No Room For Love Episode 43

‘You don’t have to let him in, just try to tolerate him and let the rudeness go.’

‘I mean treat him like your friends; you don’t detest them as you do to Nectar, probably because you fell in love with him without knowing it.’ Her mom said and Kate thought she was sounding weird now.

‘No mom, I know I’m not in love because he loves me rather.’ She struggled to say.

‘And you don’t like that?’

‘I hate people declaring their feelings for me mom.’

‘You will figure it out.’ Catherine encouraged.

‘But Mom how do you do it? I mean you can see Dad doesn’t love you but you are still there.’

‘Whatever happened between us, I don’t want that to affect you Kate. Though I can see that getting into your head already but Kate I want you to enjoy your marriage so talk about it with Nectar.

‘Thank you, mom but I need to get going now.’

Catherine sighed heavily and hanged up probably because her daughter has finally agreed to give Nectar a chance.

Nectar was attending to a patient in the theater when the nurse signaled him after she entered with his phone.

‘Doctor Glover. Mrs. is on the line. It seemed urgent because she kept calling.’ The nurse said with a broad smile.

Everyone in the theater with him just glared at him. He forgot he saved Kate’s name as Mrs. and at the same time he was surprised to receive a call from her.

His colleague Sly, signaled him to go.

‘Are you sure?’ Nectar asked attempting to take off his gloves.

‘Yes, go. I’ve got this Glover.’

‘I owe you one Sly. Just do a good close up of the left side.’

‘I can do this Glover and besides we are almost done here.’

Nectar stared at his patient on the table and then to the nurse holding the phone which kept ringing.

‘Okay, I would do the paper work. See you later.’ He rushed out of there while grabbing the phone from the nurse.

Nectar didn’t hesitate to answer the call.

‘Gentle man, are you not coming home tonight,’ Kate spoke up calmly over the phone.

He still sounded surprised with even a sigh over the phone and Kate felt it was because she had never called him since they got married.

‘Kate, are you okay! Do you need help?’ Nectar asked inquisitively while he got himself dressed up in his office.

‘No, I came home and wanted us to talk about something but you were not around. Moreover, it’s getting late too!’ Kate managed to just close her eyes and speak.

‘Kate are you worried about me?’ Nectar asked.

She thought it was a stupid question to ask. Her mouth may run so wild, her heart so hardened but her brain still works perfectly. She cared with her mind. Kate was thinking aloud again, when she realized he was still waiting for her answer.

‘What if I’m worried about you?’ Kate said finally, feeling a strange coldness suddenly coming over her.

‘Well I don’t think that’s a problem. Probably you didn’t notice I’ve been working late nights.’ Nectar said annoying her.

‘I just want to know if you are coming home soon.’ She replied calmly and worried.

Nectar thought she just wanted to talk over the phone.

‘I’m not sure, but I would try? Is Matilda there with you?’ He said and Kate felt disappointed.

‘She’s not back either.’

Nectar sensed worry in his wife’s voice.

‘Okay give me thirty minutes. I would be there soon,’ he said hurriedly and Kate hanged up.

He brought out the paper he told Syl he would work on. Nectar was eager to go back home and was glad Syl got his surgery covered.

Kate kept walking from one corner to another for a whole twenty minutes and then her phone rang.

Without checking the caller ID, she answered the phone.

‘Katie I’m not coming home tonight. I got one hairy dude.’

‘Matts so it’s you, get a life.’

‘Who were you expecting?’ Matt’s asked laughing.

‘I’m here waiting for your brother because I planned on telling him about the children this evening.’

Kate may be a stubborn but she’s also the weakest and kindest person when it came to men.

‘Really, I’m coming home, wait for me.’ Matts said so excited.

‘I thought you said something about sex and hairy dude tonight.’

‘Come on, I won’t miss your drama for anything in this world, Sex can wait.’ She said so bratty.

‘But Matts, I’m really scared!’

‘What about Katie?’

‘I don’t know but what if he hurts me.’

‘Oh, come on, Nectar wouldn’t dare lay a hand on a woman twice.’

‘But Matts a revelation like this can make people do unimaginable things.’ Kate said with so much worry in her voice.

‘Katie please relax and wait for me, so we tell him together.’

‘No Matts, this is my own cross to carry, besides I’m already a dead meat whether I tell him or not.’

Just then, she heard Nectars car pull in the compound. Fear gripped her and instantly she started sweating profusely.

