WRONG MARRIAGE REASONS 2 – Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle


WRONG MARRIAGE REASONS 2 – Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle



It was a surprise bridal shower for me!

Looking at the queenly dress and the many pink decors around, I couldn’t but giggle excitedly.

“My big day has come!” I thought happily.

Songs were sung!

I was mimicked by my friends!

The beautiful cake was unveiled!

Games were played!

And eventually, it was time for my friends to throw some questions at me.

The question Tanny Richards asked erupted a very long discussion.

“What does our ‘bro’ do?” She asked, her nose twisted to the side. There were different reactions from everyone.

“That question tho!” Lola exclaimed, obviously irritated.

They had been complaining that Tanny had changed drastically since she got married to the popular Nigerian Billionaire’s only son, Jerry Richards.

“That’s why one shouldn’t invite a married woman to a bridal shower” Laura said, obviously joking.

I looked into Tanny’s face and could see an upcoming windstorm.

“The question isn’t bad. Don’t help spoil a memorable day” I quickly intervened.

“Tell them o.” Tanny said with a funny face, her hands outstretched.

“My sweetheart is a teacher, actually” I said and there was absolute silence.

Suddenly, Tanny burst out laughing.

“You see why I asked now?” She continued laughing.

I sighed and smiled. I should expect that from my extremely rich friend.

“See why I didn’t want Tanny to be a part of this shower? She is married now and rich. So, she is no longer in the same level with us. See?” Princess, my husband’s sister and my best lady said.
“Tanny, what’s the problem with being a teacher?” I asked, trying to get her point.

“Didun, see your complexion! I mean, see how beautiful you are. No teacher can take care of you! I am sure within two years, you will be as black as coal!” She said, laughing mischievously again. I saw my friends were uncomfortable with her words but I was so interested in it.

“Tell me more” I said and when Princess wanted to talk, I raised my right hands to stop her.

“This is my point. Look at me for example. I got married to Jerry when he was an exporter. He was stinkingly rich then. Now, he has over five petroleum stations in Nigeria and we are about buying an oil well too” She said.

“What is the moral of this story?” Shade, another friend of mine said.

“See, this is supposed to be a Christian Bridal Shower. You people should stop firing me please” Tanny said defiantly. I knew she could be short tempered.

“No problem friends. Let’s all listen to Tanny. We could gain a thing or two you know?” I came in.

“Okay, so, what are you saying to me in essence my dear?” I asked and she came close.

“You should marry a rich person so you don’t suffer. Father Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, were all rich! Being a Christian does not mean you marry a poor person!” She said and my friends murmured again.

“Who says Eric is poor? He is a good teacher you know?” I teased.

“Teachers are poor!” She said vehemently. “No matter what, even if he works in a international school, he can’t earn more than 200,000 naira in a month! Never! That’s the money I pay my gardener per month!” She said and I smiled.

Tanny had obviously changed! She was so gentle and meek when we were best friends.

“Tanny, there is no sense in what you are talking about” Princess started, obviously dissatisfied. She would always take my side anytime but I felt her words were becoming to harsh.

“Now, let’s assume its even sensible, what should she do now Mrs Richard the Olowo?” She asked angrily “She should cut the relationship because Eric is a teacher? Your thought life amazes me girl! Money is not everything!” Princess exclaimed.

“Money is everything!” Tanny exclaimed, tears in her eyes. I was shocked! I just couldn’t believe my ears.

“My dad had a cancerous liver and because we had no money, he died! We couldn’t afford the operation or anything! Immediately I got married, my mum became sick too. It was breast cancer. Quickly, we rushed her to the hospital and money spoke!” She explained on so angrily.

“People that have thought my family and I would never be great now come to us to beg! We have just enough! How can you say marriage is not everything?” She said and I sighed.

Princess burst out laughing.

“Is that all money has done for you?” She asked.

“I am only trying to paraphrase. I drive about fifteen cars every year! I travel to any country I want as I like” She paused and faced me.

“Didun, would you and Eric like to go to Dubai or Jeju Island or just name it for your honeymoon? I can make it happen!” She said and I chuckled pitifully.

She wasn’t even using ‘By God’s Grace’ anymore! It had become hers to do!

“Don’t worry baby girl. My husband got us a fine place in Jos. We will be fine there” I said and she grumbled.

“That Boko Haram place! Would you people mind some security men then?” She asked and I smiled.

