MY PAINS Part 106


I am sure everyone was staring at her.
She greeted Ibrahim’s parents, but they didn’t respond to her. She greeted Ibrahim and i, Ibrahim didn’t
answer her, but i did.
Mariam, i called her.
“Aunty mi”, she responded, and i sighed.
How are you? I asked her.
“I no fine at all o. I dey try to reach you since but e no go. I dey fear to come since”, she said. Her voice
sounded like someone who was almost crying.
Mariam, it’s a long story, i said in tears.
After some few mintues, i observed she was crying.
“What’s going on here?” Ibrahim’s mom asked.
Mariam, are you crying? I asked her.
“Ejhor, e sha nu mi (please, have mercy on me)”, Mariam, pleaded.
Mariam, you didn’t offend me, i don’t hold any grudges against you, i said.
“Please…. E sha ni mi”, she pleaded as she cried out loudly.
I heard Ibrahim’s mom hiss loudly.
“Forgive you for what?” Ibrahim’s dad asked, as she was still pleading.
“Daddy, mommy, brother mi, aunty mi, ejhor e da ri ji mi (please, forgive me)”, Mariam, pleaded as she
was crying out loudly.
“Forgive, you for what you did to yourself!” Ibrahim yelled at her.
“No……Jhor…. I am sorry. Aunty mi, i am sorry”, Mariam pleaded.
“What exactly do you want?” Ibrahim asked her angrily.
“Forgive me…jhor , jhor…. Since my life no dey go well.”
“And how had that go to do with us? Ibrahim’s mom asked her angrily.
“Please…… Forgive me…. I no say e no go easy to forgive me. They say make i con tell the truth, but i dey
fear for my life since.”
“What truth?” Ibrahim asked her immediately.
“Yes, what truth”, his mom said.
Forgive me…..” Mariam pleaded, as she cried out deeply.
“Will you speak out now!” Ibrahim yelled at her angrily.
Dear, take it easy, please, i said to Ibrahim that was beside me.
“I lost my pregnancy that time, and he leave me alone since”, she said as she cried. I felt so much pity for
“Is that what you have come to tell us. How is that my business!” Ibrahim’s yelled at her.
“Will you get away now!” Ibrahim’s mom yelled at her angrily.
“Daddy, e jhor, e jhor(daddy please)” Mariam pleased.
“Get away! Are you deaf! Do I look like your parents! ” His mom yelled.
“Please…. I never talk am finish, i still won say something”, Mariam said.
“And will you talk now!” Ibrahim, yelled at her angrily.
Take it easy, let her talk, i said to Ibrahim.
Mariam, talk….I said to her.
“Aunty mi, jhor…. forgive me”, she pleaded.
She kept on crying, without saying a word.
“Will you talk, and don’t waste our time here!” Ibrahim’s dad yelled with so much anger.
Mariam, confessed that she knew Kazeem, was the one who came to our to house to rob us on that
night. She said she was still watching TV that night in the sitting room when they entered, and the mask
on Kazeem face got loosed. They recgonized each other as they are both seen in Ibrahim’s parents
house one year she came to spend the ileya festival. She said he threatened her that if she exposed the
truth he won’t exsitate to get her killed. That was the reason she afraid to say the truth. She also said
she saw it on TV that Kazeem had been arrested, but she had still been afraid to come tell us the truth,
because she didn’t know how we might take it. She said she went to our house she met someone living
there so she took up the courage to come to Ibrahim’s parents house, and she was surprised to see us.
We were all shocked.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…. was what i was saying.
“Mariam! So you knew!” Ibrahim, yelled at her in great anger.
Be calm please, I said to Ibrahim.
“No, leave me alone!” Ibrahim yelled at me.
“Please, be calm. You can’t lay your hands on a lady”, Abel said.
Dear, please don’t beat her, please be calm, i said to Ibrahim, as tears were rolling down my face, in
“She knew Kazeem was behind that, and she never told us”, i kept on saying in my mind as tears were
rolling down my eyes in pains.
Please, calm down. Don’t do anything to her you will regret. It wasn’t her fault, Kazeem threatened her, i
said to Ibrahim.
“God, God, God,……” Ibrahim kept on saying.
“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!…….” Was what his mom was saying.
“The world his full of evil people! People, we never imagine could be the one are the ones most times,
and the ones will think could be are most times not”, Ibrahim’s dad said painfully.
“Yes….”, Abel said, and sighed.
“Didn’t i warn you!” Was all my mom was saying to me, painfully.
“Please… jhor e sha ni mi”, Maraim still kept on pleading as she was crying.
“You are evil! Get away from my house! I don’t want to ever see you again!” Ibrahim’s mom yelled at
Mariam in great anger. Her voice sounded like she was in tears also.
“Get out….!!” She yelled again.
“Haaaaaaaaa!” Mariam screamed out in pains.
“Please ma, don’t hit her again. We are not to condemn sinners”, Abel said.
I was pleading for Mariam to be forgiven.
Ibrahim’s parents and Ibrahim were against her, they wanted to leave, but Mariam still kept on begging
to be forgiven.
His mom called the gate man to drag her out of the house. As the gate man was dragging her, she was
still pleading for forgiveness. I was talking to Ibrahim to forgive her but he didn’t say a word. I placed my
hand on his face, his face was wet with tears.
His parents were yelling on top of their voices, as Mariam was still crying and pleading.
Suddenly, everyone became calm again.
What is happening again? I asked Ibrahim.
He kept mute.
Talk to me na, I said to Ibrahim.
He didn’t say a word.
Ibrahim, talk to me na. It is because i am blind, i said , as tears were rolling down my face. I wished i
could see.
“Kazeem and Aliya are here”, he said.