Kate quickly hanged up on Matt’s.

The coldness earlier vanished. Her brain overheated due to the many ideas popping up as to how to start the conversation about his children.

Kate didn’t understand why she was afraid of letting him know the truth. It wasn’t as if what they shared could be called marriage but they were practically leaving like friends. Now her mind was coming back to its rude state again.

But Kate was sure it was just her hormones or she was still scared he might hurt her. By the time he entered Kate was on the floor.

Kate woke up later feeling a bump to her head.

‘What happened?’ Kate asked him.

‘You collapsed. Do you feel pains anywhere?’ Nectar further asked.

‘No just a headache.’ She whispered looking around.

‘That would be over soon, once you eat and take your medicines.’

‘Alright.’ She replied calmly.

‘And you need to start seeing that doctor we talked about, I mean today Kate!’ Nectar said stressing his voice.

‘Okay.’ Kate just responded weakly.

‘Finally, you are awake, Matt’s said smiling, your food is here.’

‘What happened Katie? And were you able to do the stuff we talked about?’ Kate shoved her eyes at Nectar.

Matt’s understood and looked up at him.

‘Nectar, can you excuse us for a minute.’ Matts said!

‘Really?’ he said and Matts frowned while he walked out but kept constantly looking back.

They waited for him to disappear before they continued their discussion.

‘What happened Katie?’

‘I should be asking you that Matts.’

‘I woke up here, I just remember your brother pulling into the compound and that was it.’

‘I also saw Nectar attending to you when I got home and he hasn’t told me anything Katie.’

‘I think I can’t do it Matts.’

‘Why not Katie? You are stronger than you think and my brother would forgive you.’

Kate sighed.

‘I think I need time, to adjust to his likeness to me first and then we can take it from there.’ Kate suggested.

‘Okay, take your time but have you talked to that friend yet.’ Matts asked trying to change the topic.

‘Drake? No, I would soon.’ She replied honestly.

‘When you do, try to be honest with him.’

“I hate men who love me and I’m not about to lose a friend because he loves me.”

Matt’s was about to say something when she heard Nectars voice.

‘Are you girls decent, should I come in?’

‘Nectar stop fooling around, this is your room.’ Matts said looking through the door.

‘Kate you haven’t touched your food that much, has Matilda added too much salt to the Oats,’ he asked trying to make a joke.

‘Huh Nectar, she is fine.’ Matt’s looked guilty.

She looked on while brother and sister gave each other their weird looks.

‘I need to give you some injections Kate.’

Her eyes popped out and met with that of Matts.

‘Emmm, I think I don’t need injections, I prefer the tablets.’

Kate was scared of going all nude in front of Nectar but she really wished she had.

She hit her head with her palm, trying to reset it while the others looked on.

Of late, her mind spews out unimaginable feelings. But she assures herself it’s just her hormones.

‘Kate, you need this injection.’ He tried to convince.

‘Nectar I think your wife is asking if she could have that injection anywhere aside her bums.’

‘Ooh that, yeah the shoulders.’

He said with a relief on his face.  Kate was surprised how Matts knew what her problem was.

‘Right there done, you can have some rest now.’ Nectar said shyly and walked out.

‘Matts how did you know?’

‘I know when you are acting weird and have something up your sleeves.’

‘I forgot you were always nosy and then again my shield all the time.’

Matt’s laughed when she just needed to say thank you.

There was silence for a few minutes until Matts sighed.

‘You two haven’t done it yet?’

Kate couldn’t believe Matts was asking her that question at that crucial moment.

‘What? Sex? Nope!’

‘Has he seen you naked before?’ She further asked.

‘Yeah when I was drunk and I have no memories though I’m pregnant from that now.’

Matt’s smiled teasingly.

‘Just one shot and you are pregnant with twins. What will happen to two shots, you will give us a football team.’ Matts teased and they both laughed.


‘Kate you wanted to speak with me the last time.’ Nectar asked after a few days.

“How could he be asking that now when I was thinking he forgot?” Kate said silently.

It has been two days since the incident so she was hoping he had forgotten.

‘Are you with me?’ Nectar raised his hands in her face. He obviously didn’t hear what Kate said earlier.

‘It’s fine. I found what I wanted.’

‘It didn’t look like you were looking for something when you called.’ He tried to challenge.

‘Please I said its fine,’ She nearly yelled.

‘Calm down and don’t work yourself up.’ Nectar tried to convince Kate he wasn’t bothered.

