MY PAINS Part 91


The person at my front was looking tall and skinny.
“Baby”, he said.
He took a step walking closer to me.
Blood of Jesus! Don’t come near me! You are dead! I said in fear.
“Baby, i know that’s what you think, but i am not dead.”
Who are you? I asked.
“Baby, it’s me. It’s me Ibrahim. It’s me Ibrahim, your husband.”
No, no. I rebuke you in Jesus name. Get away from me! I screamed out.
My employees and other people were out, watching.
“Baby, it’s me please. I am not dead. I’m the one.”
I couldn’t believe.
As he was walking closer to me i was walking backward, in fear. When he got a bit closer to me, i was
about to take to my heels when he held me.
Haaaaaaaaaa! I screamed. Leave me alone! Haaaaaaaaaa, i screamed, as he was holding my two hands.
People, were telling him to leave me alone.
My employees who know him and didn’t know he was dead were shouting.. “that’s her husband.”
“Why are you shouting? Why? I’m the one. Baby, it’s me, please….” Tears were rolling down his face.
Ibra…him…i said calmy, looking at his face, as tears were rolling down my face.
“Yes, baby, i am the one. It’s me.”
Ibrahim, i said again, as i was looking at him from up to down.
“Baby, it’s me. It’s me Ibrahim. Yes, me your husband.”
Ibrahim….I said again, and we both hugged each other, crying.
“If this a dream i don’t want to ever wake up, and if i am dead i don’t want to ever wake up”, i said in my
mind, as i was hugging Ibrahim and crying.
I released myself from him, and placed my two hands on his cheek.
What happened to you? I asked him, as tears were flowing down my face.
“It’s a long story.”
Long story? That i didn’t see or hear from you for almost six month, i said to him, crying.
“Baby, it’s a long story. We will talk about that when i get home.”
Ibrahim, what happened? You left me alone, you left me alone, why? I said, as uncontrollable tears kept
on rolling down in face.
“I will tell you all when we get home. I went home the gate was locked so i came down here, hoping to
see you, Thank God, i did.”
Ibrahim, i called his name again, looking at him, in tears.
“Where is our son?”
I sighed.
We will talk about that when we get home.
He held my two arms with his hands….
“Don’t tell me our son is dead.”
Ibrahim, he isn’t dead.
“Oh Thank you Jesus”, he said.
I couldn’t stop crying, looking at me.
“Please, it’s ok don’t cry. Let’s go home.”
He used his hand to whip my tears.
I placed my head on his chest, and he held me with his hands on my back.
Why did you leave me, why? I missed you so much. I missed you, Ibrahim.
“Baby, i missed you too. You were all that was on mind.”
Thank God, you are alive. You are alive, i said, crying.
“Yes, i am alive. Don’t cry please, let’s go home.”
Alright, ok … i said, as i raised up my head from his chest.
As we were walking together…..
“Where is your car?”
Ibrahim, we will talk about that when we get home.
“What happened?” He asked, looking at me, seriously.
I will tell you when we get home, i said.
I stopped a bike and told the bike man to ride us to a bus-stop .
Ibrahim, looked at me surprised.
“Shey, awon meji o lo ni?” (Is it the two of you that are going) the bike rider asked.
I nodded my head.
“N200, ni o”, the bike rider said.
I nodded my head.
“But, the direction you told him to ride us to isn’t the way to our house”, he said.
I sighed.
I will tell you all when we get home, i said.
The bike rider got angry, and rode away.
“This is really serious”, he said.
I looked at him, and i sighed, as i flashed back to the day his mom sent me out of the house.
“I don’t believe you, where is our son? Where is Ahmed?”
He is fine. He is with your parents.
“My parents?”
I nodded my head.
I came closer to him and hugged him.
You don’t know how happy i am to see you again, i said.
“You don’t also know how glad i am to see you again, even when i thought i wasn’t going to ever see you
Ibrahim, please don’t talk like that, please.
He held me tighter to himself.
I love you, and i missed you so much.
“Baby, i love you, and i missed you so much too.”
Please, promise me one thing, please.
“Mention, it baby.”
Please, promise me you are not going to ever leave me again, i said, as tears were rolling down my face.
He sighed.
Promise me, please.
He kept mute, still holding me tightly to himself. Tears began to roll down his face again.
I raised up my face to look at him.
“Ibrahim, please, promise me you not going to ever leave me again, please. I love you”, uncontrollable
tears kept rolling down my face.
“I promise”, he said calmy.
Dear, are you sure?
He kept mute.
Please, answer me, answer me, i said, crying.
“Yes, i am sure.”
We both kissed each other, in tears.
To be continued
This where i am living, i said to Ibrahim.
“Why? What happened? Why?” He asked, looking all around.
I sighed.
We will talk about later. Ibrahim, tell me, what happened to you?
He sighed.
“What happened to you also?” He asked me, looking into my eyes.
So you don’t want to tell me what happened to you, Ibrahim. Do you know all i went through because i
thought you were dead? You look so different. What happened to you is more important than what
happened to me, so tell me.
He shook his head, still maintaining eye contact.
“I love you so much and i missed you so much”, Ibrahim said.
I love you so much too, dear. You don’t know how joyful i am to see you again, you don’t.
“I know, baby.”
Please, Ibrahim, promise me you not going to leave me again, please, i said, as i flashed back. Tears were
rolling down my face.
