MY PAINS Part 78


I smiled at Stella, who was still looking shocked. Ibrahim, smiled at me.
So Stella this is who you are?
She didn’t say a word, she kept on looking at me.
“So you planned this?” She asked Ibrahim.
“So all your plan was just to separate my husband and I, right! Fool! You failed!
Ibrahim, laughed out loudly, mocking Stella.
Stella, became angry.
“I’m not a fool!” Stella said, angrily.
So you still have the guts to talk, Stella! I’m just grateful to God, who didn’t let it possible for you to have
destroyed my marriage.
Ibrahim, nodded his head to what i said.
“Just take a look at yourself, are you not ashamed of yourself now? Just go have a change of life, and
stop living an irresponsible life.”
“Don’t you ever talk to me like that!”
I looked at her in surprise, she still had the gut to raise her voice.
“I hate you! Fuck you! You are the one who is a fool! You say i am living an irresponsible, you must be
very stupid for that statement.”
You are the fool who is living an irresponsible life because, if not you won’t be after my husband to have
him. You just so shameless!
Stella, got angry the more.
“You are the fool because you know nothing, and if you were not a fool you won’t have listened to all
my advice.”
She kept on throwing more insults at me, and i was replying her.
“Shut up! You bastard!” Stella said.
When she said that Ibrahim got up angrily and slapped her on the face, the sound of the slap resounded.
“Don’t you ever talk to my wife like that, never! You this cheap useless thing.”
“Jeeez, did you just slap me? You call me cheap, and useless. Stella said, as tears were rolling down her
Yes, he did Stella. If you would have respected yourself at first all this won’t have happened.
“You will see”, she said to Ibrahim, as tears were just rolling down her face.
She brought out her phone.
“This your so called husband here has been having sex with me, if you don’t know”, she said, showing
me pictures of she and Ibrahim in an hotel.
Ibrahim, looked at her surprised.
I kept mute, looking at her.
“And here is always your husband transfers to me, for me not to tell you! You can see his name.”
Is that true? I asked Ibrahim with all seriousness.
Ibrahim, kept mute.
Stella, nodded her head like, yes, Ibrahim you will see.
So you did? I asked Ibrahim.
“Yeah, he forces me even when i don’t want to, and he bribes me not to tell you”, Stella, said
I saw that look on her, like ‘yes she was achieving something.’
Won’t you answer me?! I asked Ibrahim.
“He won’t answer you because there is no way he can deny it with all these evidences.”
Ibrahim, looked at me.
I bursted into laughter.
Stella, looked at me surprised.
I never knew you will be so bold to show this? My own husband, my man. Aren’t you ashamed of
Ibrahim, laughed out loudly, mocking her.
Stella, looked the both of us, she was confused.
Stella, you are very stupid indeed! That was then, he was drunk and you throw yourself cheaply at him,
if he wasn’t drunk i trust my husband here he wouldn’t have done such. My husband doesn’t love you.
You even paid for the hotel room yourself. Stella, you should be so so ashamed of yourself.
“Yes! I never loved you and i can never love a cheap and stupid woman like you. My wife here is who i
love and no one else, and i respect her so much!” Ibrahim said to Stella.
Stella, tears increased the more.
Yes, and i love him also. Not you or anyone can separate us.
I walked closer to him.
He pulled me closer to himself and kissed me deeply.
The tears coming out from Stella eyes could not stop. She took her necklace, earring, her bag and
jacket, walking out crying.
“I thought you will stay to watch us”, Ibrahim said mockingly to her.
“Get out!” Stella yelled at him.
Ibrahim, laughed out.
“I hate both of with passion!”
I looked at her.
“We hate you also”, Ibrahim said to her.
I laughed out.
“Go to hell!” Stella said.
“You thought i was going to leave my wife for you, God forbid. You are such a fool like my wife said.”
Stella, left crying.
Me and Ibrahim, laughed out.
“So you wanted that thing to pull off her clothes in front me before you came out, ehnnn”, Ibrahim said.
No…no… I said, laughing.
” Then what?”
May be i wanted to see her body, i said, still laughing.
Ibrahim, laughed also.
“I love you baby. I’m so happy.”
I love you too. I am happy too.
I smiled at him.