She rolled her eyes. ‘By the way I hope I’m fit enough to work tomorrow.’ She asked.

‘Are you sure you can handle it.’

‘I’m not weak gentle man.’

‘Okay but your secretary can handle that for you.’ Nectar chipped in.

‘You know I’m trying so hard to talk to you now and control the anger that is burning in me.’ She said with a warning eye.

‘I can see that Kate but I just want the best for you and the children. Forgive me if I’m over stepping my boundaries.’

He was about to leave when she just had to say something again.

‘I’m sorry, it came out the wrong way but I would try to slow down and cut on the working hours provided you pay my secretary her overtime.’ She feigned a smile.

Nectar just gave her some weird look and walked out like a child. Kate laughed so hard.


‘Matts would you accompany me to Drake’s place.

‘Sure, why not but I’m driving.’

‘Okay, chief driver.’ Kate teased.

Matt’s agreed and they left immediately though it took Kate a while to get herself dressed up.

When they got there the door wasn’t locked so Kate pushed it opened and met Drake on the floor in his hall.

When he saw them, he tried to raise himself up.

‘What are you doing here?’ He struggled and stumbled to walk.

‘Drake have you been drinking? What is wrong with you?’ Kate asked concerned.

‘Le.. ave me alone.’ Drake stuttered.

‘Bring that bottle, do you want to drink yourself to death?’ Kate asked him with a sad tone.

‘What do you care Kate? You decided to leave me for that good for nothing sick man?’

‘Hey watch your mouth; you can’t talk about my brother that way.’ Matts interjected.

‘Ooh, you were the bitch sister who broke a poor girl completely.’

‘Drake keep quiet,’ Kate yelled. ‘Matts lets go, I’m sure when he finishes drinking himself to waste he would come around.’ Kate banged the door in his face and they drove off.

‘Sorry about my friend out there.’ Kate finally broke the silence after a long sigh.

‘That is fine, he is just a gentle man in love and I would always be that bitch who slept with her best friends’ fiancé.’ Matts said as if reality just dawned on her.

Kate just glared and she drove on in silence. Matt’s kept using different routes, which wasn’t leading home and Kate was worried.

‘Matts, where are we going?’ Kate asked concerned.

‘Keep your head down and hold still.’ Matt’s ignored, taking a very drastic turn on a busy road swerving a gunshot.

‘What was that?’ Kate yelled almost running out of breath when Matt’s kept violating traffic rules.

‘Look into the side mirror, they are still following us.’

She drove recklessly but with caution until she slowed down a bit.

Matts managed to calm herself after they escaped the gunshot earlier.

‘I still don’t understand Matt’s.’ Kate checked the mirror and didn’t see anything.’

Matt’s gestured her to hold on.

‘I sensed someone was tailing us since we left Drakes end.’ She finally spoke up clearly when they managed to lose them and managed it home.

Kate just glared at Matt’s talking a lot while they entered the house.

‘You are back. I cooked!’ Nectar greeted with a grin.

‘I’m not hungry.’ Kate said and walked out on both brother and sister.

Matt’s gestured him to stop asking questions. Nectar figured something must have happened to her so he kept quiet.

After a while Kate heard a knock on her door and Nectar came in.

‘Someone left this in the mail for you.’

‘What is it?’ She asked and he passed an envelope to her.

‘And I heard you were attacked earlier so I called your Dad.’

‘Huh, what for? You think my dad gives a damn about what happens to me? Grow up!’ Kate said so calmly.

‘But I just thought, he has the connections with the cops to look into what kind of danger you are in.’ He said naively.

‘Good Luck with my dad then.’

Kate quickly took the envelope from him and tore it open because the handwriting on it looked familiar, then the contents itself confirmed her deepest fear.

She just tore it apart and looked away when their gazes met.

‘Are you okay Kate.’

‘Why do you ask? Do I look like I’m dying?’ She said regrettably.

‘Yes, you tore that envelope apart as if you’ve just seen a ghost.’

‘Ahuh!’ She eyed him suggesting he needed to keep quiet.

‘Sorry if I intruded again but I was just trying to help.’ He hissed. ‘When I thought we were finally at a good place in this marriage.’

Nectar murmured slowly playing on her conscience and walked away sadly.


To be continued


‘Careful you don’t fall.’ Kate heard Nectar say and she just ignored him.

‘Matts, are you sure Mandy is locked up,’ She asked immediately she entered her room.

