logan helped me sit down and I had my breakfast, he insisted of feeding me but I told him not to worry, I mean my right hand’s okay, after disagreeing with me he finally let me eat by myself..

After eating one nurse came in and gave me a shot and told me to rest and I did..
I woke by eleven in the night and found Logan sleeping on his chair.. I can’t believe I slept that long, I sighed and stared at Logan he looked so tired, and worried all because of me..

Immediately I sighed again logan woke up and rubbed his eyes before saying
“oh you’re awake” I nod lightly and he sat up, he told me I missed dinner he brought and I had to eat what I missed for dinner, broccoli and cheese it wasn’t that bad..

But It was okay,
I fell asleep again that night, and that’s just how it went, with Logan coming to the hospital staying with me throughout with me getting the best treatments and also eating and sleeping..whenever my mom called I would tell her I’m okay I just don’t want her to get sick just because of me.., day by day I’m getting stronger and so was my fractured rib, but my hand wasn’t improving but it’s going somewhere, I even have a cover up at school which is Betty and Tania, I couldn’t be more pleased.

I could now walk stand and sit on my own without anyone helping me and I could say I was grateful,..
I was sitting on the bed alone one bright afternoon, Logan had gone home to get Lunch since I told him I wanted home made spaghetti cause he didn’t want to leave my side..

I was sitting alone reading a magazine I found inside the hospital’s room cabinet when I heard a knock on the door..
Who could that be?
I thought..

Is anyone supposed to knock? I mean it’s a hospital not someone’s house,
“come in” I said and cleared my throat..
Derrick walked in and I was surprised I wasn’t surprised seeing him.. “hey” he said lowly closing the door,
“hi” I said lowly too, I mean why should I yell when he greeted lowly, I’m not that stupid okay I think I’m freaking out
‘calm down Amelia Naomi Elizabeth mark” I tell myself and breathed in and out quietly
I dropped the magazine beside me and dropped my legs down and shoving my feet in my flip-flop since I didn’t know what to do..

“so looks like you’re feeling a little better” he said with a nervous grin
“alot better actually” i corrected him and he smiled, that smile made me remember when we were friends when we would tease each other and give each other the smile.. I almost cried remembering that, I mean how would you feel when you’re forced to make all your childhood to adulthood memories vanish!!..

“so.. Derrick said rubbing his nape, “so.. What?” I asked
“I’m sorry” he said

“for all the troubles I’ve put you in lately, I’m sorry for making us.. You know.. separate I’m sorry, for everything, everything Lia, everything!!”
Oh he’s apologizing, does he really mean it or he’s just messing with me, well I don’t care, he’s apologizing
“I can’t continue acting this way to you, since your incident I don’t want you to go through another phrase because of me I’m very sorry Lia, i really am” he added with a serious face..

“well.. To be sincere I don’t know what to say!” I tell him with a weird smile..
“you really don’t have to say anything” he said and gave me “that” smile.
“thanks” I said
“for what? I should be the one thanking you because you were being a better friend while I was being a.. Well an asshole” he said and laughed, but I didn’t, well I wanted to but I didn’t..

“I know you’re probably thinking I may be lying but I totally mean it, I mean every word I just said Lia, I’m sorry. Even for loving you” he said and was about to walk away when I said,
“I know you’re not lying, I forgive you Derrick” he turned and asked
I nod and he smiled..

“thank you, Lia, can we just.. I.. Can. Well forget it” he said with a grunt
“just spit it out” I ordered in a friendly way, and he scratched his head which I suspect wasn’t itchy.. “can we still be the friends were before?” he asked nervously
“I thought you’d never asked” I said and stood up giving him a hug with one hand, he gently hugged me back and I know he might be thinking he had crushed my bone since he quickly disengaged the hug, which made me laugh..

“what? I’m okay” I said and he laughed too..
“serious I’m now scared of hugging you, your body’s hot and you’ve loosed a lot of weight, and I’m scared I might crush you and you’re so skinny before and now you’re kinny with no “S” he said and we both laughed, his phone suddenly blinked and he said.

