Mermaid On Rescue Episode 3 – Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

Mermaid On Rescue Episode 1 - Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

Mermaid On Rescue Episode 3 – Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

… Smith and I froze and couldn’t look back, as our hearts continued pound!ng so hard.

“The mermaid!” One of them exclaimed, and they all stood up.
“But, who is the person with her?” The same person quizzed.

“Could… Could… this be… Smith?” His father questioned in stutters.

One could tell that Smith stood there shivering from the way his hand was vibrating cos his hand was holding mine in a very tight grip.

“Of course, it is” One of them yelled, and they started to approach us with flashlights as shiny as the sun.

“Hurry! Hurry up and dive into the water!!” Smith said in silent whispers.

“No” I said turning to him.
“I’m not going to leave you all alone here” I said.

He tried forcing me to but I refused, and the men were already a few steps away, unknown to us that one of them had already left to get a net.

“Throw the net!” We heard all of a sudden, and Smith pushed me forward and I staggered into the water just a few steps away. The net missed both of us but Smith rushed forward by the water to make sure that I was safe. I swam a little deeper, and then peeped through the water. As soon as they saw what Smith had done, one of the men pulled out an arrow and hit Smith on his arm, and he fell backward into the water.

“That is for betraying us” He said gnashing his teeth.

“Nooo!!!” His father screamed at the top of his voice, diving into the water but I grabbed Smith as soon as he fell into the water and I swam away with him deep into the water. I paused halfway, pulled out the arrow and we again proceeded.

I watched from afar as his father searched everywhere for him but couldn’t find him.

I swam with him to another seaside, took him out of the water, and laid him on his back in the dry land but I noticed he was no longer breathing. I tapped his cheeks multiple times and even felt his pulse but nothing.

“Hello… Smith?!” I said into his ear but he didn’t respond.

“Is he de@d? I asked myself rhetorically with popped eyes and then, he sneezed, opening his eyes.

I sighed placing a hand on my chest.

“You sc@red me” I said and he started to look around but found neither a human nor a tent.

“Where am I? ” He quizzed still looking around.
“I thought I was de@d ” He said and just as he was about turning again, he felt a sharp p@in on his shoulder. He grabbed the arm and then let out a scream.

“Sorry, you’ll be fine” I said tapping his back.

His bow and arrow were strapped to his back. I was going to help him remove them but he refused, saying that it was his weap0n of safety.

We tore a part of what he was wearing and we tied the wound with it.

“I’ll help you find your brother” He said looking at me.

“Wow, thank you” I said with smiles.

“I know where he is” He added, and my jaw dropped in awe.

“I don’t understand” I said.

“I know those humans who buy live mermaids” He said.

“What?! ” I exclaimed again.
“But, what do humans need mermaids for? ” I quizzed.

“For money” He said.
“These live mermaids are bought by big men and then sold to people who own museums. The live mermaids are then put up in show glasses so some humans come to watch them after making some certain amount of payments” He said.

By Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites.

“But, that’s not fair” I said.

“Yes, it isn’t ” He replied.
“So, when do we go in search of your brother? ” He quizzed.

“How about now? ” I asked curiously.

“Ok then, lets go” He said.

“Forgive my manners please. But, your wound” I said pointing at it.

“No it’s ok. I love to swim so the water will help heal it” He said with a smile and I nodded, smiling back.

We swam for hours, rested by the seaside for a few minutes and then we proceeded again. We talked about so many things, and how the water world and the human world look like. We shared ideas, and then I taught him my favorite song.

After swimming for another hours, we finally arrived somewhere with plenty tall buildings by the sea.

“Wow!!! ” I exclaimed with my eyes glued to the buildings.

“Where’s this place? ” I asked Smith as we both swam out.

“Well, lets call it, the wealthy man’s land. You can’t live here if your pocket is empty” He said with a giggle.

“Oh, I see” I said.
“So, how do I find my brother? ” I asked.

“Relax, I’ll help you ” He said. And then, we started to hear little children’s cheering voices, which seemed as though they were playing with something.

“Hold on” Smith said and I paused.
“Let me check what they are up to before we sneak into the museum. We’ll check there if he’s there” He said and I nodded.

Smith left, but ran back after a few seconds. I was sh0cked to see him that way.

“What is it? ” I asked with popped eyes.

“Uhm… I don’t know but the kids are playing with something that looked like a little merman. I don’t know if it’s your brother” He said.

“What?! ” I exclaimed, trying to rush there but Smith quickly grabbed me.

“What are you trying to do? ” He questioned.

“To see if it’s my brother” I said struggling to withdraw myself from his grip.

“Wait! You can get yourself into tr0uble. Don’t you know that? If these people see you like this God has answered their prayers. They will end up making so much money from having you sold. ” He said.

“So, what do we now? ” I quizzed.

“Just wait here, I have an idea ” He said and then left and returned after a few minutes.

“Come” He whispered and I followed from behind. We hid behind a building, I peeped from there and lo and behold, I saw Romeo being trapped in a show glass.

“Yes, that’s him! ” I exclaimed but Smith quickly covered my mouth.
“Is… Is this the mus… ” I stuttered but Smith cut in.

“You mean the museum? ” He asked and I nodded.
“No, it isn’t. But I wonder why he’s kept out here” He said.

“How do we get him out? ” I quizzed with a stare.

“Watch me” He replied and then tiptoed forward.

“Be careful” I whispered and he nodded.

He set his arrow on the bow, sh0t directly above the show glass and the arrow pierced with a crack on the glass. As soon as the children around the show glass saw this, they turned to see who sh0t it and Smith stood there ready to sh00t another arr0w, and they took to their heels screaming at the top of their voices.

Smith rushed to the show glass, punched the cracked place and the glass shattered. He brought out little Romeo and as soon as he saw me, he ran towards me calling my name.

“Go now! Run!!” Smith screamed.

“What?! Let’s go” I said to him stretching my hand forth towards him.

“The people are coming. Take your brother and run out of here” He screamed again at the top of his voice but how could I leave and abandon him there?

And then, I saw some humans running after him and he in turn took to his heels. I held Romeo’s hand and we both dived into the water. We paused, waiting for Smith too to dive into the water so we could escape together but all of a sudden, he was sh0t from behind, and he fell into the water. Those people still followed him, and they sh0t him again and again in the water. I screamed as tears dripped down my face, so did little Romeo. We then swam deep into the water unable to even utter a word to each other. I really felt for Smith. I was already thinking of how best to appreciate him for helping me find my brother but now he lost his l!fe in the process.

After several hours, Romeo and I finally found our way home drowning in our own tears, unable to utter even a word to each other. As soon as the other mermaids and mermen in our settlement saw us, they ran toward us chanting my name. They carried Romeo up and began singing songs but I ignored and went straight into my room.

Later that day haven heard all that had happened, the King summoned us including my step mother, Dad and Ashley. I was asked to narrate everything but Ashley denied it. Romeo countered him and told us all how Ashley lured him to the human’s and then gave him to them in exchange for a phone and a mirror. The King felt so sorry, and then banished Ashley and my step mother, and he rewarded me with a piece of diamond and pearls.

Ashley and my step mother left our territory, and till today no one knows their settlement. I remember Smith each day that passes, and every year on the same day he l0st his life, I fast and pray for his soul to find rest.

The End!

Do not copy without giving credit to the writer.

©️ Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites


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