** Betty’s pov **
As Tania called me to help her make Cookies in the kitchen I happily agreed since she said she was going crazy,
I mean even though Ricky and Jason hate her or so, I still like her even though she’s acting all cold and rude because Logan’s married to Lia even though she clearly break up with him.. She will always be the fun playful Tania ‘I’ know, she use to be more like Lia,..
After helping her mix the flour and other things, and putting it in the oven, she smiled and said “thanks”
“no problem” I said and grabbed an apple that laid on a tray beside me..
“you know out of you Logan, Jason and Ricky, you’re still my favorite” she said with a smile
“awwn thanks” I said cutely and she giggled..
“we use to be so close you know when I was still dating Logan, but now you’ve suddenly became so distant” she said with a low voice
“I didn’t become distant Tania, you did and you were kind of mean too” I said
“yeah well that’s because you’re always hanging out with Ms perfect.. And well.. I got a little jealous” she said and I smiled at her sheepishly and she suddenly looked away shyly..
“I’ve got a big heart Tania there’s room for anyone to walk in, and so does Lia, she has the biggest heart ever and she’s down to earth” I blurted out and Tania sighed sadly..
“well I guess I’ve misjudged her” Tania said surrenderlike and I smiled, yeah she did
She really did, but I’m glad she’s realising it..
“but still you shouldn’t have acted mean to her, I mean is this because of Logan, because if it is so wrong, cause you clearly broke up with him” I said in a motherly tone and got somewhat irritated by it and bite on my apple..
“oh no, this is not about Logan, I thought I still liked Logan but I don’t.. Turns out he’s an asshole, and an idiotic jerk” Tania cursed and i raised my brows at her and she shrugged..
“well.. He is a jerk, but the reason I had to be mean to Lia was because I thought she was like gonna rule the school, since she’s pretty and smart and you know..and when she becomes that I’ll be invisible” Tania said and I laughed, yeah she still has her pride. .
“Lia will never do that, she is a sweet loving person, that is willing to put others before her,” I explained with a smile.. “wow you way you talk about her sounds like you really like her a lot” Tania said
“more than you think” I replied and she frowned and look at the floor, suddenly her head flipped up and she gazed at me and I could swear I saw her pupil blow out..
“what?” I asked at her sudden behaviour..
“oh my god Betty I am so sorry” she said her hands shaking and she moved her hair back..
“what are you talking about, sorry for what?” I asked dropping by apple, I suddenly lost my appetite…
“we have to help her” she said panicking
“help who?” I half yelled feeling so confused..
“Lia! She’s in danger, and I am so sorry, this… all this was all a plan I could actually make the Cookies my self I just wanted you away from her so they could teach her the lesson they wanted to.. I am so sorry Betty” Tania said rushing her words And her eyes were getting misty, but still I didn’t really understand her..
“come-on we have no time” Tania said and dragged my hand and I stumbled and followed her.. Lia’s in the danger! The word suddenly echoed in my head and I gasp..
“where’s Tressa!” Tania yelled at hannah when we suddenly got to the living room, Hannah scaredly pointed at the balcony and we both ran there,
I almost passed out when I saw Tressa push Lia from the balcony with an evil grin on her face.
“oh my god” Tania cried..
I was burning I was screaming,i was crying I was shouting yelling but all was happening inside of me. . Victoria seemed shock while Hannah suddenly ran away
I made a U turn and took the elevator and went down , I quickly ran outside and ran to the backyard to Find Lia lying helplessly on the floor, my tears came out faster than I could ever imagined as I got close to her, I grabbed my phone and tried to call 911 but I couldn’t my hands were shaking real bad.. I tried and tried but I couldn’t.. I dropped my phone angrily and tried to get Lia up but her hand was impaled with a metal object that was stuck to the floor, …and it was bleeding and so was her head, she had passed out cold. ..