PART 107
“What do you want here?” Ibrahim’s dad asked with so much anger.
“We here to say sorry”, I heard Aliya say.
“Sorry indeed! You this witch!” His mom yelled with so much anger in her.
“Ma, please i am sorry”, Aliya pleaded.
“What have you come for! To reck my son’s life again!” Ibrahim’s mom yelled.
She still kept on pleading.
“If you know what’s good for two of you, both of you should get out from here right now”, she yelled at
the top of her voice in a greater anger.
Kazeem, started pleading.
“Don’t you dare beg me! Kazeem! Iwo! You that i raised as my own child, you!”
“Mummy, e ma bi nu jhor. It’s not like that”, Kazeem pleaded.
“You heard my wife both of you should leave here now!” Ibrahim’s dad yelled.
I was begging Ibrahim to cool down.
“I never expected this from you, Kazeem!” His dad yelled.
“Both of you are evil!” His mom yelled.
“I am not evil”, Kazeem said.
Kazeem, was released because the police found out the real people who actually killed the man they
accused him of killing.
Aliya and Kazeem kept on pleading as Ibrahim’s parents kept on shouting at them angrily. I didn’t hear
Mariam say a word at all. Abel, and the other men were pleading but they didn’t stop yelling at both of
them in anger. My mom didn’t really understand what was happening. Tears kept rolling down my eyes
as i was remembering the pains i had passed through. I never imagined Kazeem could be the one behind
“Mommy, daddy, i will go, e ma worry. But I have a confession to make.”
Everyone became calm.
“Please, forgive me”, Kazeem said to me.
I didn’t say a word tears were just rolling down my eyes.
“Please….. Forgive me! I did all out of jealousy to have you. The truth is that i loved you more than i love
Aliya”, Kazeem said.
“What….!!” Aliya exclaimed. Kazeem….ki lo sor….(what did you say?)
“Aliya, i only used you as a source of getting money, and you were good at it that’s why i loved you”,
Kazeem said.
“Haaaaaaa! Kazeem….! You .. never loved me”, she broke down, crying out loudly.
“Please, have mercy on me. Something started it, please have mercy on me”, Kazeem kept on pleading.
Kazeem, only God can have mercy on you, i said in tears and pains.
“But you still have to forgive me…. The truth is that, Ibrahim is not the cause of why you are blind.”
I sighed. Yes it was a mistake, it’s not his fault, i said.
“No… it’s me, i am sorry. After i didn’t see you that day i came to your house, i was so angry, i still
wanted to take revenge. I went to an old man to help me take revenge. He said there were two options,
i chose to make you blind.”
God…..!!!! I yelled out in shock.
Jesus…..! Ibrahim Kazeem you..! Ibrahim yelled.
“Lord Jesus, have mercy”, Abel said.
“He told me you were still in an hotel, he told be soon you will be packing, he told me the address of the
place you will pack to. He said in order for people not to suspect, he gave me a black portion to drink
that when i see you and leave in some few hours you will become. But I couldn’t come because I had to
be away, SARS were looking for me. That’s why i warned Ibrahim not to come with you”, he said, his
voice sounded like someone that was crying.
Kazeem…..what did I do to you? I asked him, as i was crying.
“Kazeem, you will pay for all you cost my family and i. I will make sure you go back to jail”, Ibrahim said.
“Please, have mercy on me. The only way he told me you can see is if i mix the black portion with salt
and water, but….”
“But what?!” Ibrahim yelled at him immediately.
“I’m sorry, before i got the hotel i do live, i found out that the black portion had poured and dried up, it
was very little.”
Haaaaaaaaaaa, no! I screamed out, in tears.
Out of anger Ibrahim started punching Kazeem. I heard the sound so loud as Kazeem was pleading. Abel
was talking to him to stop.
“You deserve to die!” Ibrahim yelled.
“Kazeem, haaaaa! You are an evil child!” Ibrahim’s dad yelled at him.
“I will make sure you go back to that jail, where you belong to!” Ibrahim yelled at him in anger.
I was just crying.
“Kazeem, you are a devil!” Ibrahim’s mom yelled at him.
“I am not a devil”, he said.
‘paaaaah’ she slapped Kazeem.”Devil!” She yelled at him.
“Kazeem, be ready to go back to jail, you can’t escape all the evil you did!” Ibrahim yelled at Kazeem.
“Yes, i will go to jail with your mother”, Kazeem said.
“How dare you say such!” Ibrahim yelled at him.
“Kazeem, are you talking to me!” Ibrahim’s mom yelled.
“Yes you! Because, you are the cause of all what i did! I still have the record”, Kazeem said to Ibrahim’s
I was deeply shocked, am sure everyone else was also shocked.
“My mom was the cause, how? And what record are you talking about?” Ibrahim asked Kazeem.
“Ask this mother of yours”, Kazeem said.
“Mommy, what is he talking about?” Ibrahim asked his mom.
She kept mute.
“Mommy..” Ibrahim called her again.

