MY PAINS Part 71


He was surprised. He stood panting heavily, looking at me in great anger, like as if to strangle me. Fear
gripped me, my heart started beating fast.
I’m sorry, i didn’t know when i did that, i said in fear.
He sighed heavily.
I still kept on pleading, i never meant to slap him.
“I can see she has changed you. You had better stay away from her, before she makes you ruin our
family”, he said angrily.
If there is anyone who wants to ruin our home, it’s your mom and not her, i said, with my head bowed, i
couldn’t look up to his face.
“I wonder when you will become wise.”
“So i am foolish? Wow, i never knew. Yes, of course i am for accepting him back”, i said in my mind.
“And tell me, when did you start carrying heavy makeup on your face?” He asked in anger.
When Stella sent me a picture of her makeup when we were chatting, so i told one of my sales girl that
is good at makeup to makeup up for me just like Stella’s own. She brings her makeup kit with her
everyday, she does makeup for people in my boutique.
And tell me, how does that have anything to do with you? I asked him.
“Wow, i never knew you could easily be influenced. Don’t let me know you have started going out with
men”, he said angrily, still panting.
“Jealous lover”, i said in my mind.
Yes, i have. And what can you do about that.
He laughed hysterically, in anger.
“Look do not dare me!” He said in great anger.
I feared the way he said it.
“And where did you go today?”
None of your business. Just know if your mom dares me again i will beat the hell out of her, you will
come back from where ever you are to rush her to the hospital.
He looked at me, surprised at my statement, feeling like what i said was a just a joke or a threat.
He moved closer to me, still panting, i shifted back a bit in fear.
“God!”, he said surprised.
I rolled my eyes at him.
“It’s obvious you drank again today”, he said, looking at me in a greater anger.
Who cares? Don’t you drink also? I asked him.
I feared what he might do next, the anger in him was something else. As i was about to walk away he
grabbed my hand in anger.
Haaa, i screamed, in pains. His hand was strong on mine.
“Now, listen to me! No movement out of this house, for now.”
You can’t restrict me, ok! Who do you feel or think you are!
“You will stay in this house, till i free you to move out.”
You are joking right?
Yes, i was joking, he said, and freed my hand.
“Better, he was just joking”, i said in my mind.
His mom knocked on the door, he walked to go open the door. I don’t know what they discussed.
The next day.
Johson went to school, Ibrahim went to work.
I decided to go to my boutique, instead of getting into trouble with his mom, that was just ranting
angrily about what i didn’t know.
I took my bath and dressed up. I wore a pair of blue jean trouser, a black net top, i didn’t use the inner
wear so it was revealing. It was something like that Stella wore on the first day we talked. I applied some
light makeup, and took my hand bag.
I searched for my car key, i couldn’t find it. I searched for where the other car keys where kept, i couldn’t
find any. I couldn’t find any of the car keys to my three cars, the one i bought when I was still single, the
one Ibrahim bought for me and the one Bayo bought for me. I searched for Ibrahim’s own also i couldn’t
find any, he had three cars, he drove one to work. Ibrahim, is a lover of cars.
“Who could have come into this house to take our car keys, harm robbers again?” I asked myself, as i
still kept on searching.
“No, why would they steal the car keys and leave the car, or could his mom have taken the key?”
I picked up my phone to call Ibrahim.


