The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 26 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 26 by Yasminne

Theme: Misunderstood Tears

By now they were snarling at each other with hateful eyes, looking ready to fight.
“I swear if you guys even touch each other, I won’t ever speak to any of you again!” I blurted, worried they’ll tear each other apart.
None of them even flinched at my ‘warning’, making me glare at them.
“Stop with the whole staring contest and let’s move on!” I said with a huff, splashing around to get their attention.
Not even freaking a glance.
With each second that passed, I could feel the tension rising.
I knew I had to do something.
I groaned inwardly, knowing they’ll have to physically be separated as they won’t do it themselves. I swam to the shallow part of the lake until my feet could touch the ground, and started to walk towards them.
Don’t look down at yourself or you’ll chicken out, I mentally chanted.
The level of the lake decreased with every step I took, completely revealing what I had on. To my relief, they hadn’t noticed me approaching them; they were too immersed in staring each other down.
Men, tsk.
When I finally reached them, I did the first thing I though of. I roughly grabbed the back of their necks and pushed their heads towards each other, causing them to head-butt. Really hard.
They both winced in pain and held their head, alarm and confusion written all over their faces.
“Stop behaving like children.” I snapped at them, crossing my arms over each other.
I shouldn’t have done that motion, because what I wanted to hide was suddenly emphasised. Both of them simultaneously looked down at my chest.
“Hey!” I exclaimed, waving my hand in their faces. “Eyes up here, perverts.”
At that point I thought I should really put on my clothes, or at least my hoodie. It might’ve seemed like I was comfortable on due to my calm exterior, but really I felt like running to another state.
They took their time looking away from my chest and meeting my unimpressed gaze.
“You were swimming in your underwear?” Jay staggered, his green eyes widening a little.
I gave him a sheepish smile and nodded ever so slightly, honestly I was just as surprised as he was.
I started to walk backwards, being careful not to slip on the wet rocks and grass.
“Why are you w-?”
“Walking backwards?” I said, finishing Theo’s question. “Because, if you haven’t noticed already, I’m in my underwear and I don’t want to worry about you staring at my ass.”
They both didn’t even try to deny and complain about my answer, but instead shrugged and grinned.
Oh Lord.
At least they stopped going at each others throat…
I managed to make it back to my pile of clothes and quickly slipped on the hoodie, which thankfully covered my ass and reached mid-thigh. It was then I realised that it was Theo’s hoodie I’d been wearing the entire day since I left the hospital. The colours of the sunset decorating the sky made me realise what a really long day it had been.
“I’m leaving, you coming or not?” Jay sighed, turning to leave.
“We came here by my car, so that’s how we’re going back.” Theo replied instantly, regarding him coldly.”Not you.” Jay said, curtly. “Elisia.”
I had just finished putting my sneakers on when he said my name.
“We’re all going back.” I said, avoiding the obvious question hanging in the air. Who am I accompanying on the drive back?
Jay, as usual, didn’t beat around the bush and said, “Are you driving back with me or with
him ?”
I didn’t answer straight away as I picked up my joggers and slung it over my shoulder.
Both of them were looking at me expectantly, waiting for an answer. A couple weeks back, I wouldn’t have hesitated and would’ve definitely picked Jay over Theo.
Now, I felt like this decision meant more than ‘just a car ride back’.
My heart was yearning to be with Theo, my mate, but my mind was telling me to go to Jay. I felt bad for not responding to his calls, both by phone and telepathy. He was under the impression that I might’ve been in trouble or danger on this foreign territory. I made him worry when I was doing just fine, and I needed to make it up to him. A car ride might not be enough, but it is a start.
“I’ll ride with you, Jay.” I smiled, trying to lighten the mood. I couldn’t bring myself to even glance at Theo’s reaction, although I felt the air around me shift.
“I’ll see you at the Manor then.” Theo spoke up gruffly. “I just need to fetch my clothes before I leave.”
He walked pass me without a second glance, making my insides churn with guilt and even regret. Despite all those feelings, the logical side of me shone through and reminded me that I was making the right choice…for now.
Jay started to walk out the enclosed, beautiful place and made his way down the steep hill. I followed closely behind, keeping up with him easily. I noticed a Jeep parked right beside Theo’s Range Rover as we came down the last few metres.
We got into the car without saying anything and started to drive our way back.
“This is Julian’s car, isn’t it?” I asked, breaking the silence.
“You’re on good terms with him?”
Jay glanced at me with a confused expression. “Why wouldn’t we be?”
“I noticed you guys weren’t talking or sitting next to each other on the day of the match.” I explained, remembering how far they sat from each other at breakfast.
“That was because Theo and I weren’t on best terms that day.” He began to explain. “The day before the match was when I walked in on…Theo moving in on you.”
