No Room For Love Episode 80 by Loudest Thought

no more room for love

No Room For Love Episode 80

Written by Loudest Thought

‘Someone is in a happy mood today,’ Matt’s said reaching for a hug.

‘Matt’s you are hurting my back.’

‘Sorry, how is that going Katie.’ Matt’s asked dropping Katie’s stuffs beside her bed.

‘Sly claimed I should be fine soon.’ Kate said smiling.

‘Doctor Sly, Huh.’ Matt’s said to tease and Kate found it amusing enough to wink.

‘Yes Him.’ Kate replied not knowing what her friend had in mind.

‘Ready to go home to that child you call a husband or you would be going with your Mom.’

‘Matt’s, you realize that’s your brother you just called a child right.’ Kate asked.

‘Yes, I know very well I just referred to Saint as the child, I learnt that from you Katie.’ Matt’s said standing up to locate something that caught her eye by Kate’s bedside.

‘Good.’ Katie muttered.

‘Katie, you got a parcel!’ Matt’s exclaimed happily.

‘Yea, I totally forgot, Sly brought it earlier.’ Kate replied.

‘Oh, I see.’ Matt’s said with a happy tone.

‘What do you see?’ Kate asked her friend naively.

‘At least someone is paying attention to you now.’ She smiled with her eyes focused on the gift. ‘You deserve it Katie and I totally would support you to leave that dumbass you call a husband. He is just handsome with a brain but behaves like he isn’t the marriage type.’

‘Matts, that’s my husband and your brother you keep insulting that way. I ignored, you at first but please can we stop it now besides it’s different when I call him names.’ Kate said sternly.

‘Wow, are we going to fight over Saint now. Come on Katie, use her head. The guy nearly killed you.’ Matts said.

‘But he saved me again, besides I can’t keep looking over my shoulders anytime my boys ask me where their Daddy is. I remember doing that a lot.’

‘Don’t tell me this is about your childhood.’ Matts murmured.

‘Wilson was never around; I see him once a while but he never cared. Your brother on the other hand was ready for this without even knowing the truth.’

‘So? Saint did all that to save himself from embarrassment.’ Matt’s stressed.

‘And for that I would always be grateful. Any decision I would make has nothing to do with how I feel, but what’s best for my boys.’

‘You are making a mistake Katie.’

‘No, sleeping on that cold table, do you know who I kept cursing and wishing was there.’

Matt’s laughed. ‘Saint?’

‘It’s funny but I watched Sly smile at me and all I could think about when I see his face was your shameless brother.’

‘Is this where you tell me you love him?’

Kate glared at her for a while. ‘I had no idea I could feel that way so let’s not talk about him anymore and Matts I never said I want to get back with him.’ Kate said knowing very well that she just lied again.

‘Katie, if you get back with Saint then you are doing that at your own risk, I won’t come nursing your wounds, and that’s the end of our friendship.’

‘Matt’s don’t do this; you are adding to my problems now but why are you so angry with him?’

‘For me I understand why I hate him now but you always had his back. What happened?’

‘Katie, I guess people change and get tired too. I just got fed up with him treating women like they have no value.’

‘But i’m okay Matts.’

‘Pearl isn’t my dear. She lost the baby and any opportunity of ever getting pregnant again and all he could do was claim his heart is with you and have no time to babysit Pearl.’

‘Nectar is a confused man.’ Kate managed to say.

‘Confused? Were you not there when he was sleeping with her. When did he realize his heart was with you?’

‘I guess he always knew.’

‘It doesn’t make sense to me right now. That poor girl slept through the night all alone. We all admitted she was wrong but her situation nearly led to another murder.’

‘I’m sure he was hurting too.’ Kate was defending him without even knowing it.

‘Trust me Nectar wasn’t bothered for the past week. You find him sleeping on this chair, Matt’s pointed to the chair in the room, having his series of episodes or disturbing those little ones with his wicked grins. But if you know what you are doing that’s fine, I love you but I would need to move out once you get back to that house again.’

Matt’s said and finally opened the parcel left by Sly. ‘He doesn’t even know how to apologize properly. Arhh i was thinking it was Sly.’

‘Matt’s, there’s nothing between Sly and I.’

‘Who apologizes for this sort of mess with a travel ticket, I bet it’s only a man like your husband.’ Matt’s murmured and handed the envelope over to Kate who just stared.