“well Lia, i have to go home, I’ll see you another day, get well soon” he said and smiled before walking away,
I really miss him, I don’t care of he still “loves” me, all I know is, he apologized when I really needed it and he made amend, that’s what I ever wanted,
I even heard a rumor saying whenever your bestfriend wishes you to get well soon, you will ..

I was still standing and smiling when Logan walked in with a confused look,
“hey I.. Just saw Derrick coming out of this ward is everything okay? He didn’t do anything stupid right?” he asked,
And that’s why I love him, he cares
“no Logan he didn’t,” I said with a smile,
“okay what really happened, and why are you standing up when you should be resting” he asked dropping my meal on the table,
“I’m fine and grateful I can stand that’s why I’m standing” I backfires and he rolled his hand and looked back and forth to me and and the bed
“fine I’ll sit” I tell him and he smiled..

While I was eating I told him everything Derrick came to do. He wasn’t happy about it but Also wasn’t angry about it either,

I already took a bus that stopped me in front of a street before the estate I lived in when a small puppy jumped on my leg, it startled me a bit but I laughed it off and carried the puppy,
I’m feeling so good this moment because of Amelia I really missed that we’re friends and I don’t feel like throwing that away, I’m going to try and get this goddamned feelings I have for her go away, even if it takes a hundred years, I’m still lucky to be her friend again..

“well aren’t you cute” I said to the cutest girl puppy in my hand, she just barked cutely and I smiled, I looked around to see if I could see the owner but there was no one around me,
Maybe I should take her home
“well puppy I’m taking you home, but first I’m gonna name you Amelia,” I said and the puppy barked
“Amelia?” that’s so obvious
“well I’m gonna name you Amy, from Amelia or Lilia from Lia, that’s much better right?” I said and the dog barked,
I started walking taking amy home when I heard a voice from behind calling “hey!”..

I turned back and saw a girl running towards me,
Her brown hair was roaring in the wind and her legs were faster than I could ever imagine,, whoa..
She slowed down getting to me and her breathing were heavy, she slowly catch her breath and then moved her hair back before saying,”that’s my dog”

“oh.. Really? I didn’t know I thought she was some lost dog or something” I said and she shook her head negatively
“no she’s my dog, she ran off while I was getting ice-cream, I didn’t know what I’ll do if she got lost thank you for seeing her” she said taking it from her hand,
“no problem, I was already giving her a name actually, but since she’s yours I don’t really mind” I said and shrugged
“her name’s Lilly,” the brown haired girl said to me..

Huh the name’s similar to Lilia which I almost gave her dog
“oh well hey Lily” I said to the dog..
“and I’m Amy” she said and my eyes widen,
What the hell? That’s the name I almost gave her puppy, what a mind blowing coincidence
“well I’m Derrick” I said and we shook hands.. “well I have to go” the girl said and was about to walk away when the dog jumped on my body.

You’ve got to be kidding me
“what in the name of.. Lily get down here” the girl said pointing to the floor the dog barked sadly testing on my arm.. Amy sighed and tucked her hair behind her ear,
“she likes you can you walk with her around so maybe she can get over you and come to me so I can take her home” Amy asked and I nodded “sure” I said and we both started to walk around, with Lily in my hands,.

** LIA’S POV **
Days passed and I was recovering quickly than ever,.. And it’s all thanks to Logan, and maybe Derrick since he wished me well..

It was Saturday evening I was glancing at my bag, waiting for Logan to come in so we can go home, I just got discharged and I was thankful,
Logan walked in smiling,

“okay I’ve cleared everything with the doctor and all, and now are you ready to go home?” he asked playfully in a huge voice and I laughed,
“I sure do” I said and he laughed too
“I really missed you back home lt was so lonely without you” he said and I rolled my eyes, he moved closer to me and we both shared a kiss, and the he drove him home…



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1 month ago

Thank God you’re better now, you need to be very careful lia

1 month ago

Thank God she is fine