No Room For Love (SEQUEL) by Loudest Thought

no more room for love

No Room For Love (SEQUEL) by Loudest Thought

‘What was that Kiss for Nectar. I’m still in pains here and I can’t even…….’ 

‘Kate relax the kiss doesn’t mean I want to sleep with you right away love. It’s just a nice gesture to appreciate the fact that I got a second chance which I obviously don’t deserve.’ Nectar said smiling.

‘I’m glad you know you don’t deserve it. Talking about what you deserve or not how are my sons doing.’

‘They are lovely.’

‘Did you get to check up on any trace of what I suffered from. I don’t want them going through what I went through.’

‘Kate it’s too early to tell, as your Dad did when you were born, he wouldn’t have found anything then. Let’s give the boys sometime, besides I’m here now to stay so nothing will happen to them.’

‘Thank you, Nectar, but I really need to get out of this hospital, I need to hold my kids.’

‘Kate, we can’t and you know that but let’s try this. Wait here, let me check if there’s anyone on the floor.’

Nectar quickly went out and came back fixing Kate on her wheel.

‘Nectar are you sure we won’t get into trouble?’

‘We won’t if you stop talking already.’


‘You know you have a successful donor now, the best you can do is not stress yourself Wilson until after the surgery.’

‘Catherine I’m not even sure if I would make it, let me make the best of this moment and you lied to Kate about how long I had left.’

‘I had to, she had lots of stuffs on her hands now and the last time i checked you didn’t have a donor, now that you have there’s fifty percent chance you can make it. We can have more of whatever you want now after you get back healthy.’ Catherine said worried.

‘So, I won’t even get a Kiss.’ Wilson asked frowning.

‘Just one, don’t ask for more Wilson.’ She leaned over and kissed him passionately. ‘Wilson let go, Stacy might come in any moment from now. You don’t want her seeing us this way.’

Catherine said trying to stop Wilson from twisting her lips though she doesn’t want to stop.

‘Catherine let’s go upstairs please,’ Wilson pleaded then a knock came on the door. They both jumped up like kids. Stacy who came bearing a wine bottle just smiled.

‘Stacy you are here, sorry we didn’t tell you dinner had been canceled.’ Catherine said sheepishly.


‘Nectar thank you for sneaking me out. Those boys totally look like my Dad.’ Kate said.

‘And that’s a bad thing Kate?’

‘No, I just have my dad to deal with every single time they cry.’

‘By the way, I think Matt’s is pregnant.’ Nectar blurted out. I overheard her discussing that with Drake.’

‘Oh really! Let me call her.’ Kate excitedly picked up her phone.

“Matt’s” she yelled while trying to reach her on the phone earlier. “You were not picking up, where are you and I heard you are pregnant.”

‘Katie I’m busy with a case now, can we talk about that later,’ she said and hanged up.

‘Your sister just hanged up on me.’

“Call her again.” Nectar encouraged.

Matt’s who couldn’t have enough of Drake earlier stared at the call and picked up.

‘Katie, I’m sure Nectar would get you dinner.’ Now can I have my peace.” She said and Kate just knew Drake was there.

‘Let me talk to that sluggish guy laying in your bed.’

‘He is not in my bed Katie.’

‘Matt’s wherever you guys are, I don’t care but I know he is there.’

‘Okay you won!’ Matt’s said and handed the phone over to Drake when Kate insisted.

‘Hey Kate, I’m sorry I’ve not been around lately, I would visit soon. Just have a lot on my plate now.’ He said.

‘A lot like, pregnancy?’ She asked.

‘No false alarm Kate but a lot like convincing her to marry me. I want to stop sneaking around your house just to see her.’ He said and Matt’s smiled.

‘Wow! That’s big, knowing Matt’s she turned you down because she claims it’s too early.’ Kate answered.

‘Yes, how did you know that?’ Drake asked surprised.

‘I know Matt’s, don’t pressure her now she will come around. She has a habit of turning every man down for that lame reason.’ Kate said and realized her call credit was almost exhausted. ‘Let’s talk later when you come visit Drake.’ She hanged up and caught Nectar staring.

‘They are not having a baby.’ She said and Nectar nodded. Soon there was total silence for a while.

Kate who was still hang on to her wheel chair, stared him in the eyes while supporting her jaw with her hands and smiled.

‘Another smile Kate!’ Nectar exclaimed. ‘Do I have something on my face, ooh it’s the shirt!’

‘No Nectar, I just feel like kissing you now.’