He used his hand to whip the tears that were rolling down my face.
Promise me please, i said.
He kept mute, still looking in my eyes.
You scaring me now.
“How?” Ibrahim asked.
You are not saying anything, you are making me scared.
“I am sorry. I won’t leave you again.”
Promise me?
“I promise.”
“Baby”, he called me.
Dear, i replied him.
“What happened when i was away. Why are you here, and where did you say our son is?”
I told you he is with your parents, i said.
“Since when?”
Since August, last year.
I kept mute. I flashed back to the last time i saw Johnson.
“And when was the last time you saw our son?” He asked seriously, trying to figure out what happened.
I sighed.
“Talk to me, now.”
We will talk about that later. Tell me what happened to you?
“Where is your phone?”
My phone?
“Yes, your phone.”
I took my phone from my bag, giving him the phone.
“Call my mom”, he said.
I stood still looking at him.
“You said Ahmed is with her, right?”
I nodded my head.
“So call her.”
I dialed his mom’s number five times, she didn’t pick up.
He took the phone from me.
“Baby, what happened? Tell me now.”
He dialed his mom’s number twice she didn’t pick up. He dialed his dad’s number, it said not reachable.
Where is your phone? I asked him.
He looked at me, and focused on my phone.
“Tell me what happened”, he said.
Your mom took Johnson away, i said, as tears were rolling down my face.
“I know”, he said.
How? I asked.
“I knew it, when you told me Ahmed is with her.”
He dialed his mom’s number twice again, she didn’t answer.
“How did it happen?” He asked.
Two months after when we didn’t see you, your mom came with your elder sister to our house.
“My elder sister?”
I nodded my head, in tears as i flashed back.
“And what happened?”
She accused me that i was the one who killed you.
“How? When everyone thought i died in the fire accident. Althouh, i had left before that accident took
She said you died because, i made you convert into my own religion.
He sighed.
Your mom also acussed me too. Your sister slapped me.
“Farida, slapped you? He asked, in surprise.
I nodded my head, in tears.
She slapped me three times or so. When i couldn’t control my anger i fought her. She tore my cloth. I
went into our room to change, before i came out they had forced Johnson into the car to go with them. I
ran after her car but i couldn’t meet up with them. I went back to take my car key, to follow them up
with my car. When i didn’t see any trace of her car, i increased the speed, i was driving recklessly. I was
arrested for driving recklessly.
“You were what!” He asked, surprised.
I was detained in the cell, i spent the night in the cell on that day, i said, as tears flowed down my eyes.
He pulled me closer to himself, and placed my head on his chest, petting me.
“I am sorry”, he said, his eyes were filled with tears.
Ibrahim, what happened to you? What happened? I asked him, as i cried out.
He sighed.
Tell me, what happened? Won’t you tell me.
“I will”, he said, as he was petting me.
After about thirty minutes, he sat on the floor, and placed my head on his laps, petting me without
saying a word. I had no chair in my sitting room.
Ibrahim, please i am begging you, tell me what happened to you?
“Baby, he said and sighed. I will tell you what happened.”
Then tell me now.
“I will later”, he said.
Are you sure.
He nodded his head.
“I’m sure”, Ibrahim said.
After about 10mintues, he dialed his mom’s number again she didn’t pick up.
Ibrahim, what happened to your phone? I asked him.
“I said i will tell you later.”
Please, tell me now.
“Baby, i am very hungry.”
What do you want to eat?
He looked at me.
“Have you been eating at all?”Ibrahim asked.
I sighed.
How do you expect me to be eatinh well, when i thought you were dead, and Johnson was taken away.
Tears rolled down my face.
“I don’t like the way you look at all.”
He got up and held my hands.
“Baby, our son will be back by tomorrow. Please, don’t cry, i don’t like to see you cry at all.
I prepared food, and served it in the same plate for us to eat.
I missed those times, i said, as we were eating.
“Me too”, Ibrahim said.
We both smiled at each other.
After we were done eating…..
“So tell me now, why did you leave our house?” Ibrahim asked me.
I will tell you about that later, first i want you to have a bath.
“I will, but i have nothing to change into now.”
I smiled.
Come to the room, i said, and got up.
He got up and followed me.
Here are some of your clothes, i said, as i opened my wardrobe.
He looked at the clothes.
Remember that box? I asked, pointing to a box in the room
“Yes, i do. I folded my clothes in it when i was about to travel, but i later changed my mind not to take it
Yeah, i hanged your clothes here to remember you every day, when i thought you were gone.
He sighed.
“Am here now.”
Tell me what happened?
“Tell me what happened, that you left our house?”
I sighed.
I felt ashamed to tell him, because of what Kazeem did to me, i didn’t know how to say it to him.
“What happened?” Ibrahim asked.
We will talk about that later.
“No, now.”
I kept mute. He kept on looking at me seriously, waiting for me to speak.
Your mom sent me out of the house.
“My mom sent you away from our own house?”
I nodded my head.
Three guys came with her on that day, they thew my things out. One of the boxes they threw out on
that day, contained your clothes, that’s why your clothes are here, i said. My eyes were filled with tears.
“What happened that my mom did that to you?”
Kazeem….. I said.
“What about Kazeem?”
Kazeem, came to our house five months after we all thought you were dead.
“He came five months later.”
I nodded my head.
He said he wasn’t in Lagos the time he heard what happened to you. He called me when he was back,
and the next day he came.