“Ah, right…”
“Julian, as the Beta, had to stand by his Alpha which I totally get and respect. Not to mention, they’re like best friends.”
We stayed quiet for a while after that, I spent a lot of time looking out the window and taking in the scenery.
“So, what was that all about?” He spoke up, not looking away from the road.
“Which part?” I replied, wondering where the conversation will go.
“You’ve gotten quite close to him, haven’t you?” He asked, not answering my question.
I raised my eyebrows at this, surprised at his observation. It’s true that I feel a lot closer to Theo, more so than when I first came here, but I know we’re not that close.
“I guess I’ve gotten to know him better.” I admitted slowly, nodding a little.
He sighed and ran his hand through his wavy hair as he struggled to compose himself.”He’s not that bad.” I said quietly, putting my hand on his arm.
“Oh, come on! You’ve known him for just a month, Elisia.” He sighed, shaking his head. “I’ve heard some of the craziest things about him, and seeing you with him…I don’t like it.”
“Those are just rumors, Jay.” I countered, turning to face him. “You have to get to know the person before you yield to what you hear. You have too many misconceptions about him, he is nothing like his father.”
Jay chuckled humourlessly and tightened his grip on the wheel. “Is that what he’d been telling you this entire time? The whole ‘I’m not my father’ and ‘Like me for who I am’ bullsh-.”
“Jayden.” I cut him off with a warning tone.
He looked away from the road and inspected me curiously; probably startled at the fact I called him by his full name.
“One of the rumors is that he’s very manipulative and conniving, I can’t help but feel like you’re at the other end of that.” He said in a low tone, looking back in front of him.
“Well, I’m sorry you feel that way but I can take care of myself. You know that.”
“I don’t doubt that at all, Elisia. What concerns me is when I come across the both of you in…questionable situations.”
Like that almost-intimate moment on the staircase and swimming together in nothing but our underwear. You would think Jay would’ve guessed that Theo and I are mates by now but in fact, it isn’t as easy as it seems.
Usually when mates see each other for the first time, the overwhelming need to initiate physical contact will arise thus leading up to them hugging, holding hands and even kissing on first sight. Following that, the mates announce their discovery of each other to the people they’re with.
Jay was with me the first time we met Theo, and none of that happened. in fact, we didn’t give away any indication or clues that we were mates.
Mates usually don’t delay completing the mate bond like we have. Once the mating is complete, the couple will officially be seen as ‘taken’ due to the change in their scents.
So in Jay’s perspective, the ‘relationship’ I have with Theo must seem pretty peculiar.
“I don’t know what to tell you.” I said awkwardly, realising he was expected me to say something.
“Clearly he’s interested in you, and his reputation doesn’t exactly hint that he has innocent intentions.”
“Are you insinuating that he wants to use me?” I responded with a sigh.
“Well, if the shoe fits.”
i didn’t respond to that; I knew it was pointless arguing about Theo. When Jay has a strong opinion of someone, there’s hardly a chance that it will change.
So we drove the rest of the way in silence and went straight to our rooms. I didn’t feel like coming down for dinner, not with all the uncomfortable vibes. Maybe if Leona was here, then I would probably have more guts.
“A party?” I exclaimed in confusion, staring at Leona’s excited face.
“Yup! I know it’s last minute, but it’ll be fun!” She gushed, clapping her hands together.
I was sitting in the backyard, chilling and eating breakfast with Leona and Julian. They returned from their impromptu business trip; it’s two days since the day I was discharged from the hospital.
“Wait, so you’re saying a party has been organised and I’m the guest of honour?” I reiterated, blinking multiple times.
“You were the winner of the match after all, and everyone is looking forward to seeing you again.” Julian added, sipping on his protein shake.”I wasn’t included in any of the planning, who’s idea was this anyway?” I complained, blowing a strand of hair away my face.
“Theo.” They replied in unison, biting back a laugh.
The large, white patio doors opened, catching our attention.
“Did you hear about the party?” Jay walked towards our table, wearing nothing but swimming trunks and a towel slung around his neck.
“Do you know what a shirt is?” I snorted, rolling my eyes. I noticed the last piece of my pancake chilling on my plate; I quickly snatched it up and stuffed in my mouth before Jay could even try.
He noticed this and grinned cheekily. “Damn, I should’ve walked faster.”
“In your face!” I whooped in glee, fist pumping the air.
Well…that’s what I was trying to say.
Instead it came out as, “Um ro pace!”
Jay and I have returned back to interacting like usual which I was so grateful about. I noticed that sometimes his smile doesn’t reach his eyes when Theo is in the same room; the two of them look on edge when they’re in the same room.
“Fo whensh tha pady?” I asked, mouth full of pancake.
Leona and Julian leaned forward to hear me again, wearing matching confused expressions.
“She said ‘so when’s the party?'” Jay translated, making his way to the pool. I nodded in confirmation as I tried swallowing the large bite.