“Hello”, Ibrahim said.
“How are you?”
“I’m not fine.”
“What’s wrong?” He asked, seriously.
I kept mute.
“Talk to me na”, he said, in a panicking voice.
“I can’t find the car key to any of the cars”, i said, angrily.
He sighed.
“Where are you going to?”
“To my boutique, of course.”
“No problem. I will call my driver to come drive you there, just wait.”
“I can’t find the car key to any of the car, and you telling me you will call your driver, your driver will look
for the key abi.”
“I hid the keys, when you insisted you will still go out upon my order.”
“So you the one who took the keys i have been searching for since! Where did you put the keys?”
“When you are ready to leave call me, my driver will be there to drive you to your boutique, madam.”
“I don’t want any driver! Tell me where you kept the keys now!” I yelled at him angrily on the phone.
He kept mute.
I kept on shouting at him angrily he didn’t say a word.
“What sort of rubbish is this! You not even saying anything!”
I knew if i still kept on shouting he won’t say anything or change his mind and he won’t hang up also, he
doesn’t hang up on me.
“Fine! Since you not saying anything, i will take the public transport!”
“Okay”, he said.
I hissed, and hanged up angrily.
Nonsense! He will see who he is dealing with! What sort of rubbish is all this! Oh God! I walked out
angrily from the room.
I searched Jonson’s room and the other rooms but i couldn’t find the key. Only the room is mom was in,
i didn’t search. I searched the kitchen, i couldn’t find the keys. I sighed, and walked out.
The gateman was standing at the front of the gate.
“Won’t you open the gate!” I yelled at him angrily, which i had never done.
He was surprised at my reaction.
“Madam, na you be this?” The gateman asked, looking at the way i dressed.
You must be stupid! Open the gate for me now or you get out!
“Madam, abeg abeg, oga talk say make i no open gate for you to go out.”
Ohhhh! Open this gate now!
He started pleading, saying that is the instruction Ibrahim, gave to him.
Look, if you don’t open this gate right now, i will arrest you for denying me of freedom.
He went on his kneels.
“Madam, please abeg no arrest me. Na oga say may i no open gate. Madam, abeg oga go sack me if i
open gate, i know oga.”
Will you listen to him or me!
“Madam, abeg oga go sack me if i open gate.”
And how would he know if i went out? I will be back before he comes.
He kept mute, before he spoke.
I looked at him hoping he would change his mind. The gate was locked with a padlock.
“Madam, big mummy fit tell oga say i open gate for you.”
‘Big mummy’, he was referring to his mom.
Open this gate now! I commanded.
He stood still.
Get out of the gate and open it now.
I pushed him away angrily. He still kept on pleading.
I told Stella last night that Ibrahim restricted me from going out.
“He no dey go work?” Stella asked me.
I told her yes.
So how he go know if you go out? She asked me.
“Na, true sha”, i replied her.
She told me how she threatened her gateman with a knife when her husband instructed him not to
open the gate for her.
I went in and came out with a kitchen knife.
The gateman got shocked on seeing me. He knelt down begging.
“Look! If you don’t open this gate now i will stab you and stab myself, so there is no way you can defend
yourself that i stabbed you because, you i will say you stabbed me also”, i threatened him.
There is no way you would win the case, remember my husband is a lawyer, and my husband who told
you to lock the gate will be on my side and not yours. So open this gate now!
He still kept on pleading, i brought the knife closer to him.
“Madam, i go open am”, he said in fear.
I laughed, inside of me.
He went in to bring the keys, and he opened the gate.
Good, i said.
I dropped the knife on a plastic chair he usually sits on.
I walked outside the gate.
Remember, you mustn’t tell my husband you opened the gate for me to go in, if not, you know! I
threatened him the more.
I took my purse from my bag, counted out 5k and gave it to him.
At 10:05am, i was chatting with Stella.
“What’s up na, na house you dey?” She asked.
“No o, my boutique.”
“I thought you said your husband restricted you from going out? Buy my own cloth come o.
“Lol. I own the boutique. I import wears, foot wears, wristwatches, jewelries and so on to be sold.”
“Wow! Are you for real.”
“Lol, yeah.”
“Wow, you are really a big madam o.”
“See ehnn, don’t worry i will start patronizing you, i never knew na.”
“Lol, i trust you.”
“Yes o.”
“Let me call you sef and gist you.”
“Oyaaa! I’m ready.”
I called her and narrated what i did to get out of the house.
“That’s it baby! You are on point! I love that. You don’t have to let any man control you, baby” she said
happily, laughing.
“Yes o, you are right dear”, i said, laughing.
“Don’t worry when we see i will tell you more things.”
“I trust you na. I will come to your house when i leave here soon.”
“Alright, I’m expecting you o.”
“Ok na.”
“Yeah, bye”, i said.
“Bye”, she said, and i hanged up.
I did some few things before leaving.
I boarded a cab that will take me straight to my estate. The driver charged me 5k, i didn’t mind.
Although, if i was to go through public transportation the transport fare would only cost me N1000, just
like in the morning, but i didn’t want to go through the stress.
When we got to my estate, i directed him to Stella’s house. I came down and paid.
I knocked the gate, the gateman came to open it.
Is Stella in? I asked.
“Yes, my madam dey house”, he said, and opened the gate.
As i walked in, the gateman shook his head. I wondered why he did.
As i was walking, her door opened, Stella and a man came out and stood in the veranda. The man placed
is two hands on her, they were talking and laughing.
“That must be her husband”, I thought. They didn’t even notice me, till i got closer to them.
Good day, i greeted them, smiling.
The man removed his hand from her.
The man stared at me, i looked at myself.
“Oh! The net top i wore”, i said in my mind. I felt a bit ashamed of myself.
“Fred, meet my friend. Dear, meet Fred.”
“Did she just introduce her husband by his name?” I said in my mind.
The man strechd his hand for a hand shake. We both shook hands.
“Nice meeting a beautiful damsel”, he said.
I smiled.
“C’mon Fred, I’m here”, Stella said.
Fred and i laughed.
“Honey, i have to be going now”, Fred said and kissed her.
” Awwwww”, she said.
“I will miss you.”
“Same here”, Stella said.
They both hugged each other, and they both kissed again. He walked towards his car, he entered and
started the engine. They both waved at each other, smiling, before he drove out.
“Let’s go in, by the way i love your top”, Stella said, smiling.
Is that your husband? I asked her.
“Gosh! Does he look like a husband”, she said, mocking Fred and she laughed.
Then who is he?
” You don’t expect me to stick to only one man, do you?”
“Wow, so she cheats.” I said in my mind, surprised.