‘Okay Matts, you’ve won this argument, maybe I’m stupid to think of my kids in the middle of all these but please don’t end our friendship just like that. Besides when I leave to another man, what guarantee do I have its going to end well and he is your brother.’

‘He’s not my brother anymore.’ Matt’s muttered without remorse.

‘I feel I came in between you two. Please fix it and I promise to let you give those weird names to my kids.’

‘Haa! Someone is bribing me here; no way I’m going to fall for that lie Katie.’

‘Please Matts! Think about it this way, Drake cheated on you with me….’

‘I beg of you, don’t bring my man into this. I don’t want to sleep tonight having nightmares about you and Drake.’

Matt’s interrupted before Kate could work her humor magic.

‘So, would you think about it.’ Kate murmured playfully.

‘If I get to name those cute ones, then I would try.’ Matts said smiling.

‘Are they cute, do they have my nose and my eyes?’

‘Katie there is nothing interesting about your nose and eyes.’ Matts teased.

Just then the door opened slowly. Nectar came in and quickly turned around to leave. He was informed by Sly earlier Kate was asleep and he was just coming to watch her sleep and go back.

Matts who was facing the door since Kate has decided to face the other end watching the weather through the curtains called out to him before he could bounce back.

‘And how long would you keep running away from your mess Saint. You had better get your ass down here before I hit you in the face as your Dad did earlier.’

He paused for a while and retracted his steps after a few seconds of finding it difficult to decide.

‘I would leave the two of you alone,’ Matt’s said and Kate pleaded with her eyes. ‘Katie it’s your mess too, face it. I need to meet Drake about an hour ago but I’m still here.’

She quickly rushed off.


‘Do you plan to stand the whole day?’ Kate suddenly asked Nectar who was standing all this while but managed to pull the chair Matts vacated earlier closer to her bed.

‘Okay I would speak first,’ Kate said while nectar nodded. ‘How is your face because i heard you got hit in the face by your dad? Get some ice on it Nectar.’

‘And you sent Sly to deliver a parcel, what happened to you bringing it yourself and what does a plane ticket to Paris have to help solve nectar?  Who should I leave my barely a month-old kids I haven’t even seen or held yet with and go cruising with you to an unknown land.’

Nectar was still mute stealing glances.

‘This was one of the reasons why I keep calling you childish, I can’t be thinking for you all the time. If I need vacation, I can afford that myself and when did you realize you haven’t done anything for me since we got married but if you want to do something for me, do it right.’

Nectar was tempted to look up but he just kept his face down again.

Kate hissed. ‘All you ever think about is yourself, sex, my loudness and why I met someone at a certain time. That was the foundation of our marriage. Nectar we can’t live that way.’

She glared at him and he still wasn’t ready to talk yet.

‘Have you ever thought about the fact that I need the sex too, and how hard it might have been for me, to see my life slipping away and yet enjoy myself?’

Kate figured he wasn’t going to reply so she continued her ranting as she had a lot to say.

‘To tell you the fact, I’m more of a sex freak than you, so don’t ever make all this about I don’t make time for us. Marriage is more than the Sex, and how much babies you can make, it’s also companionship. I must admit I got into this with a wrong start but I was even more pleased at a point I did married you, which I’m starting to regret now.’

Nectar took his gaze off her now. Kate didn’t know he was watching her earlier.

‘You see you can’t even look me in the eye.’

Kate said faintly. Nectar was embarrassed and indecisive at the same time. He keeps nodding his head.

‘I also heard I have you to be grateful to as you made a mess of everything but redeemed yourself when you saved me so I would give you one chance to tell me what you have on your mind.’

There was silence for a while. Kate fidgeting with her phone at the same time. She stole a few glances towards Nectar whose face was down in his palms.

He heaved a sigh of relief that grabbed Kate’s attention who was busy texting Matts.

‘You look unkempt, have you had any sleep at all and when was the last time you took your bath?’

Kate asked again just to make a conversation. She just doesn’t know how to handle the whole issue.

In as much as she hates this man so much now, and wants to pounce on him that very moment she also understood he has suffered a lot for the past weeks.

She would have wished to see his reaction when she was slipping away. That would have best informed her final decisions.

Staying with this man would remind his conscience every single day of his life, what he put her through.