PART 108
“Aisha, what is Kazeem talking about?” Ibrahim’s dad asked his wife.
“I do not know what he is talking about”, she replied.
Kazeem, laughed out.
“You know, think. Some years back”, Kazeem said.
“What exactly are you talking about!” Ibrahim yelled at him.
“Ask this mother of yours who called me a devil, where by she is the main devil herself”, Kazeem said.
“Kazeem, you call me a devil! Me who raised you up!” Ibrahim’s mom yelled in so much anger.
“Mommy, what is Kazeem talking about now!” Ibrahim yelled.
“She can’t say it, i will say it”, Kazeem said.
“Kazeem, talk now”, Ibrahim’s dad said.
“Some years ago, when i came to visit, this woman here told me she was very angry that your wife
changed into christianity. I told her that doesn’t matter , she said it really mattered. She really hated
your wife. That your wife tricked her in to getting married to you. To cut the long story short, she said if
you were to be dead she would be so happy because she hated seeing a christian married to her son. I
tried talking to her to calm down but she didn’t. She said if i could do anything to separate your wife
from you, I should. She gave me the go ahead to do all i did.”
“Aisha……!” Her husband yelled her name.
“Mommy ……so you were behind all that happened”, Ibrahim said.
“No…”, She said.
“No.. how!” Ibrahim yelled at her.
“You can’t deny you said that, because i recorded all you said on that day, and i still have the record well
kept till today”, Kazeem said.
“I am sorry…I know I said that, but i wasn’t the one who told Kazeem to do all what he did, i never knew
he was behind all that. I am your mother why would i want evil to happen to my only son….why?…of
what gain….”, Ibrahim’s mom said. Her voice sounded like she was shedding tears already.
“You are still the cause, you caused all what i did also. You said you were going to kill her yourself if she
didn’t leave your son”, Kazeem said.
“Haaaaaa, mommy!” Mariam yelled.
” Mommy….! You said that! Ibrahim yelled.
“Aisha, so is this who you really her….” Ibrahim’s dad said.
“No…..I only said that because i was angry, i never meant to kill her”, she said.
“I started to reason Adeola is a good woman a man would want to take as a life partner, as I l kept on
reasoning that i started to develop feelings for Adeola. I know she loves Ibrahim well and she won’t be
ready to leave him no matter the circumstances, and I didn’t want want this woman to kill her as she
said, that’s why i thought of what i did, I felt that was the only way i could save Adeola from her. I only
did those things to take revenge over the way Adeola treated me. Adeola, please forgive me i am sorry”,
Kazeem pleaded.
“Haaaaaa! God!” Ibrahim yelled.
“I am sorry…I only said that because i was angry, i didn’t mean to kill her, why would i ever do such”,
Ibrahim’s mom said.
“Really..? You had better make your true confession”, Kazeem said.
“What confession again?” Ibrahim’s dad asked.
“What confession?” Ibrahim yelled.
“Ask your mom”, Kazeem said.
“Mommy…! You had better talk now!” Ibrahim yelled at her.
“I don’t know what he is talking about”, his mom said.
“Who is ‘Baba ishe’ ?” Kazeem asked.
“I don’t know what he is talking about”, she said.
“Oh! You don’t know?” Ibrahim asked her.
“Yes, i don’t know. Kazeem, just want you to hate me. I don’t know who he is talking about”, his mom
“If you don’t know then why did you get shock when he mentioned that name?” Ibrahim asked his mom.