What if your husband gets to know? And i haven’t seen your husband since i have been coming here.
“Yeah, he leaves for work at 5am and returns late. Have complained severely, he says i give him
headaches that’s why he returns very late. I know he is with another woman out there”, Stella said.
How do you know? What if he is not?
“Do you think men are loyal?”
Hmmm, sincerely not all but there are still loyal ones.
“Like who?”
Hmmm, my husband, i said, confidently.
“You think so?” She asked, staring and smiling at me.
I read his chats sometimes, not like i am suspecting him, sometimes when he is chatting he may leave
his phone on our bed to go do something, and i may pick it up and read his chats. The password to his
phone is my second name. Once he ends a call, he tells me who called him. He discusses a lot of things
about himself to me also. I trust my husband.
“Hmmm, i see. Even with that do you know men still cheat.”
Whatever, not mine.
“All the times you were away, i saw your husband with a lady. I later got to know the lady isn’t his wife.”
“So she knows.” I never told her i left his house for more than a year. I didn’t tell her that story.
I know, i was away with my son because we had misunderstanding.
“So you know? “, Stella said, looking at my eyes.
He isn’t with her anymore.
“But he cheated, didn’t he?”
When i was away, and not now anymore.
“What if he still sees her behind your back?”
He isn’t.
“How sure are you?”
She is not even in Nigeria.
“Really! What if he still chats with her?”
I told you i do read his chats.
“Wow, i can see you are so sure of your husband”, she said.
Yes, mommy Ella. My husband is loyal.
She laughed out loudly.
“Stop it, don’t call me mommy Ella it makes me feel old. I’m Stella.”
Ok, Stella.
“Better. Let me get our drink”, she said, smiling.
Your drink not ours. My husband is really against me drinking, i don’t want to offend him the more.
“Gosh! Your husband, your husband all the time, na wa o. Aren’t you tired?”
No, i love him.
She laughed.
“Love o, it’s obvious. Free yourself from him and enjoy your life jare.”
She brought the alcoholic wine. She persuaded me to drink and i did.
She took a cigarette and started smoking.
We started talking.
I told her about how i faced Ibrahim’s mom. She told me to do more to get her frustrated so she would
After talking for about an hour, we kept mute. She was focusing on her phone.
“Yeeeeh!” She exclaimed, happily.
What’s it? I asked her.
“There is a night show this friday.”
Ohh, i said.
“Don’t you go out for shows?”
Yeah, i do with my husband sometimes.
‘Husband’, abeg the thing dey vex me.
Na you sabi, i said, sipping the alcoholic wine.
“We are both going together o.”
Uhhh? Where do you want me to tell my husband i am going to?
“C’mon, be smart. You could just form a lie or something.”
I told you he restricted me from going out, didn’t i?
“Yes, you told me. Are you going or not?”
I can’t! Don’t you get me?
“Ok fine. You could just drug his drink so he could sleep till the next morning, and before then you would
be back.”
God forbid. What if he doesn’t wake up?
“Why won’t he wake up? Na poison you won give am?”
God forbid.
“C’mon, i do it for my husband when i want to leave the house on fridays sometimes if he is around,
after all he no dey go work on saturday. By 4am or 5am i am back and the drugs makes him sleep and
wake up by 8 or 9 in the morning.”
I looked at her surprised.
“Table for five is just 500k.”
Wow, i said.
What’s wow?
And you expect me to just waste a whole 500k, just like that.
“But you said you do go out for shows with your husband.”
Yes of course. He pays, not me. And not table for five we do take.
“Don’t worry i have three other friends that will go also. We used to be five going outing, but one just
delivered a baby three months ago. So me, you and my three other friends will complete five, so that’s
just like a 100k for each person, for us to get the ticket”, she said, smiling.
And you still expect me to just waste a 100k, just like that.
“C’mon na. Na small thing for you, i know na. You be big madam na”, she winked at me.
I don’t really like night shows, it’s my husband that always persuades me to go with him. What if we get
into trouble?
“Ha, your husband na lawyer na, e go bail you sharply.”
Not that! What If we get attacked?
“All the one you they go since, them attack you?”
But we are ladies.
“Don’t worry, there will be maximum security.”
Ok ooo.
“Are you going?”
Am not sure, even with this you gave me sef I am not sure i can use it o.
” We are going!You must pay o, and we are getting the ticket.”
I’m not o.
We started auguring.
I have to start going before my husband comes home.
“Marriage bandage”, she said, mockingly.
God forbid!, I rebuked it immediately.
She laughed out loudly.
” Wait”, she said.
She left. I saw her coming with something in a nylon.
“This the drug to use, so your husband can sleep”, she said, giving it to me.
I can’t use it o.
She persuaded me, and i took it from her.
“That’s it. So your husband won’t even know you went out. Keep it where he won’t see it, otherwise you
Have heard you.
“Yes o.”
I got up to leave.
“So don’t forget friday show”, she said, smiling.
I done hear, i said.
“Let me see you down the road”, she said.
She saw me down the road and left.
I knocked on the gate and the gateman opened.
Is my husband back? I asked him, immediately.
“Madam, he never come back o.”
I told you i will be back before him, i said, and walked in.
In the night i laid down on my bed. My mind flashed back to the show Stella told me about and what she
said i should do to Ibrahim.

