“wait wait, hold on.. Betty, you mean to say my husband’s a gangster, Asin the leader?” I asked almost in a whisper..

“well he was, in grade eleven, until his dad and his older sister died, ” Betty said bringing out her book because a woman who I assume is the teacher just walked in..
“oh my God” I breathed out..
His dad’s dead! I had no idea..

“when his dad died, he felt lost and confused and then stopped hanging out with his friend and started being alone, no one felt sorry for him because he was kind of a jerk then, they said he totally deserved it.. He started being alone and then one day he got partnered up with Jason for their science project and then after that day they both started hanging out together, and then Tania and Ricki started hanging out with them, then Tressa before me, he changed a little but not so much” Betty explained and I sighed and said

“but how did you know all of this”
“Ricky told me” she replied and I sighed again..
“wow,” I breathed out and she shrugged..

“do you love Ricky?” I asked, sometimes I just love asking stupid questions,
“of course silly, Ricky’s a sweetheart he’s my world, my everything, whenever we hug it’s like I’m floating and whenever we kiss I think of nothing else but him and it will feel like I’m flying, if that’s not love I don’t what that is” she said and sighed lustfully
“wow” I breathed out,
Why can’t I see Logan that way??


English class was great, we were told to write an essay and I did great, cause the teacher, Mrs Cleo complimented me for my writing,
Not to brag
I am pretty intelligent and smart..
“so what class, do you have next?” I asked Betty as we both stood out in the hallway with other students,

I prayed silently for her to have the same class with me as I stared at my timetable..
“biology” she said
“I have chemistry” I pouted..
“it’s okay we’ll see each other after the class, it will be lunch time then, don’t worry” Betty said and I smiled and nod.. .

“okay, but where’s chemistry class” I asked
“the last class on the last Floor” I heard Jason’s voice behind me and I turned..
“oh hi.. ” I said warmly And he smiled
“hi” he replied..

“so there, he said it for you, I’ll see you after class” Betty said and walked away..
I sighed sadly and turned fully to Jason
“okay why the long face” he asked
“I have chemistry but no-one I know have that” I replied
“well lucky, you cause I have chemistry also” he said and a smile laid gently on my face
“really?” I said and he nods..

We both head to the school’s elevator and took a ride to the last floor,
A school with elevator!!! Surprising right??…
With Jason in chemistry with me, it was fun..

“wow class was great today, because of you” Jason said as we walked down the stairs together..
I giggled and tucked my head behind my ear… “well it’s lunch time want to have lunch together with me and Betty?” I asked
“I can, but I can’t” he said with seriousness
“what do you mean?” I asked and stopped on my track making him stop on his track too..
“I mean, I can eat with you but I have to like take permission from Logan, since he’s my friend and you’re his wife, and he can get really crazy when he’s angry,” Jason laughed
“how crazy, ” I laughed

“real crazy like on a scale of one to ten he’s actually seventy eight” he said and we both couldn’t help it but laugh,
My first day of school and I’m having fun already, sharing smiles..
“I hope you both can laugh all you want and choke on it” we both heard Logan’s voice from behind and froze..

“hey, there you are, we were just talking about you” I said
“well I heard” Logan said sarcastically rolling his eyes and i smiled .. He put his hand around my shoulder and we both walked down the stairs with his Jason behind..

“look babe, no one eats with the lioness without the lion’s permission” Logan tells me
“babe? Where did that come from” I questioned and he smiled making his dimple show..
“it come from me” he said proudly and I rolled my eyes, I could imagine Jason rolling his eyes too..
Logan wanted to say something but stopped and when I looked up, I saw a girl, who looks too familiar walking towards us..

Oh Tania, Logan’s ex girlfriend, she had short bulby blonde hair that matched her light brown eyes..
She glared at me then at Logan who smiled mischievously, before she walked away..
Jason scoffed immediately she passed and I could have sworn she smiled at him…

The three of us got to the cafeteria, and everyone’s eyes were on me.. I’m with the school’s ladies man why wouldn’t everyone’s eyes be on me..
We got a table and sat down, and I was surprised how the table was different from others, it was at the window side and was few feet away from others and it had Like a booth around it, instead of benches like others..

Ricky and Betty found us and joined us at the ‘special’ table, and then we ordered our food..
Just then someone walked over our table and when I looked up I saw Victoria Kendall, (the vice president daughter)
“Hey Logan, can I sit here” she asked
“am sorry but there’s no room” Jason said but Victoria glared at him.
“it’s true there’s no room miss” Logan said not looking at her, she felt kind of embarrassed and glared at me before walking away..

Okay what the hell does that has to do with me.
I hate this school..
Jason Ricky and Logan talked about football and all, while I just focused on my food,..
After lunch, I had math, and after Logan escorted me there he kissed me in front of like dozens of people and I just let him have it, I couldn’t do anything..
During maths, I answered like most of the questions the teacher asked and she got to like me on my first day, and i got glares from every angle, including from Tania, so I had to excuse my self..


As I walked through the hallway I sighed tiredly and moved my hair backward, today can’t get any worse.. My footstep was loud and was echoing since it was empty, and I was lost in a reverie with sound of my footstep until I bumped into someone and fell down..
A hand appeared on my face and I took it and it dragged me up..
“sorry” a thick voice said,

I looked up and saw Edward Griffin,.. Whoa, my use to be crush..
“Uhm hi.. I mean it’s okay” I said nervously rubbing my template
“okay, thanks.. ” he said, he had an accent, he stayed in Australia for too long, he didn’t have an accent before.. I remembered..

“you know you really look familiar” he said and my head tilt.. Ugh,everyone says I look familiar and I end up being Logan’s wife in the familiarity..
“you’re that girl” he said in amusement
“what girl?” I asked
“the girl who–

His phone suddenly beeped “please excuse me” he said and walked away and I sighed sadly and went to the school’s girls bathroom. .
School was finally over that day and Logan and I went home, she I was just feeling down i didn’t know why, he noticed and tried to cheer me up but it didn’t work..
It’s only Derick who knows how to cheer me up..
Oh derrick I miss him..


Logan and I were both sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV, his hands wrapped around me and my head on his chest,
More like we’re cuddling each other than watching TV, I just feel alone and down that’s why I let him cuddle me this way, he just couldn’t stop kissing my hair…
“tell me about your father” I said over the TV
“my dad well, he’s dea–
We both heard the door bell and I stopped, I stood up to open it..

“Derrick!” I called and choked on the name..
Why is here
What does he want
“what are you doing here” I asked my voice comes out horsey and it looks like I’m about to break down, Logan stood up and suddenly walked up to us, but Derrick didn’t care when he said..

“look LIA, I know I said you should stay away from me, I know I told you to get lost, I know I pushed you away, I was stupid and scared and stuck, you’re my best friend and I didn’t see what was wrong with that until, now…

I pushed you away because I love you, when we kissed on your wedding day I felt and saw nothing but you, you’re actually my world Amelia, I thought I loved you as a friend but I love you more, I didn’t realise I love you till you got married . ..” Derrick said and he’s started to cry
And so am I..
“I’m sorry Amelia, really, sorry but I love you”..


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15 days ago

The bomb from Derrick, hope Brown won’t punch him in the face