First Year OAU Medical Students

First year OAU medical students

First year OAU medical students were attending their 1st Anatomy Class.

They all gathered around the table and there was a real dead body on the table.

The Professor, Fatunmishe started the class by telling them two important qualities of a DOCTOR. He said, “The 1st is that never be DISGUSTED about anything in the body.”

For example, he inserted his FINGER in the dead body’s ANUS & put the finger in his own mouth & TASTED it.

Then he told the students to do what he did. The students hesitated for several minutes, but eventually everyone inserted their fingers in the body’s ANUS & tasted it.

When everyone finished tasting their fingers, they were all Frowning…

Then the professor looked at them & said: “The most important 2nd Quality is “Observation”.

I inserted my MIDDLE finger but tasted the 2nd finger…
Now learn to pay attention!!
“ALL the students fainted!!


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