The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 3 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 3 by Yasminne

Theme : Seeking Permission

It’s been a couple of weeks since the party and I still hadn’t come to a decision. Unfortunately, since then the rumours and gossip have escalated and become incredibly ridiculous.
Apparently, I called Irene ‘fake’ and said that ‘I will destroy her to pieces’. I mean, come on! That doesn’t sound anything like me. Not that Irene would know that…
The more days that went by, the more I wanted to accept the request. Why? Simply because I was curious; curious to see how well Irene can fight. What makes her so unbeatable and worthy enough to be called ‘The White Devil’?
Doesn’t the devil work in nasty ways? I definitely wouldn’t want to be called that, although it is quite effective in intimidating others.

My attention was completely focused on the YouTube video I put on, I had snacks ready on my bed so I didn’t need to leave my spot. Suddenly, my bedroom door was flung open, revealing Jay in his grey sweatpants and a white tee.
“Don’t you know how to knock?” I exclaimed, trying to discreetly hide the family pack of Cheetos.
“Don’t you ever get tired of saying that every time I come in?” He shot back, diving onto my bed covers and messing it up even more.
“Don’t even think of hiding that packet of Cheetos! I could smell it’s flavour from a mile away.”
Sighing, I moved to make space for him to lay and watch videos with me. He made himself comfortable and opened the pack of Cheetos, making me scoff in disbelief.
I bought that with my own money, but he probably hasn’t eaten anything since breakfast so I’m letting it pass.
“So how was college today? How did it feel travelling all the way to the campus, just for one lecture?” I laughed, digging my hand into the packet and grabbing a handful of Cheetos.
His reply was a glare and an eye roll.
“I didn’t just have to do lectures, our class had to do fittings for our gowns.”
I frowned at this in confusion. “Gowns?”
He turned his head to face me. “Gowns as in graduation gowns. I’m graduating in a month, remember?”
Wow, I remember his first day at college. I can’t believe three years has passed since then. He’s been studying business, a subject that’ll come in use when he becomes our Alpha.
“It feels like only yesterday you started college.” I said, in trance. “You’ve grown up so much.”
As soon as the words left my mouth, he slapped me at the back of head. “You say that as if your older than me!”
Rubbing the back of my head, I mumble, “I just wanted to say that. Damn, you didn’t have to slap me.”
“In two years, you’ll be graduating too. That’s when I’m going to say ‘you’ve grown so much’.” He said, taking the laptop from me.
Before I could protest and take the laptop back from him, he spoke up again. “So are you thinking of accepting Irene’s request?”
I looked at him, surprised by his question. “I don’t know what to do.” I responded honestly.
“A part of me wants to accept the request so that I can settle the rumours once and for all. You know how much I love competition, and I haven’t come across someone worthy of fighting so long. However, there is another part of me that doesn’t want to endanger this pack’s reputation. Not to mention, since there is no peace treaty between theirs and our pack, there is a chance that they may harm our pack members.”
Jay sat up straight, nodding at my reply. “So which part of you is stronger?” He asked seriously.

That was an easy question. I wanted to accept the request, but I also didn’t want to be selfish. I had to think about everyone else, and not just me.
I stayed quiet, contemplating whether I should tell him the truth or not. Thankfully, Jay waited patiently for my answer. Should I tell him how I really feel?
“I really want to accept the request.” I finally said in a low voice. For some reason, I felt horrible for saying it out loud. Am I being selfish?
To my surprise, Jay laughed out loud, making me almost lose my balance. If that was even possible, because I was laying on my bed.
“I already knew you felt like that, but I just needed you to say out loud. You should know that I’m totally supporting your decision in accepting the challenge.” He said, clapping his hands together in celebration.
I sat up so quickly after he said that. “Whoa, whoa. Stop. Hold your horses. I never said I will accept the request.” I said, holding my hands up cautiously.
“But you said you wanted to, so you might as well accept it.” He retorted, shrugging like it was no big deal.
“But the consequences-” I started to say, ready to argue.
“Fuck the consequences. If I go with you, they can’t lay a finger on any of us. Is that what your worried about?” He said seriously, narrowing his eyes at me with concern.
“You’ll come?” I gasped, staring at him in shock. He’s never come to any of my matches before, not that it’s a big deal if he came or not. It’s just future alphas don’t really travel around without their parents, Alpha and Luna, for their safety.
“Your parents would never allow that.”
“You never know what they’ll allow, if you’re in the equation.” He replied, winking at me.
“How about the pack’s reputation? Other packs might think we’re petty enough to team up with the most powerful pack just for more money and power.” I said, racking my brain to find excuses not to go.