Kate rushed down to matt’s room.

‘Yes, I made sure he got what he deserved. Why?’

‘Something isn’t right Matt’s.’

‘Are you thinking he was the one who attacked us earlier?’ Matts asked with a curious grimace on.

‘I just received a letter from him.’ Kate managed to say through her fears.

‘What? How? Where is it?’ Matts was lost as to which questions to ask.

‘I destroyed it.’ Kate replied.

‘What did the letter say?’ Matts asked giving her the impression she was hiding something from her.

‘I couldn’t finish reading. I just read the greetings where he said hope to see you soon, then I tore it up.’

‘Wait here let me check out.’ Matts brought out her phone, trying to make some calls. Kate thought to herself what she was up to again.

‘He had ten years’ jail time for second-degree murder. He should still be in by now right?’ Kate further asked when Matts seems to be avoiding the topic.

‘Katie, it’s okay to be scared. He won’t hurt you and I’m always here for you.

‘Matts, thank you but what do we do now?’ She managed to say while sitting on Matt’s bed with her face in her palms.

She had no idea Matt’s was still on her phone.

‘When? How?’ She heard Matts interrupting their conversation while looking back a few times towards her direction.  ‘Let me know when you find out. Don’t give me that crap.’ She flared up in between her calls.

‘Easy Matt’s.’ Kate whispered and she gestured her to be calm. Kate found it to be ironic.

‘A month and you never bothered to tell me about it when you know I have a personal interest in this case.’ She hissed loudly. ‘Just be quiet, what do I sex you for in the first place. It’s over, just get rid of my number.’ Matts angrily hanged up looking in Kate’s direction weirdly.

‘It looks like whoever you were speaking to just gave you the worse news. What’s going on Matts? It sounded like that was about Mandy.’

‘Don’t worry your head.’ She finally said while moving towards her.

‘Matts it didn’t look like things are fine between you and the man whose bed you keep gracing to keep a certain secret.’

‘You can’t handle it Katie.’

‘I can handle what it is.’ Kate replied even though she already knew her stand.

‘Katie, relax! Mandy has been out for a month now, and my colleague never bothered to tell me about it.’ She finally said and it gave Kate a bit of relief.

‘At least he may not try anything funny yet, since obviously he wouldn’t want to go against probation laws.’ Kate kept thinking to herself loudly.

Then she felt Matt’s hands waking her out of her reverie.

‘Are you going to tell me who the HE is?’ Kate asked Matts teasingly.

‘Just a booty call.’ She tried to avoid the topic while Kate gave her a stare.

‘Okay, a friend in the Judges’ office.’

‘Just a friend?’

‘Yeah and that is even over now. Can we get dinner ready? Your husband might be hungry by now. Matts grinned.

‘ I hope you are not planning to throw me under the bus again Matts.’ Kate said and paused.

‘ No, I just want us to forget that useless Mandy.’ She said.

‘You know when it comes down to it I might not be able to Matts.’ Kate confirmed to Matt’s her biggest fear. ‘Now let me hear why he is out before his time.’

‘Katie I don’t have all the details, but I promise I would find out from work tomorrow.’

‘That is not good enough; you know I can feel you are lying to me right?’ Kate said showing her displeasure.

‘Yes, I know, but the less you know, the better for your children.’ Matts said stressing her voice.

‘I would have to find out by myself then.’ Kate replied and got a displeasure look from Matt’s.

“Are you women okay inside? You have been in there for ages now, whispering.’ Nectar came knocking and they had to pause their conversation and then storm out of the room.

‘Kate are you okay, you look worried.’

Kate turned away from him. ‘Matts tell your brother to mind his own business. God knows I’m trying my best to accommodate him in my life, he shouldn’t add to my troubles right now.’

‘Katie, he is your husband. Standing right behind you. Tell him that yourself.’ Matt’s teased.

Kate hissed and left.

She went upstairs, knowing very well Nectar was following her. Kate just lied on her bed to relax her already pounding head while asking herself weird questions.

At first she wondered why Mandy’s sudden appearance was giving her that creepy kind of feeling.

Nectar came in and Kate pretended she was asleep.

He covered her with the duvet neatly and sat on the bed watching her sleep. Kate wanted to laugh because she couldn’t keep up with the pretense but she eventually slept off.

After that drama Mandela wasn’t heard from again and everyone had forgotten about him but not Katie.


‘Katie has he contacted you again?’ Matts asked after two weeks.

