MY PAINS Part 96


What happened?! I asked Ibrahim, holding him.
Fear filled me.
Ibrahim, was coughing out blood.
What’s wrong? What happened to you?
Johnson, what happened to your dad? I asked him. Tears were rolling down my face.
“Mommy, i don’t know”, he said, crying.
How can you say you don’t know! Were you not at home! I yelled at him.
This was happening on the 10th of March, 2018. Just four days after we moved into the apartment.
What happened? What happened? I asked Ibrahim in fear, and in tears.
More blood started coming out from his mouth. I ran outside….
Help me! Help me! Help me! I yelled out, crying.
Four people ran out of their houses.
“What’s it?”
“What happened?”
They all asked.
My husband is dying, please help me?
“What happened to him?” One of them, a man asked.
I don’t know, i don’t know. Please, help me, please.
“Let’s go” one of them said.
I ran inside, and they followed me.
“Jesus Christ!” One of them yelled on seeing Ibrahim.
With their help Ibrahim was rushed to a hospital, in one of the men’s car.
I sat at the back seat with him. I held him close to myself on that day, crying and asking him what
happened, but he didn’t say a word.
When we got to the hospital, he was taken in quickly.
Fear filled the whole of me. I wondered what could have happened to him. I saw terrified of losing him. I
couldn’t stop crying. I wished all was a dream.
One of the nurses prevented me from going in.
Are you stupid! Will you get of my way! I yelled at her.
“Please, i am sorry you can’t go in.”
Do you know what you are saying at all! My husband is dying right there and here you are saying i can’t
go in, i said in tears.
“Please, but you can’t just go in right now.” She said, still preventing me from taking a step.
Get out of my way! I pushed her.
I ran to where they took him in, hitting the door. Suddenly, i felt two hands my hands.
“I’m sorry, you can’t go in now”, the man said.
Will you shut up! Leave me alone! I yelled at him, crying, in fears and pains.
Leave me alone! Get your hands off me! Leave me! I kept on yelling at the man.
He pulled me to the reception, and told me to sit.
The two men who followed to the hospital, on seeing me they got up immediately, pleading that they
should take it easy me and i should calm down.
“Mommy, don’t cry. Nothing will happen to daddy, in Jesus name”, Johnson said.
“Amen”, one of the men responded.
I sat on the the floor crying.
The two men came to pull me to sit on the chair.
Who could have attacked my husband, who, who? I asked, crying. Why did i go out, why did i? Why?
Why? Why?
The two men were consoling me. One of them asked Johnson what happened.
I was crying, in pains and fears.
“Mommy, i want to tell you something.”
I looked at him.
“Let’s go outside.”
I wondered what he wanted to tell me. I got up and we both walked out.
What do you want to tell me? I asked him, in tears.
“Daddy, has been telling me he will soon go.”
Go to where! I yelled out in fear. When did he tell you that? Why?
“He told me since. Mommy, daddy has been weak since, h had just been pretending to be strong
anytime you are around.”
What!!! Weak…! I yelled.
I flashed back to one evening. Ibrahim, didn’t know i was there, he was struggling like someone in pains
before he could get up. I asked him what happened, he said he was tired. I had to lift him up that day,
since then i told to stop going with me to work, he should stay at home to rest. I thought it was due to
what he was passing through that made him weak. One night i woke up to see him sitting on the bed,
tears were rolling down his face, i was consoling him that night.
Daddy, told you that and you never told me, i said, crying.
“He told me not to tell you, he told me he will die soon.”
And you never told me, Johnson. What happened to him? What happened?
“I don’t know”, Johnson said.
You don’t know?
“Yes. He told me in the morning today that when he goes, i should always continue to be obedient and
listen to whatever you say.”
Jesus!!!! I screamed out.
I cried out, wondering what must have happened to Ibarahim.
We both walked in, i saw the doctor coming and i ran towards him.
What’s wrong with my husband? What happened to him? I asked the Doctor, in tears.
He sighed. “Please, calm down, ma.”
My husband is dying and you are telling me to calm down.
“Please ma, calm down, please.”
Where is my husband? What happened to him?
“He is fine! Please, calm down.”
My husband is fine?
“Yes, he is.”
Can i see him now?
“Yes, you can.”
Immedietly, i and Johnson went to see him.
Dear, dear, i called him.
“Ba…by…”, He managed to say.
Hope you are ok? Are you better?
“Yes”, he said.
Ibrahim, who did this to you? Who? I asked him, in tears.
“No one”, he said.
“Daddy, you won’t die in Jesus name, amen”, Johnson kept on saying.
“Why did you tell Johnson you are going to die soon? Why?” I cried out.
He didn’t say a word.
Why, what happened to you, why?
“Nothing, i don’t know what happened”, he said.
Ibrahim, you don’t know? Then, why did you tell Johnson such, why?
He didn’t say a word. I kept on asking him but he didn’t answer.
I left to go ask the doctor what happened. The doctor didn’t tell me anything reasonable. I came back to
where Ibrahim was, crying. It was breaking my heart to see him in such condition.
“Come and sit beside me”, he said, weakly.
I should come and sit beside you, when you don’t want to tell me what happened to you.
“I said i don’t know. What did the doctor tell you?”
The doctor, didn’t tell me anything. I couldn’t figure anything out from what he was saying.
Ibrahim, what happened that you told Johnson such?
“Come and sit closer to me, don’t go, please.”
I sat down beside him, crying. He placed his hand on mine, without saying a word.
I have to let your parents know, i said.
“Don’t tell them anything”, he said.
Why? You are like this and you say i should not let your parents know?
“Yes, they don’t care.”
I walked out. I dialed both his mom and dad numbers up to ten times, but they didn’t answer my call. I
sent them a text telling thembwhat happened, i also sent the name and address of the hospital to them.
You witch, if anything happens to my son, i will kill you myself.
That was the message his mom sent to me. I went back in, crying.
See the text your mom sent to me, i said showing Ibrahim.
“Didn’t i just tell you not to call them.” He was so angry, but he was too weak to show it.
That night around 1am, his mom around.
When his parents came in, i got up immediately and excused them.
“Oko mi, kiloshele”, is mom asked, with her eyes filled with eyes.
His dad was looking at him, waiting for a reply.
He didn’t say a word. They kept on talking to him, but he didn’t say a word. Tears were flowing down his
mom’s face. His dad eyes were filled with tears.
The doctor came in.
His mom, immediately asked the doctor what happened to him.
“Let’s see outside”, the doctor said to her.
