leona’s eyes widened when she saw me, and rushed over to hug me. I staggered back from the sudden impact, but held her back just as tightly.
“I missed you so much!” She cried, her voice muffled in my shoulder.
“I missed you too.” I told her, I was blessed to have a sweet friend like her. Julian had formerly greeted Magnus, Kaitlyn and Aiden, before saying hi to me. Leona and I had finally let go of each other, so she could greet them too.
“Hey!” He greeted me with a wide grin. “Good to have you back!”
He pulled me into a quick hug, and ruffled my hair. “It feels good to be back.” I told him.
A notification bell went off from my phone, most likely Theo messaging me. Earlier, he let me know that Leona and Julian really wanted to see me and offered to pick us up. They were on their way to the airport, excited to finally see me. I let him know that it was fine, since I’d be seeing him in the Manor anyway.
The couple drove separately, in their own cars, since one car wouldn’t fit us all. Aiden and I were in Julian’s car, and Magnus and Kaitlyn were in Leona’s Jeep. We arrived at the pack in no time, immediately noticing the banners that were held up.
Most of them displayed sweet things like,
“Welcome Alpha Knight!”
“We welcome you!”
People stood outside their homes, and businesses trying to take a peak at their new leader. My heart swelled at the love and support I was getting, I had been a little worried. Although, I kept thinking back to how supportive and kind they were back when I came to fight.
Leona’s Jeep overtook us, giving me the chance to peek into her vehicle. Magnus and Kaitlyn wore curious expressions, as they took in the territory of the famous BlackShadowed Pack. Aiden started to get fidgety, becoming aware that he was the only rogue for miles, he still had no idea why I insisted he come too.
I raised an eyebrow at the word ‘Alpha’ used in all the banners. I’m mated to an Alpha, which automatically made me Luna. The only reason why Theo and I have agreed upon titling me ‘Alpha’ is because, it is in my own right to have that title because The MoonKnight Pack exists.
But how did they know to call me Alpha, if they know nothing of my pack?
All they knew is that I’m an Alpha Blood.
I shrugged, I guess Theo must’ve let everyone know about The MoonKnight Pack. We pulled up to the Alpha Manor, my future home, and parked in the large driveway. A familiar, delicious scent filled my lungs, as my heart lurched in excitement.
Theo was here.
I hopped out of the car before anyone else, and rushed to the front door in anticipation. Finally!
The grand doors flung open, revealing the man that had been on my mind for the past two weeks. He wore grey joggers, and a white T-shirt that fitted his statuesque body perfectly. His dark hair was casually styled back, a lock of hair managing to slip out and fall over his forehead.
Those dark, striking blue eyes of his met mine with longing. He broke out into a big smile, his dimple making an appearance.
He held out his arms. “Finally.”
I walked right into his embrace. “Finally.” I whispered back.
He held my body affectionately, lessening the distance between us, pushing my body into his hard one. He tilted my head away from his chest, to see my face, and caressed my cheek tenderly. His stormy eyes were locked with mine, his breaths increasing by the second.
A weird knot had formed in my stomach, once I processed the lust swirling his eyes. The sexual tension was becoming unbearable. I licked my lips in anticipation, my eyes dropping to his lips.
Unable to hold himself back, he gently cupped my face and leaned down; filling my senses with his intoxicating scent. His soft lips crashed into mine, dominating the kiss as he hungrily captured my lips.
The kiss was even more fiery and electrifying than I remember, it lit a primal desire within me. I melted within his embrace, that felt gentle and strong at the same time. We reluctantly pulled away from each other, when we heard footsteps approaching us.
We held each others gazes, feeling full of wonder and passion.
“This isn’t over.” He promises me in the mind link, enlightening that desire once again. He smiled when he saw Magnus, Kaitlyn and Aiden reach us.
“Welcome to my pack.” He said, not letting go of my hand. “I hope my hospitality ends up being at least half as amazing as yours.”
“I already feel welcomed, sweetie.” Kaitlyn reassured him.
“I’m so glad to see you well and healthy, Luna.” He commented, as he shook Magnus’ hand. “It’s nice to meet you all again, in better circumstances.”
He nodded at Aiden, greeting him too.
“There’s a tub in your jet, man.”


The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 55

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3 months ago

Lovely atmosphere here. Love emitting from every mates on board.

2 months ago

The story is captivating

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2 months ago

Aiden is sooo funny, couldn’t stop laughing at his behavior in that jet.