‘He dares not, I will skin him alive.’

‘Really? Katie, I thought two weeks ago you were professing your undying love for him.’ Matts teased.

‘Matts I know I might break down with the attractions falling back in place but I might still want to kill him.’

‘Just be careful you don’t make my brother into another widower.’

Kate just gave her a tap on her thighs to get her mind back to better things.


‘I will pay you the rest of the money, when you get the job done.’ The disguised woman at the entrance of St. Joseph Hospital said over the phone to the other caller.

‘Make sure you get him alone. Don’t screw this up for me like you always do.’ The man who seems to be in charge said over the phone and hanged up.


Nectar just had to fill in for another colleague for that early morning shift. He had a lot of patients to attend to the previous night to the extend he forgot to eat.

He even forgot he had a patient in front of him while his mind was hovering around. Nectar muttered something that the patient didn’t understand as they both were acting weird.

‘Doctor Glover, you were saying.’

‘I was asking how far you are.’ Nectar regained his consciousness.

‘Six weeks, I think.’ The lady who walked into Nectars office that morning replied.

‘Then let’s check it out, but wait here for me so i get a nurse to take you to the lab.’ Nectar smiled to her and walked out leaving his morning coffee he forgot to take earlier.

He walked back in and the pregnant woman who came for the checkup was nowhere to be found.

‘Dr Glover, I saw her leaving the premises in a hurry a while ago.’ One of the nurses said when Nectar complained of the patients absent in his office.

Nectar sighed and sat in his chair while he gulped down his coffee. The nurse walked out shaking her head.


‘Miss Santa, there is one Mr. Bradley here to see you about the contract.’

Stacy said through the intercom.

‘Which contract?’

‘The one from Brownies ltd. He said he called you earlier.’

‘I’m not sure, I have an idea, but let him up.’

After a few minutes Kate felt unwell and she didn’t understand. She rubbed her stomach vigorously for a while.

‘Come in.’ Kate said when she heard a knock on the door.

Within seconds she just glued herself to her chair when she saw the image in front of her.

‘What are you doing here?’ Just get out of here.’ She yelled on top of her voice.

‘Babes I can explain,’ Mandy said.

‘Explain why you slept with my best friend or maybe why you killed an innocent girl.’ Kate’s eyes was all red now.

‘I didn’t cheat on you with Matts; neither did I kill an innocent girl. I am no murderer.’

‘Get lost before I commit my own murder.’ Kate retorted angrily.

She pressed the intercom and within a twinkle of an eye, they barged in.

‘Take him out.’ The securities kept dragging him out of the door while he kept saying something on a loud tone.

Kate wasn’t sure what she heard but something about her dad made her nervous.

Kate wondered to herself what her Dad has to do with Mandela.

She rushed home because she can’t handle another encounter with him when it seemed earlier she was expecting him hence her reaction wasn’t that bad when he entered her office.

She could barely handle her emotions back in there.

Whether she should run into his arms or just throw him out, was a tough decision for her a while ago. Kate was glad she chose the latter.

“Did he say his name wasn’t really Mandela?” Kate was still talking to herself.”

Just then, her phone beeped.

‘If you don’t believe me, ask Matts.  I’m sure she hasn’t told you everything.  Ask her what my lawyer told her and what your Dad was doing with my prison officer.’ Kate read Mandy’s text on her phone loudly.

She just melted at once. ‘Matts again? Kate approach this with much care.’ Kate told herself silently.


She was expecting Matt’s to call so she could tell her about Mandy’s presence in her office earlier in the day. Her phone rang and she ignored for a while before answering when it kept ringing.

‘Drake what do you want?’

‘I just want to apologize for my behavior the last time.’

‘I’m listening,’ Kate knew she was going to enjoy his attention at thesame time get to tease him.

She frowned at a point while holding her phone with both hands on her ear and strolling in her room. Just then Nectar came in back from work and was  undressing himself by the mirror.

‘What is this man doing undressing in front of me which he knew is unacceptable.’ Kate murmured and tried not to watch.

‘What did you say?’ Drake drew her attention back to the call.

‘Drake let me call you back.’ Kate announced and he didn’t hesitate saying I love you. Kate hanged up without a reply.

‘Hey you, what do you think you are doing?’

Nectar tried looking back but his head was heavy.

‘I’m talking to you gentle man.’

‘What does it look like?’ Nectar retorted angrily.

‘I thought we agreed this here wouldn’t happen in each other’s presence.’ Kate said confronting Nectar.