I kept mute, crying, as i flashed back to that night.
“And what happened?” Ibrahim asked.
I kept mute, still crying.
He walked closer to me.
“Don’t cry, i am here now. Tell me what happened.”
I told him how it all started from when kazeem came, and how he left that night.
“Kazeem had sex with you! My own brother!” He yelled at me angrily.
It’s not like that. I’m sorry.
“Will you shut up!” He yelled at me.
Ibra..him…I said, crying.
“Shut up, and don’t call my name there. You called Kazeem in because you wanted that night, right!
Why would a lady call a man at that hour into her room, putting on such, no tell me! I said tell me!” He
yelled at me in a great anger.
I am sorry, please. I am sorry, it wasn’t my fault. I forgot i was on such.
“Look! If you know what’s good for yourself, just don’t come closer to me! If you do you will hate me!”
He yelled at me in a great anger.
I stood still where i was, pleading.
He sat on my bed. He bowed his head, with his two hands on his head.
“Oh Jesus why? Jesus why? Why did you let that happen, why?” He said, sobbing.
He was so pained. I understand him, no man would heear what happened between his wife and his
cousin, and won’t be pained.
“Who knows what else would have happened again when i was away”, he said.
So you don’t trust me anymore, so you don’t? I asked him, crying.
He raised up his head…
“I don’t trust you again”, he said.
His statement hit me in my heart, i felt so much hurt.
I cried out the more in pains, regretting why i called Kazeem in that night.
To be continued
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PART 93*
I’m telling you the truth. Do you think if i want to lie to know, i would have told you this?. Have i ever
lied to you? I asked him, as i was crying.
If i wanted Kazeem, do you think i would have cut him with a knife on that day?
You are taking this too far, Kazeem never had sex with me!
“But he saw your body, didn’t he?” He asked me angrily.
He kept mute, looking at me as i was crying.
After a while he got up from the bed and walked closer to me.
“Baby”, he called me.
I didn’t say a word.
“Baby, i am sorry”, he said, with a sad voice.
I did not say a word.
“Baby, please, i am sorry. I did not know what came over me. Please, i am sorry.”
He knelt down, closer to me.
“Baby, please i just felt so bad. I never believed Kazeem could do such. “
“Please, forgive me. I just felt…..
I’m sorry, please.”
“Baby, please, answer me.”
“Please, i am sorry for making you feel bad. I’m sorry, i love you. I understand all you went through, i
know it wasn’t your fault. Baby, i am sorry. Please, forgive me.”
He lifted me up to himself, pleading and petting me.
After a while, we settled it.
One hours later.
Tell me what happened to you, now.
He sighed.
“On the 29th, of June 2018”, he said, looking at me.
Yes, what happened.
He kept mute, still looking at me.
Won’t you tell me?
“I will”, he said.
Then do now.
“I will tell you later,. I want to sleep now.”
No, you must tell me now. You beginning to make me suspect a lot of things in my mind right now.
“Baby, what are you suspecting?”
You traveled to go meet another lady, right?
“C’ mon! You know i never did such, and i can never do such.”
Then what happened, Ibrahim.
“Relax, i will tell you.”
I should relax, Ibrahim.
I’m relaxing.
He kept mute.
Won’t you tell me?
“Take it easy, please.”
I should take it easy?
“Yes, it’s a long story.”
I looked at him seriously.
Tell me what happened, dear.
He sighed.
” I was robbed and kidnapped when i got there.”
Jesus! O my God! How? How did it happen? I asked as tears rolled down eyes.
“It’s a long story. We were up to four that were taken away that day. After some months some
policemen traced where we were, and that’s how we got released. The most important thing is that you
should be happy i am here now” Ibrahim said.
“So all that happened to you? How could people be so wicked, why why?”, I asked as i cried.
He started petting me not to cry.
I went on my kneels, crying and thanking God for saving my husband’s life.
An hour later.
“I said don’t cry. We are going to get back our son first thing tomorrow.”
But, i can’t go with you. Your mom doesn’t want to see me. I told you how she treated me when i went
for Johnson.
“I don’t know why my mom would me so mean up to that extent. You are going with me, ok?”
No, just bring back Johnson, i have not seen our son in months. I can’t go with you, i know what i am
“We are going together. We will get back our son tommorow and go back to our house.”
I miss Johnson so much, i said, as tears were rolling down my face.
“By the grace of God, we will both see him tomorrow. Don’t cry, please.”
I won’t, i won’t.
“And what about our cars?”
In our house. She only sent me packing with my lauggaes.
“It’s well. I am sorry for all that happened to you. I am so sorry.”
I looked at him, crying.
“Please, don’t cry. Please. I love you, I love you.” Ibrahim said.
I love you, and am ready to stay with you till the very end, i said.
“You are a strong woman indeed. I’m so happy to have you in my life. No other woman could have been
better than you are here on earth.”
I love you so much also. I could never have loved any man here on earth like the way i love you. Am so
happy God saved your life, i said, as tears were rolling down my face.
We hugged each other, in tears.
“Ibrahim, promise me again that you will never leave me again.”
He didn’t say a word.
The next morning, we went to his parents house.
“Now we are here, i want you to go knock on the gate first. I will stay behind watching.”
Ibrahim, what are you saying? Do you know what you are saying at all? I can’t. Go i will stay behind
“Baby, i am here ok. Will you listen to me, i said go first.
He persuade me to go, and he stayed behind.