He hugged me tightly to himself.
“I am sorry.”
No, you don’t have to, i said, still smiling.
“No one will ever be able to come between us, we will both grow old together.”
Amen, i said.
My head was on his chest, he was rubbing my back with his hands.
But you shouldn’t have slapped her.
“Not when that thing was Insulting my wife.”
“Shuuuuu”, he said.
He locked his lips in mine. We started kissing each other passionately with love.

That’s how we started living happily again.
His mom kept on calling, to ask if Johnson is still going to the mosque he always told her yes.
I’m sure if not that it was known that Ibrahim is to only have one child, and what Aliya did to Ibrahim, his
mom would have advised him to marry a muslim and leave me. His mom didn’t like me at all.
Kazeem, called Ibrahim he told him were now living happily, although he didn’t let him know he had
The next day, Kazeem came to visit us. Kazeem, was so happy we were united again.
Three months later.
On a Sunday evening i was watching TV, Ibrahim was chatting.
After a while i noticed his mood changed. I asked him what was wrong, he said he forgot his WhatsApp
status was on ‘my contact’ and his sister has seen the picture he uploaded of the three of us at church.
He said she asked him if he was now a christian, he told her no but she didn’t believe him and she’s
threatened him that if he doesn’t put off christianity immediately she will tell everyone in the family.
I took his phone and read his chats with his sister, tears rolled down my eyes, even his sister hated me
because i am christian.
“Don’t cry please, all will be well”, Ibrahim said.
Ibrahim, was petting me not to cry.
“So that so called wife of yours has succeeded in brainwashing you into her religion. Remember we are
from a muslim family, let mommy and daddy hear you know are dead already”, i recalled his sister chat.
Ibrahim, kept on pleading on her on that day not to tell anyone in the family, especially his mom and
Ibrahim, being a christian didn’t really make things best, sometimes i wondered what his family would
do if they get to know.
The next day, in the morning.
Ibrahim, was traveling at out of the country for a business trip.
“I told you i will be going to berger today. I didn’t plan it you know it just came up yesterday.”
Yes you did. Who did you say you want to see sef.
“I told you yesterday, i want to see a client at begger. You know it was just yesteday he called me and it’s
very important i meet him before i travel today, there is are important documents he has to give me.
You are talking like i didn’t tell you.”
Why can’t the man come himself to meet you?
“C’mon baby, you know he is an elderly man.”
So from beger you will go to Ikeja? When did you even say your flight is taking off.
“Yes, by 9pm.”
Are you sure you will make it, you won’t miss your flight.
“Sure i won’t baby, this just 5:30am. By around 11am i should be done, leaving for the airport.”
Alright, if you say so.
“What’s it, why are you looking like that?”
I don’t even know.
I was looking moody.
“Don’t worry baby i will be back soon.”
I will miss you so much.
“I will miss you too, but i have to go.”
Yeah, i know but i am going to miss you so much. Only Johnson and i will be at home.”
“God will be with you guys, like you always say. I will be back soon,baby. I will miss you so much also
more than you can imagine”, he said looking into my eyes.
Yeah, but i have started missing you even now you haven’t gone. I love you am going to miss you, i said
as tears rolled down my eyes.
He sighed.
“Don’t worry baby, i will always call you, we will be chatting, we will make videos calls. Don’t cry please,
unless i will be sad and i won’t be able to concentrate well.”
Five minutes later, his phone rang his mom was the one calling.
He told her he will be going to begger first before he travels.
His mom prayed for him on the phone.
“Have got to leave now. I will miss you so so much”, he said, and kissed me.
I prayed for him.
That’s why i love you, thanks for your prayers.”
That’s how he left on that day.
Few hours later.
I had been expecting him to call but he didn’t, so i picked up my phone to call him. I saw my phone was
off, Johnson had used my phone to play games.
Johnson! You have used my phone to play game again! Don’t you have yours! I yelled at him angrily.
“I didn’t charge it, i didn’t see the charger”, he said with teary eyes.
“My battery was 20% last night i didn’t know why i didn’t charge it, if i know i would have”, i said, in my
I instructed the gateman to put the generator on.
Like 10 minutes later he came in…..
“Madam, i don dey try the gen no on o.”