“He that keepeth Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers!” I said and Princess cut in again.

“Except God builds a house or guards a house, or keeps a house, they that build, guard and keep that house labor in vain!” She blurted out and Tanny raised her nose at her.

“So, you married Jerry for his money, huh?” Princess asked. All my attempts to stop her was futile.

“His money is a part of it. He knows that too” Tanny said innocently.

“I wonder why you can’t use that money to get some senses” Princess said and I quickly cut in.

“Tanny, please don’t mind Princess. You are here for me. So, only talk to me” I said and the emotional Mrs. Richards nodded, swallowing her tears.

“Are you happy?” I asked and she looked into my eyes intently, tears forming in them. I smiled.

“Didun, what does happiness have to do with money? I go to the cinemas, travel here and there. Isn’t that happiness?” She asked, obviously trying to avoid my question.

“I meant to say, between you and Jerry. Are you enjoying Jerry? Is he enjoying you?” I asked and her eyes widened.

“That’s my privacy babe!” She said and avoided my eyes.

Princess clapped her hands together.

“Privacy? But you have the effrontery to dig into Didun’s own privacy Mrs Rich, Richard, Richerds?” She said and her younger sister, Ebube burst out laughing.

“Maka gini Princess. Stop na” She laughed on.

“You both need to be serious Princess and Ebube. We are talking about someone here. It is bad to laugh that way.” I said firmly and there was calm.

“Tanny, if the only thing you enjoy in your marriage is the money your husband has, you are as poor as the man begging on the streets.” I said and she looked into my face like some answers to life’s questions were imprinted in there.

“If there is no trust, love, joy and happiness in your home and most importantly if God, prayer, songs and worship is lost in your home, baby, its no more a marriage!” I said again and she smiled ruefully, tears gathering in her eyes once more.

“I chose to marry Eric because God gave him to me. He is my gift from God. He loves me and I love him. He makes some money and I makes some too. Bringing all together, we glorify God when we achieve a goal. The most important thing that gives me joy about this relationship I am sealing tomorrow is the fact that Eric loves God!! Any man that loves God genuinely will love you!” I said and Princess started clapping. I eyed her and she wiped her face.

“It’s touching. I am learning a lot. Don’t shut me up joor” She said childishly. I shook my head and continued.

“Tanny, in all, Eric and I, since we love God and each other, when the money comes, it wouldn’t break my family apart. I believe it will only seal it and help to further the ministry God has placed in our hands!” I said and she sighed, tears rolling down her face.

“The watchword for our purse is found in. Proverbs 30:7-9” I continued.

“Two things have I required of Thee; deny me them not before I die:”

“Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me:”

“Lest I be full and deny Thee, and say, Who is the Lord? Or lest I be poor and steal, and take the Name of my God in vain.”

“And no, money is not everything!” I quickly dropped in lest I forget. “God in your marriage is everything!”

“Hmmm…He will supply the joy, the peace, the contentment, the children, the money!” Lola chipped in and I smiled.

There was an awkward silence as Tanny sniffed wetly.

“Everything you’ve all said is very true o” Tanny said wiping her tears.

“I have a friend going through a lot. She married her husband for money and has everything now. But she feels a vacuum inside.” She said, her eyes closed firmly.

“She lacks sleep at night. Her husband beats her, the husband’s father even sleeps with her! Her husband is a drunk and a womanizer. She gets pregnant and loses it anytime they fight. She misses God so much but He seems far. She seems to have gone too far. The money her husband has is her only consolation.” she said and paused.

“What can she do? I feel sorry for my friend.” She wept so vehemently, the veins on each sides of her face forming a pulsating web each.

I knew she had described her marriage!

Tears rushed into my eyes. My friend had been suffering in her marriage! My sweetly innocent friend!

“Oh my! You must have gone through a lot. Sorry for being an additional pain in the ass” Princess wept hard as she pulled Tanny into a close embrace.

“Its my friend, not me. Why are you…” Tanny was trying to cover up when her voice betrayed her. She wept to no avail!

Eventually, the shower planned for me was unknowingly planned for our married friend because we ended up encouraging, advising and praying for Tanny.

It was such an emotional night!

She even got me a car as a wedding present.

Of a truth, not all that glitters is gold!

That he is rich doesn’t make a good marriage!

If you must marry a ‘RICHARD’ at least, let him be rich the most in God!


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Thank you so much for this.
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Nice one. Kudos to the author


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