My heart was beating hard, as i was about to knock on the gate.
I turned to look back at, Ibrahim.
He gave me a look saying i should knock on the gate.
I knocked once, no one answered. I turned to look at Ibrahim. I knocked again and the gate was opened.
“Good morning, ma”, the gateman said.
The gateman was different from the other one.
Good morning. I am here to see Alajah, i said, and turned back to look at Ibrahim.
“Wetin be your name?”
I told him.
“Just wait, make i go tell am o.”
Alright, i said.
In less than five minutes, his mom was out.
“Iwo!(You!) Didn’t i warn you never to come here again! “
‘paaaaaah’, she slapped me hard on my face.
‘Haaaaa’, i screamed in pains.
I placed my hand on my cheek she slapped me, tears were rolling down my face.
She was looking at me with so much anger.
I turned back to see Ibrahim coming fastly.
To be continued

  • PART 94
    Her eyes were on me angrily, that she didn’t even notice Ibrahim was coming.
    She hissed at me angrily. She was about to go in when she became shocked, her phone fell off her hand,
    and the screen got smashed on the ground.
    She stood still looking at Ibrahim who was coming closer, her mouth was wide open in shock.
    Just then the house maid walked out, she was shocked to see him.
    “Ghost! Haaaaaaaa!” , The maid screamed out, and ran inside.
    His mom stood still in shock, looking at Ibrahim.
    Ibrahim, came closer to me, petting me.
    “Ibra….him…” His mom said, in a terrified voice.
    Ibrahim, looked at her without saying a word.
    “Ibra..him…”, She called his name again.
    He didn’t say a word to her.
    “Omo mi”, she said.
    “Omo mi (my child)”, she said, walking closer to Ibrahim, slowly.
    She touched his hand, in fear.
    “Omi mi”, she said with her eyes filled with tears.
    His mom hugged him.
    “Omoo……….mi oooooooooo!”, She screamed out, hugging him. Tears were rolling down her face.
    The house maid walked out.
    “Haaaaaaaa! Oga ko ku o! (Oga, did not die o!) Haaaaaaaa”, the gateman said jumping up in joy.
    “Haaaaaaaa! Oga, ko ku! Haaaaaaaa! Allahamdullia!!” The maid, said.
    “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy o!” The maid yelled, running in to call Ibrahim’s dad.
    “Mommy, mi o ku o (I didn’t die o)” , Ibrahim said to his mom.
    “Thanks to Almighty Allah”, she said, crying as she was still hugging him.
    People weren’t gathered around, because it’s a quite area.
    We all walked in, his dad and the house maid were walking out of the house.
    His dad was shocked on seeing him.
    “Ibrahim”, he called out his name, still in shock.
    The gateman stood still, he folded his hand, watching.
    My mind was desperately on seeing my son.
    I ran into the house, when i got in to the sitting room i didn’t see anyone, i stood still looking all around.
    I turned to see Johnson.
    He was sitting on the dining chair, he pushed the food he was eating away, and ran towards me.
    I wanted to call his name, but it was like my voice was siezed. Tears were rolling down my face. I spread
    my hands wide open, Johnson ran up to me, and i carried him.
    “Mommy, mommy, mommy”, Johnson called me, crying as i was carried him.
    Johnson, had lost so much weight.
    I sat on floor, holding him tight to myself, crying.
    Son, son, son, i said crying.
    Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord, thank you father, i said.
    We were both crying.
    After six months of not seeing my son, no one could feel my joy that day 3rd of February, 2019.
    After a while, we got up and sat on the chair.
    “Mommy, you are here today” Johnson said, as tears were flowing down his face.
    Yes son, i am here today. Don’t cry son, don’t cry, i said, whipping his tears.
    He used his hands to whip my tears that were flowing down my face.
    “Mommy why didn’t you come since?” Johnson said, as he was still crying.
    Son, i am sorry. I tried my best. I tried many times but grandmother sent me away. I came for you, but
    she didn’t allow me to come in.”
    “Mommy, i am not staying here again. I don’t like here at all. Everyday, i do go to mosque after school.
    I’m not staying here again”, Johnson said.
    Yes, you won’t stay here again, you won’t. We are going home together, ok. Don’t cry again, ok”, i said,
    petting him.
    Johnson, i called his name.
    “Mommy”, he replied.
    Johnson, your daddy is alive, i said.
    “My daddy?” He said in surprise.
    Yes, your daddy. Daddy, is alive.
    “Mommy, where is he?” He asked me, still surprised.
    He is outside, i said.
    He wanted to go outside, but i stopped him.
    Wait, they will come in soon, you will see your daddy, ok.
    He looked at me in surprise.
    After some few minutes, Ibrahim’s dad walked in.
    “Haa, welcome oko mi”, he said happily to me.
    I went on my kneels to greet him, he replied me well.
    “Allah, is great indeed”, his dad happily said.
    I smiled.
    “When we all thought, Ibrahim was dead. Ha! Allahamdullia.”
    Thank God, i said, smiling.
    “Ehehnn, where have you been? Iyawo mi, o sor fun mi pe….. .
    His phone started ringing.
    “I am coming”, he said.
    He answered the call, telling the person on the phone that is son is alive.
    “Ehhen, my wife told me you left Ahmed with us because you are busy. What have you been doing? I
    called you many times but it wasn’t reachable.”
    I was surprised she told him such.