PART 109
Before the worship started, Abel did a short prayer for Kazeem, Aliya and Mariam who agreed to
surrender their life to Christ.
“Say, Lord Jesus, i came before you today. I accept that you died and rose again, you shed your precious
blood on the cross of Calvary for my sake. Let your mercy speak for me, accept me Lore as your Son /
daughter”, They said it after Abel.
“In Jesus name”, Abel said.
“Amen”, they said.
“Amen”, Abel said.
The worship was on for almost one hour, one could feel presence of the Lord everywhere.
He started to sing a song by Steve Crown…..
Holy Spirit, you are welcome. Fill this temple with your presence. Holy Spirit, you are welcome, fill this temple with your presence. We wait on you, Lord we wait on you, Lord we wait on you.
At that moment we were singing the song, i felt the presence of the Lord stronger. It was like I was in
another realm already. It was like Heaven had come on earth. My right hand started shaking terribly. My
eyes were shut. I felt a power pulling me from the ground, i felt like i wasn’t standing on the ground
anymore, but i was standing on the air. Suddenly, i felt something strong came out of from my arm,
Kazeem had rubbed something on then. I felt water was coming out from my hand, my whole hand was
wet. Someone was just screaming, i couldn’t tell if it was Aliya or Mariam, but i cloud hear Kazeem voice
shouting ‘Jesus’.
I still continued singing the song along.
Holy Spirit, you are welcome. Fill this temple with your presence. We wait on you……………..
Suddenly, i fell on my kneels. It was like I had lost control over my mouth, for the first time i started
speaking in tongue. My mouth was moving on it’s on accord. I heard a loud scream from his mom. I was
still speaking in tongue and it was like Ibrahim was interpreting all what i was saying. I heard my mom
shouting ‘Holy Spirit!’ It was like another world entirely.
“We can’t doubt it, the Holy Spirit is here right now”, Abel said.
The Holy Spirit really came down. I stopped speaking in tongue,but i could still feel the power of God all
over me, as i was still shaking.
“In any situation we are we overcome it by the word of God. Lord, it is written what you did not plant
shall be uprooted. You didn’t plant blindness in the eyes of your daughter, in the name Jesus by your
power i command it to be uprooted now, in the name of Jesus!”
Suddenly, i felt something stronger held my eyes, i started screaming. I was seeing deeper darkness than
what i was seeing before. Abel still kept on quoting the word of God continuously. Later i started seeing
something white, and blue, blue like the colour of the sky. Suddenly, i felt something was pouring out of
my eyes. I was calm. I opened my eyes, Lo and behold my sight had been restored. I was shocked,
beyond words.
Ibrahim….I called him slowly.
He was looking at me.
“I… can..see…you”, I said to him.
“You can see now!” My mom said immediately, surprised.
“Baby, you mean you can see me?” Ibrahim asked me.
Yes….I replied.
My mom screaming out in joyfully.
“Then, what am i on?” Ibrahim asked.
You on a white T-shirt, i replied.
“Jesus…!!!” Ibrahim screamed out , surprisingly. He hugged me, we were both shedding tears.
I could see the surprise on everyone’s face. Abel was glorify God.
And suddenly, the most shocking thing no one had ever imagined forever, happened. I was shocked to
my bones. “Jesus….!” Ibrahim screamed out. More tears were rolling down our faces.