His mom, his dad, and the doctor walked out.
I didn’t know what the doctor told his mom.
“Haaaaaaaaaa! Mogbe!!!” His mom shouted.
I became terrified the more. I ran out of the hospital room to hear what was going on. I asked the doctor
what happened to him, he didn’t say a word. He only said i should stay with him, while he and parents
left together. I walked back in, crying.
Ibrahim, please, tell me what happened, please.
The next day, Kazeem came. He kept on asking Ibrahim what happened, but he didn’t say anything to
him. Kazeem, came closer to me to ask me, i told him i did not know.
I feel he is hiding it from me. Have been asking the doctor he didn’t tell me. Just around 1am when his
parents arrived i didn’t know what the doctor told his parents that his mom had been crying, i said to
“Take it easy, don’t cry. Why didn’t you ask his mom?”
I didn’t say a word, I kept on crying.
His mom sat down crying, beside him. His dad couldn’t say a word, but one could see he was pained.
That evening, i saw his parents following the doctor to his office. When they got in and closed to door,
after a while i went to stand at the door to hear what they were talking about.
“I am sorry there is nothing i can do now, his condition right now is ……
I forced the door open. They turned to look at me.
Doctor, what did you want to say? His condition is what? You told me he is getting better.
“Please ma, calm down.”
His condition his what? What’s my husband’s condition?
He was pleading that i should calm down.
Tell me now! Tell me it’s now! I started scattering everything on the doctor’s table, angrily. Tell me
what’s wrong with husband! Tell me! I kept on yelling at the doctor, in tears. Security men came in and
held me.
“Leave me alone!” I kept on yelling at them.
They pulled to the reception. I sat on the floor crying.
“God! What could have happened to my husband. Oh Lord, why is all this happening”, i said in my mind,
Ibrahim, you won’t die! You won’t die! You won’t! I cried out.
I got up to go meet him.
Dear, the doctor was saying something, but when i came in he stopped.
“What did you hear him say?”
I heard him telling your parents that there is nothing he can do, that your condition…. That’s all i heard.
What happened? What?”
“It’s time i tell you myself.”
Tell me what? What?
“Calm, down and sit on the bed.”
I placed my two hands on his face, in tears.
“I love you.”
Yes, i know you do. You don’t need to tell me, i said.
“Adeola, i love you.”
Please, don’t scare me ok, this the first time you calling my name , ever since.
He sighed.
“Adeola, you are everything to me, i mean all. I couldn’t have gotten any other woman better than you.
God bless the day i met you forever. I am sorry for what i did then, I am sorry for bringing in Aliya in that
day, i didn’t know what came over me. I am sorry for what happened between Stella and i.”
Please, all that is gone. I love you so much.
“I am sorry for all the pains i made you go through.”
We made a promise we were going to fight through, am still ready to fight through to be with you. I love
“Yes, i know you really do. Everything is cutting apart now.”
Never! God forbid! You won’t die but live to declare the works of God, ok, i believe that. The Bible says
who is that man that shall say a word and it shall come to pass when the Lord Almighty did not
command it. i said to him, crying.
“I really appreciate all you did and you are still doing for my sake.” He paused, looking at me.
I couldn’t stop crying.
“My plan was to will my house, cars, and money to you only, when i came back, but it so sad that all was
Why are you say such? Why?
He sighed.
“I am sorry, i would be living you with nothing.”
Will you stop this! You are not leaving you are not going anywhere ok!
“Adeola, i am going to miss you so much.”
Please, stop all this ok! What’s the meaning of all this? Who says you are going to die? Just stop it,
“Adeola, i know you love me so much. Please, when i am gone…..”
You are not going anywhere ok! I yelled at him in anger and in tears.
“When i am gone, i don’t want you to stay single because you love me. Please, get remarried and live
happy with our son. You deserve to be happy. I am sorry for all the pains i made you go through. I
thought we could fight through, but here is end.”
Why are you talking like this? I broke down the more, crying.
“I didn’t what to tell you because i knew it will break you down, and i never wanted that, i didn’t want
anything that will make you cry, you had been through a lot. I am sorry. “
What didn’t you want to tell me?
“I wasn’t kidnapped when i traveled.”
“I was arrested.”
Arrested??? How? Why? And you never told me the truth! I said in tears.
“I didn’t know who implicated me, i was caught carrying cocaine.”
What!!! How come! How!
“I don’t know, i don’t.”
I was still crying.
“I had to choose the second option because i wanted to come see you and our son before i leave.”
Please, stop it you are not leaving to anywhere. Stop it! Stop!
“According to the doctor i only have 72hours to live.”
God forbid! God forbid!
“It took months before the case was judged fully.
Their law there for such crime is either death or to be injected with what will kill slowly.”
“I accepted the injection on that day, before i came back.”
Haaaaaaaaaa! God!!!!! I screamed out, in tears and pains.
To be continued
How come? How come? Who implicated you? Who did that to you?
“Adeola, i don’t know, i don’t know how it happened.”
Haaaaaaa! Jesu!
God why! Why! Why! I screamed out, crying.
Were you not searched at the airport here in Nigeria.
“Of course, i was. I can’t tell how it happened.”
Lord why? Why? Why are you letting all this happen to us? Lord, what sin did we commit to deserve all
this! My husband gave his life to you God, he did, he did. Haaaaaaa! I cried out in pains.
“Adeola, you have always been a strong woman, please still be strong even right now. Adeola, it hurts
me so much even right now to see you cry.”
I should be strong you say? I should be? No, I can’t be, no!
I sat on the floor, crying in serious pains.
“Adeola”, he called me.
Dear, i answered me.
“Sit close to me please. I want you to sit close to me in the few hours i have to spend.”
Will you stop that! Will you? Do you know how it hurts and breaks my heart when you say such. Do you
know the heavy pain that arises in my heart when you say such. You are not going to die, you will not,
Ibrahim you will not.
“Adeola, in life we just have to be strong and accept certain situation. It’s not my wish to die, it’s not. I
tried to fight hard to be strong, but i am sorry i couldn’t. The time is near now, i have accepted my fate.
Adeola, please stay strong. I can never forget you even when i get to heaven.”
Ibrahim, please stop. You are not going to heaven not now o! Never! Never!
I sat close to him crying.
I didn’t know when i slept off. I had a dream that they were burying my husband, i woke up terrified.
Ibrahim! Ibrahim! Ibrahim! I yelled out his name, in fear.
“Yess..”, he weakly said.
Oh, thank you Jesus, thank you.
Ibrahim, you won’t die. I reject such dream in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.