I cried and grabbed my phone again, this time I make sure I touched the numbers correctly, I stopped trying to call 911 when I heard the ambulance siren go.. I breathed lightly and glance at my tears, the Paramedics quickly walk toward us with a stretcher and behind them was Hannah crying seriously…
Logan and I were sitting in a chair inside the hospital but outside the room Lia was taken to, after the paramedics came to take Lia into the ambulance in a stretcher I followed them as they took her in and I immediately called Logan..
I mean how could a human such a thing, I waited to hate Tania for putting her hands in stuff like this, but she said she didn’t know.. And believe me I don’t know what to do, I’m just so confused, Tressa is just.. So.. So I don’t even know what to think of her.. Now all we have to do is just seat back and hope for the best,
I was sitting close to Logan he hadn’t say a word to me since when he came, his face was buried in his hands, and his hands, elbows actually, were resting on his knees..
I immediately saw Ricky coming close to us with a run and he was sweating, seeing him and I stood up and hugged him tightly, crying on his shoulder.. He rubbed my back and sighed
“Tania told me everything don’t worry everything’s going to be fine I just know it” he said and I hugged him tightly
I hope so too.. I really do.. I disengaged our hug and suddenly
A young doctor suddenly walked up to us with a clipboard in his hand and a pen..
“anyone here related to.. Amelia.. Uhm Amelia ma–“
“here” Logan quickly said and stood up cutting the doctor off
And his eyes were puffy and red, seeing his eyes made mine watery and I couldn’t help but sob..
“uhm.. Okay hi.. I’m doctor Murray, and your sister.. I mean cousin.. How are you guys related?” the doctor asked
“she’s my wife and how is she” Logan asked with authority..
The doctor gave Logan a weird look before he continued.. “well your ‘wife’ is okay, mostly, she has a broken arm and also impaled by a metal object.. So the arm is going to take like a month to heal, and secondly she has a head injury but it’s not that serious we just sew it up a bit and lastly her fractured ribs, one of her ribs got fractured but don’t worry that will take like a week to heal since its not that serious, so your wife is perfectly fine” the doctor said with a smile..
“you call that perfectly fine!!? My wife has a broken arm which also has a deep wound it and a fractured rib and a broken head, and that’s perfectly fine!” Logan yelled at the Doctor Who kept on smiling
“I’ve seen worst cases young man, you can see her, though she’s still unconscious.. Excuse me!” he said and walked away..
“damn you” Logan muttered and head straight to the room Lia was taking to..
And Ricky and I followed him.. Our footsteps slowed down as we got close to the door..
We all walked in and I gasped, Lia was laying helplessly on the bed, there was bandage on her upper abdomen and a cast around her left arm.. There was a drip that was connected to her right arm and,
Logan sighed and looked away.. He glanced at Lia one more time and fist his hand into a ball that his knuckles turn white, he was about to walk away when I stopped him..
“where are you going?” I asked, he slowly turn to me and grabbed my arm.. “you’re coming with me” he said
I just stared at him and wondered what he’s about to do.. “why?” I asked, and my voice comes out rough.
“you’re taking me to Victoria’s and I’m killing Tressa” he said with deviousness in his tone and I flinched..

“”EPISODÈ 32..””🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
** Logan’s pov **
“oh my god, no Logan” Betty sobs holding my arm..
I’m gonna kill Tressa and I mean it..
“you can’t, Lia wouldn’t like that”betty said
“and I don’t care she’ll just have to deal with the fact that I kill a girl who tried to kill her” I said angrily trying to hold back something that tried to come out of my body..
“Tessa’s at the police’s station, Tania reported the incident immediately the ambulance came and they’re going to put her in jail and expel her from school, IF Lia press charges against her..”Betty said to me and I turned to her with a sigh of relief
I can almost learn to leave with that ..
“oh she will , I’ll make sure she does” I said and Betty sighed, we all stayed quiet waiting for Lia to wake up, and I just couldn’t take my eyes off..
No matter how bad her bruises looks, she’s still my Lia, the girl I fell in love with and got married to..