PART 110
Ibrahim’s mom and his dad came closer to Abel, even Abel himself was so surprised.
“We are sorry”, his mom said, shedding tears. She was on her kneels, Abel told her to get up but she
“Forgive us”, his dad said.
“Wait, are these my parents, or another people”,Ibrahim asked me.
I smiled the more, i was astonished.
“I felt it, i felt it. When i was younger as i teenage then, i had a terrible dream. In the dream i was
surrounded with four tiny snakes, a snake that had blue colour jumped into my mouth and i sallowed it
in the dream. I woke up that night , i felt my throat was hooked, i started coughing and spitting. To cut
down the story ever since then I have been been feeling serious pains in my stomach all the time. But as
you were praying , i felt someone came to be, i don’t know how it happened, but the person pulled the
same blue snake out of my mouth. When i opened my eyes i didn’t feel the pains anymore”, she said as
tears were rolling down her face.
“Glory be to God….” Abel kept on saying.
“I felt it too. My wife had been complaining of the pains ever since, till today. I felt it…”, his dad said as
he was sobbing.
They surrender their life to Jesus Christ. It was wonderful day.
“You have saved my family so much. You healed my son, my daughter in law, me”, his mom said.
“I didn’t do anything, God did”, Abel said.
“How can we pay you back. We are ready to pay any amount you call”, his mom said as she was
shedding tears.
“Yes..any amount i will pay now”, his dad said.
“No, you don’t have to do that, no. I’m working to get paid as you see it”, Abel said.
“No, you can’t say so”, his mom said.
“I could sign a check of 8million naira for you, right”, his dad said, as he rushed to go get his check book.
He came back with a check of eight million naria, giving it to Abel. Abel sighed.
“Please, accept it for yourself”, his mom said.
“Yes, please”, his dad pleaded.
“No, it won’t be for me for the church. Glory be to God”, Abel said.
“Hallelujah…!!!!” The men that came with Abel shouted Joyfully.
“God has answered. There is this out reach we have planning to do in all the states in Nigeria titled
‘Jesus is calling you’. Our the things we needed to to to rent and food to be cooked for people who will
come all was rounded up at over 100 million, as of today it was remaining 8 million to complete it, and
now it is”, Abel said happily.
Wow…I said surprisingly.
“I never knew God was going to use you to complete His work, in fact our God works in a miraculous
way”, Abel said.
“We can help with even more than that”, his mom said.
“Yes, we can”, his dad said.
Abel preached to Ibrahim’s parents, Kazeem, Aliya, and Mariam. He told them to find a Bible believing
church to be attending, but Ibrahim’s parents disagreed totally they said it was Abel church they wanted
to be attending, Abel laughed.
“Mommy, daddy, is the same God”, Abel said.
“Even though, it’s your own church we want to be coming to”, his mom said.
“Yes, that’s were we want to be coming to”, his dad said.
“Alright, that is very fine”, Abel said.
Ibrahim’s mom walked up to me.

MY PAINS Part 106



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Egunjobi Omolola
Egunjobi Omolola
1 month ago

Wowi Hallelujah Hallelujah Ibrahim parent convert to Christian 😁😁😁😁 Glory be to God

1 month ago

Thank God for the healing and salvation. God is good