Ibrahim, i love you, i do. You won’t leave me, you won’t die, i said.
The next day.
Johnson and i sat close to each other, i was crying.
God! No! No! No! Less than 48hours no Lord! Lord, you are the great healer please heal my husband,
please Lord. Lord, you even woke Lazarus to life after four days he had been dead, my husband is still
alive Lord heal him, please Lord.
“Mommy, it’s ok. Please, don’t cry, mommy don’t cry again”, Johnson kept on saying, petting me.
Lord, show your mercy and heal my husband. Lord please. Lord please heal my husband, i promise to do
all to serve you. Lord please, please.
I kept on crying and crying, not even a second i could stop. Kazeem, was consoling me.
“Mommy!” Johnson yelled.
I turned to look at him.
“Mommy, we can call Pastor Abel.”
Abel, i said.
“Yes, mommy.”
“Who is Abel?” Kazeem asked.
Johnson, told him.
“Mommy, please call Pastor Abel”, Johnson pleaded.
I took my phone to call Abel. I called him up to twenty times, but he didn’t answer. I dropped my phone
on the ground, crying.
His mom was seated beside him, crying, his dad was seated calm in pains.
Johnson, took my phone, he kept on dialing Abel’s number.
“Mommy, he has picked up!” Johnson yelled, happily.
His parents both left.
“Hello”, Abel said.
“Hello, Abel, Abel.”
“Yes. I am sorry for not picking up, i was in a prayer meeting. How are you?”
“Abel, i am not fine, am not.”
“What’s wrong? You are fine in Jesus name.”
“My husband is dying, Abel. He is dying, he has less than 48hours to live”, i said to him, crying.
“God forbid! He won’t die but live to declare the works of the Lord. What happened to him?”
I told him.
He prayed for him on the phone.
“Abel, please you don’t understand this is a serious issue you need to come pray for him here.”
He sighed.
“I’m very busy, right now.”
“Abel, please, please i beg you in the name of God.”
He paused for a while.
“Abel, please. Please, don’t let my husband die, please.”
“Where are you? Which hospital are you?”
I told him.
“I will be on my way now.”
“Thank you. Please, be fast please. My husband has less than 48 hours to live.”
“Calm down, i will. He won’t die, God is with him, i know the God of who i serve, He works even at the
last second. Keep your hope alive. Your husband won’t die.” He encouraged me and hanged up.
I put down my phone, crying.
“Mommy, what did he say?” Johnson asked.
I didn’t answer him.
I sat beside Ibrahim, still crying.
His mom rushed in that his sister wanted to talk to him through a video call. She held her phone facing
“Ibrahim, Ibrahim,”, his sister called him in a sad tone, but he didn’t answer her. He turned his face
away. His mom was surprised at his reaction.
“Ibrahim, you elder sister wants to talk to you”, she said, in tears.
“I am not ready to talk to anyone”, he replied her.
I pleaded on Ibrahim to talk to her but he didn’t. Kazeem, also talked to him to talk to his sister but he
didn’t. I knew he was angry because his sister told his parents the truth of him converting to a christian,
and what she did to me also.
His mom kept on asking him what his sister did to him, that he doesn’t want to talk to her, but he didn’t
respond. She kept on looking at him in tears, before she left. Kazeem, still kept on consoling me.
I kept on calling Abel, he told me he will be there soon.
After about five hours Abel arrived at the hospital, he called me and i rushed out immediately. Abel,
came with two other men.
Abel, Abel, my husband is dying.
“He won’t die but live to declare the work of the Lord. Use your tongue to prophecy good things.”
“Please, come and pary for him, please.”
Abel sighed on seeing Ibrahim.
“Do you believe the Lord Jesus can heal you?” He asked Ibrahim.
“I believe, but at this time i know am going to die”, Ibrahim said, and Abel smiled at him.
God forbid! You won’t die! I yelled in tears.
“Let’s pray”, he said to the two men, and he raised a song.
You are the Lord that heals us, you are the Lord our healer…. You sent forth your word and it heal our dieases… You are the Lord our healer They sang the song up to three times.
“Lord, you healed the sick, you raised thy dead to life. Lord, you said we should call upon your name in
the days of trouble and you will answer us. Lord, it is written that your son here shall not die but live to
declare your word.
He started speaking in tongue.
Just then Ibrahim’s mom and dad rushed in.
“What’s is going on! What do you think you are doing to my son!” She yelled at Abel angrily.
“Yes, who do you think you are!” His dad yelled at Abel.
“Who called you here!” His dad asked.
“I’m sorry ma and sir. I was called by his wife to come pray for him”, Abel said.
“Pray what!” His mom yelled.
Kazeem, was pleading that they should calm down, but they didn’t.
“You this stupid girl! Witch! So you have now brought your witch people here!”
“You all had better get out now!” His dad yelled at Abel and the two men with so much anger.
Ibrahim, was managing to talk, telling his parents to calm down.
Abel and the two other men were pleading that they should calm down but they didn’t . I pleaded on
Abel that he shouldn’t be angry, he should leave. They still kept on shouting at Abel and i angrily. His
parents almost turned it into a fight, before the doctor and and two security men came in. Abel, and the
two other men with Ibrahim’s parents walked out.
“Adeola, i know you love me, and that’s why you are doing all this so i won’t die. No matter how you talk
to my parents they won’t agree to this. Please, do not let them hurt you the more, let them me. It’s
almost time for me to leave, i can feel it.”
Ibrahim, please stop it, please. You won’t die, you won’t, i said crying in terrible pains.
“Adeola, if you know the serious pains I am going through right now, you will be happy for me to die and
go to heaven to rest.”
I cried out the more. No, no, no, you won’t die. You won’t leave me!
“Adeola, i am going through pains, pains…. Tears were rolling down his face.
To be continued
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PART 98*
Ibrahim, stop it, stop it, don’t hurt me, you won’t die in Jesus name, i cried out.
I walked out, and saw the Doctor talking to his parents. Abel and the other men stood still. I went up to
them apologizing for what his parents did. The doctor was talking to his parents to let them pray for
“I have been a doctor for the past twenty years, through out those years up till now i have seen a lot.
There are some people condition that are at the point of dying, prayers bring them to life again, and it
amazes us to be sincere. We do our very best, it is only God that heals not us. Please, despit the fact
both of you are Muslims still let them pray for your son, because right now no medical treatment can
heal your son he is going to die”, the doctor said.
“Omo mi, ko le ku o!(My child will not die)”His mom yelled out in tears. Her husband was petting her.
