No Room For Love Episode 15

She released herself from him. ‘What else do you want me to do.’

‘Kate you don’t even know the dude you slept with, how are you going to explain to your child who his dad is?’

Then it dawned on her, she hasn’t even told her friends, the same person from the bar was to be her supposed husband. She wondered why she kept that little detail away from them, when it wasn’t as if she wanted to marry the dude.

‘Drake look, there is no way i’m going to abort this baby, at least, I had no plans for men again so this should be my legacy.’ Kate thought and found herself smiling. ‘What is so funny?’ He asked sadly.

‘I think I want to keep this baby.’

He fumed for a while, and then he finally said Catherine wanted her to eat.

‘She is so worried about you.’

Then Kate remembered she asked them out earlier. She knew her mom might be worried by now.

Kate called her from her phone.

‘Mom can I eat now.’ She whispered remorsefully.

Within some few minutes she rushed up with her food.

‘I’m sorry I yelled at you earlier mom.

‘I have forgiven you my dear; you are your father’s daughter, so I understand it runs in the genes.’

‘Talking of your husband. Is he around?’

‘You mean, your father.’

Her mom said sarcastically.

‘I overheard him talking to Nectar earlier.’

‘What?’ Kate shouted. ‘I hope he is not about telling that fool, I’m pregnant.’

Then Drake whom Kate completely forgot was in the room, asked who nectar was. Catherine quickly told him the man her daughter was supposed to marry.

‘He already knows that mom.’ Kate carefully said.

‘But I didn’t know he had a name of a plant.’ They all laughed at his joke.

‘Oww Kate, that’s a good thing, at least that will make him back off from marrying you.’

Drake said again as if trying to remember something.

They all agreed especially Catherine who has been so supportive. Drake left later on after several chit chats.

Kate had a talk with her granny, and pleaded to know the reason her dad behaves the way he does towards her.

‘Your dad is just angry he had to choose between you and the love of his life when the accident happened.’

‘I don’t understand Grams.’

‘The doctors made him understand it’s either you or your mom and In as much as he wanted to choose life for your mom, he had to let you live after several pleas from Claudia who wanted you alive.’

‘So that means he is angry he had to choose me over his wife.’

‘Exactly. Wilson and your late mom shared something unbreakable.’

‘Grams, you should have stopped him from choosing me.’


‘I was on my way there, when he told me Claudia already passed away, besides I would have chosen an innocent you when it comes down to it.’ Jane narrated.

‘But how did you know I was pregnant?’ Kate was curious because even Claudia didn’t notice.

‘Kate I’m your grandmother and I’ve seen things you are yet to see.’ Jane concluded.

‘I knew you would say that Grams.’ She smiled sleepily.

‘Now tell me, what are your plans for the baby.’

‘I planned on keeping it and please don’t ask me who the father is yet, because I don’t know.’ Kate quickly added, then Jane smiled.

‘I understand even though I have a feeling you know who the father is.’

‘Not now grams. Please.’ She retorted.

‘Just be ready to answer your dad when he flares up again.’ Jane cautioned.

Kate could feel her eyes drifting slowly away into the night, but she kept rubbing her eyes trying not to sleep off.


‘Yes, my dear.’

‘How was my Mom Claudia like?’

‘The best person to answer that question is your Dad.’

‘But Grandma, he doesn’t talk to me, then there’s Catherine who behaves so funny and manages to avoid the topic when I do ask.’

Kate felt her grams hand giving her a gentle tap on her thighs, then she knew she had slept off before Jane could even start telling her about her Mom.

‘Kate don’t tell me you are planning on sleeping over in my room.’

She raised up her body from the bed and walked away to her room. But Kate was sure she heard her Grams murmuring her bed was too small.

Kate just smiled a little not to disrupt her sleep walking because she really needed it.

She woke up feeling as if the whole world was going to eat her up. Kate guessed that was the reality. She walked out of her room then a familiar voice caught her attention. At first it was her dad’s, then she noticed there was another person.

Just then she heard her name, which grabbed her attention. Kate managed to walk downstairs and there she saw Nectar.

‘Pops I’m sure I still want to marry her with another man’s baby.’

‘Why would you want to do a thing like that?’ Wilson asked curiously.

‘Because I think, I like her.’

They were still talking when Kate interrupted. ‘You like who?’

‘Young gi….’

Wilson was cut off before he could talk.

