MY PAINS Part 103


I can’t see, i said sadly.
He came and sat on the bed with me.
You saw me smiling because have decided to make myself happy again.
“I’m sorry for all what i made you go through. I am the cause of this.”
Please, don’t remind me again. Don’t make me cry again. You are not the cause, you didn’t cause
anything. Kazeem, was the cause, i said, as tears rolled down my eyes.
He whipped my tears.
I have decided to accept my fate. As long as their is life there is hope. My greatest joy is that you are
alive. I won’t have been able to survive it if you had died.
“Don’t cry please. You saved my life, if not of you i would have been gone, and i caused you this. Every
minute i die slowly when i see you this way. I keep on regretting, if i knew i would have listened to you
and stayed calm. I am sorry.”
Stop saying you caused it, it wasn’t your fault.
“No matter what happens, i love you. We will go through this together. I will always be by your side
when you need me and when you do not. I will do all for you. No one can ever replace you in my life.
You are wonderful. I love you so much. We will grow old together. I love you.”
I love you too …
We both hugged each other, as tears were flowing down my face.
It wasn’t easy but day by day i was becoming strong.
Ibrahim, always fed me. He was there to do anything i wanted. He helped me moving around the house.
Every evening he took me out on a stroll. We listened to music together. He was always by my side to
make me smile. As time went on i became stronger and adapted to living blind.
I talked to Ibrahim about forgiving Kazeem…..
I know what Kazeem did was evil, it cost us a lot, but we should be greatful to God, who kept us alive.
You have to forgive him.
“Please, please, let’s end this discussion, please”, Ibrahim said.
Please, you have to hear me out.
“Do you know what you are talking about ? Kazeem was the cause of why you went into coma, he was
the cause of why Ahmed got missing, he was the cause of why i made you leave, he was the cause of
why i was in cell, he was the cause of why i almost died, he was the cause of who made me do this to
you! And here you are saying i should forgive him, never! ” He said angrily.
He was the cause i know, but God saw us through that’s why we are still alive. Even with all that God still
says we should forgive. Holding grudges against him in your heart is sin.
“Hold it there please! The problem with you is that you have a soft and forgiving heart. You want me to
help him out, i don’t care if he killed the man or not he must rot in jail. He has to pay for all he did. Don’t
dare talk to me about this matter again! I am never going to forgive Kazeem, that is final!” He yelled at
me angrily.
Am sorry….
“I am sorry for yelling at you”, Ibrahim said.
it’s okay….
“Forgive me please.”
His parents didn’t want us to leave, even when we wanted to. They even enrolled Johnson in a school.
Everything in the house was going well, although his mom never spoke to me.
I was in the room when my phone rang, i was using my hand to search for the phone but i my hand
could not locate it.
Ibrahim, walked in.
“What are you searching for?” He asked.
My phone, it was ringing.
“Here is your phone”, he said.
Who called me?
Let me check, he said. The phone started ringing.
Who is calling? I asked him.


PART 104
“Your mom”, he said.
I sighed.
“I think it’s time we let her know the truth, we can’t keep hiding this from her”, he said.
When she heard what happened she was very surprised and worried. She said she was going to come
the next day.
We were still sleeping in the morning, when my phone rang and it woke us up. Abel, was the one who
called. He said he had a dream, in the dream he saw my eyes in a black liquid and i was crying in the
dream with no eyes. We were shocked when he told us the dream. We told him what happened, he was
surprised. He said the Holy Spirit had been telling him to come see us, we told him where we were, and
he said he was going to come. He ended the phone call.
What kind of dream was that? I asked Ibrahim.
“I really don’t know, let’s wait till he comes”, he said, and i sighed.
“You have to go back to sleep now, it’s just 6:25am.”
I can’t sleep again, said.
He relaxed me on the bed to sleep.
We were all in sitting room when the gate man came in and said someone named Pastor Abel was at the
“Is he not the same pastor then?” I heard his dad asked.
“Yes”, Ibrahim answered.
“How did he know we are living here?” His dad asked.
“He called this morning, that he was coming. So i sent the address to him”, Ibrahim answered.
“Why ….”? His dad asked.
“Let him come in”, Ibrahim said.
“Daddy, shey may i allow am? He say na pastor o”, the gate man.
“I said let him in!” Ibrahim yelled angrily.
His mom sighed.
“Mommy, shey make i allow am?” The gate man asked.
“Will you get out of my sight!” Ibrahim’s mom yelled.
“Am coming, let me go open the gate”, Ibrahim said to him.
My phone started ringing. Ibrahim, answered the call.
“Please, don’t be angry. I will be at the gate soon”, he said.
“Where do you think you are going?” His mom asked.
He didn’t answer her.
“Will you stop there!” His mom yelled at him.
“Mommy, jhor o! Jhor! (Please!) Don’t start this again! Please! If so my family and i will leave your house
and you won’t find us again!” He yelled angrily.
“Please, calm down just let him go and open the gate”, his dad said.
His mom calmed down.
Abel came with other people. They greeted his parents and they replied. My phone started ringing.
“Your mom is calling”, Ibrahim said and he answered the call.
What did she say? I asked.
“She’s around here, she’s finding it difficult to locate here.”
Do you know where she is?
“Yes, i know. It’s not far from here at all. Stay calm, i am coming, ok.”
Ok, i said.
“Please sir, don’t be angry. I will be back soon”, he said to Abel.
“No problem”, he said.
Please, be fast, i said to Ibrahim.
“Yes, i will”, Ibrahim said.
Abel came closer to me, talking to me quietly. I asked him about Joyce, he said she went for a meeting
to represent him. He said he had to take his time to come because the Holy Spirit had been telling him
to. He asked me how everything happened. I was telling him when Ibrahim walked in with my mom.
“My daughter, what happened to you? How did it happen?” She asked me.
Mommy….I said as tears rolled down my eyes.
Suddenly, there was silence.
What’s happening? I asked Ibrahim.
“Your mom and Abel are looking at each other. I think they remembered”, Ibrahim said.
“Oh! They still recognized each other”, i said in my mind.
I flashed back to the day i introduced Abel to my mom.
There was still silence.
“You are the one who wanted to marry my daughter, and you later left her. What are you doing here?”
My mom said.
“Yes! Pastor, what are you doing here in my house!” Ibrahim’s mom yelled at Abel.