That’s enough punishment for him, but another hell of a marriage for her. Kate thought silently.

“I would be hurting myself too and our children.” She was murmuring quietly. “Yes, our children! Can they survive without a father’s love? I know what that did to me.”

“And the tension that would be home, I don’t think I want to let my children go through that.”

Nectar wasn’t sure if he should hold her in his arms and console her so he just kept his cool.

‘Why does my heart beat for him even after all that I went through, I’m I stupid or a coward? This is no way to love.’ Kate kept thinking while staring at nectar who for a few seconds rested his head on Kate’s bed.

‘Where did I go wrong?’ She practically cried with her words, trying so hard to hide her emotions.

Nectar, raised his head slowly to meet her gaze when he realized her tone was talking for her now. Kate saw tears in his eyes and wondered why he was crying.

‘What should your cries do for me? I want to hear you say something because you claimed I’m not a good listener and i’m ready to listen now.’

Kate was expecting him to start talking but he was still mute which was getting on her nerves.

‘Nectar I have been talking for the past five minutes now, help me here.’ Kate said making to shake him but decided against it.

‘If you are not ready to talk you can get out of my sight and don’t come back here looking like you just buried your wife.’

He kept staring and every word failed him. Just then Catherine walked in.

‘Oh sorry, I would just come back later ….’

‘No mom, he was just leaving.’ Kate replied her mom.

Nectar stood up and filed pass Catherine.

‘Nectar go home, I would watch the kids for you. I realized you’ve been sleeping outside their ward lately.’

 He smiled and walked out.

‘What was that all about love?’ Kate’s mom asked settling on the chair.

‘Mom I can’t do this anymore, I want to be home with you.’ She tried to raise herself up.

‘And your marriage?’ Catherine asked with worry.

‘It’s over, I have done this several times, I would be fine.’ Kate said supporting herself with the pillow.

“Except this time, it’s different Kate.”

“How mom?”

‘You are married with children, and secondly you went into that marriage not because you loved him but you endured to the point you can’t even admit to yourself you are in love now.’

Catherine advised hoping her daughter would just listen to her.

‘I’m not in love with Nectar, so I’m left with only one option my kids.’

‘Kate you can’t fool me, I’m your mother. I know when you really love someone.’

‘Whatever.’ She hissed. ‘I still want to leave him.’ Kate muttered not so sure.

‘You think I would mind you leaving Nectar. I don’t but I’m not ready to nurse another broken heart.’

‘Mom, what’s the point when he doesn’t even appreciate it but wants things done his way. Like a while ago, he never said a word. I did all the talking so tell me how I’m supposed to live with such a man.’ Kate asked.

‘I’m sure you kept running your mouth and he felt bad.’ Catherine whispered.

‘Is he supposed to feel good?’ She hissed.

‘You see what I’m talking about, you talk as if your hands were clean too but don’t forget you started all these.’

‘Are you supporting Nectar now?’ Kate asked frowning.

‘Kate you didn’t give enough respect to your husband. I asked your Dad where I went wrong with you last night; he could only tell me I pampered you too much.’

‘He said that! Gosh, he should die already so I have some peace.’

‘You see what just came out of your mouth, guard your tongue Kate and you would have a happy home. As for what you decide finally, I would still support you.’ Catherine murmured with a sad tone.

‘I’m sorry Mom! It’s not as if I’m not listening to you. I have but I just don’t know how to punish Nectar.’

‘Punish? Does he deserve punishment?’

‘I don’t know but Mom, how do I start, help me here because I wasn’t prepared for marriage. Dad pushed me into it without any grooming.’ Kate said with a relaxed tone now.

‘Talk to him then, if you feel he was supposed to teach you how to handle your marriage.

To be honest with you, nobody can teach you how to treat your husband, you need to learn that yourself.’ Catherine said smiling now.

‘That’s a trick, my airtime is not calling Dad.’ She said smiling.

‘Well that’s up to you now. By the way, Wilson wants to talk to you and Stacy when you recover.’

‘Is he writing his will. Well, tell him I’m not interested so he can pass everything to Stacy.’

‘You are so insensitive Kate. Forgiving your Dad would have been a great start for you but you are so adamant. I don’t know how you would handle his death in three months.’

‘He is dying that soon.’ Kate just had to ask the same question.

