** Lia’s pov continues **
I stood still staring at derrick on the door, he just said he loved me that I’m his world and everything..
I want to tell him to get lost, to just stop saying all of this and be the Derrick I once knew.. To stop reminding me of our accidental kiss, but I couldn’t I felt a very huge lump in my throat as I saw a glint of sadness in his eyes..
I don’t want this derrick I want my old Derrick, because now that he has say all of us, I don’t think we can be best friends again or even friends… Leave Derrick..
I want to tell him but I couldn’t,
“I know I’m a jerk, I know am–
“just leave derrick” Logan said my mind cutting Derrick off..
“what?” Derrick said slowly..
“I said leave, I can’t believe you still had the fucking guts to come to my house and tell my wife piece of shits she doesn’t want to listen to, and you even had to say it in my face.. ” Logan said almost angry,
I don’t know how angry he gets but I know it’s not going to be good..
Derrick glared at Logan, then brought his gaze back at me..
“goodbye princess, I’m really sorry for telling you all this but I just couldn’t keep it to my self, I’m sorry” he said, sighed sadly and walked away and Logan angrily slammed the door startling me a little..
“piece of shit!” Logan cursed and turned to me.
“are you okay?” he asked calmly
Of course I’m not okay my best friend just confessed that he loves me how the hell will I be okay.. I wanted to say but I couldn’t.. Logan moved closer to me and hugged me..
“who am I kidding you’re definitely not okay” he said and rubbed my back…
“look it’s okay, just leave that good for nothing badass he doesn’t deserve you as a friend, just look on the bright side okay” Logan said and I want to smack him for calling Derrick a badass but also want to smack my self for defending Derrick…
“but really, Lia I don’t see what’s there to cry, he just said he loves you doesn’t mean you should cry, I mean you should be strong and laughed in his face, he told you to get lost and then one day he’s telling you he loves you, and in front of my face, that dude is a total maniac” Logan said still hugging me and I welcomed his warmth and cheerfulness, he’s awesome.. I guess
But he’s right, I shouldn’t be crying..
I sighed on his chest and slowly wrap my arms around him, he seemed shocked but embraced me even tighter.. I think I like this comfort zone
“can we stay like this for a little longer” I said and my voice comes out still horsey and low..
“sure thing princess” he said and I sighed
“don’t call me that” I said softly and he laughed,
It totally reminded me of, ‘you know who’
After we disengage from the longest hug ever I cleaned my tears and moved my blond hair back and then Logan smiled
“you know when we have children I want them all to have this golden hair of yours” he said and I rolled my eyes but with a small smile on my face,
He just cheered me up and I am glad it worked, I’m glad there’s another person who can cheer me up aside from Derrick..
“see you totally want it, that’s why you didn’t say anything, classic you” Logan whined and Chuckle..
He doesn’t know how much I love his twilight dark silky black hair…
“so what do we have, I’m hungry” I said and sniffed
“well.. You’re clearly still not okay and I’m stressed out, so I’ll just microwave some cinnamon rolls” he said and I nod..
“thanks” I said without smiling and head upstairs to ‘our’ room
I was laying on my stomach on the bed, studying math, when Logan walked in with our dinner, I quickly sit up as I persevered the sweet aroma..
“wow that smells great” I said almost happily..
“I know right?” he replied and I nod..
“so tell me what do you think of your new school” Logan asked as he took a bite out of his dinner..
“well, to be sincere I like it, but I don’t really like the people there” I replied
“what? Why?” Logan asked and arched his brows..
“well for starters they’re mean” I said and bite on my cinnamon roll..
“yeah well some of them can be nice” he said and I shrugged
“yeah some of them can be nice like this two identical twin I saw today, Carlos and Carter they’re way to nice, I like them” I said and he tilt his head in confusion
“and who are they?” he asked
“you don’t know them?” I asked surprisingly and he nods
“well they know you and …oh and I just remembered Betty told me you were the leader of some gangsters” I said and he smiled
“yeah I Was, it was pretty fun then” he said and I stopped eating..
“fun! Do you even realise what you’re saying, do you even know what that would have made you” I yanked and he gave me a look and his smile subdued
“okay now you’re just sounding like my mom” he said and rolled his eyes..
“I am more than your mom, I am your wife” I snapped at him and he flinched,
Okay I don’t know where all this anger is coming out of me but I don’t like it, and what I just said was kind of weird..
“w-well sorry, why are you being angry all of a sudden” he asked scaredly