PART 105
“Are you not the one i am taking to!” She yelled at Abel.
“Mommy!! Kiloshele! Koleshele ghon! What’s your problem!” Ibrahim yelled at his mom angrily.
“Is it me your mother you are taking to!” His mom yelled back at him in anger.
“Yes you!” He replied.
‘paaah’ I heard a slap. His mom slapped him.
“What do you want from my daughter again?” My mom asked Abel.
“Oh! God, please take control”, I prayed in my mind, in fear.
“Mommy, you just slapped me?” Ibrahim said.
“Yes! I am your mother! If you don’t respect yourself i will slap you again!” She yelled.
“Mommy, i never expected this from you! I thought you had changed from all this religion issues!”
Ibrahim said.
“Are you stupid! Is something wrong with your head! We are Muslims and we still stand on our
background! I have been keeping quite because I didn’t want you to leave, and also because i pity this
blind thing.” His mom said. Tears rolled down my eyes.
“Who did you call a thing? My own daughter!” My mom yelled at her.
I was begging Abel not to leave. He said he won’t, that the Holy Spirit had revealed to him it will be that
way, but he must be patient.
“Yes! Your daughter who forced herself to marry my daughter!” His mom yelled at my mom.
“My own daughter…….” Ibrahim cut her off immediately.
“Mommy, she didn’t force me to marry her, ok! Know that! And don’t you ever refer to my wife as a
thing again, never! Put yourself in her position would have been able to endure all what she passed
through all because of that your evil nephew Kazeem, and all your ill treatment towards her! Yet she still
forgave you! If I am the one i will never forgive you! Respect my wife!”
“Eeeeeeeeeeeeh”, his mom yelled.
“Yes! It’s because of my wife i got to where i am. Have you forgotten then, that i was almost giving up on
school in my final year, if not of her help i would have given up! Please, respect my wife ok!”
His mom sighed heavily.
“Ibrahim! Respect yourself, you are talking to your mother, know that boy! Your mother is right we are
still Muslims.”
“See! I don’t care! I am alive because of this pastor prayer.”
“Will you shut up!” His dad yelled at him angrily. You had better thank Almighty Allah for saving your
life…..” His mom cut him off.
“Instead of saying rubbish!” She said and hissed angrily.
“You see! Didn’t I warn you! Didn’t I” My mom yelled at me angrily.
I was crying.
” Your eyes are cleared now you have learnt your lessons”, my mom said to me angrily
“You were in support of me marrying Aliya, and what did it turn into at the end! Tell me! You had been
telling me to divorce my wife! Is that a good advise a mother is supposed to be giving her son!”
“O my God! So she had been advising Ibrahim to divorce me”, i said in my mind, as tears were rolling
down my face.
“You had been advising me to divorce her and keep Ahmed, because you know i was destined to only
have one child. Is that a good advise a good mother is supposed to be giving! Can’t there be peace even
if we don’t practice the same religion!”
“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up there”, his mom yelled at him angrily.
“Yes, shut up!” His dad yelled at him angrily.
“And you pastor leave my house with your people now! You are not welcomed!” His mom yelled at Abel
with so much anger.
“He is not going anywhere!” Ibrahim yelled.
“In my own house … You must be stupid!” His dad yelled.
“And so! You begged us to come stay here, so you will be seeing me everyday to be sure nothing
happens to me. If both of you are not careful i have told you, my family and i will leave, and you will
never find us. I can see that’s what both of you want!”
“What kind of son did you turn into!” His dad yelled.
“Don’t question me! Let the Pastor do what he has to come to do!” Ibrahim said.
“I should not question you! Do you realize i am your father and you are in my house!” His dad yelled at
Ibrahim angrily.
“Not in my own house this Pastor or whatever will do what he has come to do!” His mom said.
“I can see you have fully forgotten who you are!” His dad yelled angrily.
“Pastor, di de! (Get up!) Get away now!”
“Please ma, take this easy…” Abel said.
“Did you just hold my hand!” His mom yelled.
“Mommy! Do you realize what you just wanted to do, slap a man of God! “
“And so what!!” His dad yelled in anger.
Suddenly, everyone became calm as I heard footstep of someone walking in.
I wondered what was happening.
There was total silence. Ibrahim, came closer to me.
What’s is happening? I asked him.
“Mariam, is here”, he said calmly.
Who is Mariam? I asked.
“Mariam, my mom and i sent away from our house then”, he said calmly.
I flashed back to the day Mariam was sent packing away, when she was pregnant.
Everyone was calm. Mariam, didn’t say a word.

MY PAINS Part 103


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Egunjobi Omolola
Egunjobi Omolola
3 years ago

Mum Ibrahim take it easy now, what is your prob if Abel want to pray for her in Christian way,Mariam why are you there hope it’s not what I’m thinking

3 years ago

From one problem to another, may God take control

3 years ago

Problems after problem ????????????????