    He showed me his phone, showing the number of times he had been calling my number.
    Daddy, old number mi. (That’s my old number) I changed my number since.
    “Why?” He asked.
    His phone started ringing. He answered the calling telling the person his son didn’t die he his alive.
    “We will talk later”, he said.
    Okay, daddy, i said.
    He was calling people, telling them is son is alive.
    The house maid came to call him, and he went outside with her.
    I heard different people voices outside, rejoicing.
    After a while they all came in, with three other people.
    “Da…ddy!!!!” Johnson shouted.
    “My son!!” Ibrahim yelled, happily.
    He lifted him up, happily.
    “Am so happy to see you again”, Ibrahim said.
    “Daddy, i am happy too. What happened to you since?”
    “I will tell you later, ok.”
    “Daddy, daddy”, Johnson said, happily.
    “Ahmed”, he said happily.
    They both sat down, talking to each other happily.
    The mom told the house maid not to worry, that she would cook for her son herself.
    When the food was ready she served for everyone, expect me. Ibrahim, kept on looking at her. He gave
    his food to me, i shook my head, that he should not worry.
    “Won’t you serve for her?” His dad asked his wife.
    “Haa, mo ti gba gbe jare. Jhor, e ma bi nu o. (I have forgotten. Please, forgive me.) She said.
    She came with another food in plate, and Ibrahim took it from her.
    People kept on coming in to celebrate.
    Some hours later.
    I was sitting in the varandah with Johnson, when someone drove a car in. When i saw Kazeem alighted
    from the car my heart started beating fast.
    Good evening, i greeted him.
    “Good evening”, he replied.
    “Ahmed, big boy. How are you doing?”
    “I’m doing good”, he replied him.
    I couldn’t look at his face.
    I’m sorry for what happened the other time, i said to him.
    He sighed.
    “I’m sorry also”, he said, and hugged me.
    “I heard what happened, i heard my cousin his alive. All thanks to Almighty Allah”, he said.
    I nodded my head smiling.
    “Yeah”, he said and walked in.
    A while after, Johnson said…
    “Mommy, let’s go inside.”
    Ok, let’s go in, son, i said.
    We both went in.
    I noticed Ibrahim wasn’t replying Kazeem well. He was acting strangly to him.
    “Brother mi, ki lo shele na?” (My brother, what’s happening na?) Kazeem asked Ibrahim.
    He told Kazeem, he was just tired.
    “Let’s go to the room”, Ibrahim said, to Johnson and i.
    Kazeem, looked at Ibrahim, surprised.
    He held my hand, and carried Johnson , walking to the room.
    We got to the room and sat on the bed.
    “I want you to stay away from Kazeem, ok! I must not see you close to him. Have you heard me?” He
    warned me seriously.
    I nodded my head.
    “Good”, he said.
    “Daddy, why?” Johnson asked.
    He didn’t say a word.
    A while after his mom called him. He persuade me to follow him but i didn’t.
    After, his dad called me, i came downstairs with Johnson.
    They kept on talking happily, Kazeem was with us also. I guess his dad forgot what he asked me earlier.
    The next morning after breakfast, we all sat down in the sitting room.
    “Mommy, mo binu o. I am angry, i just decided to keep quite yesterday”, Ibrahim said to his mom.
    “Ha, ha, ha, oko mi, kini mo shey? (My heart, what did i do?) His mom asked, looking at him, with all
    “Daddy, i know you didn’t know all that was happening, because you are always travelling”, he said to
    his dad.
    “What happened?” His dad asked, seriously.
    He sighed.
    “Mommy, when you all thought i was dead, what did you do to my wife and son, my family?”
    His dad faced his wife.
    “Family, bawo? (Family, how?)” His mom asked.
    “Yes, what did you do to my wife and son?” He asked.
    She kept mute, looking at me angrily.
    “What did you do to them?” His dad asked her.
    She hissed, angrily.
    “So is that the issue now?” She asked angrily.
    “What did you do?” His dad asked her.
    She didn’t say a word.
    As Ibrahim was narrating what she did, his dad kept on looking at her, surprisingly.
    “So you did all that!” His dad yelled at her.
    “Yes, i did all that!”, She said boldly and angrily.
    The started yelling at each other angrily.
    “Do you know this stupid girl here converted our into a christian.”
    His dad looked at me, surprised.
    “It is a lie!” His dad yelled.
    “Oh! Because, i didn’t tell you. I didn’t want anything that will bother you, because of what the doctor
    said about your health, that’s why i didn’t tell you. Now you see!”
    His dad looked at me angrily. Fear gripped me.
    “So you converted my son into a christian?” He yelled at me angrily.
    His mom was nodding her head, like “you will see.”
    “Don’t open that mouth of yours to tell me you are now a Christian” his dad yelled at Ibrahim.
    Ibrahim, got up angrily.
    “Yes dad. I am now a christian”, he said, angrily.
    “What!!” His dad yelled.
    “Is something wrong with your head?” His dad yelled at him again.
    “Dad, please. I have the right to choose the religion i want”, Ibrahim said, angrily.
    “Will you shut up there! Have you forgotten who you are. Have you forgotten you are from a muslim
    background!” His mom yelled at Ibrahim.
    “I can now see you are not okay any longer”, his dad said with so much anger.
    “Dad please, do not talk to me like i am a kid. I am man, i choose Christianity, my wife didn’t force me to.