Why? But it was serviced yesterday, i said, angrily.
“Yes o, oga call that man make he do am yesterday.”
Is there not diesel in it, or is it finished?
“Madam, no o diesel still they well.”
Please, just put on the small gen now, i want to charge.
“Madam, which small gen.”
The second gen, i said to him angrily.
“Ha, madam that one no be small gen o na still big gen o.”
I didn’t reply him.
He came back to tell me to tell me the gen wasn’t working.
“Oh my God, and Ibrahim is the one who has the number of the man that do service the gen”, i said in
my mind.
“Madam, i fit go look for person to come check am.”
No, my husband doesn’t let anyone to service the gen apart from that man. Do you have his number? I
asked him.
He said no.
I went to try the gen myself, it didn’t start.
I kept on hoping they will on the light.
My mind wasn’t at rest as i had not heard from Ibrahim.
And hour later i went out to get something, i heard few people discussing that the light had fault.
At around 7:30 pm the light was on i was happy. I quickly connected my charger to my phone. After
about 10mintues i put it on i saw a message from him….
Baby, i have been trying to reach you. I guess your phone is off, you told me it was low before i left. Once you phone is on please call me i want hear your voice. I love you baby.
I love you too, i said.
The message was at 11am.
I dialed his number immediately it didn’t go through, i kept on dialling his number, ‘the number you are
calling is not available’, it kept on saying.
I became worried. I prayed for him in my mind.
After some few minutes i dialed his number again, i kept on dialing his number but it was still the same.
I became worried the more.
“Oh Lord, this is just 7pm there is no way he will be in the flight now”, i was so worried.
My mind wasn’t at rest.
I still kept on dialing his number.
I was about to dial his number when i mistakenly clicked on a notification on my screen.
What i saw shocked me deeply, my heart started beating so fast.

Tragedy struck at the Otedola Bridge, Lagos end of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, after a petrol-laden tanker crashed and exploded.
“No, no, no! Ibrahim couldn’t be here, no God forbid! He said he will leave berger before 11am.”
“What if he left late and got involved in the accident?” My mind asked me.
“No, no, not possible. I forbid it in Jesus name.”
“Then why is his number not going through.”
Fear gripped me.
I dialed his number in fear, it was still the same.
I was about to call his mom number but i stopped.
“Mommy, what happened?” Johnson asked.
I didn’t say a word.
“No, my husband can’t be dead”, i said in my mind as i flashed back to the video i watched, about the
Fear gripped me so much that tears were rolling down my face.
I was so scared.
I dialed his number again but it was still the same.
“No, no! He is in the flight now that’s why he is not picking” I thought, to get over the fear that he was
involved in the fire accident.
His dad called me to know if i have heard from him, i told him no. He also asked me if i heard what
happened at berger, i told him yes, he said we shouldn’t just assume that.
I couldn’t sleep well that night. The few minutes i managed to sleep, i kept on having dreams that he
died in the motor accident, and i woke up crying, dialing his number.
The next morning when i got up from bed, i took my phone to dial his number it was still the same.
I called his dad, he said he hadn’t heard from him also.
I kept on dialing
Ibrahim’s number…..
please just pick up, i said as tears were rolling down my face.
I was so worried, i couldn’t do anything. I just kept on dialing his number. Tears couldn’t stop rolling
down my face.
All attempts taken by his family and friends to find Ibrahim proved abortive. I also did my best by
reporting to the police station, but it still proved abortive. He wasn’t found.
We all believed he died in the fire accident at beger on June 29, 2018.
G…..o…..d!!!!! Why!!! Why!!!! Why did you let Ibrahim get involved in the fire accident? I cried out in
“Haaaaaaaaaaa, na wa o! Haaaaaa, so oga done go! Why! Why!” The gateman said, as tears rolled down
his face.
Johnson, was crying also.
Ibrahim, you never told me you were going to leave me. Why did you leave why, why? I held his picture
close to my heart, crying.
You told me we were going to grow old together and you left on the 29th of July.
I told you not to go to berger Ibrahim i did, i did, i said, crying.
Ibrahim why, just tell me why. I will never be able to accept the fact that i won’t see you again, no, no.
Ibrahim, please just come back. I love you so much, please.