‘Look Kate I’m tired of your nagging and rude attitudes.’


‘Yes, I’m really trying here so please let me be,’ he paused for a while. ‘and you can watch or you walk out.’

He yelled now on top of his voice while trying to be calm at thesame time.

He slammed the washroom door on her face and Kate just stood there like a toasted bread. Burned with her own fire. She tried going in there to give him her peace of mind but he locked it up.

She kept pacing up and down and finally sat down when Nectar wasn’t coming out.

‘What’s happening to him?’ Kate directed her eyes towards the bathroom. ‘He has never reacted to me that way before and he’s been in that bathtub close to two hours. Is he all right in there?’

She rolled around on the bed and finally stood up worried.

Kate made up her mind to call Matts to come check on him but remembered she was out of town.

Just that moment he came out of the tub unclad and spilling water all over the floor. Kate popped out her eyes, as if that was the first time of setting her eyes on a man’s private part as huge as Nectars.

‘I used to think Mandela had the cutest and biggest private part but Nectar’s was something else.’ She glared at him picking up the duvet and  was lost in thoughts. ‘Kate focus,’ she slapped her cheeks so hard but she couldn’t take her eyes off, until she heard a thud.

Nectar had threw himself on the bed and covered his body with the duvet like a kid who was suffering from a nervous breakdown.

Kate took her eyes off and walked out. The only person she could talk to was Matts who has travelled for a case out of town.

Suddenly her mind was flooded with thoughts of Mandela.

‘Is Mandy alright at all? What makes him think I would accept that crap from him?’ Kate was talking to herself in the hall while looking through her contacts.

She slapped her mouth when her mind strayed to her numerous escapades with Mandy.

‘But what does my dad have to do with all this?’

Kate hissed when she realized she was just so not herself because she was asking questions she already have answers to.

To be continued


Kate was still in deep thoughts, when she heard a loud scream. She tried rushing upstairs, stumbling a few times.

The scene that greeted her was one she didn’t expect to see in her condition. Nectar was convulsing and then tucked under the duvet. With his eyes swelling as if, he was taking his last breath.

Kate was in no condition to carry him. She looked through the window and luckily saw the security seated munching on something.

“Jones.’  She shouted. Hurry upstairs.”

Kate has always been a slow driver. That was one of her weakness Matt’s and Mandy never liked about her. They always prefer their own rides which made Kate sad sometimes. That evening she wasn’t sure how she managed a top speed. Luckily, she met a good nurse at his hospital who seemed to know Nectar when they arrived. She calmed Kate and assured her Nectar would be fine.

Kate was restless walking through the whole hospital floor. She really cared about this dude. She thought. ‘God save him for me,’ Kate prayed silently.

She had no idea how she just managed to pray but she could barely control her emotions at that crucial moment.

Since Matts was out of town, Kate had to call his mum. She saw them walking closer hurriedly. Kate walked up to meet them barely able to keep up with her breathe.

‘What happened?’ They asked when they finally walked to her.

‘Mom, I don’t know. I just saw him convulsing.’

Mr. Glover was staring at Kate as if he didn’t believe her.

Kate recognized the man coming out as the doctor Nectar recommended for her antenatal. She quickly rushed to him before her in-laws could even ask further questions. They followed instantly.

‘How is he?’ Kate managed to ask through her emotions

‘Mrs. Glover, can we talk in private please.’ Kate gave way to her mother in-law and saw her walking weakly behind her to meet up the Doctor.

‘No I mean, your sons wife. If i’m right, you are his mom.’ Doctor Sylvester asked.

‘, i a..m.’ She stuttered.

‘Follow me,’ The doctor said glaring at Kate.

Kate looked around and saw her father in law staring as if he was out of the world.

‘Can we come too,’ Mr. Glover finally broke his silence asking as he hasn’t spoken a word since he came to the hospital.

‘If you don’t mind, I would like to speak to his wife alone.’

‘Huh! What’s that?’ Kate forgot she was the wife the doctor was referring to.

The doctor signaled her again and she followed him to his office which wasn’t far from where they stood.

‘Doctor, what is it?’ Kate sat down trying to calm herself.

‘He ate some aggressive poison.’

‘I beg your pardon. Poison! How? I mean I eat the same food he eats so how is that possible.’ Kate inquired almost in tears.

‘What was the last food he ate?’ Sylvester inquired.