    Jesus saved me if not i would have been dead long before, you all thought i was gone”, Ibrahim, angrily
    “Will you shut up! If you dare mention that name again…..” His dad said.
    “If i dare, what would happen? Tell me dad, what would happen?”
    “Have you forgotten you are talking to your father, you this boy!” His mom yelled at him.
    His dad faced me, yelling at me angrily.
    “Can you now see! Ibrahim, has never spoken to us this way. Can you now see is this stupid girl that
    converted him into a christian that is the cause of all this. It was when Ibrahim converted into a christian
    that he travelled and got kidnapped. Since, he was a muslim he had been traveling o, noting happened.
    This witch here has bitwched him”, his mom said to Ibrahim’s dad who was still yelling at me angrily.
    Tears were flowing down my eyes, i could’nt hold my tears back.
    “Enough of all this! I won’t let anyone of you to keep on insulting my own wife!”
    His parents looked at him, surprisingly.
    “You had better have sense. You should be happy this killer here didn’t succeed in killing you. She almost
    wanted to kill your elder sister and Kazeem also.”
    Ibrahim, turned to look at Kazeem angrily.
    “I told you i was kidnapped mom! How would you say my own wife was the one who wanted to kill
    “Will you shut up there. What do you know! I don’t blame you sha, this witch here has bitwched you.
    Ha! may Almighty Allah have mercy on you.”
    Kazeem, was pleading for his parents to calm down.
    “Kazeem, talk to your brother, i said talk to him o because I don’t know what has come over him. He
    must covert into a muslim! He must! He must o!” His mom said to Kazeem.
    “Mommy, e jhor, e suru( mommy, please, take it easy.)” Kazeem pleaded.
    His mom faced me yelling at me. His dad was yelling at him. Kazeem, was pleading.
    Ibrahim, didn’t take it lightly with his parents at all, he yelled back at them, angrily.
    I couldn’t say a word, i just kept on crying.
    “I can’t take this anymore, i am leaving and don’t expect me here again!” Ibrahim yelled at his parents,
    with so much anger.
    “Where are our cars? Where is the key to my house?” He asked his parents, angrily as he was panting.
    “So you want to beat me now?” His mom asked.
    “Do not give him any key!” His dad instructed his mom.
    “Oh! I see! You think that will stop me right!”
    He walked up angrily, after some few minutes he came back.
    “Let’s go”, he said to Johnson and i.
    “Where do you think you are going to ?” His mom yelled at him angrily.
    “What are you still waiting for? I said let’s go now”, Ibrahim yelled at me .
    I got up, holding Johnson’s hand.
    “He wants to leave, let him go! He will come back here!” His dad said, with so much anger in him.
    We all walked out.
    He opened his dad car with the key.
    “What are you waiting for? Get in!” He yelled at me.
    Johnson, got into the car quickly.
    But, this is your dad’s car, i said, as tears were still rolling down my face.
    “You heard me well, i said get in.”
    I did as he said.
    “Open that gate now” he yelled at the gateman.
    He drove out angrily on a high speed.
    “Please, reduce the speed at which you are driving, please, i pleaded, but he didn’t.
    He didn’t say a word till will almost approached our house.
    Johnson, was jubilating.
    “Yes! This is our house! Yes!” Johnson, yelled happily.
    “You said she looked the gate with a padlock?” Ibrahim asked me.
    I nodded my head.
    “I will get someone to cut off that when we get there”, he said.
    When we approached, we all got out from the car.
    “But, you said she locked the gate with a padlock, or did she use the key to the gate to lock it?” Ibrahim
    She used a padlock, i said to him.
    He pushed the gate, but it didn’t open. He pushed it again, the gate didn’t open.
    “What do we do now?” I asked him.
    Just then the gate opened. We were both surprised.
    “Good day”, a young man said.
    Me and Ibrahim looked at each other.
    “May i know who you are looking for?” The young man asked.
    “Do you live here”, He asked the man.
    “Yes, i live here. Is there any problem?”
    “Since when?” Ibrahim asked.
    “Hmmm, for like a month now.”
    “How come?” Ibrahim asked him.
    “I don’t understand you. This house was sold to me, i bought it.”
    “From who?” Ibrahim asked.
    “Sorry , why all this questions.”
    “Please, just answer me.”
    The man stared at both of us.
    “Hmmmm, i bought this house from a man and a woman, known as Alaji and Alajah.”
    “What!!” Ibrahim yelled out.
    It was unbelievable to us.
    “Well, i am going out now.” He locked the gate and left.
    Ibrahim, and i couldn’t believe it.
    Just then we saw, Stella.
    “Jesus!” Stella yelled in surprise.
    “So you didn’t die!” She said in surprise.
    Ibrahim looked at her and turned his face away.
    “O my God!” She yelled again.
    She left immedietly.
    Ibrahim, took his phone to call his mom.
    She said they sold the house and his cars a month ago when they thought he was dead. His dad took the
    phone from his mom, telling him to bring back his car. Ibrahim, hanged up. Tears followed down his
    Johnson, kept on asking what was happening.
    Please dear, please be strong. It’s not the end of the world, please.
    I felt so hurt. Ibrahim, was really heart broken.
    “You say it’s not the end of the world.”
    I nodded my head, in tears.
    “It is, it is”, he said, as tears were rolling down his face.
    “Dear, please don’t say such please. We can go back to my house. Please, be strong. Life is more
    important than the house. Please, it’s not the end. Tears were rolling down my face, continuously.
