** Logan’s pov continues **
The next morning I woke up and found my self still holding Lia, I smiled and let go of her and come down from the bed..
Last night was kind of fun for me, but except the part where I had to talk about my ‘dad’
I quickly took a shower and wore my school uniform, I glanced at Lia who was still sleeping peacefully, and smiled
She is so not a morning person..
I went downstairs to make breakfast, which was just tea and bread,
After making it, I went upstairs to serve Lia breakfast in bed, but was surprised to see her wearing her uniform jacket..
“morning” I said to her, but she looked at me and rolled her eyes
“you could have waken me up” she said almost sadly..
“well I didn’t, sorry, we still have a lot of time ” I said and she sighed and shrugs
“what do you have there?” she asks and look over at the tray I was carrying,
“your breakfast” I said and stretched the tray forward to her
“wow you are way too nice” she said with a smile..
“don’t judge me babe, I can be pretty annoying, naughty and violent” i said with my eyes narrowed, she rolled her eyes and, gulped down her cup of tea,..
“I have a name you know, it’s Amelia, not babe” she said and dropped the mug on the tray while I smiled .. She Gave me a look before saying
“I’ll take this to the kitchen” trying to grab the tray but I pulled it toward me and smiled coolly,
“no.. I’ll do it” I said and she arched her pretty eyebrows at me
“okay, you’re awfully being nice to me, I’m not saying its not a good thing though, but it doesn’t really suit your look” she said playfully and laughed,
I shook my head negatively and took the tray downstairs to the kitchen.. Yeah, I just can get enough of her..
I met Lia in the car reading, okay assuming she isn’t my wife, I would have call her a dorky geek,..
I got in and immediately Davis, started driving
“so what are you reading” I asked
“Uhm just geography” she said while i rolled my eyes..
“talk about boring” I said and she smiled but tried to hide it..
“don’t tell me you don’t read” she said, her voice scold-ish
“I don’t” I replied almost truthful, but truth be told, I do read,,, sometimes..
“oh now I get it, no wonder you’re so dumb” she said teasing and I smiled and said
“thanks Naomi” she quickly turned to me and huffed she wanted to say something but she couldn’t which made me smile even more
“that’s right, I still remembered your name from our wedding day” I said boastfully but she just rolled her eyes and turned to her book,
She quickly closed it and sighed tensely..
“what’s wrong” I asked and she sighed and places her head on my shoulder..
“I hate your school” she said and sighed again while I chuckled
“it is your school too you know” I said while she shrugged,..
Finally Davis dropped us off in front of the school and we both marched out with me holding her hands she tries to pull her Hand away but I held it more tightly and smiled at her..
“can you just let go of me” she said immediately we got in the school compound and gave me a look..
“come-on what’s the crime” I said still with a smile
“well, I heard you’re the school’s ladies man and what would they say when they see you holding my hand” she yanked and I was surprised by what she said
“Jesus.. Lia, you’re unbelievable, you don’t act like we’re married you act like we’re just some sort of student who happened to know each other, and I don’t fucking care if any girl has some stupid crush on me.. They need to know I’m married and that’s that.. ” I said and pushed my hair back impatiently..
“nice speech, but it didn’t work on me” she said with a sly smile and forcefully slipped her hand away from me and quickly walked ahead of me..
She is being really, really stubborn
I tiptoed behind her and grabbed her by waist pulling her up from the ground, she screamed in fear and I laughed..
“oh my god put me down” she screamed, people were started to look at us but I didn’t care.. I put her down and she hit me severally on my chest but I couldn’t help but laugh..
“Logan brown kludge!!!, that was inappropriate” she scold and I chuckled
“yeah right” I said sarcastically and she huffed
“don’t be sarcastic at me, people were watching us” she said while i shrugged.. “so.. I can hold whenever I want even right now..” I said
“you’re bluffing, Logan” she said and rolled her eyes
“oh really, do you really want me to do it” I asked but she shook her head negatively..
“look Lia, you’re too nice and it’s way out of the league, sometimes you just have to be mean sometimes.. How are you going feel when you see other girls around me” I asked
“nothing, I’d feel nothing” she replied and shrugged
“What? So that means you don’t love me?” i asked, and I almost yelled
“don’t make this weird brown” she said and walked away.. She’s so so stubborn
“Logan?” I heard my name behind me and I slowly turned and was surprised to see Tania
“oh hey Tania, how are you” I asked with a smile..
“I’ve never been better” she replied and I knew her smiles were fake..
“so what do you actually want, cause I know you’ve been avoiding me since when we broke up, and now I know you want some thing” I said with a smirk and she sighed before saying
“I’m having a party at my house tomorrow night, and you’re invited”
“a party.. I-i I’m not sure if my wife would approve, you know she’s not a party person, I’ll go if she goes” I said and Tania started to get angry
“but I didn’t even invite that two faced bitch” she half yelled
“what the hell did you just call her?” I asked moving close to her aggressively
“i-i didn’t call her anything, I’m sorry okay” she said and moved back a bit..
“you’re apologizing when you said, you said nothing, classic Tania, and look let me give you a warning” I said and moved very close to her and held her arm digging my fingers in her arm, I don’t care how much it hurts her but that’s what I want.. She shrieked but I didn’t let go until I said
“look here Tania, if I ever hear that you said some nasty stuff about Lia, or even give her dirty looks or bother her I won’t care if you’re some goddamned girl, I’m going to bury you alive because you know what, Lia’s my world and if you that anything stupid, either you get a taste of my fist or the sand” I threatened and let go of her..
Lia is my world.. She really is.
“oh and incase you’re wondering I can invite Lia to your party if I want to and still make you uninvited” I said and walked away, she mumbled something but I didn’t care..
She just messed with the wrong guy, Lia isn’t even safe in this school, since all the girls are crazy..
But there’s me to protect her all the way…


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11 days ago

Interesting.. thanks for the update

Omote Judith
Omote Judith
10 days ago

Interesting story thank you, can not wait for the next episode