“I don’t know, I’m sorry” I sighed and moved my hair behind my ear,
He suddenly Chuckle and I laughed
“you’re one funny person” he said and I rolled my eyes..
“tell me about your dad” I said remembering we haven’t finish that conversation yet!
“oh.. Right, he’s dead” he said and I put on a surprised look even though I know he’s dead..
“oh I’m so sorry” I said while he shook his head negatively without smiling
“it’s okay, I’ve gotten over it”
“well what actually happened” I asked
“I was in grade eleven then, being the leader of the gansters in school I felt unstoppable Like I was at the top of the world.. I feared no man and liked doing things my own way, well my dad and my elder sister Sally, went to England for months, and the night they were coming back my mom told me that I should stay home to welcome my dad, but I insisted on going to a party that I was the first person to get invited to.. My mom got really mad at me and locked me in my room, but I sneaked out since I go by no one rules.. After the party which I got seriously drunk at, I staggered back home and was surprised that my dad wasn’t home yet, I met my mom in the kitchen making a video call with my dad and my sister and when I greeted my mom, my dad insisted that he’d like to see me that they could have been home but the traffic is horrible.. I told my dad to get lost and he became furious and started to yell at me of how wayward I’ve become, not looking the road he actually got hit by a huge lorry, ..
That night I couldn’t sleep I was scared to death, it was all my fault I couldn’t blame anyone else.. I hated my self ,I hated everyone around me, I stopped hanging out with my friends cause I felt like some part of it were there fault too,, my mom actually stopped giving me the motherly love and that’s when I know I lost it, I told my dad to get lost and he did.. Everyone in school said I deserved it since I was a total jerk to everyone, and I-i left my old friends and stopped being the badass gangster I was and that’s when I met Jason, we were partnered up in a science project, the worst part of it was that, Sally my sister died, she was such great person she’s so like you, funny,smart, beautiful playful, kind, caring and sometimes stubborn” Logan said and chuckles.. I know he’s sad about all this cause the way he talked, like there was something behind his throat and I know he’s trying to hold back his tears, ..
But I feel so sorry for him..
“I’m sorry” I said and suddenly realised I was crying
“why are you sorry” he asked calmly and raised his head up. “I don’t know I just can’t help it” I cried and sniffed which made him smile..
He moved closer to me and hugged me..
“talk about emotional” he said and I hit him on the chest while he laughed and I cried and laughed together..
It was 9pm after doing the laundry, I plopped onto the bed right beside Logan who was all focused in his phone..
“hey” I called and he turned
“what?” he asked
“wanna watch a movie with me,?” I asked
“of course I do I’m your movie buddy” he said and kissed my cheek, while I shook my head negatively
“I’ll get my laptop” he said
But I stopped him and said “no thanks, I don’t want to watch Spiderman and monsterman, I’ll get my own laptop”
“ha-ha real funny like you have any great movies” he said sarcastically and I smiled
“oh I do” I said and he sighed and shrugged..
My laptop was set and we both got ready for ‘movie night’
“before we start, do you want me to cuddle you” he asked
“do you want to cuddle me?” I threw back the question
“okay we are not playing question for questions, just come here” he said with a smile, while I sighed rolled my eyes I sat right next to him and he wrapped his hand around me and for some reason it felt weirdly comfortable..
We started watching the movie, we were both quiet and payed so much attention, I snuggled my self up in Logan’s body and he hugged me tighter and I could feel his smile on my hair..
After some time I started to get sleepy, it’s always in me sleeping through movies, I yawned lightly and Logan said
“you’re sleepy, let’s just continue tomorrow” he said and closed the laptop carelessly dropping it on the small drawer.. I laid down and so did he, he suddenly grabbed my waist and moved me closer to him.. That our bodies were touching, I was too sleepy to do anything, he held my waist tightly that I could not even move..
Our face were close that I could smell his peach pie breath we had for desert..
“Lia.. He called
I answered tiredly, slowly closing my eyes.. But opened them
“I love you” he said and I could hear my own Heart beat go..
I didn’t reply him I just moved closer and kissed him.. after the kiss I slowly pulled away but he smirked and continued…


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14 days ago

I’m glad these two are doing better with friendship

13 days ago we’re waiting for ep 18 and more, thanks