“There is nothing God can do. God is the only one that can heal your son now, if not i am sorry. Please,
let them pray for him.
The doctor kept on pleading.
After a while, they reluctantly agreed, Abel and the other men walked in. His parents were both looking
at them when they were praying for him. Abel prayed for him for not more than five minutes, he said he
had somewhere to go. His parents were looking at Abel with so much disbelief. Abel, thanked them for
letting him pray for Ibrahim. He encourage me to keep my faith strong that he will get well. I thanked
Abel and the other men, and they left immediately.
I sat beside Ibrahim, crying and praying in my mind.
In the evening of that day.
“Adeola, i love you”, Ibrahim said.
His voice sounded weaker than before.
I know, i do also.
“I’m going to miss you so much.”
Please, stop it! Why are you talking like this? You will not die but live to declare the work of God, i said,
“Where is Ahmed?”
He is out, let me go and call him.
I went to out to call Johnson.
He told Johnson to sit close to him, he placed his hand on his cheek talking to him. Johnson, was crying.
“Daddy, stop you won’t die. Daddy, you won’t die. I love you daddy”, he said in tears.
The next day being it the third day, Ibrahim’s condition became worst. I kept on calling Abel’s number
but he didn’t pick up. I couldn’t stop crying. I lost hope in praying.
“Doctor, do something! do something! My only son must not die, haaaaa!” His mom cried out, like a
The doctor sighed. “I’m sorry, only God can save him right now.”
“Haaaaaaaaaaa!” His mom screamed out.
“Doctor! What do you mean? Do something to save our son, do something”, his dad said as tears were
rolling down on his face.
The doctor sighed. “In some few hours he will be gone. I’m sorry there is noting i can do.”
“Doctor, please i am begging you do something to save my son’s life”, his dad said.
“The only thing we can do right now is to support him with a life machine.”
“Doctor, please do! Do it o! Don’t let me lose my son o! Haaaaaaaaaaa! Yeeeeeee! She yelled out, crying
like a baby.
“To be sincere even when that is done, he is still going to lose his life.”
God forbid! I yelled out in tears. Kazeem, was consoling me, his eyes were filled with tears.
He was changed to another room.
I shouldn’t have been in the room but i didn’t allow the doctor or nurses to stop me, and Ibrahim himself
told them to let me in.
Before the life machine was placed on him, he told me to come sit beside on the bed close to him.
“Adeola, i love you and i will always do even when i am gone. Thank you so much for always being by my
side, i appreciate all. Adeola, i pray you get a good man to marry you, a man who won’t let you go
through pains like i did. I am sorry.”
Ibrahim, please stop. You won’t die….. I cried out in pains.
“Adeola, i feel life going out of me already. “
No! No! No! I yelled out crying.
“Adeola, am in very serious pains, if you can understand you will wish for me to go and rest. It’s so sad
things ended up this way.”
I couldn’t say a word, I kept on crying, my two hands were on him. He held one of my hand.
“Kiss me”, he said.
I kissed him in tears.
The life machine was placed on him.
I didn’t sleep or doze off even for a second, i kept on looking at him, in tears.
Around 9pm in the night, the reading of the life machine changed which meant he was giving up already.
Ibrahim….!!!!! Noooooooo!!! Doctor!!!! I yelled out in fear. Suddenly i felt my heartbeat increased than
ever, i passed on there.
I woke up to see a nurse by my side. I looked around wondering why i was.
What happened , what’s happening? I asked the nurse.
The nurse told me to relax that i fainted.
“Yes” , the nurse repiled.
How come?
She said she didn’t know.
As i was about getting up from the bed she placed her hand on my chest to relax me back on the bed.
I tried hard recalling what had happened but i couldn’t remember.
After about thirty minutes, i started remembering somethings.
Noooooo! Ibrahim! I yelled out,as i got up from the bed.
The nurse held me.
Where is my husband! Where is he! Tell me, where he is now! I yelled out her in fear.
Get away from me let me go see him, i said to the nurse angrily, as i started crying.
I kept on yelling at her, but she held me. The doctor walked in.
Where is my husband? I asked the doctor.
The doctor sighed.
Answer me! I yelled at the doctor, in tears. Suddenly I felt strength left me.
The doctor laid me down on the bed, he told the nurse to go get something, she left immediately
Doctor, where is Ibrahim, tell me? I asked weakly.
“He is fine”, the doctor said.
Take me to go and see him, i said.
“You will see him. You need to rest now, your blood pressure is very high” , the doctor said.
Ibrahim….Ibrahim….. Ibrahim..i kept on calling his name weakly, as tears were rolling down my eyes.
I think i was injected for me to sleep, so i could rest, because I didn’t know when I slept off.
To be continued
: PART 99
I woke up the next day , still calling his name. I was taken by the doctor to go see him. His parents and
Johnson were seated beside him.
Tears were rolling down my eyes.
What’s happening? I asked, looking at everyone. The doctor smiled.
Ibrahim…. I called his name slowly in fear. He didn’t answer, i turned to look at the doctor.
The doctor smiled again. I turned to look at his parents and Johnson, they didn’t say a word.
Ibrahim…. I called his name and tapped him softly.
He opened his eyes…”baby..” he called me softly.
I was shocked. “Am i dreaming?” I asked myself. I turned back to look at everyone.
Ibrahim… I called his name again, looking at him surprisingly, as tears were rolling down my eyes.
“Baby…. ” He called me.
I still kept on looking at him surprisingly.
“I’m am alive”, he said.
Jesus…..!!!!!!!!! I screamed out in Joy, as tears of joy were rolling down my face.
I held his hand.
“I feel no pains again”, he said.
I was so surprised i was dumbfounded i could not say a word. I was filled with so much joy than ever in
my life. I held his hand we kept on looking at each other as tears of joy still kept on looking at him
“I’m am alive”, he said.
Jesus…..!!!!!!!!! I screamed out in Joy, as tears of joy were rolling down my face.
I held his hand.
“I feel no pains again”, he said.
I was so surprised, i was dumbfounded i could not say a word. I was filled with so much joy than ever in
my life. I held his hand we kept on looking at each other as tears of joy were rolling down my face.
He kept on smiling at me weakly.
“Thank you. God bless you”, he said to me, weakly.
Thank you Lord… thank you Lord…I kept on saying as tears kept on rolling down my face.
I turned to look at the doctor…..
Last night i saw the life machine…. The doctor cut me off.