Of course I wanted to go, but I had to look at the bigger picture.
“We’ll call up every pack in the country, prior to travelling there, and inform them why we’ll be visiting The BlackShadowed Pack. That way everyone will be reassured that we aren’t visiting to team up with them or gain power from them.” He replied quickly, looking ready to answer any excuse I throw at him.
I sat there quietly, as the excitement started to build up inside me. Would it really be possible to go to that pack and have a match? I’d be lying of I said I wasn’t excited to see what their pack is like.
Not many people have been to their territory, since you’d need permission from both packs to do that. If you trespass a pack’s territory, it would be up to them how they would trial that crime.

Our pack, The Imperial Pride Pack, usually asks the trespasser their business and reason for trespassing before deciding the punishment. I heard trespassers of The BlackShadowed Pack are killed immediately, regardless of age, gender and rank.
“It’s no good just convincing me, we also need to convince the Alpha and Luna.” I said, sighing. It seemed like an impossible task, especially since I remember their reaction after the party.
“Good news!” Jay shouted in my ear, making me involuntarily push his face away. “I already convinced my Mum in siding with us, so she’ll back us up when we talk to Dad.”
I gaped at him in disbelief, making him chuckle. “You’ve convinced Kaitlyn to side with us? Did you really? I thought she’d be the one to say ‘I won’t let you go on a suicide trip!’.”
He shrugged at this, clearly looking proud of himself. “I have my ways.”
“Now the real reason I barged in here and ate your Cheetos, is because Dad is coming home really soon. I needed you admit you want to accept the request, so that you’re ready to convince dad to let you go. Since we’ve been talking for a while, his car might pull up in front of the house any second now.”
I stared at Jay in astonishment; he really went this far in ensuring I have the chance to fight someone worthy of competition. He must’ve known how desperate I’ve been for a good fight, since all the matches I’ve been in have been too easy for me.

I haven’t changed my training structure in any way, but strangely, I have been getting stronger every day. I’m still haven’t moved on from the fact that he convinced Kaitlyn to side with us; I can’t believe it.
Just then, I heard a familiar sounding car starting to pull up in front of the house. Jay jumped off the bed, looking at me mischievously and knowingly.
His timing always amazes me; It’s like he has an accurate internal clock. Taking a deep breath and gathering my courage, I jump off my bed and follow Jay out of my room. I already heard Magnus’s footsteps on the stairs and opening his office door, as usual.
Jay and I stood outside his office door, silently arguing about who should knock and open the door. We must’ve took too long arguing because next thing we know, Magnus opens the door.

“What brings you kids to my office today?” He asked, raising his eyebrow in amusement.
Of course, he could hear us no matter how low we whispered and he could clearly smell our scents. Although he is Jay’s loving father and the man who lovingly brought me up, he is still our Alpha and is still pretty intimidating.
Jay spoke up first. “We have something to discuss with you.”
Magnus opened his door even further allowing us to enter his office. After he sat down on his chair, he gestured us to speak.
I spoke up this time; I felt it was unfair to let Jay do all the talking when I’m the one asking for a favour. “It’s about Irene’s request for the match.”
Magnus nodded which encouraged me to speak further. “After much thought and consideration, I decided I want to accept the challenge.”
Magnus sighed at this and said, “You are aware that the cons outweigh the pros, right?”
Jay stepped in after hearing his father say that. “Actually we’ve come up with some strategies that’ll make the whole trip much easier.”

