The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 24 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 1 by Yasminne

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 24 by Yasminne

I strolled back to the Alpha Manor, my head filled with questions.
How else was I supposed to find out what had really happened nineteen years ago? Who were my parents?
Did Theo know his father framed Alexander Gray for killing all those people?
How did Alex and Lily die…assuming that they did.
I walked back up the spiral staircase in a daze and found myself standing in the middle of the lobby.
I cocked my head towards the North Wing, Theo’s sleeping quarters.
I wonder if I could confide in him?
Maybe I could.
I wonder if I should tell Jay…?
I shook my head, knowing that wasn’t an option. He would freak out and drag me back to our pack, where his parents would ask questions.
I couldn’t risk any of them knowing what I was uncovering here…not until I know everything.
Taking a deep breath, I stepped towards his door and stilled, listening for any sounds from the other side.
I placed my hand on the door knob and twisted it, hearing a clicking sound.
It was open.
My heart started to pound quicker against my chest as I walked deeper into the hallway. I wondered what he used all these rooms for.
The door at the end of the hallway, was left slightly ajar. I crept towards it, wondering if that was his room.
I peeked in, immediately seeing an office set up next to the door. It extended all the way towards the window and the end of the room.
He has another office? His huge office downstairs should be big enough, I thought, frowning in confusion.
His scent was very strong in the room, so either he’s in here often or was in here very recently.
I opened the door wide enough to let myself in, and walked towards his desk.
There were so many papers, files, books and laptops scattered across the desktop.
The office downstairs is so neat compared this one…
I turned away from it to check out the rest of the room and almost jumped out of my skin in fright.
Oh my God, there’s a bed…
…with Theo laying on top of it.
My breath hitched in my throat, as I took in his figure. His back was facing me, and judging by his relaxed state, I was sure he was asleep.
I didn’t see that side of the room because it was behind the door when I peeked in.
I let out a small sigh, and slumped my shoulders. I couldn’t help but feel like I was trespassing. I looked around the room, noticing the lack of pictures and warmth.
The entire room was very monochromatic, with only gray being used throughout. His dresser was actually white and the tiles on the floor were marble white, but everything else, even down to his laptop, was gray.
I stood in the middle of the room, not knowing what to do. I came in here looking for him, but found him asleep.