I was soaked in my tears.
Ibrahim, please just come back because life is noting without you, there is no reason to keep on living
without you.
Why is death wicked? Why did death have to take you away from me? i couldn’t stop crying.
I flashed back to the last day i saw him, when he was preparing to travel, pains filled my heart the more.
I laid down on the floor crying.
Ibrahim, i wish you could just come back right now, i couldn’t stop crying.
I was crying in serious pains. The pains of losing a love is something else.
I flashed back to the first day we met.
Ibrahim, no! Come back! I screamed out crying.
Johson, who was crying also, came closer to me petting me.
“Mommy, don’t cry”, he said.”
He kept on telling me not to cry but i couldn’t.
Ibrahim, please just come back to me, i want to see you please…… Johnson was whipping my tears.
I imagined how he must have got burnt in that fire.
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i screamed out, crying.
The pains i was feeling was worst than ever, Ibrahim, i love so much was gone.
I wished i could bring him back to life.
God please bring Ibrahim back to life please. Lord only you can feel my pains now, please bring Ibrahim
back to life there is noting impossible for you to do.
His friends were calling me also, encouraging me to take heart and be strong. Kazeem, called also.
People in the estate came to pay condolence visits.
It was really sad.
No matter what they said, i couldn’t stop crying.
What is the essence of life, when Ibrahim who is everything to me is gone. Ibrahim, i love you and you
are gone.
I wish i can just reverse things. I wish i can just see you now, i said in my mind, crying.
I was filled with pains in me, i was devastated to the last point in life.
I couldn’t stop crying for even a seconds.
I took my phone, i checked my WhatsApp there were a lot of condolence messages but i didn’t click on
any. I checked his last seen which was still the same, last seen 29 jun 2018. I clicked on his display
picture, it was a picture of me and him, my tears increased i couldn’t stop crying.
I clicked on my status, family and friends had posted his picture with the word ‘RIP’.
Haaaaaaaaaaaa, no, no, no! I screamed out in pains as viewed it.
Kazeem posted Ibrahim’s picture saying……
It’s so painful you are gone bro. You will forever remember in our hearts, man. RIP He posted it with a
crying emoji.
I viewed another of his friend’s status saying….
So sad you were involved in that deadly fire accident. Rip. May you continue to rest in the bosom of God.
With crying emoji.
Another posted his picture saying…
RIP, So sad you are gone my lawyer. We love you but God loves you more.
With crying emoji.
I put down my phone, crying in pains.
To be continued.


It was so painful, i hated the world.
No one ever knew he would be gone so soon, i said in mind as i was crying.
I wished to just die also.
My phone rang, Joyce was calling. I answered she and her husband spoke to be strong, they apologized
that they had been busy that’s why they weren’t able to come. They also said they would come the next
When i remembered i won’t see him again i cried the more.
Lord, why did you let Ibrahim just go, i sat on the chair in the living room, crying.
I took a pen and paper to write, that’s my way of expressing my emotions through songs….
Why did you leave me, my love.
You left leaving me with so much pains and tears, am more than heart broken, it’s just like half of my life is taken away because you were the half of it.
I wish i could see you again to touch you, to hold you, to hug you, to have those lovely times again.
I don’t try to be strong for a moment because i know i can never be without you. You used to be my joy, my peace, my love, my heart, my world, my life.
Please, wake up and come back to me………
I dropped my pen, crying.
Please come back, please come back to me. I love you please, i said as i cried out in pains.
Johnson, was petting me.
At that time Johnson stopped going to school.
Anytime Johnson, was hungry he went to the kitchen to prepare for or noddles for himself, or he took
bread and tea.
“Mommy, eat na. Don’t cry again mommy”, Johnson was forcing me to eat but i didn’t. I lost appetite
for food from day one, i didn’t feel hungry. All i wanted was for Ibrahim to be back to me.
Days kept on passing by, i couldn’t stop crying, i couldn’t get over the pains.
Loneliness, sadness, pains and depression could be felt all around the house.
I took my phone and dialed his number…..
Ibrahim, please pick up today please. I want to hear your voice today, please, i said, as i was crying.
“Mommy, daddy is dead now because you told me then that he was dead, Mr and Mrs Abel said the
tongue is powerful”, Johnson, said to me as to tears rolled down his face.