“Ah, it’s tonight.”
I took sharp inhalation, shocked by Leona’s answer. Unfortunately, that meant some food bits and particles found their way going down the wrong pipe.
I started to cough violently for a few good seconds, making my eyes water and stream tears. I drank some of Leona’s water because apparently that’s what you do, and it helped a little.
“Wow.” I croaked with a small smile.
She proceeded to pat and rub my back to decrease my coughing, which worked immediately.
Kobi walked in through the open, patio doors, took one look at my tearful appearance and Leona’s hand rubbing my back soothingly and asked, “Who died?”
“No-one, thankfully.” Julian chuckled, shaking his head at him. “However, Elisia nearly did because she heard the party was taking place tonight.”
Kobi looked at me in surprise, once again observing the tears streaming down my face. “Aw, it’s not that bad. I really didn’t think the idea of a party would make you cry like this…”
I waited for someone to correct him and tell him that he misunderstood the reason behind the tears, but no one did. Instead, they all began to laugh and tease me about my tears. Jay jumped into the pool, resurfaced with water droplets all over his face and dramatically started to wipe them off like they were tears.
I glared at them all; they’re lucky that my body hadn’t recovered from choking on that pancake or I would’ve given them a piece of my mind. I wiped off any traces of tears on my face to end the teasing, once and for all.
And that’s when Theo, emitting his usual authoritative aura, walked into the backyard and caught a glimpse at my face.
“Why are you crying?” He asked, frowning a little.
I threw my arms in the air in disbelief and defeat. Did I not wipe them all off? I touched my cheeks just to find them a little damp, but found no tears.Theo was already walking over to me, his brow still furrowed.
“How did you know I was crying?” I asked, still trying to find tears on my face. He slid into the chair next to me, not taking his eyes off me.
“I could tell.” He replied simply, holding my gaze tenderly.
I could see, from my peripheral vision, Leona’s smile growing by the second. By the time I looked away from Theo, her smile resembled the Cheshire cat from grinning so widely. Catching my gaze, she wiggled her eyebrows at me in a teasing fashion.
“She was crying because the party is tonight.” Kobi explained with a sigh, looking uneasy.
Oh my God.
I sagged in defeat, not bothering to protest at this point. My entire throat area felt weird, scratchy and tickly; talking would just take too much effort.
Theo, however, remained oblivious to my reaction and his eyebrow raised at this. “Is this true? I know it’s last minute, but I was told that you had no plans.”
I would’ve face palmed right there and then, if it weren’t for Leona speaking up. “Her tears are from choking on her food, not because she’s upset about the party.”
Finally, someone said it!
Realisation flashed across Kobi’s face for a split second, before he frowned and shook his head. “You waited way too long to cover it up. I wont tell anyone you crying over the date and time of a party, I promise.” He said solemnly, holding his hand against his chest.
What the-
I gaped at him in disbelief while he shrugged off his denim jacket, revealing his plain, white T-shirt. He honestly believed Leona made up a lie to cover up the fact that I’d been ‘crying’.
“No, I really choked on my food.” I spoke up, cringing at my raspy voice.
He regarded me closely with suspicion before saying, “Oh, so why didn’t anyone correct me?”
“They had a chance to tease me and they took it, knowing I couldn’t speak straight away.” I pouted, taking another swing from Leona’s water bottle. I guess it’s technically mine now since I used it…
“How are you feeling now?” Theo asked in a low voice, putting his hand on mine.
Woah, what is he doing?
He’s casually holding my hand in front of everyone. Julian and Leona aren’t a problem, but I didn’t want the events from two days ago to repeat itself. I could already hear Jay getting out the pool…
Kobi stared at our hands with a frown and then looked me with an unreadable expression.
I gulped nervously, and stared back, unsure what he was thinking. I began to slowly take my hand out from under Theo’s and placed it on my lap.
“I feel better, thanks.” I replied with a polite smile. My gut was telling me to watch my behaviour more carefully around Kobi, he’s a nice guy but also Irene’s brother. Just then, I felt a warm hand on my right shoulder, Jay came over to our side pretty fast. His wet golden, blond hair was slicked back and was standing tall beside me, his eyes flashing with dominance.
Theo chose to ignore Jay’s presence, which definitely didn’t go unnoticed by anyone. Without even glancing at him, he began to tell us the details of the party.
“This party is specifically organised for this pack and it’s visitors, so no outside guests. It will be held in Elisia’s honour and will be celebrating her win in the previous fight against Irene. She will be expected to make a speech at the beginning of the celebration, out of tradition. Of course, food and drinks will be served throughout the night. Everyone should be ready and dressed by ten o’clock this evening; the dress code is smart and fancy. I’ll be hosting the event as per usual, and I look forward to seeing you all there. Any questions?”
We all looked at each other, shrugging when no one spoke.