I knew I should leave, and come back to talk to him later.
Despite having these thoughts, I found myself walking towards his bed. I went around it just to see his face, and was surprised by how serene he looked.I crouched down to his level, and observed his face. His dark hair strands lay against his forehead, and his lips were slightly curled up, showcasing a very faint dimple. His left arm was behind his head, cushioning it.
His long dark eyelashes lay against his flawless skin, and his lips were slightly pouting in his relaxed state.
He looked so young, innocent and free from stress and hardship at that moment. I resisted the urge to hug him or touch him whatsoever, to avoid waking him up.
I sighed audibly and whispered, “Maybe I shouldn’t tell you…”
I should leave.
I stood up from my crouching position and turned away to leave.
A strong grip held my wrist suddenly, making me gasp in alarm.
I whipped my head towards Theo’s sleeping figure, to see his right hand extended, gripping my wrist.
However, he hadn’t bothered to open his eyes, they were still closed.
“Tell me what?”
His deep, velvety voice struck a series of shivers down my back, as I watched him in shock. Had he been awake since I came into his room?
He opened his eyes slowly, revealing those striking icy blue eyes of his, and stared at the ceiling.
“You came in here to tell me something.” He stated as a matter of fact.
I licked my lips, the words stuck in my throat.
Do I tell him?
I came here on impulse, what if it was a mistake coming here?
How much does he know? I wouldn’t want to dump all this on him…
But wouldn’t it be best if he knew? It involves his father after all.
Theo clearing his throat brought me back to my senses. His intense gaze was on me now, making me fidget.
I was suddenly reminded of the night we spent together, making me blush. All we did was sleep in the same bed, I reminded myself.
Why did he not visit after that night?
That question alone made me feel annoyed, wanting to get my wrist out of his strong grip.
After watching me struggle to do that for a good few seconds, he let go, earning a glare from me.
“Elisia, what did you want to tell me?”
He pushed himself up in one fluid motion and sat up, leaning against the large headboard.
I sighed again and bit my lip, where do I even start?
His eyes zeroed in on my lips, and licked his lips slowly. His gaze met mine with a glint in his eye.
“What could it be, that it is so hard for you to say?” He pondered, stroking his chin. “Something you couldn’t wait to say, judging by how you just entered my room.”
“Something like that.” I admitted hesitantly, wondering why he had a naughty glint in his gaze.
“So you want to spend more nights with me?”
That took me by surprise.
“What?” I exclaimed, shaking my head. “No, that’s not what I meant.”
Although, I honestly wouldn’t mind…
“If that’s not the case, then what did you come into my room to tell me?”
Here goes nothing…
“It has to do with The MoonKnight Pack.”
Silence.His amused expression dissolved quickly and was replaced with a calm one.
I watched him carefully, looking for any signs of emotion. His face gave nothing away, although I’ve never seen him this still.
He definately wasn’t expecting me to say that.
Well, his reaction has ticked off two things in my head. Firstly, he knows about The MoonKnight Pack. There was a very small chance that he didn’t, but I’m now certain he does.
Secondly, he thought I didn’t know about The MoonKnight Pack, just like everyone else.
The duration of the silence increased to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Are you going to say something?” I asked.
He let out a sharp sigh, and started to crack his knuckles. I fought the urge to flinch at the sound, and waited for him to say something.
“Do…do you want to go someplace else to talk?”
I raised my eyebrows in surprise, obviously not expecting him to say that. “If you think it’s necessary.” I replied shrugging.
He sent me a look that seemed to say ‘oh, it is necessary.’
He swung his long legs over to the side of the bed and stood up, towering over me.
“Follow me.” He told me, grabbing his keys on the window sill.
I said nothing, but followed him out the Wing and out the manor.
One of Theo’s best warriors, who’s also his personal driver, greeted us at the door.
“Alpha, where would you like to go?”
“I’ll be driving today, Drew.” Theo explained hurriedly. “Thanks.”
The shock and horror on Drew’s face made me giggle, as I gave him a pat on the shoulder. He probably wasn’t used to Theo driving without him or warriors in general.
I nodded and laughed at Drew’s ‘is he serious?’ expression. We passed Leona and Julian’s jeeps and made it to the three car garage that usually holds Kobi’s, Theo’s and Drew’s cars.
Kobi’s space was empty since he took his. Theo pressed the open button on his keys and the matt black Range Rover flashed it’s lights.
“Leona and Julian left their cars here.” I pointed out.
“Kobi drove them to the airport.”
Theo slid into the driver’s seat and turned the engine on, the car roaring to life.
I got in and put my seat belt on out of habit, earning a weird look from Theo.
“What?” I asked, already having a feeling of what he might say.
“You put your seat belt on?”
“For safety.”
“We could get into the worst car accident and still survive.” He said, deadpanned.
“Well, I don’t like having injuries so I do everything to prevent that.”
He stared at me intensely for a good few seconds before saying, “Actually, always put your seat belt on. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.”
Before I could react, he put the gear into reverse and reversed out of the garage.
We stayed silent throughout the entire drive; sometimes I would steal glances to see him staring straight ahead.
The car slowed down next to a large, forest-like hill and finally came to a stop.
“Come on.” He instructed, already getting out the car.We both headed towards the biggest sofa in the room, that faced the waterfall, and sat down.
“You were right, it was worth it.” I piped up, watching the glistening waterfall.
He showed me his dimpled smile in response.
“Did you discover this place?” I asked, looking around. The room was naturally a cave, which was made to be a secret living area.
A secret room behind a waterfall.
“No, my mum did.” He explained, taking a swing of his drink. “She was exploring this area and stumbled across this place.”