‘Emm…m,’ Kate stuttered and remembered he cooks his own meals and she instantly felt guilty.

‘Mrs. Glover.’

‘Yes, Doctor.’ That name brought her out of her reverie.

‘What was his last meal?’ He stressed again. 

‘I’m not sure but when he came back, he wasn’t in the mood for food but went straight to bed.’  Kate lied panting.

‘Meaning he might have eaten from outside.’

‘So what does that mean for him.’ She asked curiously.

‘The poison did just about five hours’ damage. Where ever he might have been to after work is the problem then.’ He said and slumped into his chair.

Kate saw fear in his eyes.

‘Is it bad Doctor?’ Kate found herself fidgeting with her hands and asking in a worried tone.

‘We did our best in there, but he is still in critical condition.’

‘When can we see him?’ Kate asked nervously.

‘He’s still in the ICU but i would do my best as a doctor.’

‘And you are sure he would make it.’

‘I know Glover he will pull through. You brought him here on time.’

‘Okay great.’ She winced in pain and quickly regained her composure.

‘And how are the little ones doing in there.’ Sylvester asked when he noticed the painful look on her face.

‘They are fine but can I ask a question? Are you his friend?’ Kate managed to say and feigned a smile.

‘Why do you ask?’

‘I don’t really know any of his friends?’

‘Are you sure, that is all Mrs. Glover.’

‘Yes, but you don’t need to be formal with me. Just call me Kate.’

‘Okay Kate.’ He called.

‘So are you his friend.’ Kate asked once more.

‘And are you asking because you are worried about him.’

‘No Doctor I’m not.’ Kate said without any emotions.

The words came out quickly before she realized it came out the wrong way. ‘I meant I want to be sure he is in very capable hands.’

‘Emmm….’ He was going to talk when Kate interrupted.

‘Who wouldn’t be worried after meeting a sight as such in their early stages which could even cause a miscarriage.’ She replied again with a worried tone.

‘You just said you are not worried.’ Sylvester was trying to get her to talk a little bit more since she hardly talks during their checkups.

‘Come on Doctor, I’m not heartless but just scared he might not survive it.’

He nodded and examined Kate closely. Sylvester noticed she only wanted to know if Nectar had already told him anything about her.

He sighed heavily staring at her. ‘I understand you but your husband since he joined us in this hospital has rather been a reserved and workaholic type. Never goes on hospital breaks and appears to be a strong man.’

‘Okay but you hav…….’

‘So, to answer your question, we are not really friends. He hardly meets the rest of our colleagues for drink ups. However, I was very glad when he called on me a few weeks ago to be your doctor. Though i was in the midst of requesting for some breaks, he made me understand you are very important to him.’

Sylvester stared at her for a long while as if expecting Kate to say something.

‘Was i supposed to say something here?’ She asked avoiding his gaze.

‘Not really but you should know we all assumed Nectar wasn’t capable of loving someone but he proved to us he is a good man.’

Kate popped up her eyes.

‘Doc why are you telling me everything I already know. Did he complain about me in anyway?’

There came a push at the door and they all turned to that direction.

‘Come in please,’ Mr. Glover interrupted their conversation so Sylvester beckoned on him to enter.

‘Doctor, I’m his Dad. I should be here as well.’

He was still standing at the door which was widely opened when Kate saw the sad face of Mrs. Glover.

‘Sorry, i kept you waiting Mr. Glover.’

‘Looks like you have been in here for a while and a poor mother is out there scared out of her mind.’ He didn’t hesitate to express his displeasure.

Kate was about to apologize when they heard footsteps outside.

“Cold blue.” They saw nurses rushing on the floor dragging along medical gadgets. Then Sylvester rushed out without another word.

‘Nurse what is going on.’

‘Code blue, room three. Your patient priority number one.’

‘Oh geez.’ The doctors yelled and rushed away without looking back.

As if Kate didn’t know what cold blue was, she quickly rushed after him but he disappeared into one of the buildings.

‘Nurse, what’s the chaos all about? I see everyone rushing in and out.’ Kate asked already trembling.

‘One Doctor Glover is …, ‘ She didn’t finish before collapsing in her mother in laws arms.

Kate didn’t know when she followed her. She woke up for what looked like hours because her doctor was attending to her.

It seemed to her Nectar had been resuscitated.

‘Tell me, is he okay.’ She managed to ask weakly after examining her surroundings.

‘Don’t stress yourself.’ She heard Matts say.