The Alpha still looked unconvinced. “And what, pray tell, are your strategies?”
The door opened before any of us could reply. Without looking back, I knew who it was as Kaitlyn’s scent filled the room. She walked in and stood right behind us.
“Good timing!” I exclaimed in a mind link between us.
“Jayden couldn’t stop pestering me in our mind link, saying how I can’t back out of a promise. I have so much paperwork to do today, but it’ll have to wait for now.” Kaitlyn sighed, before cutting the telepathic channel.
“Honey, have you heard Elisia’s choice regarding Irene’s match request?” Magnus asked, probably expecting her to side with him.
Haha, not today! I laughed internally, making sure my expression stays serious.
“Yes, I have and I think it would be fine to let her go.” She replied, putting a warm hand on my shoulder.
Leaning into her touch, I felt reassured that she’ll stand by my side.
Magnus’s expression went from shocked to confused to frustrated within a matter of seconds. I’m sure he did not expect his wife to go against him regarding something he saw as a dangerous trip.
“I thought, for the safety our pack members who’ll travel with Elisia, Jayden could join them. That way, the likelihood of anything bad happening significantly decreases with his presence.” She continued, crossing her arms together.
Magnus shook his head in disbelief. “Are you suggesting that not only do we send one of our best warriors, but also this pack’s future Alpha? To the BlackShadowed Pack…really?”
Kaitlyn nodded like she didn’t see anything wrong with it. Honestly, I knew every fibre in her body is protesting, but she’s capable of being objective when she needs to be.
“I’ve never travelled outside this pack on my own, Dad. I would be so grateful if you could allow me to join Elisia on this trip.” Jay added, putting his palms together. “As for our pack’s reputation, just a phone call to all the packs and an explanation about our visit would clear things up.”

Magnus looked at Jay, then me and finally Kaitlyn. His eyes softened when they landed on Kaitlyn.
“Do you really think they can handle going?” He asked her.
Kaitlyn’s eyes softened as she replied, “Honey, I know you’re worried about them. But if we looked at this objectively, they’re an untouchable duo. Jayden is the son of an Alpha and Elisia is an incredible warrior. They’ll have pack members accompanying them; our pack members are always willing to lay their lives down for them. I’ll help you call up every Alpha of every pack to tell them the reason for their visit.”
The silence was killing me; will he give us the permission to go once and for all?
“Fine, I’ll let that pack know that you’ve accepted the request.” Magnus sighed, turning to his desktop computer. “But first, let me just bring up the email they sent regarding all the conditions.”
Jay stuck his hand out beside me, making me hi-five him in excitement. I felt so pumped, knowing I have a match coming up.
Not just any match, but a match with a female warrior. A match with someone who everyone thinks is competition, I’m up for a challenge.
“So the conditions were set up by them because they were the ones to request.” Magnus reminded us. Nodding at this, he carried on.
“Firstly, the match must take place on their territory.” He started reading off the screen. I shrugged at this condition, I was used to fighting on foreign grounds.
“Secondly, the day of the match will be decided by the Alpha. Thirdly, the match will consist mostly of Mixed Martial Arts and lastly, the period of time that you’ll be staying there is also up to the Alpha.” He finished, looking up from the screen.

“Hold up.” I said, holding my right hand up in confusion. “The period of time I’ll be staying there is undecided?”
“That’s what it sounds like.” Magnus replied, leaning back on his chair. “Are you thinking of backing out of the request?”
I shook my head fiercely, not wanting him to get the wrong idea. “It’s just that the time I stay on someone’s territory was usually up to me, I was just startled by the change.”
“Well, this pack does not work in the same way ours does. Or like any other pack for that matter.” He explained, eyeing me carefully. “The day that you’ll arrive there is up to us, however, so when would you like to go?”
“Next week!” Jay replied before I could even think. I swerved my head to look at him in alarm, which made him reply with a shrug.
“No way! That’s too soon!” I exclaimed, shaking my head.
Jay shrugged again. “You might as well get it over and done with. Isn’t that what you usually say, in situations like this.” He said, winking mischievously.
“Don’t use my own words against me!” I groaned, putting my head in my hand. He had a point though, and I’m also in great shape to fight. “Okay, so maybe you have a point.”
“So?” Kaitlyn asked, still waiting for my answer. I looked up at Magnus who had his fingers hovering above his keyboard ready to type.

“We’ll fly to their territory in a week.” I confirmed, letting out a sharp breath.
Jay jumped from his seat and shouted, “BlackShadowed Pack, here we come!”
I slid off my seat ungracefully before joining him. “Here we come!”
Although I felt quite excited, I couldn’t shake off how worried I also felt.
Like something unexpected and inevitable will happen. I shrugged off that feeling as I made my way back to my room.

Time to prepare to go The BlackShadowed Pack.
Elisia got permission!! Off she goes to the most dangerous and mysterious pack…

Let’s see what happens there.

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 3

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