    “It is, it is the end. Do you know over there in that country, all my money in my account was taken .”
    What!!!!” I yelled, shocked.
    All your money is gone or what are you saying. I cried out.
    “Lord why? Why? Millions are gone”,i said in my mind, as i cried out.
    “Haaaaaa! God, God, God, where do i begin from?. What a life! What a life! All i worked for, gone in just
    a month. God why? What a life!”, Ibrahim said, as he sat on the ground in tears.
    To be continued
    PART 95*
    I lifted him up, in tears.
    Dear, it’s not the end of the world. I know this hurts so much, but we can start afresh again and make it,
    i believe, i said to Ibrahim on that day in tears and pains.
    He couldn’t even drive on that day, i was the one who drove. Tears couldn’t stop flowing down our faces
    as i was driving.
    Life wasn’t just the same for Ibrahim anymore. He was always lost in thought almost every minutes, no
    matter how i hard i tried to my possible best to cheer him up.
    He hardly ate, he hardly slept, he hardly spoke, no matter how hard i tried to encourage him.
    Dear, please for God sake don’t kill yourself over this, please.
    He gave me a look like “you don’t understand.”
    Dear, i understand, i do. But, our life is more important than the house, cars, and money that are gone.
    At least you should be thankful to God for saving your life, how many people do you think could have
    come out alive from such. They say if there is life there is hope. We are alive so there is hope for us, i
    believe so much, i said, as tears were rolling down my eyes.
    He sighed heavily.
    Jhor, please eat, i said, with a spoon filled with food close to his mouth.
    “Daddy, please eat na”, Johnson pleaded.
    I kept on pleading and encouraging him.
    “I will get my house and cars back”, he said, and got up.
    I didn’t know what else to do, no matter how hard i tried he didn’t listen to me.
    After a while i got up to go meet him.
    He was lying on the bed, lost in thought, he didn’t even notice my presence.
    You can’t see pains neither can you feel ones pains, but at that moment i could see his pains, i could
    even feel it in me, despite my own pains i was going through also.
    You know that kind of pains when a man has lost all he has, and it was like the end of the whole world to
    him. I looked at him in tears, laying in bed, he had lost so much weight. He was loosing weight day by
    day. The way Ibrahim was acting kept on breaking my heart the more, i wished i could change the whole
    situation for him to be happy again. His happiness is mine, Ibrahim’s happiness is what makes me happy.
    He wasn’t himself, he was just another person else at that moment.
    Dear, dear, dear, i called him, but he was lost in thoughts.
    Ibrahim, i called him louder. He turned back to look at me.
    “Why do you want to kill yourself over this. Just look at you, look at the way you are. You don’t talk, you
    haven’t bathed in days, you hardly eat, do you want to kill yourself, and leave Johnson and i only. Why,
    why, why you doing this to yourself. Do you know the pains have passed through, and i am still passing
    through, but i know God is with is us, i know”, i said to Ibrahim in tears.
    He looked at me without saying a word. I walked closer to the bed and sat beside him, he got up and sat
    Please, don’t feel you are alone in this, i am with . I love you and i won’t leave you no matter how it is.
    “Thank you, i love you so much”, he said.
    I love you too. We will overcome this, we will. Don’t you believe? I asked him.
    He looked at me without saying a word.
    Please, don’t go up to the extent of suing your parents to court, like you said. They are your parents
    dear. They only did that because we all thought you were gone. Your dad has been sending messages to
    me even till now, saying you should return his car.
    “Ignore that”, he said in anger.
    Dear, please, for God sake just return back is car, so we can have peace.
    “Look, do not annoy me. I don’t expect you to be saying such. My house i bought with all i worked for,
    my cars and yours were sold and here you are telling me this. Do you at all know what you are saying?
    Please, let me be”, he said and laid down on bed.
    I looked at him without saying a word.
    Ibrahim, please for God sake listen to me. This is not the end. I’m working, i am ready to pay all bills. We
    will survive this dear, please.”
    He got up and sighed.
    “I am sorry for speaking to you in such manner. “
    It’s ok, i understand you.
    He kept on looking at me without saying a word.
    What’s it again? I asked him.
    “I am so blessed to to have a woman like you. Even upon all, you still stand by my side. I love you so
    much. Just a pity……”, Tears began to roll down his face.
    It’s okay. Please, don’t cry.
    Promise me, you will do as you have said.
    He kept mute.
    Promise me, please, i said. Tears were rolling down my face.
    Please, dear be strong, be strong. We will make it well again, better than before. Please, the way you are
    hurts me deeply, it breaks my heart the more.
    “I am sorry”, he said.
    Promise me, you will listen to all what i have been telling you. Promise me?
    “I promise”, he said.
    I hugged him, in tears.
    Will you eat now?
    He nodded his head.
    I brought the food, i fed him, he managed to eat.
    Two days later, we both went together with Johnson to return his dad’s car. When we got to the gate,
    he stopped and we all came out.
    “Mommy, am not going inside. Mommy, don’t go!” Johnson yelled out.
    “You can send him the message now”, Ibrahim said.
    Good morning, daddy. Your car is at the front of the gate right now. We are both sorry, please have mercy on us.
    That’s was the message i sent to his dad.
    It’s sent, i said to Ibrahim.
    “Let’s leave now”, he said.
    We left immedietly.
