The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 29 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 29 by Yasminne

Theme : Alpha-Blooded Wolf

Elisia’s Pov
I rolled over to my side, groaning at the dull pain that was pulsing throughout my head. I started to stretch, causing my hand to get tangled up one of my ponytails. I frowned when I realised that I had two ponytails, when did I do that?
I slowly sat up from my laying down position and stared into space in shock.
It was me.
I put my hair into two ponytails, last night.
I grabbed one of many of the pillows, put my face in it and stayed like that for a minute.
I can’t believe it.
I can’t believe I remember everything that happened last night.
There was absolutely no detail that seemed fuzzy, I remember literally everything. I could’ve sworn I got drunk, why has it not affected my memory like it does to humans? I groaned again, this time sliding out of bed and walking to the bathroom.
I glanced at the window sill, expecting to see the alcohol bottles Theo placed there, but saw nothing. He must’ve took them with him when I fell asleep. I glanced at myself in the mirror, cringing at the fact that I slept in my makeup. I did my usual skincare and washing up routine before changing into slim-fitted joggers paired with my go-to Adidas hoodie.
Glancing the time, I was pleased to see it was only 09:00 which is pretty early for me. I strolled out of my room, phone in hand, made my way downstairs and into the kitchen. Everyone was present, eating breakfast and chatting away like usual, but all I could focus on was Theo’s figure near the refrigerator.
He looked up, sensing me before anyone else, and caught my gaze. My heart lurched in surprise and shock at the visible eye bags that wasn’t there before. He didn’t sleep well…
I looked down, trying to recover from what I saw, and walked towards Leona and Jay. They both greeted me with warm smiles, completely clueless about what had happened yesterday.
Leona took in my face and then shook her head with a laugh.
“Damn, both you and Theo look tired!” She commented, spreading Nutella on her pancake. “I mean, he had to organise the event last minute and you had greet all those people, I totally get it. But you guys look like you’ve been through some shit.”
She couldn’t have been more accurate, wow.
I was able to sleep well because the alcohol knocked me out last night, but now I am somewhat hungover and don’t feel too good. Theo’s case may be that he couldn’t sleep out of guilt, but I couldn’t be too sure. I eyed him carefully, as I stack the already made pancakes onto my plate, thinking about last night.
He claimed that Irene had kissed him against his wishes.
Do I believe him?
I don’t know.
It was hard to get rid of the image of them kissing from my mind. The scene kept rolling and rolling again like a broken record, and I don’t know to stop it. I thought he was allowing her to kiss him, but he claimed that it was a late reaction. What could’ve hindered an Alpha’s reaction time?
Was he distracted when she kissed him?
I bit my lips, deep in thought, and finished off my breakfast. Everyone went off to their rooms and offices while I rushed up to my room to do something. I thought of the perfect distraction that’ll keep me busy for a while.
I went straight to where I hid the book Ms Williams gave me a while ago, ‘ The disruption of Ranks ‘, and brought it out to read. I made myself comfortable on my bed, opened the book and flicked to the page I left off on.From what I remember, this book was mainly focused on what would happen to the pack if all the leaders died – exactly what had happened to The Moonknight Pack. I started to read the last page I read when I first got the book, before I knew the entire story behind what happened nineteen years ago.
‘This chapter is dedicated to the unfortunate case of when all the leaders in the pack, including the Alpha, Luna, Beta and Gamma, die of whatever circumstance.
If this happens, of course, the natural order would be for the Alpha and Luna’s child, the heir, to take the reigns.
If this is not possible, due to their age, there being no offspring or whether they’ve died too, then the following should to be done.
The pack in question should immediately be bound to another pack, even temporarily, to prevent them from becoming packless wolves. In other words, rogues.
I breathed out slowly, fully understanding the entire picture. The most resourceful pack, The BlackShadowed Pack, had The MoonKnight Pack temporarily bound to them. Maxwell had planned every single detail of his revenge, which is honestly a characteristic of a psychopath. After hearing what Theo had to say about him last night, I couldn’t even think about that man without feeling anger and disgust.