MY PAINS Part 71

Stella, right! He said.
I looked at him in fear, i didn’t know what to say.
“I wonder when you will be wise! That bitch is up to something against us and you are playing along with
her!”, he said angrily.
I started pleading.
“I believed you when you promised me you will stay away from her, i believed you when you said you
were going for a vigil, but you are noting but a liar now!”, he said angrily, but calmly as it was late.
” The security men at the gate called my number like 15minutes ago that they saw you with Stella at this
late hour, i couldn’t believe it i was auguring with them that it couldn’t be my wife, but it’s true. “
“O my God, the security man called him”, I said in my mind.
I still kept on pleading, tears were rolling down my eyes. I regretted why i followed Stella.
Three days later, Stella called me that she is going somewhere and she wants me to go with her.
“My husband doesn’t want me to go out”, i said to her on the phone.
“Hanhan again! What sef! What’s wrong with that your husband again?”
“He got to know i went out with you on friday.”
“Really…. How? Who told him?”
“That security man called him and told him.”
“Wow! For real?”
“What kind of a security his he? Is that is job! Is that what is there for!”, She shouted on the phone
“My husband doesn’t want to see me with you at all. That friday night was something else, i just thank
God he didn’t tell his mom and she didn’t get to know, if not it would have been worst.”
“What did i do to your husband that he doesn’t want to see you with me? Na wa o .”
“You did noting, i don’t just know why.”
“He controls you too much, his family doesn’t love you, you are going through a lot. Why not just divorce
“I love my husband and i can’t divorce him”, I told her the truth.
“See you o! You are suffering and you are still saying you can’t! Do you want to keep on suffering? Are
you enjoying it? Be wise! you are a lady! Ladies shouldn’t be dumb.”
I sighed.
She still kept on talking to me to divorce him. I told her i have heard her.
“Anyway, is your husband at home?”
“No, he is at work.”
“Alright, i will be coming now.”
“Okay, bye.”
“Bye”, i said and she hanged up.
In less than 10 minutes, Stella was in my house. When she walked in she didn’t greet his mom who was
seated in the living room.
“Who are you?”, She asked Stella, looking at way she was dressed.
“What sort of question is that?” Stella asked her, looking at her.
I was surprised at the way Stella replied her. She was also surprised at Stella’s reply to her.
“What kind of a girl are you?”
Stella hissed.
“You must be very stupid.”
“You are the one who must be stupid for living in my friend’s house when you have your own husband’s
I was shocked at what Stella said for calling her ‘stupid.’ I started begging Stella to calm down. I was
begging his mom to calm down also, i was so confused. The more i was pleading, the more they were
throwing insults at each other, it was becoming more serious. The gateman came in and started
pleading also. From all the things Stella was telling her, she really wanted her to leave to her husband
“You are a spoilt child! Useless child! Oloroburuku!”
“Fuck you! You are the one who is useless and spoilt, not me! Go back to your husband house.!”
I kept on pleading but they still continued.
“Alhaja, or whatever you are, you are so lucky i didn’t meet you out there i would have beaten the hell
out of you to show you who i am, i won’t do that here because i respect my friend, but you will see!” She
shouted at her angrily.
Stella hissed and walked out angrily.
I sighed.
She faced me angrily, i knew she was going to do that.
“So you brought your friend to come and insult me!”, she said with so much anger.
No, i did not, i said fearfully.
“Will you shut up!”
She raised her hand and slapped me hard. I placed my hand on my face, she slapped me.
“Why was she not able to slap Stella that insulted her”, i asked myself.
My eyes were filled with tears, but i didn’t let the tears roll down my face.
“I won’t say a word till my son is back! Enough! You are leaving this house today once my son is back.”
She said angrily.
I walked to my room, crying silently.
Thirty minutes later, my phone rang. I whipped my tears and picked up.
“Hello, hafa”, Stella said.
I sighed.
“Is everything alright?.”
“Yeah”, i said, faintly.
“Alright, I’m sure with the way i talked to her she will leave by tomorrow if not today sef.”
“I hope so too.”
Stella, talked to me for like five minutes before she hanged up.
Two hours later.
“Haaaaaa, Omo mi! Omo mi! Omo mi! Haaa,.” I heard her his mom say.
I knew something must have happened.
I rushed down to the living room.
“Mo ti gbo o”, she said and the call ended.
She was panicking, seriously. I looked at her wondering what happened. She rushed to her room took
only her handbag and left.
“Haaa, omo mi!” I recalled her statement.
“God, i hope something has not happened to Ibrahim.”
I became scared.
I rushed to my room. I took my phone and called Ibrahim twice he didn’t pick up. I became scared the
more, my heart started beating fast.
“Lord, please save Ibrahim. I don’t know what has happened.”
I cried out, in fear.