Johnson’s, statement hit me hard, i felt a very hard pain in my chest harder than the pains i was feeling
in my chest before he said that.
I looked at him dumfounded and crying.
A month later. July 29, 2018.
I stood in the room looking at his clothes, shoes, wristwatches and all. I took a cloth of his, i held it close
to myself, crying. I got up i took his perfume and opened it, the fragrance made me remember him the
more. It fell off my hand. I broke down crying the more.
They say pains is not what can be seen, but my pains at then could be seen all over me.
Do you know how it feels like to lose someone you love? Do you know?
I laid down on bed crying when i heard a voice say…..
“Hello, anyone at home.”
I wondered who it could be as i whipped my tears. I walked down the stairs to living room, to see Stella.
“Hi”, Stella said.
I didn’t say a word.
“If you won’t reply to my greeting that’s not a problem. I am sorry for…. Did i just i am sorry”, she said
and laughed out loudly.
“Sorry for what? No! Am i the one that killed your lovely husband”, she said, mockingly, laughing at me.
I tried to hold back my tears but it flowed down my face uncontrollable.
“Awwwww, so he that loves you is dead, so painful i feel like crying right now.”
She acted like she was crying, mocking me.
I wanted to speak but i couldn’t it was like my throat was blocked. I started crying.
“Don’t cry baby, he still loves the wise lady. So sad he is gone. Don’t cry you will go to meet him soon,
I kept on looking at her.
“Jeeeez, see the way you look like, i hardly recognised you when you walked out. You look so thin,
disgusting, you look old, it obvious his death is a painful to you. Why not just commit suicide so you guys
can continue your love life over there.”
I felt like giving Stella words of her life, but due to my mood i couldn’t. I just kept on crying as she spoke
to me.
“Try committing suicide ok! don’t forget. Bye now”, she said, as she laughed and walked away.
Stella, was so happy Ibrahim was dead.
I sat on the stairs crying.
A month later, making it two month he was gone.
I thought i was used to pains with all what happened to me then and i could always be strong, but the
pains of losing Ibrahim was something else. I couldn’t stop crying, i missed Ibrahim every minutes.
One afternoon around 1pm, i was sitting in the living room with Johnson when i heard someone hitting
the gate loudly, i became scared.
“Who could be that.”
The gateman had left since. I told Johnson to sit while i go to see who was knocking so hard on the gate.
“Mommy, please don’t go”, Johnson said fearfully.
Noting will happen to me, don’t fear son, i said to him.
“Mommy no, daddy his gone i don’t want to lose you also, mommy please”, Johnson pleaded in fear, as
tears rolled down his face.
Relax son don’t fear God is with us.
He held my cloth, cryin, that i shouldn’t go.
The knock on the gate was becoming harder.
I left Johnson, and walked up to the gate.

I was surprised to see Ibrahim’s mom and his elder sister. I opened the gate and the driver drove in.
Still surprised, i greeted them and they didn’t respond well.
I didn’t know you are back from the state, I said to Ibrahim’s sister, but she didn’t answer me.
Johnson, was looking at the both of them when they came in.
“Hanhan, won’t you come and greet your grandmother again, ehnn, Ahmed”, Ibrahim’s mom said.
Johnson, stood still looking.
She went closer to him and pulled him to herself. Ibrahim’s sister hugged Johnson tightly to herself.
“I’m your aunty”, she said to Johnson.
“My aunty?” Johnson asked her, and he looked at me.
“Yes, i am. I’m your daddy’s sister.”
“My daddy sister?”
Yes, i said to Johnson, who looked surprised.
“Yes, i am the one you do speak to on the phone sometimes.”
“You are the one?” Johnson asked her.
” Yes, i am the one. You really have the looks of my brother indeed”, she said with teary eyes.
Tears rolled down my eyes. Truly, Johnson, is a carbon copy of his dad.
“You killer, you killed my own brother”, his sister reactions suddenly changed.
I looked at her surprised.
How do you mean? I asked her seriously.
“You heard me right.”
I didn’t kill my husband, he died in a fire accident in berger.
“Will you shut up! You killed him”, she raised her hand and slapped me.
I was so surprised.