I carried on reading the rest of page.
The Alpha’s family must be thoroughly investigated first, to ensure that there isn’t any potential Alpha blooded offspring forgotten.
If there aren’t any, then the power will automatically shift onto the Beta family. If the Beta family cannot, for whatever reason, take their rightful position, then the power will then shift onto the Gamma’s family.
If the Alpha and Luna’s heir is alive and has come of age, seventeen years old, then the power of leading the pack will naturally be shifted onto them.
Lily and Alex’s child should’ve felt the shift in power by now. They would’ve clearly shown traits of being an Alpha blooded wolf as they grew up, and assuming they were raised in a different pack, the leaders of that pack would’ve noticed and done something about it.
Although, the sub-title of the next passage seemed to almost be written to prove me wrong. It was called ‘ The rare circumstance of the heir not knowing their rank as an Alpha ‘- a circumstance that I never thought was possible. I remembered reading this title in shock and curiosity before I was interrupted to go out for lunch.
I started to read the passage eagerly.
There can be a very rare circumstance in which an heir of an Alpha does not know their true rank. This can be stemmed from the following reasons:
– They aren’t old enough to state their who their family, pack and what their rank is
– Due to parents’ death or death of a pack, their family and pack scent disappeared – making it near impossible to identify the rank of the wolf
– The heir was not raised by family members and raised outside their pack
– The shift in power is not noticeable due to their geographical location – the further away from the pack, the lower the impact
Despite all of this happening to them, they will still display Alpha-like traits and behaviour. It is important to not ignore these signs if they have been adopted into another pack. Main characteristics to look out for are when they:- Display signs of aggression towards those they deem to be disrespectful to them
– Unexplained top-level physical strength and speed
– Unexplained need to be respected
– Overpowering dominance
I stopped reading any further, and pushed the book away. Far away.
My blood ran cold and my heart sank low as I stared at the book. My breathing quickened, my heart rate increased and blood drained from my face. My jaw swung open in shock, as I shook my head in disbelief trying to make sense of what I’d just read.
That passage was describing me .
My situation.
“No, no.” I whispered, putting my hands on my head in horror. I’m wrong, I have to be wrong.
The more I thought about it, the more everything made sense. I’m an orphan, raised by the leaders of The Imperial Pride Pack, who kindly took me in when I was abandoned on their land. On the night Theo and I were talking at the Lake House, I realised the date I was abandoned and the date of the attack on The MoonKnight Pack were too close to be a coincidence. It was then when I realised, I was abandoned for my safety and not because I was unwanted. I originally belong to The MoonKnight Pack.
Since that night, I thought my parents were normal pack members but…
Now this book has made me think about the kind of person I was and have become. I was always dubbed as ‘the orphan with anger issues’ because I expected and demanded respect from everyone, if that didn’t happen I lashed out. My wolf kept telling me that I needed to be respected and I listened to her, until I reached a certain age.
I was old enough to understand behaving what came natural to me only hurt people. I was also taken to therapy for anger management for a couple years before becoming a warrior.
Fighting was something I’d always been good at, and it became an outlet for the excessive aggression I’ve always had. I never understood it, I just wanted to be like everyone else. Why was I so different? I was, yet again, called names like ‘the abnormal girl’ or ‘that strong, fast orphan girl’.
Every adult, except Magnus and Kaitlyn, had classed my crazy strength and speed as an abnormality, rather than a talent or ability. I was the orphan wolf that was born as a regular rank, but with high abilities that didn’t suit my rank.
What if I wasn’t an abnormality?
What if I was supposed to be born like this? As an Alpha-blooded wolf.
I shut my eyes tightly, and focused on breathing normally. My emotions were all over the place, it was like my brain couldn’t figure out what to feel first.
So that meant, Lily and Alex…are my parents?
“Fuck.” I cried, putting my head back into the pillow. This is unreal, what if I was wrong?
No, I had to be right. Right?
I brought my head up from the pillow slowly, remembering the eerie resemblance between Lily and I.
Chills ran down my spine, and I shivered violently.