Betty fell asleep in Ricky’s arm and I could say I wanted to blame her, I really wanted to cause she was the one who forced Lia to go.. But I just can’t blame her, she does really care for Lia and wishes the best for her. .. After waiting with me for a while Ricky took Betty home against her wish promising me they’ll be here tomorrow, I sat down on a single wooden chair and moved closer to Lia’s bed I bent my head down and sighed, I hope she wakes up soon..
I woke up and found out I fell asleep and that it was the next day, I sighed and cleaned my eyes, I looked up and was shocked to see Lia staring at me..
I quickly sit up and cleared my throat “you’re awake” I said and a very small smile appeared on her face that answered my question..
I’m glad she’s awake.. She even woke up before me, that shows she’s okay..
I sat up and smiled at her, she suddenly frowned and sighed, I touched her hand and soothed it with my thumb and she breathed, she tried to sit up but I stopped her immediately she winced..
“rest, you don’t have to sit up for me” I said and she tried to nod but stopped because she felt pain.. I looked at her broken arm and she sighed and in a low voice she said
“I’m okay” and coughed
“you’re not, Lia, I’m so sorry it’s all my fault I should have been a good partner and——
“no Logan it’s not your fault” she said lowly and coughed again while I rubbed her arm .. She touched her bandaged stomach and frowned, her eyes sparkled ans I know she was tearing up..
“no Lia please don’t cry,” I said holding her hand
“I’m sorry” she breathed out..
“no I’m sorry” I said..
“Lia?” I heard Derrick’s voice behind me and I turned.. What’s he doing here..

** Logan’s pov continues **
Lia suddenly flinch seeing Derrick and I felt like strangling him..
“what are you doing here?” I ask in a harsh tone..
“don’t take it the wrong way okay? I heard what happened and I decided to see for myself, to see if Lia’s okay” he said and I rolled my eyes even though he can’t see since I was backing him..
“well you’ve seen her, now leave” I said and turned to him, he shook his head negatively and said “I won’t”..
“what did you say?” I asked getting angry, “I said I won’t leave” Derrick said..and I almost stood up but Lia touched me and gave me a look and I sat down Back..
He’s just lucky he didn’t have to taste my fist raw..
“help me sit up” Lia tells me in a whisper, and I wondered if she lost her voice also.. I disagreed while she gave me a pleasing look and I sighed and gently help her sit up, she held her bandage body and endured the pain before it finally cooled down .. I think..
She glance at Derrick then at me and sighed, “what are you doing here” she asked lowly.. Cleaning her eyes with her unbroken ‘arm’..
“well I heard what happened, so I came here as fast as I could,” Derrick answered innocently and I felt like pining him to the wall already,
“who told you about this” Lia asked lowly again referring to her self, (the incident actually)
“well that’s not what’s important right now, the impor–
“just leave Derrick” Lia said shocking me a bit but at the same time making me happy, she’s actually putting him in his place..
“what?” he said..
“you heard her leave” I said and he glared at me and turned his gaze back to Lia,
“but Lia, i–
“please Derrick just go, you can come back anyday but not today” Lia said and I felt like killing Derrick that moment because the way she talked was as if she had trouble breathing, “but”
“just leave!!” I yelled and Derrick sighed heavily and angrily and said
“I’ll leave but I’ll make sure I come back, and don’t worry I won’t tell your parents about this, so they won’t freak out” before walking away.. Lia sighed and stated to cough, I rubbed her back and she Gave a me small smile, a very small one..
“you hungry?” I asked and she lightly nods..
“I’ll call Betty to come over and stay with you while I go home and make you breakfast” I said and she smiled
I stood up and pecked her cheeks, I helped her lie down before walking out.. She’s strong, stronger than I could ever imagine..
** Lia’s pov **
I laid quietly on the hospital bed staring at the ceiling, with pains all over my body, I closed my eyes and sighed softly..
Why me! I thought..
If I had known that those girls were up to no good I would have listen to Logan and stayed behind, but the past is in the past
I’m such a fool..