“What have i done?” I asked myself.
“Don’t slap my mommy! What did she do to you! Johnson, yelled at her.
I wondered if she was actually in her right sense, how could she say i killed Ibrahim.
“You made my brother to covert into your so called christianity and not long after then he died”, she
said and spat on my face.
Oh my God! I said as tears were rolling down my face.
“You made me lose my only brother, she said, as tears rolled down her face.
You made him change to your religion now he is dead.”
Tears were rolling down his mom’s face.
I didn’t force him, and my religion didn’t kill your brother.
“Don’t you dare talk! You are lucky i wasn’t able to come as soon as possible when i heard about my
brother’s death, if not i would have killed you with my bare hands with the way i was feeling.”
“You bewitched my son, now he is dead”, his mom said, crying.
“Leave her to me, let me deal with her!” His sister said.
“Why did you force my brother into your religion, why? You witch!”
I’m not a witch! I didn’t force him, he decided to.
She raised her hand and slapped me again.
I stood still crying.
Johnson, was crying also, telling her to stop.
“Will you agree that you forced him, will you? Of course not!”
I looked at her.
“There is no peace for the wicked! You will know pains.
Witch!” She pushed me, and i fell on the chair.
“Why shedding fake tears. You deceived my brother, look you can’t deceive me!”
Please enough of this. My religion didn’t kill your bother. Ibrahim, decided to covert i didn’t force him.
Don’t call me a witch again. I love Ibrahim you know that, i didn’t kill him so don’t accuse me of what you
know sincerely well that i didn’t do, i said, as tears kept rolling down my eyes.
“You did! You are a witch that’s who you are! A deceiver too! You deceived us by being a muslim before
you married him and after you did you showed your real self. You are a pretender! You are a witch
pretending not to be!”
She spat on me again.
Farida, enough of all this ok! I yelled at her.
“Wow, so you even called my name. How dare you! She said, and slapped me again.
My anger i had been controlling increased, i raised my hand and slapped her.
We started fighting.
“Mommy, stop”, Johson said crying.
“See who says is a christian o. I said it you have been a pretended indeed”, Ibrahim’s mom said.
She tore my cloth as we were fighting.
I pushed her and she fell on the floor.
“So you want to kill my daughter! O fe pa omi mi abi, after you have killed my son. Leave my daughter o!
E fi le o!”
If you come closer you will regret it, i said to his mom.
She was shocked at my statement, she stood still in fear as she kept on shouting.
She was on the on the floor, i was on top of her.
I tore her hijab with my hands. I pulled her hair with my hand with all the strength i had in me at that
time, she screamed out in pains.
I pulled her head up holding her hair, hitting her head on the floor, she screamed out loudly the more. I
raised my hand and punched her hard on her mouth, her mouth started bleeding, blood started gushing
out from her mouth.
Johnson, was crying.
His mom kept on shouting, saying i want to kill her daughter. She was shouting for help.
The anger in me was so much,
I bit her on her skin, i almost cut off her skin away with my teeth, she kept on screaming in pains. Where
i bit her was bleeding also, i touched my teeth with my hand and i saw blood on my hand.
When i saw she was weak already i got up from her. I was panting heavily.
I rushed to my room to clean her blood that stained me and to change my clothe that was torn.
When i came down to the living room, i didn’t see Johnson nor the two of them. I looked around. I
rushed outside.
Johnson, was in their car, crying and shouting mommy.’
They had forced Johnson, in the car before i came out.
Leave my son! I yelled at them, crying. Leave my son now!
“Are you stupid! Move now!” His mom yelled at the driver.
“Mommy, please come please. Open the door now, i want to and meet my mommy.” Johnson, cried out.
I ran after the car as the driver drove out of the gate. The driver increased the speed and i gave up,
I walked back in, i sat on the ground crying.
After about twenty minutes a thought came to my mind, i got up still crying.
I will get my son back, i said to myself.
To be continued.

I went in to take my car key.
I won’t let them have their way i will get my son back, i said, as tears kept on rolling down my face.
I entered my car and drove out. I didn’t see any trace of her car so i increased the speed of my car the
more. I drove recklessly on that day, i didn’t obey traffic rules at all. My car was stopped and i was
arrested for driving recklessly.