Flashes of when Ms Williams approached me for the first time and called me, “Lily?”
I trembled again, reaching towards the book and sliding the picture of Lily and Maxwell out from between it’s last pages. When my gaze fell onto Lily, a loud sob escaped my body. I look so much like her, how did I not realise earlier? The thought…the possibility hadn’t even crossed my mind.This is my mother.
Was my mother…?
Guilt rushed through me as I remember all the times I resented my biological parents for ‘not wanting me’ and ‘throwing me away’. As a child, I couldn’t figure out why I was abandoned and naturally assumed I wasn’t wanted. My biological parents and my original pack wasn’t ever a conversation between Magnus, Kaitlyn, Jay and I – they all knew I felt uncomfortable about it.
Sorrow and misery filled me as I realised Alexander, my father, was framed by Maxwell with a crime he didn’t do. My mother was taken hostage by Maxwell. Another uncontrollable sob escaped me once again, my heart aching for all the hardship they had gone through.
Wiping the tears away, I wondered how their life ended. Did they die by the hands of Maxwell or someone else? Was it a quick death or…
I grimaced and shook my head, refusing to finish that sentence. I remember asking Theo how they died but I didn’t get an answer, did he know?
I put the photo back in between the last pages and shut the book hastily. Ms Williams gave me this book, saying that it’ll help me solve the chest problem I had.
Wait. Oh my God.
She knew .
The chest pain only happened when she called Theo ‘Alpha’. The pain doubled only when she would use that specific word, was that my body reacting to my pack members’ call for their true Alpha? I mean, it only worked when she, a MoonKnight Pack member, said ‘Alpha’ and nothing happened when BlackShadowed Pack member said that word.
Wait. If I’m the only child, does this mean I’m technically the Alpha of The MoonKnight Pack?
I started to feel lightheaded, and slouched back into my bed; this was too much to absorb. I had to go to Ms Williams, I needed to get answers and confirm that I’m not going crazy. I hopped off the bed, grabbed the book and put it under my hoodie to hide it. I left my room and managed to leave the Manor without anyone seeing me.
I sprinted down the trail towards her cottage and had to stop myself from banging on her front door. It was after knocking I remembered the last time I visited her, I got kicked out for asking too many questions. Now that I knew everything, well almost, she will have no reason to kick me out this time.
The door was opened slowly, revealing an apprehensive looking lady. Ms Williams watched me carefully and curiously, like she was trying to figure out why I had stopped by. I took out the book from under my hoodie and presented it to her with a small smile.
Her expression darkened considerably and walked back inside, without closing the door behind her. I took this as an invitation and walked right in, shutting the door before following her.
She lead me to her library, reading room where she first gave me the book to borrow. She wordlessly held out her hand, and I gave her the book, remembering to take out the picture first. We then walked into her sitting room with the warm fireplace and sat down on the sofas.
“Did you know?” I asked, breaking the silence. I was referring to whether she knew who I really was when she handed me the book.
“I had a hunch.” She shrugged, crossing her arms over each other.
I nodded and fiddled with my fingers before asking, “Since when did you have a hunch.”
“Whenever I saw your face, I couldn’t help but be startled every time.” She began to say. “The resemblance between you and Lily is crazy. The time I really started to have a hunch was when you reacted to me calling Theo.”I nodded at this and said, “You called him ‘Alpha’.”
“And you physically reacted to my calling.” She added, nodding a little. “They couldn’t diagnose your ‘chest condition’ because there was no physical problem. That was just your body’s reaction hearing it’s true name from it’s own pack member.”
“But it was so damn painful.”
“You could’ve taken the role of Alpha from when you became seventeen, but you couldn’t because you didn’t know of your true rank. It was painful because you have not been rightfully referred to your true name for those two years you should’ve been.” She explained.
“You just said ‘Alpha’, why doesn’t it hurt now?” I asked, frowning a little.
“My theory is that you only have that kind of reaction the first time your pack member calls out that title.”
We sat in silence for a while before I remembered something – everything Theo had told me, at the waterfall, about her.
“Ms Williams, I know everything.”
She glanced at me in surprise and sighed.