“Yes! This is beyond scientific explanation! The doctor exclaimed happily. Ever since when i have been
working as a doctor this is one of the greatest experience i have ever seen. God is great! Please, keep on
serving Him well. God really loves your family.” He said, smiling.
I turned to look at Ibrahim.
“I have to leave now”, the doctor said, and left.
I sat beside him on the bed. We held hands together, i still could not stop on crying. He removed his
hand from mine, he lifted up his hand to my face, whipping my tears. Johnson, walked closer to us.
“Mommy, i told you daddy won’t die”, Johnson said.
I looked at his parents, who were smiling. I didn’t see Kazeem he had left.
It was nothing but God’s doing. He got healed on the 14th of March 2018. 14th of March 2018, will
forever remain a memoriable day in our lifes.
To cut the long story short…..
Four days later he was discharged on the 18th of March 2018.
His parents wanted him to go home with them along with Johnson, but he refused. They later insisted to
go home with us but Ibrahim refused.
Ibrahim, and i with Johnson went home. I called Abel and told him he was so happy. I kept on thanking
God. I was so Joyous, i was overwhelmed. Ibrahim, himself could not stop thanking me.
That Sunday we went to Church. We both gave the testimony, everyone in church were surprised as
they kept on clapping. Ibrahim, had attended the baptisima class fully, before the incident. That Sunday
was the day for the baptising, he was baptised, and given his certificate. He was given his certificate for
also completing the workers is in training class. We were so happy. We went home happily. We were
living happily .
That Sunday evening we were both watching a movie, when he switched off the TV.
Why did you put it off? I asked him.
“I want to tell you something”, he said.
What’s that?
“I want to appriciate
you again for all.”
Dear, you have been appreciating me.
“Yes, and i will always do. If not you i would have been gone. Thank you for always being by my side
even with all.”
You don’t need to thank me, let’s thank God all is now well with us, i said to him, filled with smiles.
“Yes. But i will always thank you, i made you go through a lot”, he said as tears rolled down his face.
I flashed back to all the pains i had been through and tears rolled down my face.
“You are not just a woman, you are a great woman. You are wonderful. You the kind of woman a man
wishes to have in his life. Thanks, for always loving me no matter what. My life is so blessed to have
I smiled as tears kept rolling down my face.
All glory to God. I love you and nothing will ever make me leave you. You are my life, life isn’t worth
living without. Without you i have no joy, your happiness is what makes me happy.”
“I love you too baby even till old age. We will grow old together in love.
Amen…. Ibrahim said also.
He made me relax on him.
He was silent, after like ten minutes he spoke.
“Baby, i am thinking……”
Thinking what?
“Thinking we should go see your parents, your mom especially.”
My mom?…I asked, as i got up from him.
“Yes …”
Why? And for what? I asked him angrily.
Because she’s your mom and my mother inlaw also.
“So i think we should go see her. You know your mom hated me because i was a muslim, now i am a
christian i believe she’s going to accept me.”
You believe she’s going to accept you? For God sake don’t even think of going there! We have been
through a lot and i don’t want any problem again, never!
“I understand you, but things can’t just continue like this forever! She’s against us, we need to ask for
her fogivness.”
Fogivness, you say?! I think she’s the one to ask for my fogivness.
“What are you saying? Just hear yourself out.”
Yes, have you forgotten what i told you? I asked him, my eyes were filled with tears.
“What?” He asked seriously.
How she treated me when i went to her house, tears rolled down my eyes.
“Don’t cry ok. I understand, but……
But what? What?
“We still have to ask for her fogivness, and am sure she will accept us now.”
I didn’t say a word.
“We are going tomorrow.”
And you think my mom would just believe you are a Christian just like that?
“Yes, i now have my baptisma certificate and with my certificate of being a worker in church now, so tell
me why she won’t believe?”
I kept mute.
The next day we went to my parents house. They were very surprised seeing us, especially Johnson. To
cut my story short she was surprised too see that Ibrahim had converted into a christian. She accepted
him happily. Later she called me to come to her room. She asked me what was his parents reaction
when they got to know, i lied to her that they had no problem with that. She asked me what made him
convert, I sighed and told her it’s a long story. She didn’t want Johnson to go home with us, so Ibrahim
and i decided that we will let him stay for a week with her. Johnson, was so happy seeing my parents
and siblings, he was glad to spend a week with them. I didn’t tell her the story of what i passed through.
Ibrahim and i were so happy that she accepted us and prayed for us also.
On Friday, there was a vigil at Abel’s church. Ibrahim and I went. We shared the testimony, the church
was amazed.
Around 9am, we were still sleeping when Ibrahim’s phone rang. I woke him up and he answered the call.
What’s it? I asked him.
“Kazeem, just got arrested yesterday.”
What! Arrested? How? Why?
“He said he was accused of killing a man in his house.”
Jesus Christ! How did this happen?
“I don’t know”, he said and laid down on the bed.
“Why are you looking at me like that?”
Your cousin got arrested over a serious issue, and here you are lying down when you know he seriously
needs your help as you being a lawyer…
He hissed and turned his face away.
Ibrahim, did you just hiss at me? I asked him, but kept mute.
Ibrahim, Ibrahim…….
“What’s it? Go ahead to help him na.”
O my God! Ibrahim! That’s Kazeem o! Your own brother! Kazeem, was with us all through the time you
were in the hospital, no day did he not pray for you.”
He sighed and placed the pillow on his ear.
Jesus! I exclaimed, i was surprised at his reaction.
I kept on wondering what could have made him react that way.
“Could it be because of what happened between Kazeem and i” I thought to myself.
I placed my hand on his, he turned to look at me. I scrambled for words before I could speak.
I…..know…you are angry .. because of what …what happened…
He sighed.
“Do not say it”, he said in anger.
Please, you have to forgive him. Kazeem, really needs your help right now.
He kept mute.
I kept on talking to him before he reluctantly agreed.
“He said i should not come with you?”
Me….? why?
“Is his conscience still bugging him over what happened then”, i thought.
“Forget about that, we are going together”, he said as he got up from the bed.
To be continued.
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PART 100
We got there and saw Kazeem. He was in tears. I felt so much pity for him.
“Haaaaaaaaa! I told you not to come with her?” He said as his tears increased the more.
Me and Ibrahim looked at each other , wondering why Kazeem said such. He turned his face to Kazeem.
“Ibrahim, i told you na, mo sor fu ehn na.” He placed his head on the table.
Ibrahim and i kept on looking at him as he cried bitterly.
After a while, Kazeem lifted up his face.
“E sha nu mi! Forgive me”, he cried out.