And I couldn’t believe Hannah, she was among them too, she knew all this was going to happen, what did I do wrong, where did I go wrong, I wasn’t this evil to anyone but why me..
Oh Tressa! I don’t even know what to think of her…
All this is all just too much, but I’m glad I have Logan, and then Derrick had to show up, he’s annoying.. Now I just feel like sleeping and to never wake up cause what I’m feeling now is unexplainable
“she’s still sleeping” I heard a sweet familiar voice called.. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Betty looking nice..
She’s complete..
I’m broken..
“hey” I said and she immediately turned Back to me with a gasp
“oh my God, you’re awake” she said, triumph filled her voice and she gave me a ‘Betty loves you’ smile, someone was behind her and when I turned it was Tania, and my mood changed
“she… Came to see you Lia” Betty said lowly..
“why?” I asked, I wanted to give Tania one of my darkest glare but I was too weak to do so..
“look Lia, I’m sorry” Tania said and walked close to the bed..
“why?” I said trying to make it sound sarcastic but it came out as a normal question but I lived with that, “for this, for everything I didn’t know Tressa would go this far” she said sympathetically and I sighed
“you didn’t know she’ll go this far but you knew she’ll do something to me” I said and coughed, Betty eyes were getting misty and she sat down and buried her face in her hands.. My gaze went Back to Tania as she replied,
“yes Lia I know she was going to do something to you, we all did but we never knew it was throwing you off Victoria’s mansion, we were all on board with this plan because we all hated you, and it was because of one person, because of Logan, we all decided to make your life miserable by just threatening you but we didn’t realise Tressa had other things in mind, I didn’t realise what fools we are fighting over a guy who’s married, I didn’t realise I was the biggest fool, cause I was the one who dated him first and broke up with him I was fighting over someone I didn’t love anymore I was just jealous of you we all are, cause you know you have everything, beauty smartness and you’re just so kind and loving that you grabbed everyone’s attention on the first day, Lia you’re unique in your own way and I envy, I was really blind to see that I’m sorry, I really am” she said and walked away, I wanted to stop her but I let her be ans then turned my gaze to Betty who was in tears,
“I’m sorry” she mouthed to me
“no it’s.. don’t have to be sorry for me” I said and mean it, sympathy kills me alot I hate it when people pity me, it’s makes me feels small and that kind of feeling can make my situation worse..
“I have to be, I was the one who forced you to go to that damn party when you insisted on not going, and I really am sorry” she cried and buried her hand in mine
“please don’t cry, you’ll make me cry too” I said feeling my head ache and a huge lump in my throat..
“okay.. Okay I won’t” she said, sniffed and cleaned her tears before sitting properly, she held my hand tightly and looked at my broken and Casted arm, with a sigh,
A nurse walked in with a syringe in her hand and for starters I wasn’t ready to take any shot, but unfortunately I was wrong she wasn’t actually going to give me a shot, she is actually, but she walked close to my drip and injected it before turning to me..
“Mrs kludge, I presume?” she said with a curious look,
Mrs kludge..?? I nodded lightly and she smiled,
“okay you haven’t eaten have you?” she asked and I nodded lightly again..
“Logan went to get breakfast”betty answered for me
“good, you’ll be taken to the VIP room before your meal where you’ll be given a special treatment and also for security purpose, cause your husband made strict warning that no one should know of this incident because of paparzzis you know’ ” the nurse said and I nod again,
Before she walked out, and later came in with a wheel chair and two huge men , they helped me get on the chair gently, as gently as ever but still I was gently carried I still felt pain..
The VIP room looked too comfortable and welcoming, I was placed on the bed again and I was told to rest .. I didn’t hesitate to agree and minutes later I was asleep..
I woke up by the sweetest smell ever, I turned to my right and Logan was sitting beside me looking handsome, he smiled at me and I felt like hugging him but I couldn’t move..
I am so glad I have him..


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Thanks for the update, get well soon lia…

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