I nodded with a grim face. “You betrayed your best friend, Lily.”
You betrayed my mother.
“I know you worked with Maxwell and that it was you who tipped off to him that she gave birth.”
She shook her head sadly, not looking at me. “I was ordered to report everything to him, I was supposed to tell him when she became
pregnant. But I waited until you were born before I reported back to him.”
“I guess that was nice of you.” I said, trying hard not to be harsh. “Is that what got you imprisoned?”
“When he found out that I hadn’t notified him of her pregnancy and that I purposely waited until the baby was born to say anything, I was thrown into one of his dungeons.” She explained, staring of into the distance with a strained expression. “I overheard the guards talk about how Maxwell was going attack the next day; I knew what was about to happen but I couldn’t do anything in my cell.”
She paused to collect herself and then carried on.
“I woke up the next day to find Lily in the cell next to me. I broke down, told her everything and begged for her forgiveness.” She looked at me wearing a small smile. “She forgave me and understood my situation, but I felt so bad. Everything that had happened was my fault, but she somehow made me feel better.”
I wish I knew her…
“What else did you guys talk about in there?”
“She told me about the attack. As the Luna, she’s able to detect danger near the borders first, before anyone else. She woke up, went straight to your room and handed you to a trustworthy warrior who she gave orders to leave you in other pack’s territory if things go bad.”
I took a sharp intake of breath at this.
“She went to the area where she knew was breached, expecting there to be many border warrior forces surrounding the area. Instead, it was a carefully thought out trap Maxwell had specifically made for Lily. He ensured that no other warrior in the pack could sense the threat, other than the Luna herself. His ex-lover.”
“Mother-fucker.” I swore, annoyed at how clever he was.
“It was her against ten Rogues, but they hadn’t bothered to fight her. Instead, they surprised her with a syringe filled with a substance that knocked her out, damped her senses, and most importantly, took away her telepathy. She was injected with that stuff before she could notify anyone about the Rogues.”
“What kind of substance can do that?”
“I don’t know, I was also injected with it. No one knows of it, Maxwell was a dangerous and clever man.” She replied, shaking her head. “When she woke up, she was in a cell, weak and unable contact anyone telepathically. All she could do is worry for her family and pack.”
“Meanwhile, everyone was murdered at the Alpha House and Alex, the Alpha, was the only one alive. The Rogues left absolutely no trails or clues behind.” I continued, hating how it went.
“They left nothing behind except a hostage letter for Alex to read. The instructions was to turn himself in as the person who murdered his own pack members, make sure he takes full responsibility and accepts all punishments for the exchange of his mate’s life. If Alex was to tell anyone, she would die.” She added, shaking her head remorsefully.
“Why couldn’t he just secretly tell someone, and organise some kind of rescue mission?” I asked.
“Maxwell had spies everywhere and Alex knew this very well, he couldn’t risk his mate’s life. So he agreed to all the terms and conditions, lost his pack, the respect of the leaders as well as his child.”
I hated how sad this was. Out of all people, it was my parents that had to go through this.
“How did it all fall apart?” I questioned. “Because both of them aren’t alive anymore, either Alex made a mistake or Maxwell didn’t hold up his end of the deal.”
Maxwell got away with everything and lived on much longer than my parents did. I don’t need to know him to hate him.
“I won’t tell you that.” She replied firmly, shaking her head.
I gaped at her in disbelief, about to argue, but her expression stopped me. She wasn’t going to budge. Fine, I’ll ask Theo then…somehow.
“Fine then, answer me this.” I said, narrowing my eyes at her. “Why did you help Maxwell in the first place? What good enough reason could there be to put the safety of your pack second? Why did you have to report to him?”
Theo said it was an interesting reason…it better be.


The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 29

Some of you are probably thinking, finally!!

She now knows she’s the daughter of Lily and Alexander, Luna and Alpha of The MoonKnight Pack!!

I hope that made sense, and I really hope you enjoyed this episode

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Wow great


As long as she got her pack bck ND forgive Theo, so they can move on with their life. Shikena


Very interesting episode, but I can’t help feeling there is more to come!!