Laff😍 and Learn!!!

Laff😍 and Learn!!!

Laff😍 and Learn!!!

Hello Single Spiritual brother..

Calvary greetings I bring to you.
I have heard of your single state and decided to write to you about the things that has made you single till now..

First, bros..
Decency is good but there’s nothing attractive about wearing an oversized black coat on top a bogus red shirt and a heavily huge blue tie with a trouser large enough to serve as bedsheet for my entire village.

I know you speak in tongues, I know you have all the gifts of the spirit but it’s woman you’ll marry na, not spirit. So your packaging matters kwa. It’s not all about inner content. Package the inner spiritual man well with outer beauty and class.

You cannot be dressing like one illiterate from Congo and you’re wooing a sister that is a bank manager. Bros, check it na, it’s not fair..

And yes, I also know you’ve read the Bible back to back. I know, but understand that when you take a sister out on a date, it’s not bible study or prayer meeting. It’s a date; talk about things like vision, fun, dreams, social issues, ETC.

Learn about other things, be updated, read books, see TV series, follow conversations on social media, be intelligent in conversations biko..

And see eh..
When you love a lady, don’t go and just tell her that God said she’s your wife.
Is that all the reason you’d want her?
You sef you no follow see her awesomeness?
Compliment her biko..
Tell her there’s just no woman like her..
Don’t quote Bible while wooing her. Lol
If you must quote Bible, let it be from songs of Solomon..
Talk like a man, a natural man.

Look her in the eye and communicate how you feel..
And biko remember to wear a nice cologne. There’s nothing holy about having a body odour no matter how much you speak on tongues..

Telling your pastor to talk to a lady for you eh, that thing is childish. Na pastor wan marry am?
Approach a woman yourself o. Talk to her. Sending your father in the Lord to talk to her makes you look immature. She wants a confident man not some timid spiritual man.

Buy her gifts, not just Bible. She has Bible already na. Buy her chocolate, phone, clothes, shoes, just buy her something relatable to her, not bible. I’m not saying Bible is not good but she has Bible na.

If you’re always saying everything that is fine is demonic like lipstick, classy clothes, good living and ETC, you’ll bore and irritate her. If everything is a sin, wetin person wan enjoy again for this life?

Conclusively, Spiritual brother.
Learn to make a woman laugh.
Learn to be less serious sometimes.
We are not yet in heaven, having some lovely time and fun is not evil..
You can hold hands with her and give her a hug when she’s worried..
It won’t steal your salvation..

There are lots of things to still say, but as times goes I will write to you on these matters that concern your single state.

Laff Laff Laff

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1 year ago

I laughed 😂😂
And I also learnt 🤸🤸