I called his number again he didn’t pick up. I was so scared.
Five minutes later he called me and said, ‘Baby, i am busy i will call you later ok.’
I felt so much relieved, i was so happy noting happened.
“But what could have happened that is mom left, panicking”, I thought to myself.
When Ibrahim was back i welcomed him, he didn’t reply me well.
“Could his mom have told him what happened?”, I thought to myself.
“Where is my mom?” Ibrahim asked.
Hmmm, she left today. I didn’t know what happened, she received a call, she shouted ‘omo mi, omo mi’.
She went to the room to the room, she took her bag and left. She was panicking. I thought something
happened to you. I was scared that’s why i kept on calling you.
He sighed.
What’s wrong? I asked him.
“I received a call from my sister’s husband in abroad, he said my sister is seriously sick almost to the
point of death.”
Jesus Christ! I exclaimed. Since when?
“A month now.”
Haaaa, and he just said it today.
“He said my sister kept on telling him not to tell anyone, so we won’t be in tension. He said it’s got so
serious today that’s why he had to call.”
He sat and bowed his head, he placed his two hands on his face.
I came closer to him.
Don’t worry dear, she will be fine. It’s written she shall not die but live to declare the word of the Lord.
He lifted up his head, he looked at me and sighed.
He took his phone, he called his mom. Later he called his sister’s husband.
I kept on encouraging him, but his mood didn’t change.
The next day in the afternoon.
I was preparing lunch in the kitchen, when he walked to the kitchen angrily.
“My mom just called me now and i am sure it’s Stella. So even upon how you promised me you will stay
away from her, you still brought her in into our house to come and insult my own mother”, he said with
so much anger in him.
I feared him.
I…I….I didn’t bring her to insult your mom, she…
“Will you shut up there!” He shouted at me in great anger. Why would i believe you this time that you
didn’t bring her to come insult my mom!”
I…I… swear…i did..not.
“Just shut that mouth of yours, before i shut it up for you now. I have been patient enough with you,
but not this time around again. You brought in that Stella to come insult my own mother who gave birth
to me, ha!”
I kept on pleading, coming closer to him.
“If you dare come closer to me you will regret it”, he said in great anger. He was panting heavily.
I stood still in fear.
“I won’t say much, but you will regret it! If you know what’s good for yourself it’s better you don’t stay in
my house till i return.” He said in greater anger than before.
I was shocked at his statement.
He walked out of the kitchen. He went to the room and came down with his car key.
“Ahmed, lets go”, he said to Johnson.
Johnson, got up immediately.
I couldn’t ask him where he was going with Johnson. Both of them left.
I went to the kitchen and turned off the cooking gas.
” Lord, i hope he isn’t going to keep Johnson with his mom? What is he going to do to me when he is
back? Even though he is to send me away i don’t have anywhere to go, my house is on rent and i can’t
go back to my parent house.” I thought to myself, as tears rolled down my house.
“Why did i even meet this Stella.”
I sat down crying and thinking about all i had been through.
I felt the pains again. I wished i had listened to my mom. I kept on crying.

MY PAINS Part 71

To be continued.

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