I kept on pleading and pleading but they didn’t listen to me.
Joyce and Abel, number were not going through.
I tried to recall my parents and siblings number but i couldn’t. I knew it before, but at that time i couldn’t
remember. I thought of Stella, i knew she won’t answer if she was called, instead she will be happy i got
I was taken into the cell , a cell i had never been too until that day. I cried the more.
“Who is going to bail me out?” I asked myself, as i kept on crying.
It was just like my pains were meant to be increasing day by day.
“What a life, haaaa! What did i do to deserve all this pains?” I asked myself, crying in pains bitterly.
“Lord why? Why? Why me?
The cell was dirty, smelling, horrible, any bad thing you can use to describe it.
“Na why you dey cry since shey na only you dey here ni”, one of the lady in the cell asked me.
I raised up my face to look at the ladies in the cell, they were five in number plus me made it six.
“I go dash you slap o! No be you i ask question”, the lady said, in a way that scared me with her looks.
She had a tinted hair in red colour, she looked hard, razz and dirty. She was smelling like the odour of
the cell, so bad. I hardly breathed well.
“You won show say you be boss abi” She said in anger, and hit me on my neck with her hand.
I screamed out in pains.
A lady who was sleeping on the floor woke up.
“Kiloshele, na who be that?” She asked.
“Mahmah, na this new one when dem just bring today o. She dey won form boss, mo de beere ko soro(
l asked her a question she didn’t answer).”
She stood up looking at me with a dangerous look, fear gripped me.
The lady they referred to as ‘ mahmah’, she is tall, huge and hefty. She had a lot of scares on her body,
like she had been stabbed and injured many times. She had a tinted hair in gold colour.
“Na when dem bring am?”
“As you dey sleep o”, the lady who hit me replied her.
She looked at me again.
“See as you fresh sha. Wentin you commit when make them bring you here?” Mahmah asked me.
I couldn’t say a word, i just kept on crying.
“You kill person? No be you mahmah dey ask question?” One of the ladies said.
A lady wanted to raise her hand on me, the tall hefty lady held her hand back.
She looked at her surprised.
“No touch am”, she said.
She looked at her surprised, again.
“No touch am, i done worn you”, the hefty lady said.
“Wetin na! Na me be the last person before she come. Them do me my own, na my turn na”, she said to
the hefty lady.
“If you talk again i go carry you hit you for ground”, the hefty lady said.
She sat down on the floor angrily.
I couldn’t stop crying. I was managing to breath.
After a long while, the hefty lady came closer to me, she looked at me before she spoke.
“Wetin you do when them bring you come this place?”
I…..was…dri…dri.. drivi…driving…re…recke..lessy, i managed to tell her as i was crying.
“Na wa o for this policemen o! You jam person ni?”
I shook my head.
“That one na small thing your family go bail out sharp sharp.”
I nodded my head.
“No cry jare dem go bail you. Na here i done dey since before all this ones them come, she said, looking
at the ladies.
If any of them try nonsense to you, no waste time tell me i go deal with them.
The ladies didn’t say a word they all feared her in the cell. Anything she spoke they listened to her. She
was just like their boss.
“You hear wetin i talk?” The hefty lady asked me.
I nodded my head.
She walked away from me to another side in the cell, and sat.
I could not stop crying my clothe was soaked in tears.
I never knew life could treat me badly up to that extent. Ibrahim, Johson, i said in pains.
Lord please, please, rescue me.
After a while food was brought in.
They all stood up pulling, and dragging each other for the plate of food. They started insulting each
“You dey mad.”
“Na your food?”
“You dey craze.”
“Na you dey mad, na you dey craze for head.”
“Idiot! If you like spit for the good i go still chop am.”
In less than one minute they had all devoured the food, hungrily.
They still kept on insulting one another angrily.
“If una like make una kill una sef for there o”, a policeman said, as he walked away.
The ladies started insulting him, angrily.
“Idiot police! Na your papa for house dem go kill.”
“Police when no get sense. See as una be like the monkey for my for my village.”
“God go punish you! Useless police.”
They kept on throwing insults at the policeman, and they started fighting again.
“Fight kill una sef, bury una sef o”, another policeman said, as he walked away too.