“Was it a family spot?”
“No, not really.” He replied with a frown. “I didn’t know of this place at first. My mum came out here to rest and escape from-“
He stopped himself before he could say anything else, making me raise an eyebrow.
“Escape from what?” I asked softly, afraid he would shut me off. “Or from who?”
Theo remained quiet, taking small sips of his drink.
“Anyway, she showed me this place when I turned thirteen, a year before she died.” He carried on, ignoring his slip up. “We decorated the place and hung out here often.”
His mother died when he was fourteen…
Poor Theo, it sounded like he really loved her.
Let’s focus on the positive.
“I bet there are beautiful memories spent here.” I said thoughtfully, glancing around.
He nodded and said nothing, staring at the waterfall for a while.
“So…The MoonKnight Pack, huh?” He spoke up suddenly.
Ah, I almost forgot.
“Yeah.” I said, chuckling a little nervously.
“How much do you know of what happened nineteen years ago?”
“How much do you know?” I countered, not wanting to explain everything so brazenly if he didn’t know what his father did.
“Trust me, I know everything.” He responded, holding my apprehensive gaze.
I held his gaze for a while before sighing. “Okay, where do I begin?”
“Start from when you first heard or read of The MoonKnight Pack.”
My cheeks reddened as I remembered the first time I read about the pack. I was snooping the desk drawer in the library in his lake house.
“I…found a letter.” I started slowly. “It was on the floor.”
I’m such a liar.
But I was too embarrassed to admit I was snooping his drawers.
“It was a letter from The Rogue Force to your father, asking permission to ‘terminate The MoonKnight Pack’.”
Theo tensed at this. “You read this letter back at the lake house, correct?”
“Was this when I found you in the library during the middle of the night?”
“No.” I replied honestly. “I read the letter when we came back from the hospital.”
“So you know my father worked with The Rogue Force to terminate that pack.” He confirmed.
“Do you know why?”
“I know that your father and Lily were lovers.”
Theo’s jaw tightened at this.”Ex-lovers.” I added quickly.
“Lily found her mate when their relationship had been going well, and Maxwell didn’t take it too well.” I carried on. “He was set on getting revenge on Lily and her mate Alexander, the Alpha of The MoonKnight Pack.”
“And so he framed Alex with the murder of his fellow members, by blackmailing him with Lily, who he held captive.” Theo said, finishing for me.
“The Moonknight Pack temporarily joined this pack because of the loss of it’s leaders, and your father had control over it.” I said, saying everything I knew. “Alex and Lily died, and The MoonKnight doesn’t exist anymore…so your father technically got his revenge.”
Theo’s face and jaw hardened at this, and looked away.
“I hate that you keep calling that monster, my father.” He said, sneering in disgust. “Just call him by his name from now on.”
Theo got his composure together and faced me, before I could utter an apology.
“I don’t think you wanted to tell me anything, but rather you wanted to ask me something.” He observed, tilting his head.
I stared back at him in surprise, wondering how he knew that.
“There is a lot of unexplained loop holes and loose strands, and I need you to help me get rid of them.” I confessed. “I want you to be honest with me.”
Theo gave me a half smile and said, “I will be as honest as I can be.”
That’s not what I asked, but good enough.
“Where are the remaining MoonKnight Pack members?”
Theo ran his hand through his hair, messing it up a little before answering. “At another one of my pack towns.”
My jaw dropped at his answer. “You have members of that pack living on your terrority?”
“You already knew that…” Theo said, frowning.
“Yeah, but it sounds crazy when you actually admit it.”
“Well, believe it.” He chuckled.
“I assumed Lily and Alex died, did they really?” I moved onto my next question.
“Yes, unfortunately they did.”
A painful pang in my chest appeared from hearing the sad news.
“That’s too bad.” I whispered. “They didn’t get to experience life together.”
Theo was watching me closely when I said that. “Do you know who they are?” He asked carefully.
I looked at him in surprise. “We’ve been talking about them and you’re asking me if I know them or not?” I asked dubiously, wondering if he’d gone mad.
Theo hadn’t answered, making me sigh. “They were the Alpha and Luna of The MoonKnight Pack, duh!”
He nodded, seeming to be content with my answer. I gave him a weird look, confused by his bizarre question.
“Did they have a child?” I asked, moving swiftly along. Ms Williams told me the pack was attacked the same week they had a baby, but I wanted to double check.
“Yes, I heard they conceived just before the attack.”
“Right, did the baby survive?” I asked, curious about what has come of the baby of the Alpha and Luna. It must’ve been a target since it was the product of the two people Maxwell hated, Lily and her mate.
“No one knows.” Theo shrugged, looking away. “Apparently the whole pregnancy was kept a secret. Lily and Alexander feared that Maxwell would come and ‘visit’, if he heard there was a baby on the way.”
“But…how did he know when to attack? Maxwell knew there was a baby on the way, right?”
“He did, and he didn’t find out on his own.” Theo sighed. “Someone close to Alex and Lily ratted them out.”
I knew it.
“I knew something didn’t add up, there was an insider!” I exclaimed, sitting upright.

“Kind of.” Theo corrected, frowning a little. “It was Lily’s best friend who gave a lot of details to Maxwell.”
I gasped and placed my hand against my mouth in shock. “What?”
“And we know her.”
I pulled a face, and rolled my eyes.
“I’m not exactly friends with any middle-aged women, Theo.” I started to joke and then stopped.
My eyes widened in shock as I turned to Theo, who was nodding grimly.
“Oh, God…no way.”

“Ms Williams was Lily’s best friend.”

The Female Warrior And The Alpha Episode 24

Trust me, there are more dirty secrets to be unraveled as we move on.

Stay expectant.

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Comment:so interesting ,keep d ball rolling.

Hasham Mavy
Hasham Mavy

It’s good he has confirmed her thoughts. The only info he is hiding is the fact that, she is Lily’s daughter.


please keep the episode rolling. thanks


I knew ms Williams is in inside….
Good one


An enemy within