‘As if you care Kate. I have to go now; Stacy is coming home for dinner.’ She said and smiled.

‘I know you just sidelined me but what time is the dinner.’ Kate asked with a different expression.

‘Seven pm.’ She mentioned quickly and flashed her a smiled while on her way out.

‘All the best then. I love you mom.’ She whispered and Catherine smiled and walked out.

Kate shed tears for a few minutes and realized she had to decide soon.


‘Drake, we haven’t known each other for that long and it’s not right to marry you now. Besides I’m not even sure I’m pregnant yet. It’s just a feeling.’

Matts told Drake who came to visit. ‘

‘I have that covered, why don’t you take the test.’ Drake said bringing out the pregnancy test kit.

‘You bought this yourself.’ Matts asked with shock on her face.

‘Yeah, is something wrong with that?’ He asked surprised.

‘No, I’m just imaging how the pharmacist was staring at you.’

She took the kit and went into her washroom without another word. After a few minutes she heard Drake knocking on the door.

‘Don’t come in now Drake, I’m still unclad.’ She shouted out from the washroom.

‘Matts I’ve seen all that before, let me just come in.’

‘No, stay there.’ She was saying when a knock came on the main door.

‘Matts, your brother is here.’ Drake yelled out when he figured out it was Nectar.

‘Tell him to go away, I would talk to him when I feel like it.’

Nectar upon hearing that just turned away to his room then Drake barged in.

‘I told you not to come in yet,’ She tried to say while holding up the strip to his face.

‘Okay I’ve seen it, we are not having a baby but how long do you plan on treating your brother that way.’

‘As long as i wish.’ She replied.

‘I also knew about Pearls pregnancy, when I informed you later on, you were not angry with me.’

‘Drake the difference is you didn’t sleep with Pearl.’

‘Yes, I understand but he’s not looking too good and you need to be there for him when things fall apart from Kate’s end.’

‘I’ve heard you. I would go and speak with him now and wait for me here. She said in order not to make Drake angry.

Drake poked her nose and she rushed off.

‘I still want to marry you despite my inability to score that goal.’ He yelled after her smiling.

She carefully opened the door while spying the room. It felt different and unkempt and she realized because Kate was absent the whole time. Matt’s eyes were beginning to get wet so she wiped it and then noticed Nectar was in the washroom and had picked up clean clothes which had been displayed on the bed.

‘Nectar, are you going somewhere?’ Matts asked leaning against the door to his bathroom where he entered earlier to shower down properly for the first time since Kate was rushed in.

‘To spend some time with the boys.’ He replied.

‘How did your conversation end with Katie earlier?’

‘I don’t know Matilda and I’m fine with anything she has planned for me because right now I just want all these to blow over so I move on somehow.’

‘Do you want your marriage back?’ She sadly asked.

‘Matilda you know what I want but I’ve already hurt her enough so I want to let go.’

‘You are very stupid to want to let go!’

‘What would you have preferred I do? She wouldn’t want me after everything I’ve done.’

‘Okay go ahead but for your information that woman has finally fallen in love with you and to tell her you want a divorce yourself would hurt her a lot more.’

‘Okay Matilda, thank you!’

‘Don’t thank me yet Saint because if you hurt her again you would hear from me.’

‘Alright Sis,’ Nectar said and walked out of the bathroom bumping into Matt’s by the door.

‘And there’s a dinner at her house tonight. She called asking if i can help with that.’

‘Okay!’ He said and started fixing himself up.

‘The other shirt looks better with the jeans.’ Matts said and he nodded.

She strolled out and Nectar smiled at the same time tried to rehearse his speech.

Last Episode


‘Dad, it’s Kate! Are you busy?’ She asked still not sure how to start. ‘I heard there’s a dinner going on tonight.’

‘Yes, Kate. Do you want to come over as well.’ Wilson asked.

‘Doctor Sly said it’s not possible for me to be moving around now, so don’t worry you can have your family dinner.’

‘I’m sorry, we can cancel until you are better. I just thought I had less time so I could make it up to your mom before my surgery starts next week.’

‘But mom said you have up to three months?’

‘No Kate, I have just three weeks, she probably didn’t want you to worry.’ Wilson said.

‘Kate are you there.’ He asked for the third time when she was silence on the call.

