SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 20 – Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER (True Life Story) - Samlex LOP

SAVE MY MOTHER Episode 20 – Samlex LOP

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Hearing the secretary greet chief, I switched the camera to video and quickly flipped through the files till the end, closed the drawer and when the door knob turned, I immediately ran and sat on the chair before he could come inside.

He was surprised seeing me inside, with a look of surprise and suspension, I stood up and greeted him, “Good morning chief.”

“Morning to you,” he replied but was looking round his office trying to find something.

“I came early because I have other places to be by noon, the container are ready when ever you want,” I said trying to sound convincing.

“I see, I will be needing it by next week Friday, but you don’t have to come to me office this early,” he said, still looking at me suspiciously.

“I will be on my way now,” I said getting up to leave.

“Ok, I will let you know when it’s time,” he replied.

I walked out to meet the secretary on call and she immediately ran into chiefs office, I just stepped out got into the car and drove off.

I got back to the hotel and the guys took a deep breath when they saw me.

“Thank God you are back, how did it go?” Peter asked me.

“It was a success but I almost got caught, I don’t know why he came early today of all days,” I said bringing out the phone.

We all gathered going through the pictures, some of the pictures were business related, but we soon got what we were looking for, this particular file looked like the one he gave me, it had his name at the top, the same outline but the details were different, it shows the number of people they are trafficking, when we watched the video, we had to pause it at interval, the files show he will be receiving some containers that Friday night and the item were cokes and time of delivery.

We stopped for a minute, we know he doesn’t import minerals, that was when it occurred to us that it was cocaine.

We were shocked at the discovery, this is killing two birds with one stone for us.

We divided ourselves into two groups, one group will handle the human trafficking and the other the coke, I and Peter was paired while John and Michael were paired.

We work the rest of the week gathering more information and I got closer to Annabella, because she will be our means of escape if anything goes south.

We also went to the sea port gathering more information, studying the environment to know how best to attack and defend and finally it was Thursday, a day before the deal day, after drawing out the plan, I picked up the phone and dailed the number. I was able to pick out two container which I rented and I told chief I owned.

He picked almost immediately, “we will be needing, two camera, four body camera, guns and the police should be there by 10:55pm,” I said.

“You will get them by dawn tomorrow,” he replied and ended the call.

At dawn the next day, everything was delivered to our door step, we went out to a community close to the sea port that afternoon to get three that will be on standby that night, we paid them well so they were happy to do the job.

We went back to the hotel to wait for night fall.

When it was 9:15pm we moved out and got to the port by 9:30pm, we all took our separate positions and set up our cameras.

At 9:46 we noticed movement and I could see a mini bus parked in front of the container I gave to chief, some armed men came down and were offloading the people into the containers, we got everything on camera, they locked up the container when they were done and left immediately but two people stay back guiding the container.

Shortly after the bus returned, they off loaded more people into the containers, we counted the number of people they loaded in the container and it was left with 15 people to match with the number on the file, shortly after they came back again and this time they offloaded the final 15, we thought they will all leave but the five of them stay back.

This is more than what I and Peter can handle, so we need to come up with something fast.

We came out from our hiding place leaving the camera to capture everything, we snuck behind the container.

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