‘And what’s stopping you Kate. My lips are ready and this better be good.’ He said sounding bossy.

‘Ooh you’ll get it.’ She said and wheeled herself closer to him.

Amidst their lips searching each other passionately, there were a few moans of pain, tears of joy, tingling’s and i love you. You can’t even tell who said what at that moment.

As what looked like they forgot themselves entirely lost in that wonderful moment Nectar felt a shadow walking out.

He quickly broke the Kiss which Kate thought she did something wrong again.

‘What’s that, did I do it wrong?’ Kate asked surprised.

‘In fact, that was perfect, our first kiss and it was different this time but your family is at the door.’

Nectar said and they both directed their gaze to where her Parents and Stacy stood for the past minute watching them accept their feelings.

‘Mom, we call this privacy so don’t look at me smiling! And Stacy I’m still your boss so give me a heads-up next time’ She said smiling.

‘We would go then.’ Her mom announced.

‘Come on you guys, that was a joke. Come over here.’ She muttered when everyone seemed tensed in the room.

‘How are you today?’ Her mom asked.

‘I’m great but Mom, you look ravishing and you are blushing.’

‘That’s because Dad is taking good care of her.’ Stacy grinned and glanced at her Dad.

‘Good but dad what happened to dinner.’

‘Your husband called asking to move dinner to your end. He said you didn’t want to miss it.’

“Nectar.” She called and got flashes of smiles from him.

‘So, where’s the food because I need some real food. Matt’s has been feeding me with too much salt lately.’ Kate said.

“Ungrateful being.” Catherine blurted out.

‘Kate it got canceled when Andy just had to stab your Grams in jail. I had to go identify her body.’

‘Dad I’m sorry but are you okay?’

‘Yeah I would be after Andy dances to his own death sentence in a week. But right now, I’m happy you two are getting along.’ Wilson said while Stacy and Catherine sat on the bed with their hands in Kates hair.

‘What are you two doing to my hair?’ Kate asked.

‘You need a long bath when you get back home.’ Catherine murmured.

‘I support that.’ Stacy said.

‘Do I stink?’ Kate muttered trying to smell her armpit.

‘Kind of.’ Her mom teased.

‘Nectar?’ Kate called.

‘They are right, but i don’t mind.’ Nectar also confirmed smiling.

‘Really but we just kis……’

Then nectar interrupted.

‘Pops, I want to know when you would be free so I marry your daughter right this time.’ He asked nervously.

‘And where right means Nectar.’ Wilson immediately asked while Catherine gave him the don’t stress him look.

‘That’s fine Nectar, though I would need incentives for earlier damages caused.’ He said smiling.

‘Dad you plan on selling me now?’ Kate asked smiling.

‘I just wanted to see his reaction to what I said but don’t worry I got the answers I need.’

‘Kate we would be back with some food in an hour because I can see we totally ruined something.’ Her mom said cheerfully. All three got up on their feet and left.

‘I love you Kate and oh your Dad was right, they ruined something perfect so can we try one more time.’ He was prepared to kiss her again.

‘No, I want to rest my head a little. Can you help me on the bed?’ She said and Nectar quickly rushed to her end only to get his lips sealed with another warm Kiss.


End of sequel

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No Room For Love (SEQUEL) by Loudest Thought

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2 years ago

I think it has to be among the best stories in here, am always yearning for more i could take a whole day reading without eating lol. Thanks for effort.

2 years ago

Comment:great story

2 years ago

Wow….. wonderful story I love it

2 years ago

Thank you soooooo much… What a lovely story.

2 years ago

Nice one

Ruth Omodiale
Ruth Omodiale
2 years ago

Wow! I love this story, it’s so captivating and full of suspense.
Thumbs up to Loudest thought and Opradre.

This can be turned into a movie you know. Maybe a Telenovela series

Loudest Thoughts
Loudest Thoughts
1 year ago
Reply to  Ruth Omodiale

Glad you enjoyed reading it.

Bella mingle
Bella mingle
1 year ago

This is one of the best stories
I have read shout out to loudest thought I really wouldn’t mind watching it as a movie

1 year ago

Comment:thanks 4 d story may God grant u more wisdom and understanding in Jesus name

1 year ago

Very interesting. Well done.

1 year ago

This is great

1 year ago

Such an inspiring story.

Well done, Loudest thought.

1 year ago

Best story ever

11 months ago

This is so interesting, its rated among the best story I’ve read on Opradre. Thumbs up to loudest thought.

10 months ago

I actually cried..nice job o