‘Yes Dad,’ she responded with a teary tone.

‘That’s okay, Kate! I’m sure if I had to die during this surgery it’s just my punishment for all the tears I made you and your mom share while I looked on.’

‘I’m sure you will make it Dad so just come back safe because Stacy would need you. For me I have my husband but Stacy would need a man in her life.’ Kate said with a calm tone.

‘Kate, i’m sorry for all these years but i need a favor.’

‘Okay, what do you need?’

‘Another chance to be your father if i makes it through the Surgery.’

Kate wiped her tear. ‘I would think about it.’ She replied sadly.

‘Great but talking of husbands, how is that going?’ Wilson asked after wiping his last tear from his face.

‘Dad, I don’t know where to start from. He isn’t talking either.’ Kate finally briefed his Dad about the main reason she called.

‘Kate, can i be honest with you?’

‘I guess so Dad.’

‘Alright, so despite your husbands mistakes he loves you and I knew that the first day I caught him stalking you outside my gate. I had to call him in and ask some few questions, maybe you can start by showing him some respect because he would really appreciate it and everything would fall in place. Your mom did that a lot, despite the many troubles I gave her.’

‘Dad I’m just scared he would repeat his mistakes again.’ Kate said worried.

‘Trust me, he wouldn’t try it again. He has learnt his lesson the hard way.’

‘Okay Dad, if anything happens again, the guilt will be on you.’ She said and they both giggled.

‘I can take all that guilt for you my daughter.’

Just then, the door to her ward opened. ‘Dad enjoy your dinner and don’t yell on Stacy too much.’ She said and quickly hanged up.

Kate looked up and smiled.

‘You got a new shirt Nectar.’ She just had to say something before he goes mute again.

He nodded.

‘Are you back to nod your head throughout your stay here.’ Kate asked expecting him to say something.

The door opened slowly and they both looked to its direction. ‘What are you doing here he finally found his voice.’

‘Good! You can talk now that your former mistress is here so can we begin, or is she still your mistress.’

‘Kate what are you doing? Let’s not start this way.’ He pleaded.

‘Start what exactly Nectar? Marriage or a divorce?’ Kate asked. ‘Can you quickly choose one because I understand Pearl has a flight to catch but I want her to be present for this.’

‘Kate what should I do again, I have apologized several times. I thought apology is supposed to solve everything in marriage. Why is ours different?’

‘It’s different because you don’t do it right, you never had. You say I’m sorry several times and keep going back to your mistakes.’

‘It won’t happen again.’ Nectar said weakly.

‘What should I do when it does happen again Nectar? Do you know why I’m even talking to you now?’

‘Yes, we have kids, they are the only reason you are considering this.’ Nectar said walking to her bed while Pearl avoided their gazes.

‘She loves you, dumbass.’ Pearl said softly. Kate heard and ignored while Nectar obviously didn’t hear her because he was focused on Kate that moment.

‘And who told you I want to be with you now Nectar?’ Kate asked.

‘I know you want to try and please I want this to work so allow me fix it.’ Nectar said holding her hands which she quickly withdrew.

‘What is left to fix Nectar? Because everything is broken.’

‘Please.’ He pleaded.

‘Do you remember my reaction after I came home when I run away to Drake’s?’

He nodded slightly. Kate knew he had no idea of what she wanted to say.

‘That was the genesis of the feelings I tried so hard to figure out.’ Kate was saying and got interrupted.

‘For what it’s worth I think you should know you two are obviously doing this wrongly again.’ Pearl blurted out from behind.

‘And what is that supposed to mean Pearl?’ Nectar said walking to her side.

‘Leave her alone Nectar. She obviously has something to say.’ She announced and turned to Pearl. ‘Now I’m listening Pearl.’

‘You should know he isn’t a magician to figure out you have feelings for him if you don’t tell him.’ Pearl who was quiet after her statement earlier blurted out and had no intention of stopping now.

‘And?’ Kate muttered so Pearl could continue.

‘You keep it bolted in and it kills him every time he has to come home wondering how you feel but believe me your happiness has always been his priority because we end up talking about you all the time. I do the listening and he talks.’

‘Is that all?’ Kate asked while Nectar frowned.