Ibrahim and i looked at each other.
“Ejhor, e shanu mi” Kazeem kept on saying.
Ibrahim sighed.
“Kazeem, it’s ok.” Ibrahim said.
“Please, forgive me”, he said looking at me.
I sighed. Kazeem, you know have forgiven you long ago.
He cried out, bitterly.
“I have a confession”, Kazeem said.
Ibrahim, sighed again. “It’s okay, i know. There is no need to say it. Iyawo mi oti sor fun mi.(my wife has
told me)” Ibrahim said.
He kept on crying.
I think we should go straight to the point why you are here now, i said.
“I didn’t kill the man, i didn’t..” Kazeem said.
We know you didn’t. My husband being a lawyer and God being on your side for sure you will overcome
this, i said. I felt so much pity for him. I was so touched, i wished i could help him out immediately.
“Nooooo….God can never be on my side”, Kazeem said, as he was crying.
Why would you say such? You didn’t kill who they accused you of killing.
“I did not. I have a confession to make, not what you think. Please forgive me.”
Ibrahim and i looked at him seriously, waiting to hear what he had to say.
“Years back when both of you weren’t married… I was in an eatery with my friends, when i saw you
coming in with a man.”
Me? I asked. He nodded his head. Ibrahim, looked at him.
“Go on”, he said to Kazeem.
“When i saw you i left the eatery so you won’t notice me, because then you had Ibrahim had
misunderstanding and you were separated. My friends knew you, they had seen you once, the day you
and Ibrahim met me and my friends one night, when you both said you were coming from a cinema.
They were watching you, they told me the man proposed to you and you accepted. I was in my car when
you came out of the eatery on that day. I saw you staring at my car.”
My mind flashed back to the day Abel proposed to me in that eatery. I rememberd the car. I was staring
at the car because it was like the car Ibrahim was using then. Kazeem and Ibrahim were using the same
make of car but my mind never went there on that day, that it could be his car. I remembered those
guys that i saw drinking on that day. I didn’t remember they were Kazeem friends, i guess it’s because
it’s one night i met them and i could not see thier faces well.
“Ibrahim, was so hurt that you both were separated, so i thought of something to help him so you guys
can be together again. My friends and i decided to follow the man after he had left you. We traced him
to his to house. He told us he was a pastor. We told him to give us his number and we warned him to
stay away from you if not we will kill him.”
So it’s you and your friends that threatened Abel! I yelled out surprisingly in teary eyes, as i flashed back.
“Wow…! So …that was Abel! And you never told me! ” Ibrahim yelled at me surprisingly, pointing a
finger at me.
I am sorry, forgive me…. I said to Ibrahim, as tears rolled down my eyes.
“Jesus Christ! You never for once told me you were engaged to Abel”, he said painfully.
Please, forgive me, i pleaded in tears.
“That day you came back with Ibrahim, i secretly took pictures of both of you and sent it to him. I’m
sorry, i was doing that so you and my cousin could be together. Ibrahim, was dying everyday because
both of you were separated.
I am sorry for not telling you, i did it for your sake, he said to Ibrahim.
Ibrahim, sighed. This is so surprising…. You never told me Abel was the one you wanted to marry, ha!
Adeola, i thought we never hid anything from each other. Well, it’s ok, it’s okay.”
Tears kept on rolling down my face.
“Please, forgive me”, Kazeem said still crying.
“it’s okay..” Ibrahim said. Kazeem, shook his head.
“Please, promise me you will forgive me for all i am about to say.” He kept on pleading till we both said
agreed that we were going to forgive me.
“After both of you got married, I lost my job and Habibat i was supposed to get married to left me. You
know her, he said to Ibrahim. I became envious of both of you at a time, i don’t know what came over
me. Please, forgive me”, he said as he cried out.
“I was the one who made Ibrahim to leave you and take Aliya in.”
What……!!!! I exclaimed. Tears that were coming from my eyes increased as i flashed back to the day i
packed my things, leaving.
Ibrahim, was looking at Kazeem in a confused manner.
“I… I…. I…went… a….a…an..old man who did something…. something…..for… Ibrahim not to love
WHAT!!!! We both exclaimed. We were both shocked.
“Kazeem, how could you be this wicked? What did I do to you? He said to Kazeem, as tears rolled down
his face.
“I’m sorry, forgive me”, Kazeem said, crying.
Haaaaaaa! Ibrahim yelled out.
“I am sorry, forgive me, forgive me. Aliya is my girlfriend”, Kazeem said.
Me and Ibrahim both looked at ourselves with our mouth wide opened.
“Forgive me please. I gave part of what the old gave me to Aliya to work on you. That was why when she
added you on Facebook, you accepted her and fell in love with her. As i didn’t have money our plan was
that she will exact enough money from
you while dating you. Our plan was to use the money to get married and start our life again. I was the
one who made Aliya force you to make you and her travel to South Africa.”
I flashed back to when Bayo took Johnson and i to South Africa. I remember the picture Ibrahim posted
of he and Aliya outside the country.
“So it was South Africa they went to”, i said to myself.
“Three days before you and Aliya came to S.A , i was already there.”
“So you betrayed me. You came to my house, i introduced you to Aliya as my cousin. Both of you
exchanged contacts. I was so foolish, i was fool. No wonder Aliya kept on chatting with you all the time, i
thought all was because you were my cousin, because you are not anymore”, Ibrahim said, painfully in
tears, feeling betrayed.
“The next day you both were to leave to Nigeria, i drove to the hotel to take her night. I was the one she
came to stay with. We were so happy that we had made enough money from you, but Aliya never made
me to spend a bit out of the money. I still kept on renewing what the old man gave to me that’s why
after Aliya left and you went back to Nigeria you weren’t still concerned about seeing your wife.”
Haaaaaaaaaaaa! Ibrahim screamed, painfully.
I couldn’t believe Kazeem could do such. Tears kept on rolling down my face. “I am still sorry for what i
am about to say..” Kazeem said.
Ibrahim and i looked at him like ‘ so you still have more to say.’
“Please….. forgive me. I ….I…..I….”
“You are what?” Ibrahim asked him with so much anger.
“I….I…..I…am res….”
“Will you speak out? Ibrahim said, in anger. I begged Ibrahim to calm down.
“I ….am…. responsible…. for……you…you . you being arrested for carrying hard drugs.”
It was a very great shock to Ibrahim and i. Our eyes and month were wide opened. I wanted to speak
but no words came out, because i was still in shock.