“Na your papa and mama dem go bury, dem go bury you join also.”
“Dem go bury your wife and children join.”
They kept on insulting him.
I sat quietly, crying.
In the night.
“Abeg comot make i sleep”, one of the lady said, and kicked me on my ribs.
I screamed out in pains.
The hefty lady woke up.
“Wetin happen?” She asked me.
I just kept on crying.
“I no warn all of una here say make una no touch am.”
“I tell am say make she shift i won sleep, she no listen.”
The hefty lady punched her on her face.
“Abeg, no vex”, she said.
I nodded my head.
She laid down immediately to sleep.
I wondered why she was nice to me. If not of her those ladies would have beaten the hell out of my life
and injured me.
I sat down crying, with my two kneels up and my face bowed.
I couldn’t sleep. The few minutes i managed to sleep, i saw Ibrahim in my dream just like when we were
living happily, i cried.
“If he were to be alive i won’t have spent a day here” i said to myself. I flashed back to the times he was
alive, my pains increased the more.
“Abeg, your cry dey disturb my sleep o”, one of the ladies said, angrily.
“Lord please rescue me. When Paul and Salis were in the prison you broke the prison gate to let them
out. Lord Jesus, come to my rescue.”
I cried out bitterly, in pains.
To be continued.

PART 84*
The next day, i was still in the cell, crying.
“Na wa o, why dem never con bail you?” The hefty lady asked me.
I managed to talk….
I have…no one, i said, to her.
“Hanhan! You no get husband, you no get family, you no get friends?”
I have no family, my husband is dead, i said, crying.
“Ehyaaaa, she said in pity. Friends nko?”
I have only one friend and her number isn’t going through, i said.
I had deleted Bayo’s number at a time for Ibrahim to believe i didn’t have anything to do with him again.
“Haaaaa, wentin go con happen now? All these police dem day mad sha.”
I bowed my head, i kept on crying and praying in my mind.
After a while, a woman came and started preaching. As she was perching the ladies in the cell weren’t
listening to her.
I bowed my head on my kneels, crying.
When the woman was done preaching, i lifted up my face.
The woman looked at me surprised.
“Are you not the one?” The woman asked surprisly.
I looked at her, wondering who she was.
“Are you not the one?” She asked again.
I kept on looking at her.
“Yes, it’s you! She exclaimed. You are the lady we accommodated few years back when rain was falling
on that day. You are the one who gave my daughter money to get food on that day, yes it’s you, she said
looking at me surprisingly. Don’t you remember me?”
“O my God”, it was then i remembered her, she had really changed.
“You remember me now?” She asked.
I nodded my head, crying.
“What are you doing here?”
I told her what happened. She shook her head. She said she had been coming to preach, she was
surprised to see me.
“Don’t worry you will be bailed out”, she said.
Tears kept on rolling down my face.
“As you dey go no forget us here o”, the hefty lady said.
To cut the long story short, she bailed me out on that day 3rd September, 2018.
I thanked her so much that day, she said i should thank God instead. She counted some money and
gave it to me, i didn’t want to accept but she insisted i take it from her. She said she was in a hurray to
attende an important meeting, she hopped into her car and started the engine. I still continued thanking
her. I waved at her as she drove off.
Who could have believed i would still meet her again?
Thank you Jesus, i said.
I couldn’t stop thanking God, as tears kept on rolling down my face.
“Where do i begin from?” I asked myself in tears.
I hopped into my car and drove off. As i was driving, tears couldn’t stop rolling down my face.
When i got home, i still kept on thanking God for using the woman to rescue me.
I couldn’t say anything more than “thank you Jesus”, as i kept on weeping.
“With all you are passing through is it worth thanking God?
Why not commit suicide like Stella had said”, the thought came to me.
I started imaging committing suicide as Stella had said, to end my pains.
“Commit suicide and leave your son to suffer?” A thought came to my mind.
I kept on crying.
“No, i will get my son back.”
I made up my mind that no matter what happened i will fight to get back my son, Johnson.
The next day, i went to Ibrahim’s parents house.

MY PAINS Part 78

To be continued.

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Sophia Andrew
Sophia Andrew
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There is something missing the stories how did they caught stella how was Ibrahim converted