‘No, you should know how hard it was for me knowing he just jumped off me and all he could think about was you. The guy loves you so the least you could do is reciprocate that and tell him how you feel and stop acting bossy all the time, he doesn’t mind but it gets to him a lot. At least he deserves that sort of respect from you.’

She turned to Nectar now.  ‘Well I have to go but whatever happened to this marriage, I’m sorry I almost ruined something wonderful.’

Pearl finally said and walked out. There was silence for a while until he spoke up.

‘I’m sorry Kate, I just want to start afresh….,’ he was saying when she interrupted.

Kate watched him for a while and just knew he was sincere this time.

‘What do you plan on doing now that you don’t have a job.’ She asked after a long silence.

‘Can we forget that for now and let me know where I stand with you first then we can talk about jobs.’ Nectar said squeezing her hands, which she was fighting the urge to pull off.

‘I don’t know Nectar.’

‘I love you and obviously you do too so let’s try again.’ Nectar said with hope.

‘No, I don’t Nectar, we obviously would try again but this time you have to work for it.’ She said thinking if she just did the right thing by denying what she obviously felt for him.

‘I would do anything, now that I don’t have a job, I definitely would need something doing.’ Nectar blurted out.

‘You hurt me so bad Nectar.’ She stressed.

‘I know and it won’t happen again.’

‘Why should I believe you this time?’ Kate queried.

‘Because I feel you love me now and that’s all I ever wanted from you.’

‘Okay, but if you dare make me go through this again, I would skin you alive.’

‘I know you would.’ Nectar smiled.

They talked like good friends who had just found love and seems to have had no problems prior to that moment.

‘I want to stay with my mom for now, we will start from the beginning.’ Kate suddenly mentioned.

‘What are you saying now? You are not coming home with me?’ He asked.

‘Not yet, you know you didn’t marry me properly! You have to do the right thing now.’

Nectar put on a frown and glared. ‘Emmm….’

‘Sounds, good?’ She asked sarcastically.

‘So when?’ He managed to ask.

‘I would come home after the renewal of our vows.’ She added. ‘Don’t worry I won’t stay that long.’ Nectar just kept staring.

‘Oh, don’t give me that look because I’m being fair here.’

‘Fair?’ He muttered.

‘I was wrong too from the start. That’s the only reason why we are having this conversation now and I’m sorry I disrespected you several times.’

‘I don’t like this but i….’

Kate cut him off before he could end his statement. ‘Can we have a real marriage now Nectar? I can be submissive you know.’

‘Oh really! Then what happened to the Seven months with me.’ Nectar asked a bit relaxed.

‘Your sister, Mandy and a whole lot happened but you were just a victim of circumstance besides you forced me to marry you, remember?’

‘Yeah, your Dad was tough to convince though!’

 ‘You see why I said you didn’t work for this marriage, do it right this time before he starts his surgery.’

‘Okay Kate.’

‘I can’t be perfect all the time, I’m a mess and stubborn sometimes but please don’t take me for granted.’

‘I promise.’ He replied.

‘Though you are too proud to admit your faults even now but that’s okay. I want this so I would make that decision for you as I can see pride written all over you now.’

‘I heard everything you said, from the sex to where I went wrong….,’ Nectar was saying when she smiled. ‘What’s funny Kate!’

‘You realized you obviously just mentioned the sex so we talk about it. I can’t promise you what you were used to but we can always push the kids to Mom’s and…….’

‘Kate that’s okay, I would manage.’ He said to avoid making her talk much as he felt her body temperature and it was rising.

‘I don’t want you to manage because i know you have needs and i would do my best to be there but please don’t hurt me this way again.’

He nodded and adjusted the pillow for her. ‘I would be all a good husband should be this time.’

‘I obviously have feelings for you, sorry I lied earlier but it’s depth I can’t tell and therefore I won’t comment on it.’

Kate said rather slowly, frowning in between the talk and the pains while trying to endure the surge running through her body.

How is he always looking ravishing after a fresh bath, she thought.

‘Together we will face the obstacles ahead.’ He said with assurance.

‘I hope so Nectar.’

‘How does the name Kia and Kino Sound?’ Nectar interjected smiling.

‘Sounds perfect, but your sister would have to name the kids. I promised her that and i don’t want to go back home to an angry Matt’s.’ Kate grinned.


‘Please no more secrets as well.’ She said and got lucky.  He leaned over and kissed her forehead.


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