‘I don’t need a baby sitter for my child, i’m strong enough to handle this. If dear daddy here has no love for his daughter, all he can do is force a man on his only child then i’m not about to do same for this innocent baby.’ Kate said pointing to her stomach.

‘Will you shut up, you ingrate.’ Her dad yelled. ‘Now I’m an ingrate and not a bastard anymore.’ She threw her voice back at him.

‘You are strong enough and you allowed a man to overpower you, hence impregnating you. I thought strong women are smart with brains. No child of mine would be so stupid to get a mans seed stuck in her. It is either you marry him or I get your assets frozen.’

Wilson said while she looked on trying to control her anger.

‘You will do no such thing Wilson.’ Kate heard from behind her and she saw her mom coming through to her direction.

‘And if i do what will you do Catherine.’

‘You are so dumb to even ask such a question. For your information, i still have a copy of what you destroyed. Don’t forget!’

‘Oh, come on, Catherine, you can’t even kill a fly. This bastard here does not deserve whatever wealth she is enjoying now, and you know it.’

‘And who deserves it then. You? Wilson you are laughable right now. Upon all the wealth, Claudia help you build you can’t take your eyes off your daughter’s legacy.’

At that point Kate was confused as to what those two were talking about again and why they always have to talk in parables.

‘ Dad, if this is about the legacy, please I’m ready to sign that to you now. I want my freedom, I can’t bear you treating me emotionally broken and to add to it, marriage to this one here.’ She pointed to Nectar standing watching the drama as if the television in his house broke down.

‘ Catherine, you know this is not about money for me.’ Then he threw an envelope over to Catherine. Kate saw her mom struggling to get a grip of the couch nearer to her. She quickly dashed to her end and grabbed the envelope.

Kate opened her mouth for two minutes before she yelled and rushed to Nectar.

‘You did this.’ Kate was scratching his entire body with her long nails. He just grabbed the envelopes that contained their unclad pictures. Though his face was entirely cropped out she knew he was the one in that picture.

Kate knew she wore that same dress the night he slept with her.

‘Kate i have no idea this was out there,’ he said softly looking over to Wilson’s direction for answers and then mouthed, he was sorry.

‘You should be grateful i took charge over this before it got out there in the open. So you better get on with that wedding or i allow whoever keeps posting this on my companies website all over to continue.’

‘I’m not getting married.’ Kate retorted angrily.

‘You better do.’ Wilson hissed. ‘I wish i knew who this dog in this picture is. i will slaughter him like animal because he nearly ruined my reputation.’He said rather wickedly.

This time Kate saw her mom, just so quiet. Then she knew whatever she had against her dad she could not pursue it anymore and Nectar was standing on her right fumbling. Kate could not read his expression this time around. She stood there helpless. Her dad still had no idea Nectar was the one in the pictures.

Kate kept contemplating if she should keep it that way for now.

She then flared up again. ‘You are just so heartless like my Dad here. You take advantage of every opportunity.’

Her Dad was about to stand up, probably to slap her when Nectar saved her again.

‘Why does he keep doing that? I’m pushing him away, but he keeps coming closer.’ She hissed quietly

‘Pops I’m not sure you want to beat up a pregnant woman.’ Nectar said while he kept holding her dad down. For a while, there was silence and then stares, until Nectar said he better leaves.

He walked out after giving Kate a stare. Kate was expecting him to ask her what they should do about the pictures.

 But she doesn’t want to blame him, since his face was entirely out of the picture and she was sure whoever took those pictures still got Nectars face somewhere.

‘Gosh, I hate this guy.’ She fumed.

He bumped in her grams on his way out and greeted, then it dawned on Kate she was not in the house to plead on her behalf, as if his Dad listens to any of Jane’s talks.

Kate narrated all that happened and she promised to talk to her dad so he could get rid of the pictures.


Kate took off her dark glasses after the bride and grooms introduction as Mr. and Mrs. She was about to rush out of there when she felt a hand on her shoulders.

‘What are you doing here? You stalk me everywhere now.’ She asked nectar.

A smile appeared across his gentle face. ‘I’m not stalking.’

‘Are you the groom then?’ Kate questioned. Nectar smiled at her.

‘I’m an invited guest just as you.’

Then she saw Annette and the bitch walking to their direction.

Kate quickly took to her heels as if she was being chased. Nectar looked on with a surprised look on his face.

To be continued

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