    You have made the right decision, i said to Ibrahim, as we got home.
    He nodded his head.
    “That’s why i love you”, he said to me.
    The next Monday i started going to my boutique.
    I was coming home one evening, when i decided to stop and get a new phone.
    “Mommy!” Johnson, yelled when i got home.
    My love, i said and lifted him up.
    How was your day? I hope you didn’t feel bored?
    “Fine. But i don’t like this house, it’s too small.
    I sighed.
    Johnson, had been complaining that he didn’t like the house.
    Don’t worry love. God will give us a bigger house, bigger than the one we had, ok. Just keep on praying.
    “I will mommy.”
    That’s my boy, give me a high five.
    “I love you, mommy.”
    I love you too, son.
    “Mommy, what’s inside the nylon?”
    Where is your dad?
    “He is in the room.”
    I walked to the room. I saw him sitting on bed, he bowed his head, his two hands were on his face.
    Dear, dear, dear, i called him, but he didn’t respond.
    I went closer to him, and removed his hand from his face.
    He sighed.
    “Oh, you are back. How was work today?”
    Tears rolled down my face.
    “What is it?”
    Ibrahim, why are you still like this?
    You know. I called you three times when i came in, you didn’t even hear me, you were lost in thoughts.
    Why? You are hurting me with all this”, i said, as i sat on the bed weeping.
    He held my hand.
    “I’m sorry”, he said.
    “Please, don’t cry, don’t cry. I don’t love to see you cry.”
    If you don’t like to see me cry, you won’t still keep on being this way.
    “Please, i am sorry. I was just thinking of so many things.”
    What? What? Just tell me what thinking will solve, no just tell me.
    “I am sorry. You can’t understand.”
    I understand you, i do. But, you still have to be strong, for God sake you are a man.
    He sighed.
    “I will try to be strong. Don’t cry, i am sorry”, he pleaded, using his hand to whip my tears.
    Have you eaten? I asked him.
    He nodded his head.
    I went into the kitchen to see the food i prepared for him untouched, tears rolled down my eyes.
    Ibrahim, why, why, why….I said walking back to the room.
    So you didn’t eat, you lied to me. Why? Why? Even upon how i am trying my best you just keep on
    hurting me. I sat on the floor, weeping.
    “Mommy, don’t cry”, Johnson said, petting me.
    Ibrahim, came closer me, pleading and petting me not to cry.
    I felt so hurt, even upon how i was trying my best to cheer him up.
    I prepared dinner.
    I had to force him to eat, feeding him, that’s was how he finished the food.
    I am happy you ate.
    “Thank you, baby. I love you so much.”
    I love you too, dear. I got something for you.
    “Really, what’s that?” He asked.
    I brought the nylon, brought out the new phone i got, and gave it to him.
    This for you, i said.
    “Wow! Oh my God. You got this for me?”
    I nodded my head.
    He thanked me so much.
    I think you should try to retrieve your number.
    “No, there is no need.”
    Why? What about the contacts you have, especially the important ones, how will you will be able to get
    those contact back. You know they all think you are dead, God forbid!
    “Baby, i said there is no need to. Don’t worry about that.”
    Why? I asked quite angry.
    He shut my lips with his.
    People, in the compound kept on gossiping about both us, but we didn’t care.
    I found a school, i registered Johnson and paid all the bills. Ibrahim, thanked me so much.
    After a while he started acting strong, but i felt he was just doing it for my sake.
    We started talking well again, playing and also discussing how we could make things better. We started
    living happily again, eating from one plate sometimes, like then. Johnson, was so happy.
    I asked him to tell me the full story of what happened when he travelled. I didn’t ask him the first day he
    told me because tears were rolling down his face, i felt the more i asked me the more he will feel hurt
    remembering what happened. After then i couldn’t ask him because of what happened, his house and
    cars that were sold. He told me the whole story, i thanked God for saving him
    He started following me to work. When we leave, we will both go to Johnson’s school to take him home
    along with us. We were happy again.
    I rented a two bedroom apartment, so Johnson could also have his room. I paid money for the place to
    be painted and furnished. I bought election devices needed in the home.
    When i was done i told, Ibrahim. He was surprised, he asked me why i had to go up to that extent,
    without even letting him know. I told him i just wanted to surprise him, and i want us to be more
    happier. Two days after i told him, we moved in to the new apartment.
    “Mommy, i like here than the other place, but i still like our real house”, Johnson said.
    Don’t worry, it’s well son.
    He took the remote to put on the Tv, as there was light.
    “You got all this?” Ibrahim asked surprised, looking all around.
    I nodded my head my smiling.
    “Baby, i don’t know how to thank you again, i don’t know. God bless you so much. You are just more
    than a wonderful woman. You are a woman any man would die for to have. Even upon all, you still
    chose to stay by my side. I love you.”
    I love you also, i said, smiling.
    Our lips were locked in each other.
    That’s how things started going well again.
    One night, i went to get something outside. When i came in i saw blood on the floor in the sitting room, i
    was shocked. What i was holding fell of my hands.
    “Mommy!!!!!!” Johnson screamed out loudly.
    My heart started beating fast. I ran to the room, where i heard Johnson’s voice.
    “Mommy!!!!” Johnson screamed from the bathroom.
    I walked to the bathroom, quickly.
    Jesus……..!!!! I screamed out.
  • MY PAINS Part 91
  • #OpraDre

  • *To be continued

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