‘Matts you are here. Is he okay?’

‘Katie, relax. The babies are not doing well. Let the doctor check you up first.’

‘Why is no one talking? Mom, Dad.’ She called out to her in-laws. They just looked on with so much sadness on their faces.

‘Easy Katie.’ Her friend consoled again.

‘Someone should talk to me,’ she yelled.

‘Come down Kate. Let me just check these wonderful twins.’ The doctor said with concern.

‘But Nect…….’

Sylvester cut her off. ‘They are important and your husband won’t forgive me if I let anything happen to you.’

‘He’s my husband so I think I have the right to know what’s going on.’

Sylvester smiled and stared at her for a while.

‘We will talk when I’m done.  What’s the point of risking these children’s life.’

Kate gave up asking the questions when it seemed whatever they were keeping from her was for the best.

‘Okay.’ She breathed heavily and gave permission to proceed.

With Matts holding her hands, she watched on while Doctor Sylvester did his checkups and finally sighed.

‘One of the twins developed a poor heartbeat. You’ll be on a few medications and we monitor you for this evening.’

‘And tomorrow?’ Matt’s asked worriedly.

‘If tomorrow morning she’s still not okay, then we operate immediately.’

‘Is that necessary because I’m just a few months.’ Kate chipped in.

‘It’s a simple procedure and you need to take it slow from now on. Can you do that for me?’ The Doctor smiled widely at Kate.

‘I can’t lose both husband and wife under my care.’ He tried walking away, and Kate held on to his white robe.

‘Will he make it?’ He nodded. Kate sighed and rested her head gently on the pillow.

‘Kate you have to stop worrying.

‘Yes,’ Nectar’s mom chorused.

‘Okay mom,’ Kate said faintly.

‘We need to get home now; I will bring you some food later. Matts will stay here with you until your mom arrives.’ Mrs. Glover said and Kate realized she totally forgot about her mom.

‘Thank God, she is coming over.’ Kate sighed.

They left quickly and Kate turned to her friend.

‘Matts, have you seen your brother yet. Kate managed to say. Are you sure he will make it?’

‘Not again Katie.’ Matts snapped.

“Matts, is it a crime to know how the father of my children is faring. Don’t forget he is my husband.” Kate said and rested her head gently.

‘Yes, I know, you don’t need to remind me.’ Matts said.

‘Then start talking, you know I have the right.’ Kate said inquisitively.

‘Katie, he is out of danger now, however they will let us see him tomorrow. His surgery was successful, take it easy.’ Matts sighed and said.

‘Thank you,’ Kate replied with emotions written over her face.

The door to the hospital opened and Catherine came in.

‘Hey, baby! I’m so sorry I was not here. Hi matts.’ Kate’s mom said when she made her way towards Kate’s bed.
Kate nearly cried on her but she was trying to be strong. She couldn’t explain what she was feeling at that very moment, and since the happenings of the last nine hours.

‘Mom, what should I do?’

‘Baby, you need to get some rest, so we talk later.’

‘Okay but where are you rushing off to again.’ Kate asked when her mom stood up from the bed.

‘I need to let your Dad know you are not well, he has travelled.’

‘As if, he cares.’ Kate said frowning.

‘Silly girl, get some rest.’ Catherine said with humor.

She walked out and Kate decided to sleep for a while but she couldn’t.

After some few minutes Kate’s eyes caught Matts dozing off on a chair in a corner. She figured she was tired but Kate needed her to do explain certain things to her.

“Matts,” She called silently for close to a minute. Matts jumped to her feet.

‘Katie are you all right.’ She asked instantly.

‘Yes, I just want us to talk about Mandy. Kate announced while checking her forehead with the back of her palm, probably to check her temperature.

‘Really, you want to talk about that now Katie.’ Matts popped up her eyes in tremor.

‘Yes, i believe you have something to tell me.’

‘How can you be thinking about Mandy right now? I thought that few hours ago you were the same wife worried about her husband.’  Were you acting out there earlier? If you were, then you should quit your job already and join Hollywood.’ Matts kept blowing out of proportion.

‘Sorry, asking about Mandy doesn’t mean, I don’t care about what happens to Nectar. I just thought this is the right place to talk about what else you have been hiding from me, as Mandy was in my office few days ago, swearing you have been keeping some secrets.’ Kate tried to explain herself.

“Katie you are unbelievable,” She yelled and walked out.


To be continued

No Room For Love written by Loudest Thoughts

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