Mermaid On Rescue Episode 2 – Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

Mermaid On Rescue Episode 1 - Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

Mermaid On Rescue Episode 2 – Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

… Tired, hungry and exhausted, and very cold, I saw a tent at the seaside and I paused. After contemplating for a while whether to go there in search of Romeo or not, I finally made up my mind to do so. I swam very close to the seaside and was about swimming out when I saw a human kneeling by a fire, holding a fish over the fire. I retreated immediately, hiding myself under the water. But then, I had stayed under the water for so long without warmth and food. I then decided to swim out and approach the human to at least beg him for food so as to save myself from starvation first.

As soon as he saw me swimming out of the water, he flung the fish he was roasting aside and started to run and scream for help.

“No! No!! Please wait!!! ” I said at the top of my voice but he continued running and wasn’t even going to stop.

“A mermaid! Helllppp!!!” He kept screaming as he ran.

I tried as much as I could to tell him that I don’t bite but he wasn’t ready to listen, and he ended up running away.

I went closer to the fire and knelt before it, spreading my arms over it. And then, I picked up the fish, continued roasting it, and kept it aside after it was done. Was tempted to have a bite cos of how I was feeling but then it wasn’t mine so I had to control myself.

After some minutes, the human arrived with an older human who was holding a weap0n, ready to @ttack, while the younger human hid behind him.

“Dad, there she is” The younger human said pointing at me from his hiding.

The older human then looked back swiftly at him.

“Smith, I don’t understand. But this is a mermaid” Said the older human, looking so surprised.

“Yes?” Replied the younger human, still trembl!ng.

“But you told me that you saw a strange creature that looked danger0us.” Said the older man.

“Isn’t she?” Replied the younger human.

“How? No, she isn’t. This is a very beautiful mermaid at that” He said and as soon as I heard that, I became more relaxed. I was immediately able to close my already-opened mouth.

“Uhmm… Thank you” I said with a faint smile.
“But please, I’m very hungry” I added.

“You are?” The older human asked with popped eyes, and then approached me and picked up the fish from beside me.

“You can have this, eat it” He said stretching it forth.

“What?!” The younger human said in exclamation.
“B… But… that’s mine” He added.

“Smith, don’t be ridiculous. Is that how you treat people you’re meeting for the first time?” The older human quizzed looking at him, and then turned to me.

“I’m looking for my little brother. Have you both seen him?” I asked.

“Nope” They both replied.

I sat on the ground, and ate a little out of it and after I was done, the older man asked Smith his son to excuse us. He then asked me who I was and where I was from, and I told him everything that had happened. He felt sorry and promised to help find Romeo my brother.

By Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites.

“You can pass the night here in our tent, don’t worry you’re in safe hands but it’s not safe out here for your kind. By tomorrow I’ll help you find your brother” He said and I let out a smile.

“Thank you” I said, and he smiled back.

A few hours later, everywhere was already getting dark. I was taken into the tent to rest by the older man but Smith his son wasn’t comfortable with the whole thing, I could see it on his face. He left the tent @ngrily and then went to sit by the seaside.

“Uhm… I think I should just go away from here. I don’t think your son likes me” I said.

“You mean Smith?” He quizzed and I nodded.
“Don’t mind him, he’s just being a child. You’re safer here. If you leave at this time there are fishermen out here who would not think of any other thing but to sell you out for money. And you need to be here so we can leave together very early in search of your brother” He said.

“Ok, thank you for the information” I said and he nodded.

That night, I was so tired that I didn’t even know when I slept off. But I woke up a few hours later in chains and with a gagged mouth. I tried screaming but I couldn’t. And then, I started to hear voices from outside. I paused to see if I could hear what they were saying and I did. The fisherman and some other humans were already discussing how to have me s0ld to some wealthy humans and how they were going to share the proceeds. I struggled to get up but I couldn’t swing my tail.

As soon as I heard that, I struggled and struggled but then I was in chains. I tried screaming but my gagged mouth wouldn’t let me. I fell helplessly to the ground as tears dripped down my face. I cried cos I wasn’t even sure yet of my safety. The men were still outside making merry and jubilating, while I was there in chains thinking about where help would come from.

After some minutes, I noticed footsteps. I turned my head around immediately but found no one. But after a few seconds, the person revealed himself with a finger over his lips. It was Smith, the fisherman’s man’s son.

“Shhh” He said and I kept mum, wondering what he was up to.

He walked on tiptoe towards me turning and looking. I didn’t know what he was up to, but I was there praying that whatever it was that he was up to, should be a good one.

He approached and then whispered in my left ear.

“I’m here to save you”

My eyes filled with tears immediately, and I muttered the words “Thank you”.

He brought out a key from his pocket and then unlocked the padlock on the chain. As soon as I was freed, I removed the gag and Smith helped me up. He grabbed my arm and sneaked me out of the tent.

“Let me take you into the water so you swim out of here before they notice” He whispered and I nodded.

We took the first step, second, third, fourth, and then the fifth steps but suddenly, of the fishermen flashed his light on us…

To be continued!

Do not copy without giving credit to the writer.

©️ Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

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