“Please, forgive me”, he cried out. Have been into many evil deeds for money. You told me where you
were traveling. It was a planned work for the drug to to be hidden in your bag, unknowingly to you. I
called you that day and you told me the name of the hotel you checked in. Two of my friends checked
into that hotel . One of them was the one who pretend to be a cleaner. He was pretending to clean your
room. When you left the hotel to go get something, it was then he put the drugs in your travel box. We
have been into drug dealing. The old man is the one who gives us what we use so we don’t get caught.
There is a certain amount of drug we can only take, we wanted to make more money that is why some
were hidden in your box. Our plan was that my friends will take the drugs from you once they got there,
but unfortunately you were caught. I’m sorry. Your phone was taken from your bag in the hotel, my
friends came out of the hotel to give it to me. You once told me the password of your phone is your
wife’s second name, with that I was able to open it. I got access to your account as i am also into Yahoo
plus. I transferred the money in your account into five different accounts.
“Ibrahim, had thought his money was taken over there. Because they asked of almost everything about
him even how account details when he was arrested.
“I’m sorry, i did that all for the sake of money. I had feelings for your wife, that’s why when my friends
wanted to help you get out of prison, i told them not to. I thought you would be gone so I could have full
access to your wife”, he said, as he was crying.
Ibrahim, anger grew worse he wanted to punch Kazeem with so much anger but i stopped him. I was
begging him to calm down. Tears were flowing down our eyes.
Kazeem, was pleading that we should forgive him. He said he still had another confession.
“That’s actually the first time. I was the one with my friends who broke into your house on that night
when your wife was shot.”
We were both shocked to the depth.
“I asked you for money but you refused to give me, and you know i had no job. The old man gave me a
substance before that day. The substance was to make your wife love him, and he said the only it could
work was if i rubbed it on her arm. I wanted money and i also wanted your wife to love me that’s why i
carried out such act. I didn’t have any intention of killing your wife, a friend of mine was the one who
shot her. I was very angry that night, on our way going home i shot him dead. The next day I came to
your house and I saw a lady she said her name is Mariam. I asked about you from her, she told me you
were taken to the hospital and that you were in coma. We both exchanged contact. I gave her fifty
thousand naira and i left. When she told me you are alive i was so happy. I couldn’t come because you
were still looking for your son. When noticed the substance didn’t work on you, that’s when i planned
for Ibrahim to send your away so i could have you to myself. When you all thought he was dead, i told
you the day I came that day, because i had not been in Lagos. I had to travel to another state when I
heard the police were looking for my gang and I. I thought I could have my way with you that day, but
you stabbed me. I was so angry. I wanted to take revenge by killing you.
Jesus Christ! I said, still in tears.
I recalled Kazeem’s statement on that day … “you will pay for this with your blood.”
Just then Aliya came in. She was shocked to see both of us.
“Aliya”, Ibrahim called her name with so much anger, pointing a finger at her as he was panting heavily.
Kazeem, continued what he was saying….
“I came the next night with my gang. We came in through the fence. w
When we got inside, we searched and searched but we found no one. It was later i got to know my
Aunty sent you away from the house that day, because i told her what you did to me.” Kazeem, said
He was pleading and crying that we should forgive him.
Ibrahim, pushed me from holding him. He wanted to punch Kazeem the second time, i came to his front
immediately, and his hand landed on my head. I fell down and passed out.
To be continued.
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PART 101
When i opened my eyes, everywhere was dark.
“Where am i?” I wondered.
“Why is everywhere dark?” I asked myself.
I touched my eyes to be sure nothing was covering my eyes.
I heard Ibrahim’s voice talking to someone.
Ibrahim, i called him.
“Adeola!” He said.
I felt his hands on me.
Where are you? I asked him.
I am here na, he replied.
Where are we? I asked him.
“In the hospital”, he said.
I know but why is this hospital very dark?
Dark…? How?
I can’t see anything. Is it night?
“You can’t see What are you saying? This is afternoon, this is 2:05pm.”
Afternoon….but i can’t even see you.
“You can’t see me.?”
Ibrahim, i can’t.
“Adeola, please stop this.”
Stop what? I said i can’t see anything everywhere is dark.
“Jesus Christ! He exclaimed. This can’t be happening!”
Don’t tell me it’s what i am thinking, i said fearfully, as tears filled my eyes.
“Adeola, please don’t just go there. God forbid.”
Then what could be happening? Why can’t i see? Why is everywhere dark? I asked him, as tears rolled
down my eyes.
He rubbed his hands on my eyes.
“I am here, see me here.”
Ibrahim, i can only hear and feel you, i can’t see you.
“Jesus Christ!”
Don’t tell me i am blind, don’t tell me i can’t see anymore, i said, as my tears increased.
“God….Noooo! It can’t be! Let me go call the doctor. Please, don’t cry. I will be back”, he said, leaving.
When i heard the sound of the door open i called his name.
Ibrahim….I called out his name, in tears.
“Adeola, please don’t cry. Put that thought off your mind now, ok. I will be back.”
Nooo…. am not blind, nooo God, God no, i said, as i cried out.
I was examined and so on. The doctor said i had lost my sight for seeing, and the only solution was for an
operation to be carried out on my eyes, and the chances of me surving the operation was 50/50. Which
meant like it’s possible i die or leave. She said the way i was hit by my husband was the cause.
“Oooo! God…..God…. God…why…. why.. why did this happen”, Ibrahim cried out.
Why…? Why….? why?…. That was what he kept on saying, as he was sitting close to me, while i was
lying on the bed.
I used my hand to look for his face, i felt tears running down his face.
I myself also i was in tears. I never imagined being blind in my life.
“Adeola, i am sorry, i am sorry, i am sorry”, he said, cyring.
Ibrahim, you have nothing to be sorry about. It wasn’t your fault, i said.
“Adeola, i am the one. I caused it, oh nooo!”
Ibrahim, please don’t put the blame on yourself, you are not the cause of this.
I was shedding tears in pains of me being blind. I wished it was a dream, but it wasn’t, it was real.
Ibrahim, himself was so hurt and pained, saying he was the cause.
Ibrahim, i want to go for the operation. I can’t remain blind, no, i said in tears.
He kept mute.
I know you don’t have the money, i have it to pay. I want to see again, i cried out.
He held my hand and placed his other hand on my face.
“Adeola, i know. I also want you to see again. I am full of regrets right now, if i knew i would have stayed
calm as you told me too. Anger just took over me, i couldn’t control myself. O God! O God!…. ” He cried.
Please, don’t let my family know about this, i don’t want anything that will put them in panic.