“I do.”
We perked up at Jay’s voice and looked at him to elaborate.
“I would like to propose for us to leave as soon as possible, after the party of course.” He announced, watching Theo carefully. “You have to take account the health of my pack members, they should return to their territory and home soil or their wolf will get restless.”
Despite being surprised by his sudden request, I couldn’t help but agree. My wolf has been less eager to shift these days, and is starting to feel homesick. But I still had to solve the mysteries of The MoonKnight Pack as well as finding out who my biological parents were. I couldn’t leave just yet, but what excuse could I give to Jay and the others?
Theo didn’t answer straight away, but looked at me instead. After a few seconds, he let out a loud sigh and started cracking his knuckles. “We will talk about your departure when the party is over.”

Jay nodded, satisfied with his response and put his arms around my shoulders. Although it was a gesture that I was used to, I flinched under Theo’s intense gaze.
“I’ll see you all tonight, then.” Theo declared, standing up and walking back into the manor. He paused at the patio doors and turned back around, catching my gaze.

“I especially cannot wait to see you.” He added, wearing his devilishly handsome smirk. He, somehow, said that in such an alluring way and yet, still held that charm of his.

Ignoring everyone’s surprised looks, I calmly took a sip of water.
What does fate have in store for me tonight?


The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 26

The next episode will be pretty interesting,

something unexpected might happen

What do you think about Jay in this update?

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