“I have heard you. My mom called me, she and my dad went to see Kazeem today. I told them what
happened and they said they will be here soon.”
You told your parents am here..?
“Yes, she asked and i told her.”
Ibrahim… your mom asked about me.
“Yes with my dad also.”
Your mom asked of me?
“Yes, she did.”
It’s well. I know God will see me through the operation, i said, as tears kept on rolling down my face.
“Adeola, do you understand that the chances of you surviving the operation is 50/50. You might lose
your life, Adeola”, he said.
I know, but i know God won’t let me lose my life. I just want to see again. I want to see…..
“Adeola, I can’t let you go for the operation. I won’t sign in for that, no.”
“I love you, i can’t let you risk your life, i can’t. I love you, i don’t want you to leave me. I don’t want you
to die. No!”
I felt his tears dropped on my chest.
“God why? Why from one pains to another. God i know you are seeing me, why are you letting me go
through all this? God why did you watch Kazeem do all this to us?” I said in my mind, as tears the kept
on flowing.
Suddenly, i felt like someone was talking to me, i didn’t hear any sound but i could feel it loud in my
Daugther, your life is for my glory that’s what i heard.
I was blind, what i never imagined or thought could happen to me in my life. I was feeling the pains deep
in me, i couldn’t stop shedding tears.
After some hours, his parents arrived.
To be continued.
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His parents asked him what happened to me, he told them.
I heard his parents talking about Kazeem’s confession, and sobbing at the same time.
“I never knew that boy could be this wicked to us”, his mom said, sadly.
Aye (life) …….his dad said, sadly.
Ibrahim, sighed heavenly.
“He must rot in jail! He must pay for all his evil”, his dad said.
“Kazeem! Kazeem! Haaa, haaa, haaa”, his mom said, her voice sounded like she was crying already.
It was a sad moment. My tears could not stop flowing.
Who could have ever thought or imagined for once that Kazeem, was behind all that happened.
This world is just something else filled with wicked people. I flashed back to all the pains i had been
through. From one pains to another, i named it “MY PAINS”, on that day, as i cried.
The next day i was discharged. His dad told us to come home with them, he pleaded. I told Ibrahim to
agree as he was pleading, he reluctantly agreed and we all left.
When we got home, the maid prepared food for us to eat.
“Food is served on the dinning, let’s go to eat”, Ibrahim said, as he wiped my tears.
He held my hand, as we walked to the dinning.
“Sit down here”, he said, helping me to sit on the chair.
“This the food”, he said as he shifted the plate close to my hands that were on the table.
What food is this? I asked him. He sighed and told me.
I want to drink water first, i said, searching for a cup of water on the table with my hands.
“This is it”, Ibrahim said, as he placed the cup of water close to my lips, to drink.
“It’s well”, his dad said. I heard his mom sigh.
As we were eating Ibrahim spoke….
“The food is on table and on your cloth, let me feed you”, he said.
I felt so ashamed of myself, i got up angrily, walking away. I forget there were stairs to walk down from
the dinning to the sitting room. I fell on the floor, i screamed out in pains. I heard them run after me.
Ibrahim, was the one who lifted me up.
“Are you okay?” He asked.
“I hope you are fine?” His dad asked.
I didn’t hear his mom say anything. Ibrahim, helped me to sit on a chair.
“Why did you leave angrily ? See what you caused yourself”, he said quite angry.
The tears in my eyes began to flow down my face.
“Why are you crying?” His dad asked.
“Is it because of what i said? Please, i am sorry”, Ibrahim pleaded.
When it was a week time for Johnson to return, Ibrahim went to my parents house to bring him. We
didn’t want Johnson to know the truth that i was blind. He noticed the way i had been, he kept on
asking, but we covered up with lies. Johnson, was surprised that his grandmother had changed from the
way she used to treat me. Although, she didn’t speak to me, she didn’t do anything to hurt me.
“May be she feels for me that i am blind”, i thought to myself. I kept on telling Ibrahim i wanted to go for
the eye operation but he never agreed.
Ibrahim, i can see you don’t love, i said to him, in tears.
“Baby please do not ever say that. You know i love you.”
No, Ibrahim, you don’t, because if you do you won’t want me to be blind forever, you will want me to go
for the operation”, i said to him, as i was crying.
“I know i am the cause of this. I wished i had listened to you and stayed calm as you said. Am not happy
you are in this condition. Every single minute i keep on regretting my action. I love you, i just can’t watch
you risk your life for that operation. Adeola, please understand”, he pleaded.
I don’t want to understand anything. I want to see again, ok.
“Please understand, please.”
I’m not, i am not, i said to him, crying.
“Remember the chances of you surviving is 50/50, which means you may die or live. I love you, please.”
You do not. There are people who had lesser chances of surviving an operation, yet they still survived.
God is on my side, i know i will survive it.
“Adeola, no, i won’t let you go”, he said.
Ibrahim, i hate you.. i said to him, crying.
He removed his hands from mine. I felt my statement really broke his heart. He kept mute.
“To prove to you that i love you, i will let you go for the operation, but just know that if you don’t make
it, i will end up committing suciude. Life isn’t worth living without you, you are my life. I love you.”
I felt so touched by what he said. I stretched my hand, looking for his face. When i touched his face, i felt
tears on his face.
You are crying? I asked him, still in tears.
“Why won’t i? Do you think i am happy seeing you in this condition i put you because of my temper.”
I shifted close to him, and we both hugged each other tightly.
I decided to forget about the operation.
Living without out seeing wasn’t an easy thing for me. Johnson, got to know one day and he cried. I
understood the pains of those who couldn’t see. I understood what they meant by if you have nothing to thank God about, thank God you can use your eyes to see.
No day passed that i didn’t shed tears in pains. Do you know how it felt? I couldn’t do things i could
anymore. I couldn’t see the world. I couldn’t see the morning sun neither could i see the moon nor the
starts. I couldn’t see my husband and my son. I could only feel and hear things.
One day Ibrahim walked into the room and saw me smiling.
Dear.. I said.
“You are smiling?” He asked surprisingly.
Yes, i am, i said.
“You look so happy. Tell me ..”, he said.
Tell you what? I asked.
“You can see now, right?” He asked.
I smiled the more.
“Tell me”, he said happily.

MY PAINS Part 96


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Egunjobi Omolola
Egunjobi Omolola
3 years ago

Oh my God,who will believe Kazeem is the cause of their prob, he should rot in hell

3 years ago

Kazeem is such a snake ????????????
I never saw it coming ????